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Re: [xmenmoviefanfic] OT: question burning on my mind

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  • clone347@aol.com
    Oooo, I m so glad you asked ::evil laugh:: I was recently asked a question along those
    Message 1 of 3 , Sep 10, 2001
      <<1) why do logan/rogue shippers like the couple together soooo much? >>

      Oooo, I'm so glad you asked ::evil laugh::
      I was recently asked a question along those very lines and it made me
      actually take the time to sit down and think out my obsession. And here's my
      method for my madness...

      I could discuss the relationship between Logan and Rogue for hours,
      but I will try to be as concise as possible. I am also an X-files fan, and
      the Mulder-Scully relationship fascinates me because it is based on a
      spiritual, soul-mate connection than sheer physical attraction. After
      watching the show for a while, I began to look for similar connections in
      other couples that I saw in television or movies. It's not easy to find,
      these days, but as soon as I saw Logan and Rogue together I knew I'd
      scored a hit. I think of them as another example of a relationship where the
      intangible, often unsaid, things are the most important. Physical attraction
      is a part of it (Just look at the man...what red-blooded American gal
      wouldn't be reduced to drool?) but it's not the main focus. What really draws
      them together, in my mind, is that no one else would understand them in the
      way they understand each other. He's the only one who can touch her skin and
      live; she's the only one who can touch his soul, who knows what he's really
      like beyond all the bluster. This sense of understanding and acceptance
      creates an intense desire to protect the other and to
      make life better for the other. They will do whatever is necessary. That's
      definitely a mark of soulmates-- a sudden, strong attraction that grows into
      a deep, almost spiritual love. There are aspects of their character that
      never come out unless they are together. He gives her reasons to trust, she
      gives him reasons to be human.
      It's a selfless love but it's also a selfish love. It consumes both of
      them, but they are willing to be consumed. It demands things of one
      another that they would never think of giving anyone else, but these
      things are freely shared between them. That's what gives it texture-- the
      many paradoxes in their relationship.
      I'm enthralled. I first saw the movie eight months ago and I'm still as
      fascinated now as the first time I saw it. If you can find a soulmate
      relationship in Hollywood, then there's hope that you can find it in real
      life. But maybe that's just the idealism
      of youth. ::grins::

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