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FIC: Defection 3/7

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  • Autumn
    Disclaimer in part 1 Author Notes: indicates a telepathic message // Indicates a mental conversation Thanks to: Karen for the suggestions and spell chek.
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 30, 2001
      Disclaimer in part 1

      Author Notes:

      < > indicates a telepathic message

      // Indicates a mental conversation

      Thanks to: Karen for the suggestions and spell chek. Logan's Marie
      for the beta job. Where would I be without you girls?


      Marie came to twenty minutes later to find herself strapped
      down to a cold steel table with a pair of leg cuffs. Experimental
      wiggling informed her that her arms and waist were confined in the
      same restraints. Across the lab Marie saw the unconscious prisoner -
      Carol Danvers. The side of her face was a mass of yellow and black
      bruises. Marie figured it had been Creed that had taken her down, he
      was the only one strong enough to incapacitate the nearly
      invulnerable woman. Marie's nostrils flared and the faint trace of
      chloroform assaulted her senses. The smell came off Carol and Marie
      understood how they had captured the woman, now all she had to figure
      out was what they wanted with her. Contrary to popular belief,
      Eric's legion wasn't really into kidnapping or taking prisoners.
      A low moan came from Carol, and Marie snapped her head back
      to observe the woman. Her yellow hair was plastered with blood and
      it clung to the side of her head. An IV with a clear solution
      dripped into her left arm. Marie noticed the metal that bound Carol
      was much thicker than the metal that held her hostage. She
      recognized it as adamantium, which was supposed to be
      Further down the room Marie saw her parents looking through a
      medical supply cabinet. She tried to move and the scraping metal
      drew Mystique's attention to where her daughter lay.
      "Felling better darling?" Mystique asked in a saccharine
      Something inside Marie snapped and her voice filled with rage
      she bellowed "LET ME OUT OF HERE, YOU NASTY BITCH!"
      Three quick steps brought Mystique across the room and she
      delivered a hard slap across her child's face.
      "Don't you EVER speak to me in that tone of voice again! And
      stop acting like such a child Marie. Really, begging is so
      juvenile." She stated before turning her attention from the girl,
      and walking over to the incapacitated Avenger.
      Marie watched as her father made his way over to her. Her
      already alert nerves went in to overdrive when she saw what he had in
      his hands. He held a syringe, and a pair of latex gloves covered his
      hands. Her father hadn't worn gloves around her since she learned to
      control her mutation. Before that her skin was lethal to everyone
      except Mystique.
      "What's that?" she asked desperately trying to keep the
      tremble out of her voice.
      "It's Lydicane my dear." Eric said as he slid the needle into
      her flesh.
      About 15 seconds later her right shoulder was completely
      numb. Worst of all, she had no control over her skin when she
      couldn't feel it. Her shoulder had become a deadly weapon.
      Mystique rolled Carol's gurney over next to Marie and picked up the
      blonde woman's bare arm.
      "I'm sorry Marie. But this is for the good of our race."
      Eric said as he placed the limp arm of Carol on Marie's bared
      The pull began and Marie screamed in pain as thoughts and
      feelings that weren't her own invaded her mind. The last though she
      absorbed from Carol was so powerful it rendered Marie
      unconscious: "CHARLES, HELP ME!"

      Meanwhile at the Blue tavern......

      The Wolverine paced in agitation. He puffed heavily on a
      cigar, as he debated with himself why the girl wasn't there.

      // She's a fucking spy for Bucketboy.//'

      // Something happened to her Logan, you dumbass.//

      // She's a liar and you can't trust anyone.//

      // That bastard Creed caught her.//

      The last thought made his metal claws shoot out between his
      nucleus. Intelligent reasoning be damned! The Wolverine chose to
      follow his instincts and go after the brown-eyed girl. He jogged
      back to where he'd stashed his bike off the road and climbed on. He
      kicked it into gear and was pointing it in the direction that'd he's
      seen the girl retreat when the voice of the Professor flooded his

      < Logan, something has happened to Carol Danvers and it involves
      Magneto. We need you at the mansion immediately. >

      He was torn between helping find an old friend and searching
      for a mysterious girl. He found it odd that he was so concerned
      about someone whose name he didn't even know, but he pushed the
      thought away and concentrated on getting back to the mansion as
      quickly as possible. As he gunned the engine of the bike, Logan had
      a sinking feeling that Magneto's latest stunt could be the reason the
      girl hadn't shown up. Though he didn't know exactly what happened to
      her, he intended to find out. Even if it ended up costing him his
      life, he knew there was something about her that would make it worth
      the effort.
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