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XMMFF Newsletter Volume 1, Issue 1

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  • Kate Andrews
    X-Men Movie Fan Fiction Newsletter Volume 1, Issue 1 Saturday July 22, 2000 This started off as an announcement, but it got out of control, so I m turning it
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 22, 2000
      X-Men Movie Fan Fiction Newsletter Volume 1, Issue 1
      Saturday July 22, 2000

      This started off as an announcement, but it got out of control, so
      I'm turning it into the first list newsletter. Why? Why not.


      Feedback is the lifeblood of fan fiction, but if your feedback is
      basically a brief "I liked it", please send it to the author. It's
      not a big problem yet, but if the list continues to grow at its
      current rate, we'll soon be deluged by "I liked it too"s everytime
      someone posts a story.

      There's _nothing_ wrong with brief, positive, "keep writing, I loved
      it" sort of feedback. Heck, I get a happy everytime I get a "I read
      it and it didn't suck" email. It just gets a little annoying for
      everyone on the list to have to read and delete 10 of them for every

      If you want to discuss the story, or have something to say to the
      whole list about the story, go right ahead. But if your comment is
      intended for the author alone, it shouldn't go to the list.

      Since I'm in schoolmarm mode, I'll do a brief rundown of other...



      Fic of all ratings is welcome, but R and NC-17 MUST be clearly


      Don't archive a story unless you get the author's permission, or they
      specifically state that you can in their intro.


      Flames are not tolerated. Neither is rampant off topic discussion.
      I reserve the right to determine what's rampant and what's not, but
      it should be fairly obvious. If your discussion involves only two or
      three people, please take it to private e-mail. Again, this is not a
      problem yet, but I've seen it get out of control on other lists.


      I think constructive criticism is far too rare in fan fiction.
      People have a tendency to comment only on the stuff they liked,
      ignoring the things that writers need to improve. Some people don't
      want to improve, they "just want to tell their stories." That's
      fine, I guess.

      I too write fic because I have stories I can't get out of my head.
      But I also write it because I want to become a better writer, and
      there's no real way to do that other than writing.

      Sure, I have comma issues. I overuse modifiers and drop articles. I
      still haven't grasped the "that/which" choice or the concept of semi-
      colons. But I'm trying. And I think all writers should try too. I
      don't mean for any of this to sound preachy, but I do take issue with
      writers who don't even give their stories a once over before
      posting. Again, not a problem here yet, but I've seen it on other

      However, egos can be fragile and new writers easily scared. If
      you're going to go into detail about the things a writer needs to
      work on, _definitely_ e-mail that to them privately. On the flip
      side, if you're writing and you really want detailed feedback, let us
      know at the end of your story.


      If you are writing on-list feedback, it would be good to start the
      subject line "FEEDBACK: title goes here". Similarly, stories should
      go out with the subject line "FIC: title here" Beta or rough draft
      stories that you're looking for extra feedback on should
      read "BETAFIC: title here". It makes the list easier to read for
      everyone. If anyone has suggestions for other good subject line tags
      that have helped on other lists, e-mail me at
      xmenmoviefanfic@... with the subject line "subjects"


      Nope, I'm not going to be a hard ass about any of this. I'm running
      this list pretty loosely, partly from lack of time, partly because I
      don't yet have a reason to get funky about the rules. These are just
      some guidelines based on what I've seen on the lists I've subscribed
      to. Okay, so the flaming, archiving, off topic and NC-17 rules are
      rules. The classics are the classics for a reason. :)



      On a lighter note, I'm starting an offshoot of this list.
      xmenfanficmod is a fic-only list, no discussion. I'll repost all
      stories there. To sign up, go to

      I'm going to wait a few days for subscribers before I start posting.



      Kielle's lovely archive of movie fic is much better than anything I
      could come up with, and I believe that she will be archiving most of
      the stories from this list, so my plans for a list site are scrapped
      for the time being. Kielle, if you don't plan to archive the stories
      on the list, let me know. I'll be (slowly) e-mailing the authors of
      the stories on her site and asking them to subscribe and/or allow me
      to repost their stories here. Until then, you should visit the
      archive. There are already 6 or 7 stories up that haven't made it to
      this list yet, and the design is clean as well as intuitive. Thumbs
      up, Kielle.

      The URL is http://www.subreality.com/movieverse.htm

      She also has the fantastic Comic Book Fan Fiction Network site CFAN,
      which you can find at http://www.subreality.com/cfan.htm

      Oh, and this is not the list for the site, nor is her site the site
      for this list. Just wanted to clear that up.



      On the "Outside the Lines" list (a general comic book fan fiction
      list), someone stated that the novelization and trading cards for the
      movie put Rogue's age at 17. They also said that she'd been on the
      run for more than a year. I'm curious about that second assertion.
      I got the impression from the movie that Rogue hadn't been on the run
      very long. She didn't yet have the edge or cynicism that I'd assume
      comes with living on the run for a year. I know that the movie was
      changed significantly from the shooting script, and that the final
      version was edited to give the studio the shorter, quicker movie they
      desired. I don't remember the movie being very clear on the time

      Anyone have an opinion on how long Rogue was on the run before she
      met Logan? If so, reply to this using the subject line "Rogue on the
      run." (Obviously, you can use any subject line you damn well please,
      but that subject line makes more sense than the "Re: XMF Newsletter
      Vol 1" you'd get if you didn't change it.)

      Oh, and for more information on the Outside the Lines list, visit



      If you'd like to write an article for the newsletter, e-mail me at
      xmenmoviefanfic@... with your idea/essay/rant/joke/etc. Some
      topics I'd love to see covered include:

      Movie Gaffes
      Comic Characters vs the Movie versions.
      General Fan Fiction Writing
      Sticky/confusing/dying to be ficced plot points
      What was up with that lame "Toad hit by lightning" line by Storm?

      Ok, that last one was a joke, but you get the idea.

      If you're interested, e-mail me at xmenmoviefanfic@... with the
      subject line "article"

      Thanks for your time,
      Kate Andrews, Listmom.
      my (infrequently updated) homepage:

      List and newsletter related e-mail for me should go to
      E-mail regarding my stories should go to
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