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Fic: The Jailbait Is Not A Job Benefit 3/4

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  • kittenrescue
    Summary: Marie tempts Logan a little more. This chapter is rated: NC-17 The next day Logan found himself alone again. Erik had taken his team out on some
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 10, 2001
      Summary: Marie tempts Logan a little more. This chapter is rated: NC-17

      The next day Logan found himself alone again. Erik had taken his 'team' out on some business and as Logan wasn't *officially* on the team yet, he wasn't invited along. Logan wandered outside to find Marie sunbathing. She was lying on her stomach in a miniscule bikini. Logan's mouth watered at the expanse of smooth creamy skin on display and he instantly went hard. When his shadow fell across her, Marie turned to look up at him, her hand shielding her eyes from the glare of the sun.

      "Oh, hey there." She said in a honeyed drawl.

      "You're gonna burn." Logan said, indicating her back.

      Marie shifted to look at her back. Logan was right, she was already starting to color.

      "Would you put some lotion on me?" She asked innocently, "There's some latex gloves and some lotion in the bag."

      Reaching into the bag and locating the lotion and the gloves, Logan sat down on the edge of her chaise lounge. Pulling on the ultra thin gloves, he squirted a dollop of lotion into his palms and started to smear the creamy substance onto her back, which did nothing to help his straining erection. Even through the gloves, Logan felt the softness of her skin as he spread the lotion in a caressing manner. His fingers trailed down the sides of her torso and onto the sides of her breasts. Marie let out a soft moan and shifted slightly as Logan's left hand slipped further onto her breast, almost cupping it. Removing it slowly, he brushed a finger over her nipple, eliciting another moan from Marie. Logan closed his eyes for a second and said a silent "holy shit". He realized he was getting into dangerous territory and concentrated on applying the lotion to the back of Marie's legs. He was doing fine until he reached the top of her thighs, just below the curve of her sweet little rear end. The bikini bottom was so tiny, that there was more of Marie exposed than there was covered. Justifying that her delicate little bum needed protection, too, Logan ran his lotion slicked hands over the rounded little cheeks.

      "Why don't ya get out of those hot looking clothes and get some sun yourself?" Marie suggested, noting the denim and flannel that constituted Logan's attire.

      Logan didn't need to be asked twice if he wanted to spend the day half-naked around an equally half-naked Marie. Standing up, he informed her he'd be right back and practically ran back to his room to change. Returning quickly, in only a pair of cut-off shorts, Logan discovered to his dismay that Marie had fallen asleep. Damn, now he couldn't ask her to return the favor and lather him up with lotion. He settled himself onto the chaise lounge next to hers, and contented himself with watching her sleep. A short while later, Marie shifted onto her back. As the top of her bikini wasn't tied, it didn't come with her as she rolled over. Logan now had an unobstructed view of bare breasts that were perfectly formed creamy mounds, topped off by the most delicious looking pinkish-brown nipples he'd ever laid eyes on. Rationalizing that he didn't want to wake her, Logan merely sat spellbound, fighting the urge to lean over and run his tongue all over her. The mixture of sex vixen and pure innocent that Marie radiated confused and aroused Logan all at the same time. Part of him wanted to ravish her and a part of him wanted to protect her from men like himself.

      He was so engrossed in watching her that he failed to notice that her mother had returned, and was standing in front of him with her hands on her hips, decidedly pissed off that Logan was leering at her daughter.

      When he finally noticed Mystique glaring at him, he simply said without any embarrassment, "Hi, honey."

      "Don't you "Hi, honey" me, you pig." Mystique snapped loudly, causing Marie's eyes to snap open at the commotion.

      Marie suddenly realized her state of exposure and crossed her arms over her bare breasts, as she scrambled to her feet and reached for a towel to cover herself.

      "It's not what ya think, momma." She cried.

      "I warned you, Wolverine, my daughter's off limits. Apparently, I didn't make myself clear enough." Mystique said hotly.

