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Fic: It Happened One Night - 2

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  • kittenrescue
    Disclaimers in part one Rating: R for bad language (this is Logan s POV after all) and violence, including a little non-anesthetic surgery. Summary: Wilbur
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 27, 2001
      Disclaimers in part one

      Rating: R for bad language (this is Logan's POV after all) and violence, including a little non-anesthetic surgery.

      Summary: Wilbur doesn't turn out to be such a nice guy after all and Logan has to teach him a lesson.

      Alberta, Canada
      Logan's POV:

      Damn, I just had to get out of there before she came out of the bathroom or I'd be tempted to toss her over my shoulder, carry her out all caveman like and do incredibly pornographic things to her in my camper. Christ, she looks like she's just a kid, too. Although, that body sure ain't a kid's. Yep, definitely very grown up, a little skinny maybe, but there's some definite potential there. I picked her out the minute she entered that crummy dive - smelling like vanilla and fucking innocence. Not so innocent as I thought, once her clothes started hitting the floor. I didn't think she'd actually go for it when Jack made her the offer. She must've been real desperate for money. Poor kid. I would've offered her a ride, but I don't trust myself after I got a good look at her naked. If I wasn't in such a hurry to get to the next piece of shit town for tomorrow night's fight, I woulda stuck around, picked up someone that looked halfway fuckable, and pretended it was the little brunette temptress.

      Hey, looks like she found a ride. Guy looks harmless enough. He looks like an accountant or some other lame ass boring career twerp. That's probably why she choose him, cause he looks like someone a girl scout with attitude could kick the crap out of. A station wagon? The guy drives a station wagon? He's an even bigger dweeb than I thought. Yeah, she oughta be safe with him. They're heading north, too, so I guess I'll be right behind them. That's good, just in case I'm wrong about this moron. Okay, I'm just gonna hang back a little. Don't wanna be too obvious they've got company. I'll give 'em a five-minute head start.

      Fuck! This guy must think this crappy little back road is the Indianapolis 500 Speedway, cause that shitty station wagon is nowhere in sight. I've had my foot to the floor for the past thirty minutes and I still haven't caught up to them. How goddamn fast is that asshole driving on this dark, icy road? I hope I don't find his car turned over in some ditch or wrapped around a pine tree further up the road.

      I hope the kid ain't scared cause that dweeb decides he wants to show off. If she's hurt, I'm gonna gut him real slowly. Well, at least I know he hasn't turned off onto another road, cause there are no other roads. That's the one good thing about being out in the middle of bumfucknowhere. Nowhere to go but straight ahead and there's no civilization for another hundred miles. Hey, what's that speck ahead? Looks like the dweeb's car. What's it doing parked?

      I pull up alongside the car to check out what's what and I notice it's empty. The passenger door is also open, so it looks like she got out quickly. So where's the dweeb and the girl? I get my answer when I hear a bloodcurdling scream coming from the trees. Oh, that idiot had to be kidding. I take off in the direction of the girl's screams. That bastard is about thirty seconds away from having a claw in a very uncomfortable place. I reach a clearing and find the girl pinned to the ground by Mr. Can't Keep It In His Pants, whose about to get an important part of his anatomy separated from the rest of his body.

      I literally pounce on him, yank him off of her and toss him against the nearest tree. He crumples to the ground as I unsheath all six claws. Damn, I think he's unconscious. It's not gonna be any fun if he's not aware of what I'm gonna do to him. I grab him by the front of his jacket, yank him to his feet and shake him real hard. Hey, asshole, I want you awake for this. Guess he musta hit that tree harder than I thought cause he ain't coming around, even though I'm shaking him hard enough to scramble his pea brain. Just then I notice that the fucker actually had his fly undone and his dick out - his laughably small dick. Christ, even if he'd managed to stick it in, she probably wouldn't have felt it. The jerk's also uncircumcised. I sheath all but a single claw and change that, leaving a jagged wound, but hell, I wasn't going for neatness and precision. I drop him back on the ground and give him a sharp kick in the ass for good measure. Gee, I hope he regains consciousness before he bleeds to death or that might be embarrassing for his next-of-kin for him to be found like that.

      Satisfied that I've taught him a lesson about attacking vulnerable young girls, I turn to check on her. She's shaking and trying to pull herself together. That asshole had actually gotten as far as ripping her shirt. Maybe I'll just go back over to him and slice his dick off altogether. Lucky for him, I decide to make her my priority. I hold out my hand to help her up. She looks up at me with wide chocolate eyes that reflect pure naked fear. Crap, she's probably afraid of me, too after what she just witnessed.

      "I'm not gonna hurt you, kid." I tell her in a voice I hope is gentle and calm.

      She looks around, like she's gonna make a run for it. Hey, taking a jog in the forest at midnight ain't a real good idea, honey. Of course, even if she did bolt, I could catch her with little effort. I think she realizes that and places a small gloved hand in my larger one. I pull her to her feet and still holding her hand, steer her back toward the road. Okay, she's not putting up any resistance, that's good.

