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  • becky lee
    quick last part to this weird little story, follows on from where i left off in chasing logan cheers becky Title; Awakenings Author; Becky Lee Rating; PG13
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 9, 2001
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      quick last part to this weird little story, follows on from where i left off
      in chasing logan

      Title; Awakenings
      Author; Becky Lee
      Rating; PG13
      Summary; Can Logan and Marie finally be together? Hell yes!
      Disclaimer; I do not own the characters
      Archive; whatever, just ask
      Notes; Wanna say thanks en masse to peeps who gave me some lovely feedback
      and I�ve just been too damn butt-lazy to reply individually, so cheers to:
      Bani, Domino, Karen, Terri, Rogue, Ally, Karen B, Jonas, Cat, Susan K, Beck,
      Leah and Victoria. This last bit is the follow up to Chasing Logan, sorry it
      took a while but things have been a little nuts lately and I�m sure they�re
      bound to get a whole lot worse! Anyhow this part�s inspired by Jewel�s
      �Painters�, the lyrics being; �He said, Love, I love you, I wanna give the
      mountains, the star shine, the sunset too. I just wanna give you a world as
      beautiful as you, are to me�.


      Logan tensed, once again in the darkness. His whole body ached as though
      he�d just run a marathon.

      �Logan� Logan?�

      Logan attempted to open his eyes, the lids feeling unusually heavy. He
      managed to open them a crack, taking in his surroundings. His was in his
      room, in his bed and as far as he could tell�wearing only a sheet. As the
      muffled voice drifted to his ears again, the events before he blacked out
      came flooding back to him. His eyes snapped open and he sat up sharply,
      wincing at the stiffness in his lower back.

      �Logan, hold still. Do you want me to get Jean?�

      Marie sat next to him, cross-legged on the edge of his bed in a miniscule
      nightdress, a worried look on her face and a warm hand on his shoulder.
      Relief washed over him in blissful waves. She was all right, she was fine
      and safe and he was alive. It was everything he could wish for. Well, almost

      �No, I�m fine, darlin. You?� He couldn�t stop the question exiting his
      throat. He had to be absolutely sure he hadn�t caused her further pain.

      �Perfect.� Rogue couldn�t stop her beaming smile. He called her darlin.
      Maybe there WAS something there other than friendship. He�d saved her life
      yet again, but she wasn�t entirely convinced he�d done it for any other
      reason than because of his promise to take care of her. She hoped he had
      done it out of love, that he�d give her another chance at making them both
      happy. She wanted to tell him everything, about how much she wanted to with
      him forever, apologise for being so frightened and cruel, but right now, all
      she wanted to do was slide under that sheet and lie in his arms.

      Logan shifted, sitting up, careful not to dislodge the paper-thin sheet, the
      only thing covering him, from slipping from the bed. He looked Marie up and
      down. She looked contented enough, but there was something else behind that.
      She was fidgeting like crazy, like she wanted to say or do something, but
      like she was heeled by apprehension. He knew one of them had to mention all
      that had taken place in the run up to her accident, he understood that they
      needed to talk.

      �Marie, I-�

      Before Logan could even continue the sentence, Marie leapt forward throwing
      her arms around his neck and flattening her body to his, as she sent them
      both hurtling backwards into the soft mattress. She clung onto his athletic
      shoulders for dear life, as she rambled into his ear.

      �Oh, Logan, I�m so sorry. I know I�ve been a complete moron and a heartless
      bitch to you, but can you ever forgive me? I know I don�t deserve it, but if
      you just let me make it up to you, I can show you how much I really do love
      you� I was just scared of you hurting me, but I know you never would again,
      I know you never meant to in the first place and I know now that sometimes,
      you have to take a risk on love...I�m a total fool, I admit it, but if you
      give me a chance, I�ll love you more deeply and more passionately than ever
      before. I just know I can make you sublimely happy, just please�please don�t
      leave me again, I couldn�t bear it!�

      Logan had never experienced exquisite pleasure like this. He was grinning
      like an idiot. He had the woman he�d always loved confessing her undying
      affection and the woman he�d always wanted lying on top of his practically
      naked body. He urged Marie into loosening her grip and brought her head up
      in his hands so he could look into her eyes. She looked petrified, her eyes
      glassy with tears, anticipating the words that would flow from his mouth.
      Smiling smugly, he decided to put her out of her misery.

      �Marie, there�s nothin� to forgive, darlin. You had every reason to be
      afraid and I ain�t gonna hold that against ya. I should have told ya how I
      felt long ago, but it ain�t about that now. I love ya, baby, but how �bout
      we just take it one day at a time, startin with this��

      Logan stopped talking as he leant up to kiss her, pressing her soft lips to
      his. He ran his hands through her hair as he pulled her down towards him,
      bringing her closer as he ravished her mouth with his thrusting tongue.
      Marie ran her hands down Logan�s torso, resting her palms on his ribs and
      pushing the length of her body up his, dragging skin across skin in a
      delicious caress and forcing herself harder into his rough and passionate
      mouth. Exhaling, Logan released her lips, nipping and licking the smooth,
      white skin of her neck as Marie wriggled in delight on top of him, causing a
      heated and electrifying friction between them. She smiled down at Logan and
      gestured to the growing bulge under the sheet, �Is that a NEW nine inch
      retractable claw or are you just pleased to see me?� She asked amid an array
      of breathy giggles.

      �Right, that�s it, screw the step at a time idea, come �ere you tease!�
      Logan growled as he drew a chuckling Marie onto his lap and jerked the sheet
      over their heads, leaving the pair once again in darkness.

      The end.

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