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FIC: Unpretty Jubilee 1/1 R (movie-verse)

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    Title: Unpretty Author: Natalia Melissa Vronsky Email: blackqueenphoenix@yahoo.com or sputiehead@aol.com Web-page:
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      Title: Unpretty
      Author: Natalia Melissa Vronsky
      Email: blackqueenphoenix@... or sputiehead@...
      Web-page: <A HREF="www.geocities.com/blackqueenphoenix">blackqueenphoenix</A>
      Part: 1/1
      Category: Jubilee
      Rating: R (for not so pleasant situations)
      Summary: Jubilee has a problem...
      Disclaimer: I don't own Jubilee or any of the other X-Men here... Marvel
      Characters Inc. Does... Twentieth Century Fox does. (Yea! For originality on
      my part, once again...) The title and inspiration for this story was taken
      from TLC's song "Unpretty".
      Author's Notes: It's kinda funny... in my other fic's that have yet to be
      finished I have massive writers block... and I'm not sure writing other fic's
      is the cure for that... but new ideas just keep popping up in my head...
      gotta please my damn muse. :)
      Thanks: To Daisy for being my ever so wonderful beta.
      Archive: Feel free. Just ask... yadda, yadda.
      Feedback: You don't have to, though it'd be GREATLY appreciated. :)

      "Ah'm so stuffed Ah can't eat another bite." Rogue said, dropping a half a
      slice of pizza back on her plate.

      "I'm surprised you weren't stuffed after that third slice." Bobby joked.
      Rogue shot him a glare.

      "Ah'm gonna beg Scott for an extra hour in the Danger Room so Ah can burn off
      all that fat Ah just ate." Rogue made a face of disgust as Jubilee reached
      for another slice. "That's your fifth slice."

      "I'm hungry." Jubilee shrugged. "I did just get out of a really intensive
      workout." She shoved half the slice into her mouth.

      "That's so attractive." Betsy said, rolling her eyes.

      "Shut up, Betsy." John said.

      "Sod off, fire boy."

      Bobby interceded before they could really get into it. "How 'bout we go see a

      "Sounds good." John said, getting up out of his seat, and "accidentally"
      bumping into Betsy's chair, causing her to fall over.

      Betsy chased after him as he ran out of the room.

      As everyone headed out, Bobby asked Jubilee, who remained at the table, if
      she was going too.

      "Nah. I've got some reading for Mrs. Summers' class that I have to do." She
      said, getting up and stretching.

      "All right." He kissed her cheek lightly. A friendly gesture he made to all
      of the girls, with the exception of Rogue. "See you tomorrow morning then."

      "Have fun." She called as his footsteps died away. She pouted at the fact
      that she was left to clean up the mess everyone else had helped make.

      After she was done, she headed up to her bedroom that she regretfully shared
      with four others. She went straight to the bathroom and jammed two fingers
      down her throat. She felt the food she just ate rise up as she leaned over
      the toilet.

      After she was done, she brushed her teeth and washed her face.

      She was glad the others went out. She usually had to go to one of the
      bathrooms in one of the many unused rooms on the other side of the mansion.

      If they found out what she did after every meal, they'd be furious. Professor
      Xavier wouldn't understand.

      How could he? He didn't have to share a room with a thin, beautiful, ex-super
      model. Or the two others who could stuff their faces with food and not gain
      an ounce. She couldn't afford to be so fat when she was surrounded by perfect

      She tried exercising like the others. It didn't work. She couldn't lower her
      weight. And, she couldn't stop herself from gaining weight.

      For a while, she'd managed to convince herself that it was baby-fat that
      lined her cheeks, stomach and thighs. But, most seventeen year olds didn't
      have baby fat.

      That's why she started making herself throw-up. It'd been about five months

      She looked into the mirror. Blue eyes, glaring accusingly. Eyes full of
      knowledge of what she was doing, and how wrong it was.

      "What?" She questioned. "Can you blame me?"

      The girl said nothing, only glared harder. "It's hard!" Jubilee cried. "I see
      you and all I see is fat!"