      It was then that Marie noticed Logan's state of undress and she swallowed hard as she looked at his magnificent physique - the sculpted chest, six-pack abs and nicely muscled thighs. Who knew he was hiding *that* under all that flannel and denim? No wonder her mother was jumping him every chance she got. Her cheeks turned bright pink as a lewd thought flashed through her mind about the possibilities of what could've happened if her mother hadn't come home when she did. No, this was her mother's boyfriend she reminded herself - eyes and hands off. Not wanting to embarrass herself further with the possibility of actually drooling, Marie excused herself and bolted back inside.

      Mystique turned sharply on Logan, who was wearing a bemused grin.

      "I'm not even remotely kidding about Marie. You keep away from her or I don't care how badly Erik wants you on the team, I'll kick your ass outta here so fast." She warned, her eyes blazing.

      "Relax, momma bear. I'm not gonna lay a hand on your precious cub." Logan stated.

      "It's not your hands I'm worried about." Mystique snapped back and then softening, added, "She's just a child, Wolverine, please leave her alone."

      "How old is she, anyway?" Logan asked, curiously.

      "She's seventeen, why?" Mystique answered.

      "I believe the legal age of consent in New York is seventeen."

      "Figures you'd know that bit of trivia. Not that it will do you any good. I mean it - hands.... and all other body parts off of her, or I'll tell her daddy." Mystique threatened.

      "Sabretooth?" Logan chuckled, "Yeah, I'm really scared of that overgrown pussycat."

      "Victor will introduce you to a whole new kind of pain, if you touch Marie."

      "Is he really her father?"

      "No, but he thinks he is and it's kept her safe from him, so I don't correct that particular error."

      "Yeah, but I'm *not* her daddy." Logan reminded her.

      "Wolvie, baby," Mystique said, suddenly changing her tone again, "I'll keep you so busy, you won't have time to think about that inexperienced little girl."

      "Well, right now I need either a cold shower or a good hard fuck. So what's it gonna be?"

      Mystique pulled him toward a chaise lounge, "Do you even have to ask?"

      "What? Out here?" Logan asked, slightly stunned at Mystique's boldness.

      "Don't tell me the big bad Wolverine has suddenly developed a case of shyness?" Mystique purred, in a voice that was half teasing and half challenging.

      Logan shrugged his shoulders, if Mystique wanted to be an exhibitionist, who was he to argue. Logan dropped his shorts, pushed her down onto the chaise, hiked her skirt up, ripped off her panties and climbed onto her. As he pounded into her, his thoughts drifted to a certain cute little brunette. Meanwhile, Marie's room faced the patio, so looking out the window, she was treated to a view of Logan vigorously screwing her mother. Picking up a bunny that was part of the menagerie of stuffed animals on her bed, Marie flung it across the room forcefully. Seeing that it failed to do any real damage, she grabbed a teddy bear next and ripped his little head off. Marie decided to go the kitchen and eat an entire pint of Haagen-Daz and to hell with spoiling her appetite for dinner.

      If she'd stayed and continued watching the little display on the patio, she would've been treated to something very interesting. Logan was thrusting into Mystique, but was having a difficult time reaching climax and Mystique, having already had her own orgasm, was getting impatient.

      "Christ, Wolvie, I'm starting to chafe down there. You wanna finish this up already?" She whined.

      "Almost there. If you'd quit bitching at me and let me concentrate." Logan complained.

      Mystique rolled her eyes and then had an idea. She morphed into Marie, which apparently did the trick, because it immediately made Logan come.

      "Yeah, thought that would do it." She snapped, morphing back into her blonde form and pushing him off of her.

      Logan rolled over onto his back, panting heavily, as he recovered. Mystique stood up and adjusted her skirt.

      "Next time you get horny, you can take matters into your own hand - if you know what I mean." She said, gesturing the jerking off motion. She then marched inside, leaving Logan lying there naked.

      Logan sat up and ran his fingers through his disheveled hair, contemplating his next move. Obviously, he no longer wanted the mother - he wanted the daughter.

      At dinner that evening, Mystique was noticeably frosty to Logan and Marie was conspicuously absent from the table. Apparently, Marie had eaten an entire pint of ice cream and was now in her room nursing an ice cream headache and a stomachache. Erik took the opportunity of Logan not being distracted by either his niece's presence or Mystique's pawing, to explain in depth about his plans for the Brotherhood, but Logan was still only half paying attention, as his mind wandered to a certain delectable brunette. Besides, Erik's grand plan sounded like a dump truck load of crap, anyway. The sooner Logan got out of there, back to minding his own business, and letting these morons fight their own battles, the better. He wondered if he could convince Marie to leave with him.

