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FIC: Choices, 14/?, R/NC17, W/R R/G W/f

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    DISCLAIMERS REPOSTED IN PART 0 * * * [Well, so much for sleeping through the night.] Max was actually beginning to give his parents a break on the late-night
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 9, 2001
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      * * *

      [Well, so much for sleeping through the night.] Max was actually
      beginning to give his parents a break on the late-night wake-ups, and
      Logan and Cicely were getting a bit caught up on all that lost sleep. Not
      tonight, though — it was three AM and Max was awake.

      As were both his parents — Cissy because he’d needed feeding, and Logan
      because she refused to let her husband sleep through the night if *she*
      had to be awakened. Given that breastfeeding wasn’t exactly a parental
      duty that could be shared, she settled for sending Logan to go get Max
      when he cried, and letting him be the one to get him back to sleep and in
      his crib afterwards.

      One might argue that this was selfish of her — that if she was so
      insistent on Max not being a bottle baby, then she should go ahead and
      deal with his feedings herself and let her husband sleep. Logan, being
      awakened by the yowling in the wee hours regardless, could understand why
      it would be intolerable to always be the one who had to deal with the
      baby while one’s bedpartner put his head under a pillow and went back to

      Besides, he liked dealing with Max, even at three AM. *Especially* now
      that the both of them had begun to be allowed to sometimes sleep through
      the night again — because he could no longer be sure that Cissy would be
      asleep by the time he had Max tucked back into his crib. Ciss had begun
      to be alarmingly awake at night...

      Having been handed Max to put back to bed, Logan took precautions.
      "C’mon, kid — let’s go see what’s on downstairs..."

      "You’re going to go down and watch TV? At this time of night?" Ciss
      raised her head from the pillow.

      "Yeah, he’s up, I’m up — might as well. Not gonna go back to sleep for a

      An annoyed sigh from the bed was his only answer.

      Frankly, Logan didn’t hold much hope for there being much worth watching
      at this hour, even on cable — but Max was already yawning, and he held
      even less hope that the kid would stay awake longer than his mom would.
      Claiming to be out of bed soothing the kid to sleep didn’t work if Cissy
      could see that Max was already out for the count.

      So he took his son and headed down to the kitchen to raid the fridge.

      Turned out he wasn’t the only one with that idea.

      Kurt tended to turn invisible in the shadows — one of the more convenient
      quirks of his particular complement of mutant characteristics. To someone
      with Logan’s night vision, perfectly capable of seeing normal beings in
      the dark, it was surreal to see a person who was *only* invisible in
      shadow — especially when he was *partially* illuminated, as by the light
      from the open refrigerator door.

      "Couldn’t sleep?"

      Kurt almost dropped the milk — Logan had padded into the kitchen on
      silent bare feet, and Kurt’s ears weren’t quite up to detecting breathing
      and heartbeat from several yards off. Turning and spotting the pair, he
      replied, "I thought Max was sleeping through the night?"

      "Not always. Not tonight. So I figured I’d let his mom get back to sleep
      while I was getting *him* back to sleep."

      "Ah." Recovering from the surprise, Kurt poured milk into his cereal
      before putting the jug back into the fridge.

      Deciding to pass on the Lucky Charms, Logan went for a Molson’s instead.
      It took a bit of care to bend down to the bottom of the fridge without
      jostling Max, and by the time Logan straightened up Kurt had already
      turned on the light over the table and seated himself.

      "I sincerely hope you weren’t planning on sharing that with *him*,"
      gesturing at the beer with a spoon.

      Well accustomed to Kurt’s puckish sense of humor, Logan played along.
      "Oh, I don’t know — probably be good for him. I think he’s good for right
      now, though — he’s fed and he’s happy."

      "He looks it." <Crunch crunch> "He looks asleep."

      Logan glanced down, although the even breathing had already told its
      tale. "Could be," not admitting anything. "Wakes up pretty easy when he’s
      put back down, though," which was sometimes true.

      "Hmm." <Crunch crunch crunch>

      Logan studied the powder blue pajamas but decided to refrain from
      comment. There are a lot of ways to deal with being scary-looking. Logan
      tended to go with the flow, enhance the image. Kurt went the other way.

      When you can’t do anything about being blue and furry — to say nothing of
      having yellow eyes, pointed ears, sharp teeth, a tail, and only three
      digits per hand and foot — it takes some work to look harmless.

      Conversational material being thin on the ground at that hour, they
      crunched and slurped for a while in relative silence. Finishing up, Kurt
      went to the sink to rinse out his bowl. "I think he’s out for good. You
      might be able to try going back to bed by now."

      Logan considered. "Guess I could," he said reluctantly. He frankly
      wouldn’t have minded crashing out on the couch in front of the TV, even
      falling asleep there...

      "Go on. I’m sure your wife misses you."

      Logan couldn’t help the flinch. "Hope not." Kurt went very still. "Hope
      she’s asleep by now," he attempted to cover.

      "And would it be such a bad thing if she were still awake?" It was
      phrased lightly, as though merely a bit of offhand conversation or mild
      curiosity, but Logan recognized that rapid vibration of just the tip of
      Kurt’s tail. It meant he was *paying attention* to what Logan said — and
      didn’t say.

      [Damn. Kurt thinks he’s stumbled across A Friend With a Problem. Just
      what I did *not* need.] "Ah, not a big deal. I just think she could use
      the chance to get some sleep, is all. And so could I — and since I think
      Max is out for the count, I’m heading back up to bed now..."

      He was escaping before the conversation went any farther into dangerous
      territory. Judging by the reserved tone of the, "Gute Nacht. Sleep
      well...," Kurt realized that Logan was being evasive, but was too polite
      to be actively nosy. Not at this hour of the morning, anyway...

      While climbing the stairs back up to his and Cissy’s quarters, Logan
      considered the matter. Kurt could be both observant and persistent, and
      convincing him that no problem existed might prove difficult. Logan was
      entirely capable of telling a good friend to butt the hell out of his
      private life — but he would very much prefer not to have to...

      * * *

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      But I don't care. I really don't. Because I'm on the _devil's_ side.
      Because he keeps promises. And he has the most _amazing_ eyes."
      -- Elaine, LUCIFER #15, by Mike Carey
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