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FIC: As the Mutant Turns: Unspoken RR #21

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  • Jenn
    Title: As the Mutant Turns: The Peanut Gallery Take 2 Author: jenn (jenn@igg-tx.net) Series: Unspoken RR #21 Codes: Kids Rating: PG-13 Summary: The kids
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 27, 2001
      Title: As the Mutant Turns: The Peanut Gallery Take 2
      Author: jenn (jenn@...)
      Series: Unspoken RR #21
      Codes: Kids
      Rating: PG-13
      Summary: The kids of mutant high gather again to discuss the situation.
      Author Notes: Following all, with special attention to "The Peanut
      Gallery" by Min, "Darkening the Sun" by Shana, and "Rogue Laughter" by
      Victoria P. Takes place sometime after "Rogue Laughter" and Andariel's
      "Straight Line to a Curve".
      Archiving: RR index page at Indulgence, Muse's Fool, WRFA, XMMFC
      Disclaimer: I don't own. How sad.
      Feedback: With chocolate coffee, accepted with utter glee. The Hershey's
      is growing on me.


      There was one absolute in all of the world, no matter where you went or
      what you did.

      People just didn't notice kids.

      Given, one of their number was Kitty Pryde, who could phase about and so
      avoid detection. Given that one, Jubilee, was a former shoplifter, who
      knew the art of not being seen quite well. Given that one, Dani, was born
      and raised on the reservations of Oklahoma, and silent attention was her

      But there really was no way people could have seriously missed Johnny and
      Bobby in their fumbling attempts at bad espionage if anyone was paying ANY
      attention at all.

      Though to be fair, the adults seemed a little distracted, even Ororo, so
      maybe it wasn't just being kids.

      Gathering their edibles from under beds and hidden in drawers, the kids of
      Mutant High met in Jubilee's room to discuss the latest developments.
      Being kids, they were curious. Being trainees of Boy Scout Extraordinaire
      Scott Summers meant that this time, they were prepared.

      "Okay," Jubilee stated around a mouthful of fritos. "Notebooks."

      Brought out with a flourish--Dani was chewing on the end of her pencil and
      Johnny was trying to start his eraser on fire. Bobby sighed and dropped
      ice on it before they got into fire alarm trouble. Neal was curled into a
      pillow with Kitty. They looked smug.

      Jubilee didn't trust Kitty when she looked smug.

      "Okays, gimme the whys and wherefores," Dani said. As coordinator, she had
      the big notebook. Pencil in hand, she looked around the group expectantly.

      "Okies," Johnny answered, rolling onto his stomach, flicking ice off his
      pencil. "Jean Grey went to the Professor's lodge in the Catskills. Sort
      of up and ran. Mr. Summers was pissed when he found out, started doing his
      moping thing with the Blackbird."

      "You mean he made you do that filtering crap again with the engine," mocked

      St. John brandished an oil-stained hand and sleeve in response.

      "You better believe it, amigo. And none too pleased was this firestarter
      about it, either. All those combustibles, and threatened within an inch of
      my life if I even thought about fire."

      Jubilee snickered and reached for a Coke.

      "Okay. Jean's at the Catskills. That's oh so remote, and oh so
      convenient. Nice and private." Bobby was grinning a little. "So--"

      "So nothing. She left, like, four days later."

      That was from Neal--still looking smug.

      "You don't say?" Johnny's pencil was moving rapidly over his paper now.
      "How'd you know?"

      "Overheard Logan talkin' to Xavier 'bout it--he tried to call her or
      something." Neal snagged a Twinkie from under Bobby's very hand and
      unwrapped it, ignoring the glare from the other boy. "Logan was pissy,
      wanted the Prof to track her down so he could go fetch her. You ask me,
      there's something with that--I mean, she was alone with him for awhile, you
      know? All wilderness and just him and her."

