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Career Choices (S,X,J; PG)

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  • Lisea Narvanen
    Title: Career Choices By: Lizzy Disclaimer: Not mine. Someone else s. Except for Mike. He s mine. Summary: A boy s parents have misunderstood the meaning for
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 9, 2001
      Title: Career Choices
      By: Lizzy
      Disclaimer: Not mine. Someone else's. Except for Mike. He's mine.
      Summary: A boy's parents have misunderstood the meaning for Xavier's
      School for the Gifted.
      Distribution: Reading is one thing, but actually wanting it.....?
      Timeline: This takes place about six years before the movie
      Feedback: I never give any, so I don't expect any.
      Special thanks to Henrietta, who is my fantastic beta reader, altough
      she's getting tired of hearing about the X-Men, especially Scott ;-)


      I'm Mike.
      I'm 17.
      I'm in a car, driving with my parents to a place called "Xavier's
      School for the Gifted". My dad just stopped the car at the gate to
      this huge mansion ahead, and talking to someone in one of those
      voice-box-thingies by the gate. My mom's sitting in the passenger's
      seat, looking at some brochure. They're both determined to put me in
      here, altough if anyone asked me, I'd be much happier in my old

      See, that's the funny thing with parents. They expect you to bring
      home straight A's, do your homework, and be the captain of the
      football team and all that stuff. Okay, I've done that. But they're
      still convinced I could do better, and that I still need a better
      education. Just once I wish they wouldn't expect anything from me and
      that I could go surfing or playing volleyball with my friends. And my
      family's loaded with money, so they'll stop at nothing to make me the
      future rocket-scientist. Plus I'm the only child, and that makes me
      the one they're putting all their energy on. Hey, caring for your
      child is fine, but you can take it too far.

      Anyhoo, the gate has opened and my dad's driving the car up the road
      to the entrance to the mansion. There's a man with red shades waiting
      for us. When we were on the plane, my mom told dad we didn't need to
      call first to let them know we were coming to visit. "It's a school,
      not a lawyer's office, dear" she had said with that awful snob tone
      voice I hate. Don't get me wrong, I love my mom, but she's as fake as
      her acryl nails.

      The man in the shades openes the car door for my mom. We have one of
      those big, black cars that screams "I'm owned by very rich people". I
      get out from the backseat and take a look around. The front yard's
      huge, I can't even see the gate anymore. I turn to take a better look
      at the mansion. Can I just say.....Wow.

      "I'm Scott Summers. Can I help you, Mrs...?"

      "Thorp. Julia Thorp, and this is my husband, Adam. We're here to see
      Professor Xavier about our son" she turns to look at me, I take that
      as a cue to stand by her side. "This is Michael, Michael, say hello
      Mr. Summers."

      I shake his hand. "Hey, Mr. Summers. And it's Mike" I don't need to
      see to see my mom's face to know she's rolling her eyes. Mr. Summers
      is smiling at me, though.

      "Nice to meet you, Mike. You can call me Scott" then he turns back to
      my mom and dad. "If you'll come with me, I'll show you to Professor
      Xavier's office."

      The mansion looks even more posh on the inside. I can see my mom's
      trying to put pricetags on everything.

      We finally reach the Professor's office. I assume the bald guy behind
      the desk is the Professor. He seems like a nice guy. He smiles at me,
      as if he knows me already. Sorta creepy.

      "Good afternoon, Mr. and Mrs. Thorp. How can I be of service?" he
      asks, leaning a little against his desk.

      "We'd like to enroll our son here. We're looking for a place for him
      to complete his education that would better serve him. We are away on
      business most of our time, so we have decided that Michael should go
      to a private boarding school."

      What? We? Who's we? Where was I?

      I couldn't care less about going to a boarding school. I couldn't
      less about going to school, period. I want to live my own life for a
      change. But if there's a surfing school, sign me up.

      The Professor is looking at me again. Like he knows what I'm thinking
      or something. Hey, if you can really read my mind, would you mind
      convincing my parents to give me some space? ...Now he smiles again
      and nods discreetly. Did I mention this was starting to get really

      "Scott, would you mind giving young Mr. Thorp a small tour of the
      mansion? I think I need to talk with his parents privately."

      Scott nods and opens the door for me.

      "Why do you wear those inside the house?" I ask Scott and point at
      shades when we're walking in the hall.

      "It's my mutation. The shades stop the beams that shoot out from my

      "You're a mutant? Cool!"

      He stops and stares at me for a moment. "You're not?"

      "No. Just an everyday human. It's so boring you wouldn't believe. I
      wouldn't tell my parents that you're a mutant, though. My mom'd have
      heart attack. Are there others?"

      "Mutants? Everyone here is a mutant. That's what this school is all
      about, we take in mutants and help them to control their powers. To
      the outside world, this is just a normal boarding school for gifted

      "Oh. So, gifted, read: mutant. Well, I guess that's better for
      everyone. The Friends of Humanity would probably be knocking on your
      door if they'd know what kind of people live here."

      "Yeah. We try to keep as low profile as possible."

