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Fic: "Unbroken" (the next bit to Jenn's RR)

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  • Shaz
    Soooo... I didn t mean to do this tonight, and yet here it is. Hmm.. ten minutes to South Park and I started this a little past nine. LOL. Go on Scott, talk
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 23, 2001
      Soooo... I didn't mean to do this tonight, and yet here it is. Hmm.. ten
      minutes to South Park and I started this a little past nine. LOL. Go on
      Scott, talk to me a little more, I think I missed that bit that's therapy
      worthy. ;-) And nope, no beta, unless you count Jenn on the IM. Naughty
      girl! I'm supposed to be writing otrher stuff! *g*

      Title: Unbroken
      Author: Shaz (aericura@...)
      Codes: Scott, Rogue, Warren, A/U
      Rating: R for language and some sexual implications. eh, it's tres mild
      for me.
      Summary: Picking up where Minisinoo left off in "He Always Wore Glasses,
      She Always Wore Gloves" in Jenn's AU: poor Scott is having a helluva time
      dealing with this new twist in his life, and old friend Warren lends a help.
      Archive: Jenn, it's your AU, it's SO all yours.
      Feedback: is wonderful! I shunt the flames out the airlock of the Eureka
      Maru though.

      A/N: Don't even go there. I'm doing it, my Muse is happy to be talking
      about something besides Caligo, and well, if Min's not taking on Scott, I
      guess I gotta. *eg*


      The next hour he spent was in chaos. Marie this, Jean that. Duty this,
      heart that. Should do this, should do that.

      Impending insanity all around.

      He wasn't the kind of guy to let it go as far as it did-- and how long had
      it been since Logan and his foundling had trundled into their life? GOD.
      He didn't have a freaking chaotic bone in his body and now...

      Now, he was stuck between the real life, feminine version of a rock and a
      hard place.

      His options laughed at him. On one hand he had Marie, the girl-- nay,
      woman-- he could marry, the one he could trust with his heart mind and ever
      present ability to kill with a blink, and on the other.

      Scott ran a hand through his hair and hissed through clenched teeth. Marie
      had left in a serious fit. Her car was probably gone and headed somewhere--
      anywhere-- to get away from here.

      From him. He had betrayed her. Everything he had meant to her, everything
      he had meant to their relationship.

      "Oh, fuck me." Shaking his head and stalking out of the room, considering a
      long bike ride out on the abandoned highways of rural New York, but setting
      the plan aside for the nagging sense of worthlessness that might cream his
      body on the side of the road, he headed for the only thing he appreciated
      more than the woman he loved and his life itself:

      The Blackbird.

      It was a silly thing, his fascination with the plane, and Marie had called
      him on it a dozen times. Teased him relentlessly as he spent hours doing
      regular maintenance work that would usually take a half-hour at best, but
      no, not Scott Summers. Not He Who has a Hard-On for Mechanics.

      Her angry name for him.

      He laughed at himself, opting for the internal, mocking criticism over
      crying with the self-pity sitting somewhere near his heart. Yeah, he had
      screwed it up nicely, and if it were any other woman-- any other redhead,
      any other walking, talking mutant with the XX sex chromosome-- he would have
      sized her up and walked back to the love of his life happily.

      But Jean Grey was different.

      Stepping into the cockpit and rubbing his hands along the front of his
      jeans, then settling onto the metal planked deck and reaching fingers around
      a lower panel to access the altitude control mainframe-- funny how important
      making sure they flew level seemed important all of a sudden-- he sighed and
      buried his hands wrist deep in Blackbird innards. When the dribble of grease
      hit his arm, the rolled up sleeve of a Polo saved from grease condemnation,
      he paused, watched it pool down slightly and sighed.

      And then wondered if the reclusive telepath hiding out by the boat house was
      as much a freak about cleanliness as Marie was. Sure, he had his peeves
      about everything being in order, especially paperwork, but the first time
      she had caught the axel grease dripped inconsequently in his hair from
      another session with the stealth jet, she had literally shoved him into the
      shower and banned him from her presence 'til he was squeaky clean.

      At the time, it had been funny, even charming. Now, it only set his mouth
      into a frown and made him wonder what he was missing.

      "Fuse need a dire change, Cyke?"

