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Fic: It Happened One Night 3/3

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    Disclaimers in Part One Chapter Title: If These Camper Walls Could Talk Summary: Logan and Marie spend their first night together. All Of You -Duet with
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      Disclaimers in Part One
      Chapter Title: If These Camper Walls Could Talk

      Summary: Logan and Marie spend their first night together.

      All Of You -Duet with Diana Ross and Julio Iglesias

      I've never had this feeling before
      I've never wanted anyone more
      And something in your eyes tells me
      You feel the way that I do
      (I feel like you do)

      If you would like to stay here all night
      You know that I would say
      It's all right
      'Though I'm saying yes
      I confess
      I've got more on my mind
      'Cause I want more of you
      Than your time

      All of you, your body and soul
      Every kind of love you can express
      All the secret dreams you've never told
      I want everything
      And I'll take nothing less
      All of you as long as you live
      Everything you've never shared before
      I want all of you that you can give
      All your joys and all your sorrows
      Your todays and your tomorrows

      How I long to feel the warmth of your touch
      And then if I'm not asking too much
      I'd like to spend my life wand'ring through
      All the wonders of you

      And when we're lying close in the dark
      So close I feel each beat of your heart
      I want you to reveal what you feel
      All you hold deep inside
      There is nothing I want you to hide

      Logan's POV:

      I can't believe I charged back here so fast, talk about being fucking obvious. She's lying on her side with her back to me, trying to ignore my enthusiasm to her invitation. I shift around a little deciding on a position that will give me the least temptation to touch her. Then I realize I'd have to *position* myself in the trailer attached to the back of the truck for that to be possible. My hip brushes against her cute little ass and that whisper of contact makes me hard. Shit. I'm in deep, deep trouble here. I take another whiff of vanilla and something else - pheromones. Christ, she's aroused. So I gotta decide if I'm gonna be a complete bastard and take advantage of that knowledge or be a gentleman. That's another word nobody would use to describe me - gentleman. Bastard, yes. Gentleman, no.

      She shifts and her top rides up a bit, exposing a sliver of creamy skin on her back, just above the top of her sweats. I wanna run my hand up her spine, back down again, under those sweats and onto her sweet little ass. Then I wanna slide my hand around to the front and between her legs. I turn onto my side, scoot closer to her and spoon her into me. Which turns out to be a bad idea, cause now my erection is pressed into her back and the thought of us being separated by only two pieces of fabric makes me even harder. She gives a wiggle that has a caressing effect on my dick. Okay, so now I'm hard to the point it's hurting.

      I think it would be a little rude of me to unzip and start relieving myself, but I'll be damned if I'm gonna step outside in minus God knows what degrees just to jerk off. What I should do is go outside and toss myself in a snowbank - that would cool me off in a hurry, kinda like a cold shower, only quicker.

      "How old are you." I find myself asking her.

      "Old enough." She replies softly.

      Crap. I just got even harder. I didn't think that was possible. I sit up and shuck off the leather jacket, the jean jacket and the flannel shirt - did it just get hotter in here? The little vixen turns over, looks up at me and give me a smile that makes me wanna puddle on the floor.

      "You better keep your clothes on, cause of my skin." She reminds me.

      "Long as you stay dressed, I could be buck naked." I find myself telling her.

      "Suit yourself." She replies with a cheeky little grin.

      Is that a challenge? She doesn't realize that I love a good challenge. I'm sorely tempted to pull off the long-sleeved t-shirt and jeans that are all that's left of my clothes, I gave up on underwear a long time ago - just one more thing to wash.

      She's staring at me with those liquid chocolate eyes in a definitely challenging way and I can smell her arousal just kicked up a notch. I wanna make love to her and I think she wants me, too. Time to get creative, Logan.

      She'd tipped the contents of her duffel bag out in her search for a change of clothes and I notice a piece of sheer material in the pile. I reach over her and pick it up. It's a scarf. That'll work. I float it down over her face and before she has time to react, I'm pressing my mouth against hers. She catches on fast and returns the kiss. When she parts her lips slightly, I take the opportunity to invade her mouth with my tongue, taking the scarf with me. She reaches up and runs a gloved hand through my hair as the kiss deepens. I'm drowning in sensation. How the hell can just a kiss feel so damn good? I haven't even touched her yet and I'm ready to ruin a clean pair of jeans. If this is the tip of the iceberg, I'm in for one mind blowing experience tonight. We break for air and then dive back onto each other's mouths again immediately. When we come up for air a second time a thought flashes through my mind.