      Logan excused himself from the less than scintillating conversation and went in search of the object of his desire. As Logan entered the hallway to the bedroom wing, he heard a soft moaning coming from the direction of Marie's room. With the stealth of ninja, Logan approached Marie's room. The door was slightly ajar, so he peered in through the sliver of space. Marie was lying on the bed, this time in a pair of pale blue pajamas that had white clouds on them. Her hand was down the front of the bottoms and she was pleasuring herself. But it was what she said that shocked Logan the most.

      "Logan, Oh, Logan." Marie moaned.

      < Oh, my God, she's thinking about me! >

      Logan instantly went hard. He pushed open the door and stepped into the room, startling Marie, who jerked her hand out of her pj's, totally mortified.

      "Logan!" She squealed.

      Logan simply walked over to the bed, sat down, gathered her in his arms and pressed a light kiss to her lips, pulling away before her skin had time to react. Both breathing heavy, they were mere fractions of an inch apart, their lips almost touching. Marie closed the tiny gap and pressed her mouth to his. Expecting the pull to start, Logan was delighted when the only tingling sensation he felt was the kind that usually accompanied such kisses. Running his tongue over her plump lips, he pulled down on her chin with his thumb, parting her lips slightly, giving him the opportunity to invade her mouth. As he sunk his tongue into her mouth, she threaded her fingers through his hair and pulled his head toward her to deepen the kiss.

      Finally breaking apart for air, Logan said, "I see those lessons are paying off."

      "Uncle Erik told me if ah wanted to do something bad enough, ah could do it. Ah really wanted ta kiss ya just then, so ah guess he was right."

      "What else do you want to do bad enough." Logan asked, his hands reaching for the top button of the sweet little pajamas.

      "What do ya think?" She asked in a husky voice.

      Logan pressed a kiss to her neck and then worked his way down onto her collarbone and then even lower, as he opened the buttons of the pajama top. He parted the fleecy fabric to reveal what he'd been dreaming about since the incident on the patio.

      "So beautiful. Such perfection." Logan moaned, as his eyes drank in the sight before him.

      He pressed heated kisses to one of the creamy mounds, licking at the areola before taking the sweet little pebble of a nipple into his mouth. It tasted as sweet as he'd imagined. Marie moaned and threw her head back as he suckled at the one breast while massaging the other with his hand and then switching sides and doing the same thing. Her skin still wasn't reacting - so far, so good.

      Marie was tugging on the bottom of his T-shirt, so taking the hint, Logan pulled it off in one swift move. Running her hands over the tight corded muscles, Marie let out a sigh as she pressed kisses to his pecs. Logan let her explore his chest with her small hands and soft mouth. Still not even a slight tingle. Logan pushed the pajama top off her shoulders, down her arms and then tossed it behind him. Easing her backward down onto the bed, he reached for the silk cord that held up the bottoms. Undoing the bow and parting the fabric, he slid the fleece material off her hips and down her legs. She wasn't wearing any panties and so the triangle of hair at the junction of her legs was revealed to him. Logan ran his fingers through the soft curls. Parting her outer lips, he rubbed her clit, causing Marie to lift her hips off the bed.

      "Just relax, baby. This is gonna feel real good, I promise." He whispered, as he continued the gentle massaging action.

      Rubbing her clit with his fingers, it wasn't long before Marie shuddered, as the orgasm washed over her. She was still recovering when Logan dipped his head down and licked at her in the same spot where his fingers had just been. Logan ran his hands over her the curves of her lithe young body as he continued to pleasure her with his tongue. Marie writhed beneath the heated touch of his mouth, pushing herself into him with each stroke of his tongue. Her second orgasm hit her with an even greater force than the first one and she pulled a pillow over her face to muffle the scream.

