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FIC: Choices, 12/?, R/NC17, W/R R/G W/f

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    Given the complete and utter lack of response to the finale of Summer s End, I can only conclude that the lists have been waiting for me to quit screwing
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 9, 2001
      Given the complete and utter lack of response to the finale of "Summer's
      End," I can only conclude that the lists have been waiting for me to quit
      screwing around telling the stories I *feel* like telling and get back to
      finishing the stories people *want* to read. ;-) So... more "Choices"
      now, and more "Practice" when I get the smut written!


      * * *

      Most families find the addition of a baby — especially their first — to
      the household to be a stressful time. The new concerns and reshuffling of
      the former relationship dynamic — to say nothing of the lack of sleep
      caused by late-night feedings and diaper changes in the wee hours — have
      in fact caused ruptures in previously-contented couples.

      For Logan and Cicely, by no means a contented couple, the change might
      have been expected to in fact be the camel-breaking straw. But it wasn’t
      so. That first few months with Maximilian (as he was rather flamboyantly
      named by Cicely) were probably the happiest time of their entire

      Logan discovered — or perhaps rediscovered — to his vast surprise that he
      enjoyed dealing with children. There was an initial uncomfortable period
      of learning to cope with such unfamiliar territory as diapers, bottles,
      baby baths, and attempting to sooth an infant back into sleep at three
      AM, but Logan was a fast learner.

      An unexpected side benefit became apparent in this period, giving an
      additional motivation for learning the finer points of infant care.
      Somewhere in that nebulous area of qualities and habits that were
      associated in Cissy’s mind with "How a *Good* Husband Should Be," being a
      good father ranked high on the list. Logan quickly noted that whenever
      Ciss found him with Max — whether changing a diaper unasked, lulling him
      to sleep or merely holding him and talking to him — the sharp expression
      he had gotten so used to seeing on her face would soften, and her eyes
      would hold more warmth in them than he was used to seeing since their

      So between the way it made Cicely easier to live with and his own
      newly-developed paternal interests, he stuck around. Where he once might
      have been tempted to leave Ciss to deal with the kid while he spent as
      much time out and about as possible, instead he stayed home and helped
      out. He even curtailed his usual bedhopping for the first few months.
      (Granted, he was still running off occasionally — but maybe only once or
      twice a week, if that often, and coming home well before dawn instead of
      staying gone all night as he had before.)

      He actually began to really enjoy the wake-up cries in the wee hours. Bad
      dreams and a restlessly energetic nature left him with frequent insomnia.
      Max turned out to be welcome company when the rest of the X-Mansion was
      enjoying the sleep of the just, and the frequent interruptions to his
      sleep helped ensure that Logan dropped off as soon as his head hit the
      pillow during the hours he *did* manage to spend in bed.

      It was a brief lull in their stormy union. To the rest of the X-Crew, any
      difficulties the pair might have had in the early months seemed to have
      been smoothed over. Probably Ciss had just been cranky from the changes
      and stresses of pregnancy, Logan had been settled down by fatherhood, the
      couple had needed to adjust from "dating" to actively living together.
      Logan and Cissy — and Max — appeared to be a happy little family, and for
      this short time that would almost have been the correct impression.

      But of course, things changed.

      * * *

      She Whose Quotations Are Both Exotic and Appropriate
      Keeper of his Deadly Startle Reflexes, Guardian and Examiner of the
      Adamantium-Revealing X-Rays, and Official Listener for the Occasional
      Aussie Vowels

      "You see, my real dad is an angel. One of the really _important_ ones.
      But I don't care. I really don't. Because I'm on the _devil's_ side.
      Because he keeps promises. And he has the most _amazing_ eyes."
      -- Elaine, LUCIFER #15, by Mike Carey
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