      "You don't think--" Jubilee stuttered to a stop, then the brown eyes
      narrowed thoughtfully. "Nah. Besides, I'll bet I know something you

      All eyes turned on Jubilee--Jubilee was looking at Kitty. That smug
      expression was beginning to get to her.

      "Miss Rogue and Logan took a walk--alone." She waited to let them digest
      the implications of that. Kitty's expression flickered but didn't change.
      "Many hours, ladies and gentleman. They didn't come in 'til after dark,
      and they were *wet*."

      Neal frowned and Dani leaned closer.

      "Wet? As in--"

      "As in 'jumped in water of some sort' wet, what the hell do you think?"
      Jubilee flicked a cheeto at Neal. "Think about that."

      "Miss Rogue can't swim," Johnny objected. "Don't you remember--when Mr.
      Summers asked her, she said she was scared of water and couldn't swim. He
      wanted to teach her and she said no."

      "Looks like Tall, Dark, and Tasty taught her something Mr. Summers'
      couldn't," Jubilee snickered. "When I say, wet, boyo, I mean *wet*--like,
      top of her head to her oh so pristine boots. Wearing a *white* shirt."

      That brought all male heads up in intense interest. Miss Rogue, after all,
      was also--well, a babe.

      "Crap" Bobby whispered, and tossed his pencil down. "What, seven years,
      and she gets all clothing-unconscious when we can't see her. Double crap."
      Johnny and Neal both agreed wholeheartedly, and the girls sighed. Men
      could be weird.

      "Logan was *sans* shirt," Jubilee said for Dani's benefit and watched the
      other girl light up. "Let me point out now, if you weren't aware of this,
      the man has a *chest*."

      Kitty sniffed and grabbed Neal's soda from his hand, taking a drink, before
      giving them all a long, superior look. Pink lips parted, smug look in
      place, and she waited until they all had their attention on her.

      Jubilee didn't like this development at *all*.

      "I win the bet."

      Of course, there was thunderous silence. Jubilee's eyes narrowed

      "What the hell do you mean?"

      "Miss Rogue and Mr. Summers. In the hall outside their bedroom--"

      "There is no 'their' bedroom," Bobby pointed out, giving Jubilee a quelling
      stare. She didn't feel like being quelled.

      "So *you* think," shot Kitty scornfully. "They were kissing. She was in
      sweats and her hair was wet--"

      "From her oh-so-innocent swim with Logan?" Jubilee insinuated with deadly
      sweetness. Kitty flushed.

      "I don't know. But she was in the hall drying her hair and Mr. Summers
      found her. They started arguing--I couldn't get close enough to hear what
      about. But then she starts getting all red like when she's about to cry
      and Mr. Summers hugged her, and then they were kissing through her scarf.
      Then they went into 'their' room." Kitty's chin lifted proudly. "Money
      up, people."

      Bobby and Dani exchanged a long look. Jubilee tilted her head

      "So they go in a room. What does that prove?"

      Kitty frowned.

      "They kissed."

      "We kissed on a dare from Bobby, so what does that have to do with

      Neal's eyes widened and St. John spit out a mouthful of cupcakes.
      Instantly, Bobby was ducking under the bed for the roll of emergency paper

      "Shit, Allerdyce, you wanna choke to death?" St. John stared at Jubilee,
      and Jubilee stared back until he looked away. Kitty had turned bright red.

      "When--you little bastard!" St. John turned on Bobby, and Jubilee fancied
      that. "You never told me!" Bobby shrugged and Dani slipped a hand
      between them, getting Johnny's attention.

      "If it will stop you arguing, I'll kiss Jubilee later and you can watch.
      Now, back to the question at hand--" she turned her full attention on the
      gathered members of Mutant High with a serious expression. Johnny settled
      down with a dazed expression and Neal was straightening on his cushion in
      anticipation. "So Miss Rogue went into Mr. Summers' room?"

      "Yep. And Logan saw it." Kitty settled back on her pillow, nodding at the
      expectant faces. "He saw *everything*. So there, Jubes. You were wrong."

