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FIC: Defection 1/7

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  • Autumn
    Title: Defection Author: Autumn E-mail: eddievedderismylife@hotmail.com Rating R for violence, language, sexual innuendoes and really bad parenting. Archive
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 23, 2001
      Title: Defection

      Author: Autumn

      E-mail: eddievedderismylife@...

      Rating R for violence, language, sexual innuendoes and really bad

      Archive Rights: WRFA, XMMFFC, Mutual Admiration

      Summary: My take on why Rogue deflected, with a different angle than

      Author's Notes:

      Special Thanks to Red Razor for answering all of my comic-verse
      questions with a speed that frankly frightens me.

      A shout out to Karen for the betaing, and suggestions.

      This is written from comic history and it combines elements of
      movieverse before it completely spins out of control and becomes its
      own story. This is written in the present tense and switches to past
      tense to describe previous events. It is mostly from Rogue's POV.

      Marie Lensher sat crying in the corner of the room. It had
      all the essentials, a closet, dresser, and a bed, but it was lacking
      of any personal decoration that made a room one's "own." She wasn't
      locked in a cell, or a dungeon of any kind. That would be pointless
      really, her life was her prison. Her parents knew this, and
      exploited it time and time again.
      Parent. What was the definition? One who helps to create a
      new life? One who gives birth? Paternal? Maternal? Marie
      supposed that all of those were correct if you really stripped the
      word down to its most basic meaning. However, her definition
      included the phrases "unconditional love," "trust," "support,"
      and "protective." Neither Eric nor Mystique met any of the above
      criteria. They were not parents. Not by any stretch of the
      Sure, Eric taught her how to defend herself, and Mystique
      showed her how to control her deadly skin. At the time, she thought
      they genuinely tried to be good parents that helped their offspring,
      she'd been wrong. It had been just another ploy to use Marie's naive
      trust for their own sinister agenda.

      Three days Prior.........

      She'd discovered exactly what they had in mind when she went
      on the attack that resulted in the capture of one of "the Avengers,"
      Carol Danvers. Charles Xavier's X-men had been there to support the
      avengers. Eric had counted on this, and gave Rogue the assignment to
      take out the one they called "Wolverine." After all, he had to see
      what his little girl was made of. See if she had it in her to take a
      Eric had used his power to immobilize the great Wolverine.
      After he had the burly man contained, Eric called Marie over to
      finish him off. He told the girl that this mutant's particular
      mutation would be quite useful for her, and she could become one of
      the Brotherhood's finest soldiers. Eric didn't tell his daughter
      that the only reason he wanted her to take the Wolverine's powers was
      to lessen her chances of dying when Eric put his plan on swaying the
      world leaders to his opinion into action.
      Marie walked over to the bound man, and prepared to take his
      life. She lifted her bare hand to his face and prepared for the
      transfer of energy, mutation, and memories. He snapped his head up
      and his eyes stopped her. They were a beautiful shade of hazel, and
      held the most intense mixture of emotions she'd ever seen. There was
      surprise, hatred, and anger. Anyone who looked at him could tell he
      was pissed.
      Marie's own eyes grew wide as she read the dark orbs. He was
      angry, but not at her. He was angry at Magneto and his stupid
      brotherhood. He was angry with the Avengers for needing to be bailed
      out, but mostly he was angry with himself for getting caught. She
      watched in amazement, as his eyes seemed to soften under her intense
      gaze. Neither of them could tear their gaze from the other. They
      stood there, staring at each other, before remembering they were
      "Ain't ya gonna kill me?" Wolverine asked.
      Marie shook her head, and brought her arm down. "I can't."
      Was all she said before sliding the knife from his belt and cutting
      the bonds. He grabbed her arms and looked her in the eye. "Meet me
      at 2:00 AM, in front of The Blue Tavern" he said. Wolverine waited
      until she nodded before he released her and headed back to his
      teammates. Marie stared after the strange man. She'd known him for
      all of two minutes, but felt more deeply connected to him than she
      had to anyone she'd ever known. She'd never disobeyed her parents
      before, but she knew that tonight she was going to sneak out to meet
      him. Marie had to see him again, there was no question about it.
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