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Fic: Rogue Laughter: 1/1: Ororo, Logan, Rogue: RR#19

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  • victoria p.
    Title: Rogue Laughter Author: Victoria P. [victoria_p@att.net] Summary: She had a headache from the miasma of unresolved -- possibly unresolvable -- tension
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 27, 2001
      Title: Rogue Laughter
      Author: Victoria P. [victoria_p@...]
      Summary: "She had a headache from the miasma of unresolved -- possibly
      unresolvable -- tension that hung over the mansion. And Rogue was
      laughing with Logan."
      Rating: PG-13 for language
      Disclaimer: All X-Men characters belong to Marvel and Fox; this piece of
      fan-written fiction intends no infringement on any copyrights.
      Archive: Lists, jenn’s Indulgence, Muse’s Fool.
      Feedback: goes great with a can of Dr. Brown’s diet cream soda.
      Notes: Thanks to everyone who’s done such a great job, and especially to
      Andariel, who’s struggling with the timeline even more up close and
      personally than I am. <g> This directly follows jenn's awesome "Blind

      Dot, Meg, Pete, Jen - thanks, as always. You rawk.


      Rogue Laughter

      She was on her way into the living room, a copy of “His Girl Friday” in
      hand, when she heard laughter.

      Laughter that had been absent -- and sorely missed -- over the past two

      And in response, the low rumble of a male voice.

      Ororo sighed. She had a headache from the miasma of unresolved --
      possibly unresolvable -- tension that hung over the mansion.

      And Rogue was laughing with Logan.

      They passed the door of the living room, where she stood, and stopped
      short, laughter dying on their lips as if they suddenly noticed how out
      of place it was.

      They were soaking wet and smelled of the lake. Bright Lady, she thought,
      they’d gone swimming -- *Rogue* had gone swimming in the lake for the
      first time ever. The lake that Ororo had managed to convince her was the
      home of a monster, Westchester’s very own Nessie. Things had progressed
      far faster between Logan and Rogue than she’d ever have expected.

      She’d known the Canadian was interested in the southerner -- he'd been
      so attuned to her that he’d noticed when she’d disappeared, distraught
      over the Scott-Jean situation, and run right into Magneto’s arms.
      Interested and more -- no man as seemingly uncaring as Logan risked his
      life for a woman he barely knew, unless they were more than passing

      What she’d thought was a triangle was now a quadrangle, and no doubt
      Warren was doing his part to make it a, a pentagon.

      She allowed none of these thoughts to show on her face, though, when she
      said, “Did you have a nice swim?”

      They exchanged a speaking glance -- <Oh yes, definitely more> -- and
      Logan nodded. “Just testin’ the water.”

      And didn’t that have meaning on oh so many levels? She found her mouth
      curving in a reluctant smile. “I’m sure.” She took in the way Logan’s
      eyes caressed Marie’s soaked form, her clothing clinging to every curve,
      concealing nothing. A quick fuck seemed like the *last* thing Marie
      needed, and Logan’s personality and reputation didn’t make him the best
      candidate for a stable relationship, but the connection between them was
      palpable, much like the one between Jean and Scott was.

      <Of course,> Storm told herself. <He touched her and held on. Something
      Scott has never done.>

      “No monsters?” she asked wryly.

      Rogue giggled again. “Logan frightened them away. He’s much scarier than
      any old lake monster.” She touched his arm lightly and said, “I’m going
      up to change, sugar. See you later. You, too, ‘Ro.”

      Ororo noted the casual touch, something so lacking in Rogue’s life, and
      felt her chest tighten. Rogue practically skipped up the stairs, and
      Ororo turned her eyes back to Logan, who was watching her climb
      intently. It was a look ‘Ro knew well, having seen it on Frank’s face
      many a time. She felt like an intruder, until he swung his gaze back to

      “Say whatever you want, ‘Ro, but just spit it out, okay? I can’t take
      any double-talk right now,” Logan said, his tone wary but determined.

      "What are you doing?"

      "At the moment? Dripping on Chuck's no doubt expensive carpet."

      Storm made a sound that, had it come from anyone less regal, would have
      been called a snort. "With Rogue."

      "Went for a swim."

      Her fists clenched and there was the sudden smell of ozone in the air.
      "Metal is a fine conductor of electricity, is it not?" she asked
      conversationally, and Logan gulped. "Shall we start again? What is going
      on with you and Rogue?"

      A shrug. "Don't know. Ask her. I'm just along for the ride."

      "You're lying. I can see it in the way you look at her."

      "She needs someone lookin' after her," he responded.

      "Now who is indulging in double-talk, Logan?" He dropped his eyes and
      she continued, "I just don't want to see her hurt. Or you, either.
      Despite what Scott says, I like you, Logan. I think you're a good man.
      And you made her laugh. Rogue hasn't laughed since Jean came."

      "She does have a great laugh," he mused, as if Ororo weren't standing
      right there.

      "She loves Scott." Storm felt like a killjoy for pointing it out, but
      he'd asked for straight talk.

      "Yeah. But she can do better. She can have more, if she wants it. If
      she's not scared to take that leap. And I don't think she is."

      Ororo put a hand to her forehead. She was obviously missing an important
      piece of this conversation; he was making her dizzy. Which was kind of
      ironic, since he was not noted for being a conversationalist, let alone
      someone who could twist you up with words.

      "What makes you say that?" she asked finally, hoping for a clue.

      He quirked a grin and she could see why the girls were swooning over
      him. "We went for a swim."

      And with that, he followed Rogue up the stairs, leaving Ororo staring
      after him. She remembered Scott trying to cajole Marie into the lake,
      every summer since she'd been in Westchester, with no success.

      Perhaps Logan knew what he was doing after all.




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