      Starting at the voice, banging the side of his head against the control
      panel frame and driving the rim of the glasses deep into the bridge of his
      nose, Scott swore.

      "Geez, not paying attention very well?"

      "No, Warren," he grated, uncurling from his half-under position in the jet's
      nose and shaking his head. "So next time, have the choir herald your

      Warren Worthington the Third, his expansive wings folded neatly behind the
      chair as he reclined and watched his friend with interest, clucked his
      tongue. "Wrong kind of Angel. So what's eating you? Marie should have you
      tied up and singing sweet nothings to her by now."

      "Marie," an oil and dust laden hand clenched in and out of a fist, "is off
      grounds, pissed at hell at me."

      The winged mutant leaned forward in sudden interest. "Huh? What about?"

      Scott flashed an unpleasant smile and pulled himself into the co-pilot's
      seat, rubbing his hands on his jeans again. At least Warren, long time
      friend and ever the arrogant rich kid that pried gossip like no other,
      wouldn't hit him for spilling the beans. "You know that girl Logan brought
      with him? The telepath?"

      "Ooh, yeah," Warren's brow ticked up in interest, "sweet body, fucking
      gorgeous hair, tortured soul, fractured mind. Prof thinks she's got
      potential, but all I see is a kitten that was left to drown in the river."

      "Heh, you always liked them naturally red. ANYWAYS, yeah. That one. That's
      why Marie packed her bag and left tonight. Why I don't know where she is,
      and can't seem to care enough."

      "Shit, Scott, you're kidding--"

      "Not a bit." Trying to crack his neck and holding the bit of frayed wire he
      had plucked from the jet like a bitter weapon, he shook his head at his
      friend. "I went and followed her tonight, found her at the dock. I talked
      to her, and she kinda, well, outside of the Professor, you ever dealt with a

      "Not a one. Even a mentor rooting around here," Warren tapped his temple,
      "is a bit uncomfortable."

      "That's just because you didn't want him to know you were cheating."


      "Well, she did. I told her to, in fact." The blush nearly crept into his
      cheeks and Scott looked away suddenly, casting masqued eyes towards the
      windshield of the Blackbird. Blushing? He never blushed once over anything
      that had happened between him and Marie. "And I dunno. It was-- I liked
      it. There's some weird connection going on here, and I'm screwing up what
      I've got with Marie for it."

      "Huh," his wings stretched out and curled back against the chair, "so you
      did a me."

      "'Cuse me?"

      "You've never once strayed from your Southern lily?"

      Scott snorted. "You do recall how many times I've been told to drop those
      control issues... right?"

      "The clingy bastard thing, yeah." Warren shrugged. "She liked it. You're
      the only one that takes risks with her."

      A moment of defensiveness took away the moping as his head snapped up. "No,
      everyone else is too coward to try. Even that Wolverine guy. Yeah, sure,
      he did his bit and saved her ass on the Torch, but Christ, even he ducks
      from her. I did what my heart told me to, and so maybe I almost got put in
      a coma for it multiple times, but so what?" Suppressing the urge to stand
      and pace-- God, he was good at that-- he sighed. Warren was staring at him
      with an analytical eye, whatever sympathy had been there, whatever emotion
      his comrade had felt when he and Marie went public with the engagement
      expressed, it was missing from his pretty boy face.

      "Cut to the point, man. You want more from the telepath, don't you?"

      The response was murmured through gritted teeth, as if trying to fight back
      the answer was a point against the bastard routine he was taking on. "Yes."

      "She could give you more than Marie could?"

      The laugh was stopped in his throat. "Despite the fact that kinkiness has
      become part and parcel of my bedroom life, there IS something behind real,
      unbroken touch."

      "Hmm," Warren ran a hand along his jaw, thinking out loud, "though the
      babe's got issues. I dunno. As a friend, Scott, I'm not telling you to go
      with your heart... or your dick, cause either way, they've both already got
      you in deep shit with Marie."

      Dropping his head in his hands, the headache eating at the back of his head
      intensifying as he listened to advice that was occasionally on the level
      with Loveline, Scott opted to murmur through his fingers rather than regard
      the crystal blue eyes. "Not helping here."

      "Marie needs to chill, feel the wind blowing at her back-- probably has
      something with absorbing part of nature boy Logan-- and she'll come to her
      senses. Or she'll dump your ass, make you eat that ring and wish for you to
      die slowly, and not at her hands."