      Pulling the pillow off her face, Logan leaned down and gave her a flicker of a kiss. Marie bolted up and grabbing Logan, flipped him over onto his back and straddled him. For a tiny little thing, she was fairly strong, he thought, as she perched her naked little derriere on his denim clad thighs. When she reached for the button of his jeans, popped it open and slid the zipper down, Logan realized what she was going to do. Ten seconds later she'd freed his erection and after the initial gasp, was studying it closely. Logan let her explore the thick member, as she ran curious fingers up and down the shaft and over the swollen head. He thought he was going to die from sheer ecstasy when her thumb touched the slit at the top of the head. Leaning down, she pressed a kiss to the head, then her tongue repeated the earlier action of her thumb. Logan just closed his eyes as she ran her tongue up and down the shaft and then licked at the head as if it were a lollipop. Knowing she was an innocent, Logan was shocked when she sucked his cock into her mouth and began giving him head in a way that was too expertly done for someone with her theoretically limited experience. He wondered for a brief moment exactly how *Uncle* Erik was teaching her control, but banished the thought just as quickly. Propping himself up on his elbows, he watched her bobbing up and down in his lap. Seeing her succulent lips wrapped around his cock was an even better vision than he'd imagined. Moments later he was close to the edge, and not wanting to come in her mouth, pulled her off him just in time.

      "How. did .you..you.learn..to.do.that?" He gasped.

      "Victor has quite a decent porno collection. Whenever they're all out, ah entertain mahself."

      "Oh." Was all Logan managed to get out, grateful for this one perversion of Sabretooth's.

      Sliding his jeans off and tossing them to the floor, Logan turned to Marie and gathered her to him.

      "How's your control holding up?" He asked.

      Marie scooted even closer, wrapped her arms around his neck and tangled her legs with his.

      "So far, so good, sugar." She said, huskily.

      "That's my girl." Logan replied, as he crushed his mouth to hers again.

      Rolling them, so that she was underneath him, but careful not to crush her, Logan began plying her supple young body with heated kisses, as she moaned with each caress of his lips against her velvet skin. Spreading her legs and bringing them up to wrap around his waist, Logan positioned himself at entrance when he remembered something important he needed to retrieve from his wallet.

      "I need a condom, baby." He told her and was surprised when she shook her head no.

      "Ah wanna feel *you*, Logan, not some piece of latex. "

      "I just don't wanna leave a *souvenir* behind, if you know what I mean?"

      "It's okay. Ah know mah body and ah'm just at the beginning of mah cycle - so ah'm okay."

      "Okay, baby, but one more thing. If you start to lose your grip on your control, you push me off real quick, okay?"

      Marie nodded her head in acknowledgment. They both definitely wanted him to survive this encounter. Logan smoothed the hair away from her face, leaned in to kiss her, his tongue entering her mouth, as his cock entered her body. A sharp pain cut through her as Logan pierced her hymen and she arched sharply off the bed. Logan stopped and gave her time for the pain to subside and to adjust to the feel of having him inside her. He pushed in a little further, realizing that his eight inch cock was probably not the most comfortable thing for a virgin to experience. Just then Marie began to wriggle beneath him and he moved again to see how she'd react. When she gave a small thrust up, Logan pushed in even further and started to move a little more, giving gentle little thrusts. Cupping her delicate little bottom, he gradually eased in as far as he could and increased the pressure of his thrusts as she lifted her hips up to meet his rhythm. He increased the pace of his thrusts the more she writhed beneath him.

      "Oh God, Logan. Oh God." She moaned and it was like music to his ears.

      "So good, baby. You feel so good." He complimented her.

      "Yes..yes...harder, Logan..please."

      "Come for me, Marie. Just surrender and let go, baby."

      Marie's moaning grew louder, as her body quivered beneath him, and he knew she was close. He had been half gone when they started, and was fighting to hold back, wanting to make sure she peaked before allowing himself to reach nirvana.

      "So close, baby ..you're so close." He said, as he felt her shudder.

      "LOGAN!" She screamed, as she was engulfed in a firestorm of sheer pleasure.

      Hearing her scream his name like that was all it took for Logan, and he fell over the edge of the abyss into his own freefall, shooting hot liquid deep inside her.

      Just then the door was flung open, practically torn off its hinges and Sabretooth's gigantic frame filled the doorway.

      "I'm gonna kill you, runt, for defiling my little girl." He roared.

      I think somebody's in trouble..............

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