      "Thank you." She says in almost a whisper.

      "You okay?" I ask.

      "Yeah. You arrived before he got a chance to do anything more than cop a feel."

      I think about those perfect breasts that I got an eyeful of back at the Lion's Den and swallow hard. We reach my truck and she gets in on the passenger side willingly. Good, she's smart enough to realize this ain't exactly a well-traveled part of the country and she could be sitting on the side of the road until she froze to death. So I guess my warm truck, even with it's apparently psychotic owner, looks the better option. Life really sucks when it gives you nothing but shitty choices.

      We drive for a while in silence. I steal a look at her out of the corner of my eye. She really is a cute little thing - all eyes and pouty little mouth that looks very kissable. Yep, I bet those lips would feel real good suctioned onto mine.

      "You don't have anything to eat, do you?" She asks, finally breaking the quiet.

      I reach over to the glove compartment and pull out a bag of beef jerky. She removes her leather gloves and starts shoveling it in like it's the best damn steak she's ever had, instead of leathery strips of pure junk. I don't even know why I bought the stuff, other than I'm not the Hostess cupcakes eating type and sometimes a person just has to have a certain amount of junk food available.

      "Try actually chewing it first." I joke.

      "Sorry. I just haven't eaten for over twelve hours. Then it was only a McDonald's quarter-pounder and the first thing I'd eaten in two days. Reggie, that's the trucker who gave me the ride as far as Laughlin City, bought it for me and I was too embarrassed to tell him I was still hungry."

      Jeez, the poor kid. That explains why she grabbed the chance to earn a quick hundred bucks. It's probably more money than she's seen in a long time. A cute little thing like her should be living somewhere in suburbia, in a bedroom filled with those stuffed animals girls like and worrying about what to wear to the prom - not dropping her panties on the floor of some shithole cause she hasn't eaten in days. I'd like to kill whoever's responsible for pitching her out onto the street to fend for herself.

      "I'm Rogue. Were you in the army? Doesn't...Doesn't that mean you were in the army?" She asks, pointing at the dogtag hanging around my neck.

      It's not something I want to explain to her right now, so I simply tuck it under my shirt - end of conversation about *that*. Good, she got the hint, cause now she's looking back into the camper.


      "What?" I ask.

      "Suddenly my life doesn't look that bad."

      That's rude. So I reply, "Hey, if you'd prefer the road."

      "No, no. It looks great.... Looks cozy."

      Okay, that's better. Don't go insulting the only mode of transportation within a hundred mile radius. She's rubbing her hands together. It is kinda chilly in here, so I turn the heater up.

      "Put your hands on the heater." I tell her, as I reach for her hands, but she jerks them away quickly.

      "I'm not gonna hurt you, kid."

      "It's nothing personal. It's just that... when people touch my skin, something happens."

      "What?" I ask. My curiosity peaked.

      "I don't know. They just get hurt."

      Well, there are ways around that, honey. I'm a creative man. I think to myself, but out loud I simply reply, "Fair enough."

      "When they come out... does it hurt?" She asks, referring to the claws.

      "Every time. So what kind of a name is Rogue?"

      "I don't know. What kind of a name is Wolverine?"

      Is she being sassy with me? God, she's adorable.

      "My name's Logan."


      Terrific. Now we both know what to scream out during sex. Shit! She's just survived one rape attempt and I'm thinking with my dick. She's way too delectable and I'm in big trouble, cause I got a hard-on that won't quit.

      I tear my eyes away from her and refocus on the road. Well, I try to anyway, but visibility is dropping rapidly as a sudden storm has blown in. We're gonna have to pull over and wait it out. I pull us off the road and kill the engine. I better stay in the front cab or I could end up with a foot in my groin, as she has to make a second escape tonight from yet another sex-crazed lunatic. She's so damn cute that I bet Mr. No Longer Has A Foreskin isn't the first to try something with her. Well, I certainly have no intentions on forcing myself on her, not matter how much I wanna be inside of her. I may be many things, but in the fifteen years my memory goes back, a rapist isn't one of them.

      "There's an air mattress in the back." I inform her.

      "Where are you gonna sleep?" She asks.

      "I'll stay here in the front."

      Hmmm, she seems vaguely disappointed or maybe that's just wishful thinking on my part. She goes into the camper and starts to change her clothes.

      "No peaking." She jokes.

      I adjust the rear view mirror and shamefully watch her. When she's down to nothing but her birthday suit, it takes all my will power not to join her and show her all my creative ideas for getting around the skin issue. Luckily for my sanity she pulls on a pair of sweats, a long-sleeved top and some socks. Settling down on the mattress she calls out a sweet little good night to me, as I try to arrange my six foot three inch frame across the short bench in the front cab. She hears me shifting around attempting to get comfortable and says something that will prove to be my undoing.

      "This is ridiculous. Why don't you come back here and sleep, there's plenty of room on this thing."

      Hey, I don't need to be asked twice and in less than ten seconds I'm lying next to her, breathing in the scent of soft vanilla. To say that things were about to get real interesting is an understatement.


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