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Fic: And One Shall Fall 4/?

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    I know this has been awhile coming. But I am having problems typing this up. I normally type as I write but this time I handwrote it. Which means as far as
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      I know this has been awhile coming. But I am having problems typing this up. I normally type as I write but this time I handwrote it. Which means as far as my brain is concerned the story is done so I don't need to type. I know...crazy logic but I never claimed to be sane. *G* Hopefully more to come. The real reason behind the delay is the start of a new job. Yeah for me! Not!! Oh well, on with the fic.

      Title: And One Shall Fall 4/?
      Author: Tanya Miller
      Series: Gemini which can be found on my site X-Men Fan Fiction Keepers at http://go.to/tanie
      Rating: R for violence and very bad language
      Summary: Sarah is mistaken for Rogue.....
      Disclaimer: Not mine. Not that lucky. Fox and Marvel own everything famous.


      Logan was driving Scott crazy with his latest nervous habit. Shooting his claws in and out of his hands repeatedly. Finally, Scott had had enough and snapped.

      "For Christ sake! Logan would you stop doing that?!?!"

      Logan's face showed his shock at seeing Mr.Cool lose his. "Sure. No need to go ape shit on me." he mocked.

      Laughing, Scott shrugged. "Sorry. I know that you are worried. So am I. I don't like the idea of Rogue being out there alone. I mean, I know she can handle herself, it's just that right now she isn't thinking straight, what with Sarah getting shot. She could make a really stupid mistake right now."

      "Gee thanks, One-Eye. As if I wasn't worried enough already." Logan growled.


      "No problem. I know that you are just as worried about Rogue as I am."

      Scott cleared his throat and attempted to change the subject to one not so embarrassing as the fact that he and Logan were more alike then different. "We'll find her." He said, not adding that he hoped that it would be in time. Who knew what could happen if Rogue and Mystique met face to face again.


      Rogue watched as Mystique made her way to the entrance of the cave. She couldn't let her get away. Using traces of Magneto's power, Rogue bent the metal that made up the piping that lined the walls, to form a type of steel bar door, turning the cave into a cell. Mystique screamed and jumped back when she saw the metal move. A slow smile crossed her face. "Erik? Have you come back to me? Have you escaped?"

      Rogue stepped forward and out of the shadows. "He didn't."

      "You!" Mystique took a step back. "No! The man told me he shot you....he KILLED you!"

      Rogue's rage increased at the reminder of why she was there. "Your assasin should have done his homework. He shot my sister."

      "Sister? You have no sister!" Mystique bravely challanged.

      Rogue smiled, a smile devoid of any warmth. "Oh but you're wrong. I do have a sister. In fact, she is my twin." Seeing comprehension dawn in Mystique's eyes, Rogue pressed on. "She is my exact double. Even down to this." She said as she fingered her streaks.

      As the rage continued to build she started to step forward, walking toward Mystique. "You probably killed the one person who really understood me. She too, couldn't be touched. That is until we were together. We could touch people when we were close to one another. And you destroyed that." Mystique continued to back up until her back was against the bars. She could hear a plane landing close by. But not close enough by the looks of the animal rage that was in Rogue's eyes. Inner-Logan was out, full power.

      "Time for you to die, you blue bitch!" Kicking a leg forward, she kicked Mystique hard in the knee, causing it to break and Mystique to fall to her knees. In a feeble attempt to save her life she morphed into Logan. "Rogue, it's me, Logan. Come on, you don't want to kill me."

      "Nice try, but not good enough!" Rogue spat venomously. She reached down and with her hand in Fake-Logan's hair, she pulled Mystique upright. Hearing Logan and Scott in the distance, Rogue released the hair and placed a hand on each side of Fake-Logan's face. "It's over. I win. This is for Sarah, you bitch!" she said as she felt the link open and the drain begin. Logan and Scott ran up to the other side of the bars and tehy were screaming at her to let go. But she couldn't. Mystique HAD to die.

      She dimly heard Logan telling Scott to blast the bars. She tapped into Magneto again long enough to throw Logan away from the bars, making him hit Scott away too. She need more time. Her mind was being flooded by memories. Mystique's memories. She was aware of Scott finally blasting the doors and Logan's gloved hands trying to pull her hands away as Mystique screamed...or was that her....but she held on.

      Finally, she felt the link start to close and the screaming stopped. Opening her eyes, she looked into Logan's, her voice soft as she said, "Take me home."

      And with those words, darkness decended and she fell into his arms.


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