      "Well, don't worry, your secret's safe with me."

      "Um... I'm sorry to say this, but I don't think the Professor will
      enroll you to our school. That's probably the reason he wanted to
      to your parents alone" Scott says.

      "I wasn't really looking forward to enrolling, anyway" I say, and
      Scott gives me a look. "Don't get me wrong, this looks like a great
      place and all, but I'm not interested in being a student of any kind
      at the moment. I'd just like to be me for a while, hang out with my
      friends and stuff."

      "Your parents are giving you a hard time, aren't they?" he asks.

      "That's an understatement. They don't seem to understand that A is as
      high as the scale will go."

      "I've been there, too."

      "How'd you cope?"

      "I became a mutant."



      "Then what?"

      That caught him off-guard. "Huh?"

      "Then what happened? After you became a mutant?"

      "I ran away from home. I stayed on the streets for two months, afraid
      to open my eyes because I was afraid I would kill someone. Then the
      Professor came along, and here I am."

      "He seems like a good guy."

      "That he is. He's helped a lot of people."

      So we're walking in the hall, talking about mutants and mutations and
      how dorky that jack-ass Senator Kelly is (though he didn't use those
      exact words), and then we come to a classroom. There are about 20
      students there, and their teacher is a red-headed woman who's
      them biology. When she sees Scott, she gives him this blushed
      uch-longer smile. I notice a diamond ring on her left hand, and that
      Scott is staring at her. Romance at Mutant High.

      "Pretty. Yours?" I couldn't resist. Scott gives me a smug grin.

      "Yeah. Stay away from my girl, mister."

      I laugh. I couldn't really figure out why people were so freaked out
      by mutants. These guys are fun.

      And then we get to the not-so-fun people. My parents. They're just
      coming out of Xavier's office, and my mom looks really pissed.

      "Come on, Michael. We're leaving. They think you're not good enough
      for them" mom says, rather loudly. Tact, mom. Look it up.

      "I'm coming. It was nice to meet you, Scott. Good luck with your
      I say.

      "Thanks" he gives me a brochure, like the one mom was reading when we
      came. "My email address is on the last page. Drop me a line sometime
      to let me know how you're doing."

      "I will. Thanks."


      "Coming!" sheesh. You think there might be a chance I'm adopted?

      When I reach the car, I realize there's something I have to do before
      I go. "I'll be right back. I left my jacket."

      "Don't take too long" mom's really pissed. I don't think she ever had
      anyone turn down her money. She didn't even notice I didn't take a
      jacket at all.

      So I go back inside and knock on Professor Xavier's door.

      "Come in."

      "Just wanted to thank you for turning me down. I'll be much better
      in California."

      "You're mother seems very..." I see the professor mentally groping
      a word.

      "She seems like she's overdosed on coffee, thinks she's the center of
      the world, and that her money gets her everything she wants. And I
      totally agree, someone should put her on Prozac."

      "Not quite the words I'd use."

      "But accurate. And sorry I called you creepy."

      Xavier smiles. "Scott told you I was a telepath?"

      "No, I figured it out on my own. You've got a great place here, I'm
      starting to wish I was a mutant. And if for no other reason, than to
      shock my mom a bit."

      He laughs at that. "You're a very special young man, mutant or not. I
      wish there were more people like you."

      "There are, but they've probably got mom's like mine too. Anyway,
      got to go" I step up to his desk and shake his hand.

      "It was very nice to meet you, Michael. I hope you choose something
      more productive than a surfing school" he says, and smiles again.

      "I'll give it some serious thought. It was very nice to meet you,

      Five years later, I'm standing at the front yard of Xavier's School
      for the Gifted. I'm carrying a big bag with me.

      No, I'm still not a mutant. But I am a teacher. I took Xavier's
      five years ago, and I now am the proud owner of a teaching
      certificate. Scott told me the kids were probably going to give me a
      hard time, given my lack of mutations. Let them try. I'm going to
      teach these kids math even if it kills me. That's my stubborn streak.
      Guess I'm not adopted. As I'm walking down the halls, I see a girl
      running down the hall towards her dorm room. Then there's a boy,
      chasing her. The girl goes right through her solid wood door.

      "Katherine Pryde, you give me back that disk or I'll freeze your
      N'Sync CD!"

      "How you gonna get in here, Popsicle?"

      "I've told you not to call me that!"

      "And do I ever listen?"

      "Come on, Kitty! I need that disk, it's got my homework on it!"

      "I should know, I put them there!"

      "And I'm forever grateful. Please give it back. I need it before the
      new math teacher shows up."

      "Did I hear someone calling for me?" I finally say. The boy looks at
      me, shocked.

      "I... Um... "

      "You had the girl do your homework, huh? If you want a girl's
      attention, there are easier ways. You could just ask her out" I hear
      the girl snickering inside her room. "Okay, you do that homework by
      tomorrow. Now you can show me to my room and then the classroom. I've
      got some great quizzes for you guys."

      They both groan, then the boy grabs my bag.

      Oh, this job's gonna be fun.
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