      "Voice of experience," Scott muttered.

      "I was lucky that that one wasn't an absorber, otherwise she might be
      growing feathers right now." The blonde shrugged again. "As for the
      telepath, you've got to get to know her anyways. As soon as the Prof cuts
      her loose of her training wheels, she'll be drafted into the team and you'll
      have to work with her. So, maybe, see where it goes. She could just be a
      very close friend-to-be, man. Sex aside-- and I bet it's fantastic with a
      telepath-- you might just have gotten the person who'll listen to you whine
      ALL the time."

      The flitting remembrance of just how... intimate it was to have someone else
      in his mind, non-obtrusive and infinitely more gentle than even the
      Professor's touch made him shiver. And Jean had just touched the surface,
      playing in the old memories he had told Marie about a few days before, the
      ones haunting him as he regarded the ruby quartz marred reflection in the
      mirror. She now knew, whether or not she realised it, how much he hated the
      glasses, how much he hated being restrained by an innovation of technology
      because Fate had kicked him.

      It made him suddenly wish he could give her a better memory. Of something--
      anything-- to wipe away the fear in her eyes when those precious shields
      wavered and the weight of so many minds touched her.

      To at least mentally touch her, comfort her, when he was bound to not do it

      "Is it cheating on your fiancée to think about someone with a psychic

      Warren actually laughed, the sound echoing through the body of the plane as
      he shook his head sadly at his friend and leader. "What's the phrase?
      'It's not cheating if they don't know?'"

      "Yeah, and that's why you're currently single, Warren."

      The man otherwise addressed as Angel let the joviality drop from his face a
      little. "Well, not really, but seriously, man. If Marie thinks you're
      cheating when you're not, it's not you who needs to eat blame. I dunno,
      Scott, I just don't like Logan acting like her shoulder to cry on and her
      not thinking it doesn't mean anything."


      "No, I'm looking out for you. She screws you over, I'll tell you. You
      screw her over... well, I recommend the nearby four star hotel to lay low
      in. Use my account, even."

      Scott groaned, looked up to regard the man across from him with tired eyes,
      strangely peevish over the hues of red his friend was cast in and gave up.
      He really had no control in the situation. His heart was telling that
      loyalty was everything-- what he had given to Marie was probably gone just
      because he had dared to wander-- and that hurt. However, he wondered
      absently, who had it hurt more?

      "Trust me." He had told Jean to trust him.

      He had just sacrificed trust for trust, hadn't he?



      Wearing a false smile for the briefest second, the expression almost deadly
      in its myriad of emotions, Scott hooked a finger towards the jet's open
      hatch. "Get out. You're a great friend, but shit, man, I just can't...
      deal with it like this."

      Warren Worthington nodded, stood up and compulsively let his wings stretch
      before curling them against his back. "No problem. But if you decide to
      cut the redhead loose, send her my way, 'kay?"

      Laughing at the outrageous image of Jean Grey curled against the haughty,
      Armani-clad figure of the future heir to Worthington Enterprises, Scott
      nodded despite his outright reaction of "no." "Yeah, okay, sure. Now beat

      The hand held to his temple was rigid despite the smile curling his mouth
      up. "Sir, yes sir."

      "Good man," waving off the other and sliding back out of the co-pilot seat,
      he scooted back under the control panel and setting his hand back through
      the wires. Sighing to himself and poking at the part he had nearly yanked
      free when Warren had startled him, he knew he had screwed up.

      He had never considered himself a playboy, but considering the fact that he
      was hiding in the cockpit of his favourite toy, stuck between a woman pissed
      at hell at him and another that was possibly acting on merely a
      powers-related connection, his self-estimation was clearly flawed.

      He couldn't have both. He didn't WANT both. Marie was... beyond words.
      They had too much between them to simply forget about the relationship and
      move on. But Jean... it wasn't just the bewitching looks behind wary eyes
      and a half-starved body that caught his attention: she was LITERALLY beyond
      words. "Trust me." He had actually said that to her. And he had meant it.

      How the hell was he supposed to decide?


      ..........Next? *bg*


      "If you're in the business of saving lives, you better start with your own."
      Playing God
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