      Tears poured out of her eyes as she walked out of the bathroom, turning off
      the lights behind her.

      She sat on her bed and began going over Mrs. Summers' assignment.


      About a month later...

      "Jubilee..." Kitty shook Jubilee's shoulders. "Wake up. Professor Xavier
      wants to talk to you."

      Jubilee got up. She was wearing a tee-shirt that once fit her tightly. Now,
      however, it was loose on her.

      The change over the past few months hadn't gone unnoticed by the other
      residents of Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. But, when she told them
      it was just her working out that had gotten her so thin, they believed her.

      "What does he want?" She asked, quickly changing.

      Kitty had to look away, not wanting to see Jubilee's near skeletal body. "I'm
      not sure." Of course, Kitty knew.

      Everyone in the mansion knew. For a while they believed it was her working
      out. But, a week earlier, Bobby's curiosity got the better of him after
      watching her wander over to an empty area of the mansion for the fifth time
      in one day.

      He'd followed her, and was shocked to see her make herself throw-up. It took
      a lot of debate between himself and the other students he'd told before he
      told Professor Xavier about what he'd seen.

      "You wanted to see me?" Jubilee asked, peaking into Professor X's office.

      "Yes, come in. And close the door." She did so. Jean, Scott and Ororo were
      there too. "Have a seat." He motioned to a vacant chair directly in front of
      his desk.

      "Is something wrong?" She asked nervously.

      "Jubilee, one of your classmates claims to have see you making yourself
      throw-up." Professor X stopped when she gasped, her face growing pale.

      "I... never..." She started.

      "Jubilee, do you have any idea how dangerous forcing yourself to..." Jean
      said, forcing back tears. "To make yourself throw up is?"

      "But... I'm not..." Jubilee said, her own tears flowing. Guilt written
      plainly on her face.

      "Jubilee, you've lost a considerable amount of weight in a very short time."
      Jean said, regaining her composure. "We care about you."

      "How long have you been doing this for?" Ororo asked.

      "I haven't been doing anything!" She shouted, standing up. "How dare you
      assume I'm doing anything like that! Whoever told you was lying!"

      "Jubilee... you should know better than to lie to me." Professor X said.

      "What? You read my mind? You invaded my privacy?"

      "You're hurting yourself."

      "What I do to myself isn't any of your business!"

      "Yes, it is. I am your legal guardian until you're nineteenth birthday." He
      stated. "Jubilee, you need treatment for this. If you continue... you could

      Jubilee bit her lip. "I'm fine, Professor. Honest. I'll stop." She sunk back
      into the chair. "Please... don't send me away."

      "You'll only be gone for a few months." Jean said, going and wrapping her
      arms around the girl. "You need treatment."

      "I wasn't really serious. I just... I wanted to have a nice body like you..."
      She lifted her tear-filled eyes to Jean. "And all the others. I just wanted
      to be pretty." She began sobbing.

      "How could you say that?" Ororo asked. "You are so beautiful, Jubilation."

      "This isn't a punishment." Professor X finished explaining after an hour. The
      others had left. "This is just to help you get better." He smiled warmly at
      her. "All right?"

      Jubilee nodded. Weak from crying as much as she had. "I'm sorry, Professor. I
      should of told you... how I felt. I was just so afraid you'd be mad 'cause I
      was so jealous of everyone else... and 'cause I hated how fat I felt."

      "It's normal to feel those things. But, telling someone would of helped." She
      hugged him tightly. "Go on, now. Pack some things. I'll have Kitty or Rogue
      send whatever else you might need later on."

      "Okay. Thank you Professor." She said, walking out of the room. She hoped the
      people at the place she was going would be able to help her. She still felt
      that she was fat. She accepted now, that it was wrong. She'd force herself to
      get better.

      The End

      Wow, that was really serious. I hope ya'll liked it. I can't write anymore
      non-Rogue 'n Gambit fic's... they're too negative. :(

      "I wish could've tied you up in my shoes
      Make you feel unpretty too
      I was told I was beautiful
      But what does that mean to you
      Look into the mirror who's inside there
      The one with the long hair
      Same old me again today" "Unpretty TLC

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