      "You're not just doing this cause you think you owe me for the ride or saving you from that moron back there, are you?"

      "Do I *owe* you for the ride and saving me?"

      "Of course not."

      "So you do this all the time, drive around the country saving damsels in distress, giving them rides and you finance this endeavor by kicking redneck's asses? Interesting career choice."

      "Well, the uniform is cool."

      She gives me a quizzical look.

      "Yellow spandex. It's at the cleaners." I clarify with a grin, as she lets out a little giggle. She has a cute giggle, but then I find everything about her endearing.

      "How long have you been on the road by yourself?"

      "Eight months." She replied with a hint of sadness.

      "How old are you really, Marie?" I ask again.

      "Why's it so important?"

      "Cause it could make the difference between me being a seducer and a pedophile."

      "I'm seventeen."

      Seventeen. Not legal. That's what I was afraid of. I'm not exactly the most law-abiding citizen, but even I have lines that I don't cross - usually.

      "So, are you close to being eighteen?" I ask hopefully, "Like maybe you're birthday's tomorrow?"

      "I'll be eighteen in ten months, Logan."

      Shit - not even fucking close. She must see the disappointment etched on my face because she gives me a bemused half smile.

      "Logan, in the past eight months a lot of good Samaritans have tried to force *payment* out of me. If I haven't been able to convince them it would be in their best interest not to touch me, less than a minute of actual skin-to-skin contact usually does the trick. You're the first person I've met that I actually *want* to be with."

      "You're just a baby." I practically sulk out.

      "Back home in Meridian I was the last of my circle of friends that was still a virgin. By comparison, I'm still an old maid."

      "You're still a virgin?" Crap, this was getting worse, she's young AND innocent. "How did you manage to..you know..avoid losing it?"

      "I told you killer skin - not just a killer bod."

      "There are ways around that, if you're creative." Shit, did I just say that out loud?

      "Well, men that pick up hitchhikers aren't the sharpest crayons in the box. Present company excluded, of course. Anyway, I guess nobody had enough brains to figure it out, luckily for me. So here I am, all nice and intact."

      And here I am, all primed, ready and wanting to be first. All men keep a mental checklist of fantasies and being someone's first, was one I hadn't fulfilled yet. I'd already done the two women at once one, which is a hellava lot more work than I thought it would be. Doing it outside - done that one, too. Although, I don't recommend anyone try that one in winter, cause I almost got frostbite on a very important part. Summertime is much more conducive to outdoor fun - grass stains on my ass or sand *up* my ass I could handle, but I learned my lesson about wintertime activities when my dick turned blue.

      Just then Marie interrupts my train of thought with a very direct question.

      "Do you wanna make love to me, Logan?"

      Do bears shit in the woods?

      "Yes, Marie. I do." I answer instead.

      Then she says the sweetest words I've ever heard. "Good. Because I wanna make love to you, too."

      That's when I realize what was left of my morals fell out of the truck when we hit that last pothole.

      I place the scarf back over her mouth and ravish her again. She slips her hand under my t-shirt and caresses my chest and stomach. As we continue making out, I run my hand over the outside of her thermal top, up her ribcage and cup what I've been thinking about since Laughlin City. She's not too small and not too big. She's perfect. I flick my thumb over the nipple and feel it peak beneath my touch. We've entwined our legs and mashed our bodies together. Our still fully clothed bodies. I'll have to do something about that. One of us is about to get naked and my preference is, it's her. I start to unbutton the thermal top, when she grabs a hold of my wrist.

      "You can't touch me with your bare hands. Unless you wanna spend the rest of the night unconscious." She reminds me.

      Hell, no. I wanna be wide awake for this, baby. I remember my driving gloves sitting on the dashboard and get up to retrieve them. I'm not typically a glove wearing kinda guy, but these ultra thin brown ones just appealed to me somehow. Although, I hardly ever wear them, now I'm sure glad I bought them. I settle myself back down on the mattress and my now protected hands resume unbuttoning her top. Spreading the cotton fabric apart I get my second look at her beautiful breasts - ivory globes topped with the sweetest little nipples that are just begging to be kissed. So I do. I lean down and stroke each one with my tongue, just quickly enough for her skin not to react, except to make them harden into little nubs. Marie lets out a low groan and arches her back, pushing her breasts toward me invitingly. I wanna lavish them with attention, so I place the scarf over her breasts and proceed to press kisses to them through the thin fabric. I then put my hands into the waistband of the sweat pants and pull them off of her hips and down her legs. No panties. Good, one less step. I spread her legs and move the scarf lower, using it to protect myself while I taste her at the source of her intoxicating scent.

