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FIC: Walking on Gelatin

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  • Autumn Biggins
    Title: Walking on Gelatin Author: Autumn E-mail: eddievedderismylife@hotmail.com Ratting: R Disclaimer: I own not, therefor I’m poor. The song is
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      Title: Walking on Gelatin

      Author: Autumn

      E-mail: eddievedderismylife@...

      Ratting: R

      Disclaimer: I own not, therefor I�m poor. The song is �Insect Kin� by
      Bush. It�s a strange piece, but I think it fits.

      Distributions: Mutual Admiration, XMMFFC, WRFA, others just ask first please

      Summary: The sequel to my �Stained� series.

      Author�s Notes: One sentence is borrowed/stolen from a comment Karen made.
      Also, as I don�t drink beer, I found that drinking three bottles of Canada
      Dry ginger ale channels the inner-Logan quite nicely!

      This is Logan and Rogue POV.

      Iron lung I know you well
      I deal with you like a bad spell
      See the trail moon burns
      A red stripe and vicadin

      Logan�s changed. A lot. In fact, I�m still sitting down in a chair trying
      to recover from the shock I received earlier-he�s coming home. I knew he
      would eventually, but he�s only been gone for three months. That�s not what
      was shocking. Logan stopped drinking.
      Logan is, or was a man with many vices and his biggest one was drinking,
      okay it was sex, but drinking was a close second. For Logan to stop
      drinking for me is a tremendously touching thing.

      You were the only one
      You were the censor
      You didn�t people me
      I�m not defenseless

      Marie told me about her mom. The bitch used to beat her when she was stone
      sober, and her father used to get on her case and attack her when he was
      drunk. That left me with one choice; to stop drinking, or cause Marie more
      pain. Obviously I picked the smart choice. So I�m heading back to
      Westchester, I haven�t had sex since before Laughlin City, and I haven�t had
      a drop of fuckin� whiskey since last week. And it�s all for Marie. If that
      makes me a pansy, fuck off bub.
      I hope Marie never learns the full extent of her power over me. If she
      does, I don�t even want to consider the consequences. So I�ll just focus on
      my trip home.

      In the afternoon as the light dims
      Build a life out of all of this sentex
      You�re the brightest one
      You were the censor
      The perfect opposite
      Of what you asked for

      Logan�s past is miserable. His own government betrayed him! The stupid
      bastards make me want to dismember all of them slowly, and I�m a pacifist by
      nature. Though it did make me laugh when he told me that he was kicked out
      of the army for insubordination. How can Scott ever expect Logan to listen
      to him now?
      I�m constantly amazed by the effect Logan has on me. Before him, I was a
      silly little girl who dreamed of a suave, sophisticated, southern gentleman.
      Then somewhere between Canada and New York, things changed. Logan is the
      complete opposite of what I thought I wanted, and I wouldn�t have it any
      other way. That�ll be the first thing I say to him after he gets his ass
      back here.

      It�s not just one way
      A negative factor
      With all of these wasps out
      I�d better take cover

      Jean told me Marie had a crush on me. She�s pretty stupid for a telepath
      if she didn�t realize the attraction wasn�t one-way. But that�s another
      story for a different day. The only reason I ever flirted with Jean was to
      piss Scotty-boy off. See; deep down I have respect for the guy, so of
      course I have to give him a hard time. After all someone has to keep the
      little shit in line.
      Anyway, Marie is the only person that knows I don�t really hate Scooter.
      If she let it slip, ohhh the punishments I could come up with.... Damn,
      suddenly my jeans aren�t as comfortable as they were just a few minutes ago.
      That woman drives me abso-fuckin-lutely crazy, and she doesn�t have a
      clue. I guess I�ll just have to inform her of that little detail.... FUCK!
      This fuckin� motorcycle seat is really disturbing certain parts, forget
      what I said earlier Scooter�s a dumbass.

      Copper tongue beam me up
      Lonely without my impediments
      Start to save what we used to steal
      Walking on gelatin

      The fact that Logan and I WILL be together is disturbing to many people.
      Scott surprisingly is in favor. Hell, it�ll keep Logan�s attention focused
      on me and he won�t have as much time to piss Scott off. Jean, well Jean�s
      being a bitch about it. But then again, she�s Jean so I don�t really care
      what she says about anything. She actually took me aside and explained to
      me that I would get tired of playing second fiddle after awhile! Damn, she
      really is a stupid hoe. Jubes and Kitty don�t really understand why I�m in
      love with Logan as opposed to Remey (ewww). They think I�, just plain
      crazy. Bobby hates Logan, and is probably more upset than anyone else. The
      professor is reserving judgement and trusts me to live my own life. I love
      him, I really do.

      I never noticed you
      You were the brightest one
      You were wide of my just like the English sun
      You caught the light again
      In a perfect way
      The biggest threat of all is in the alleyway

      I�m only fifteen miles from Westchester. I have never been this nervous
      and excited in my remembered existence. I�ve never been in love before, but
      I know that I am. I only hope Marie feels the same way. When I called her,
      she seemed surprised, stunned even. I only hope she didn�t sound like that
      because she already has a boyfriend and is only trying to avoid an awkward
      situation. Damn, then I�d have to watch her hang around with that jackass
      until she realized what a BOY she was dating when she needed a MAN.
      I�m approaching the gates, adrenaline and fear coursing through my system.
      I�m so close to Marie I can almost smell her; I�m finally home.

      You�re the deamon seed you�re the factor
      Feel better with a little bit of plaster
      It�s not just one way
      A negative factor
      With all of these wasps out
      Better take cover

      Good God, it�s two in the morning, and I�ve been awake because I KNOW Logan
      is coming home, right now. He�ll probably be here soon. I don�t know what
      to do. I�m scared and thrilled and damn near giddy. I cannot wait to see
      him. I know how he feels about me, even if he thinks I don�t. Poor guy, he
      didn�t get a clear look into my head, but he can smell and sense my emotions
      so we are definitely even in my book.
      I can actually hear the motor of Scott�s powerful bike coming up the road.
      My heart feels like it�s going to burst from so much excitement. I have
      this strange feeling of peace, and I know that my other half has finally
      returned, for good.

      "You're fucking up my chi."-Stanely "Swordfish"

      " There's a thin line between 'hoby' and 'mental illness.'-Dave Barry

      "Your soul is like your appendix, I don't even use mine." -Kelso, That '70s

      " Damnit. Gilligan screwed up. Gilligan is always screwing up, they should
      just kill him."
      - Red Forman, That '70s Show

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