      "That's not all," Neal offered with a shake--probably trying to get over
      the imagery of Dani and Jubilee. Jubilee gave him a long smile. He could
      be cute when he wasn't annoying her. "Jean Grey's shacked up with Warren."

      "Dear God." Dani dropped her pencil. "You're kidding."

      "Nope." Neal took his soda back from Kitty and regarded them all over the
      edge of it with deep amusement. "Heard Miss Monroe talking about it over
      the phone--which I *would* have told you if you let me finish. Warren
      tracked down Jean and she's going back with him *to his apartment*. You
      know what that means."

      All the students of Mutant High did indeed know what that meant. With a
      sigh, Bobby pulled out twenty bucks and extended it to Neal--and Jubilee's
      hand covered his.

      "Whoa doggies. We're not keeping in the spirit of the bet, people."
      Seeing the dazed expressions--even from Dani, who was organizer, for
      goodness sake--Jubilee took the money from Bobby's grip and smiled

      "Yes it is," Kitty objected, raising herself on her knees. "I said Miss
      Rogue and Mr. Summers were getting back together--"

      "But Kitty love, has it been thirty-one days?"

      Silence descended. Jubilee folded Bobby's twenty into an airplane as the
      others digested the startling accuracy of her proclamation. With another
      smile, she flew Bobby's twenty back to him with perfect accuracy and picked
      up a cheeto.

      "Double your money," Jubilee said coolly, and everyone looked up. "Forty
      from everyone on who's in who's bed by the thirty-first day."

      "Miss Rogue and Mr. Summers," answered Kitty instantly, and wrote down her
      bet, tossing it into the center of the floor. Bobby removed the cookies
      from underneath and began to eat as he thought. "Warren and Jean Grey."

      "Me too," Neal said softly, tossing his paper after hers.

      "Mr. Summers and Miss Grey, Miss Rogue and Logan," Jubilee sang, tearing
      out her bet from a sheet of paper and tossing it on top of Kitty's.

      "Same," Dani answered laconically, adding her sheet.

      Bobby hesitated, then sighed.

      "Mr. Summers and Miss Rogue, Jean Grey and Warren."

      "Bobby!" Jubilee sputtered, straightening.

      "Hey, I'm going with the odds here." He tossed a look at St. John. "Well,

      St. John was chewing on the now defrosted end of his pencil, looking around
      the various expectant faces.

      "Didja know Jean Grey can play poker?" St. John offered idly, picking up a
      cheeto and flattening his hand, staring intently. Jubilee watched as the
      cheeto exploded into flame, then ash, and St. John shrugged a little,
      stretching out on the floor, one hand resting beneath his head. Grey ash
      scattered lightly on the floor and Bobby groaned. He could be such a spaz
      about cleanliness.

      "What does that have to do with anything?" Reaching for the paper towels
      already. Jubilee almost sighed.

      "Not sure," St. John mused idly. "Except the odds are always against you
      in poker."

      "Telepaths have a natural advantage there," Jubilee answered slowly.
      Johnny sometimes had a weird way of making a point.

      "Yeah." He tore off a piece of paper, writing something down quickly.
      "But the trick isn't in that, it's in knowing how far to push the odds."
      With a smile, St. John threw his paper, folded, on top. Kitty was
      smiling. "Logan taught her, you know. How to play. Got a record in
      Canada for hustling 'cause of it."

      "Exactly. The odds are against them." Kitty's expression was triumphant.
      "Odds are, they're not getting our Mr. Summers and Miss Rogue, so there."

      "Yeah, even with a telepath, the odds are against them when they play," St.
      John answered softly, and flicked his paper open. Jean Grey and Scott
      Summers, Logan and Miss Rogue were in capital letters, neatly spread across
      the center of the page. Jubilee began to grin at the wicked smile
      spreading across St. John's face. "But still, somehow, they always win."

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