      I worry that I'm moving too fast, taking advantage of her arousal. She's moaning and writhing in response to my ministrations now, but will she regret it in the bright light of the morning? This is not some slutty cage-fighting groupie I picked up for a quick fuck and forget. Okay, so maybe I do have a moral or two left. Just then she comes hard and I have to hold her legs apart to stop the bare skin of her thighs from coming into contact with my face.

      "Are you really sure you wanna do this, baby?" I ask, as I slide up so I'm kneeling in front of her.

      "I'm ...positive...Logan." She pants out.

      Okay, so asking her while she's still shaking from the orgasm I just gave her probably wasn't fair.

      "We can wait until we get to the next town. Find a motel. Have a proper bed."

      "Logan." She props herself up on her elbows and looks me straight in the eye, "I want you NOW Goddamnit and I don't give a shit about some motel mattress that's been fucked on a thousand times anyway."

      Good point.

      She ends further debate by reaching for the front of my jeans and the bulge that makes my position on the issue clear. She gives me a saucy look as she slides the zipper down, her eyes never breaking contact with mine as she reaches in and makes first contact. Oh. My. God. She's touching me and I'm in paradise. She's stroking me gently and I have to concentrate so I don't embarrass myself with premature ejaculation. It doesn't help when she lets out a low moaning, good for my ego, "Wow". Glad you like it, baby, it's all for you. She maneuvers *it* and I'm free of the confining jeans. Oh, yeah, that feels so much better. She's looking at it, studying it with fascination - eyes all big and wide with curiosity. Then she says something that almost makes me laugh.

      "That's gonna hurt."

      I flash a kiss across her lips and tell her, "Don't worry, I'll be gentle."

      "I trust you, Logan." She tells me, but still looks a little worried.

      I reach into my back pocket, pull out my wallet and retrieve one of the little foil packets I always carry. Yeah, I'm a real boy scout - always prepared. I tear open the packet with my teeth, remove the little disc and sheath myself efficiently. I look at Marie and the fear has been replaced by excited anticipation. Good, cause I don't wanna take her if she's even the slightest bit scared. I want this to be a good memory for her. Most of the women I've been with have been quick fucks that don't require *warming up*. Sometimes I get them to give me blowjobs, but I rarely bothered worrying about their needs. If they didn't get off, too, I didn't care. Marie is different. I want her to experience pleasure and make her first time a memorable experience for the right reasons. I wanna make love to her, not just fuck her. Time to resume foreplay and make sure she's beyond ready. I worship her body with my hands and mouth until the scarf's so wet it's sticking to her. Guess I must be doing okay with this seeing to her needs stuff, cause she's moaning all breathy, which is driving me wild. Then amidst the whimpering, she says one word that makes my heart leap.


      I position myself and enter her wet heat slowly. I ease in until I hit the inevitable barrier. Looking directly at her, my eyes ask the silent question. When she nods in the affirmative, I push through as she squeezes her eyes shut tight and bites down on her lower lip. A slight whimper escapes from her lips and then I see her face relax again. She arches her back and raises that gorgeous little ass off the mattress and I slide in to the hilt. Being wrapped in her tightness is making me lose all coherent thought. I call out her name, but I think I've forgotten my own.

      "Logan." She moans. Oh, yeah, that's my name, thanks for the reminder.

      She wiggles and I give a little thrust. She wiggles some more and I thrust a little more. When she wraps her legs around me, I cup her delicate little ass and increase the rhythm of my thrusts. I maneuver myself so that my cock rubs against the little bud I know is her magic button. I was halfway gone before we got to this phase, so I try to hold back, wanting her to peak before I allow myself release.

      "Oh, God, Logan." She cries out so sexily, doing nothing to help my control.

      I stop nibbling on her neck through the scarf, to whisper her name in her ear. She's so close I can smell the change in her body chemistry as her orgasm begins. We may be in Canada, but as she comes, she screams loud enough for people to hear her in South America. Of course, I'm not much quieter when I explode right after her. I collapse against her utterly exhausted, as she wraps her arms around me and holds me tight. I bury my face in her neck, as I will my heart rate back to normal.

      "That was amazing." She informs me.

      "You're amazing." I reply.

      And for the first time in memory, it's not just a line - I really mean it. I knew at that moment I'd do anything for her, including laying down my life for her. She was never going to have to worry about having to rely on strangers anymore, cause I was gonna take care of her from now on.

      She pulled her clothes back on for warmth and then we snuggled under the blanket and fell asleep curled around each other.

      THE END.

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