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fic;Chasing Logan

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  • becky lee
    hey people follow up to unearthin Marie hope u like cheers becky Title; Chasing Logan Author; Becky Lee Rating; PG13 Summary; Rogue realises her mistake and
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      hey people
      follow up to unearthin Marie
      hope u like

      Title; Chasing Logan
      Author; Becky Lee
      Rating; PG13
      Summary; Rogue realises her mistake and goes after Logan
      Disclaimer; I do not own the characters
      Archive; whatever, just ask
      Notes; A sequel to �Unearthing Marie�, carries on from where it left off. As
      requested by �Rogue� of Logan/Marie list, it's not a happy ending YET and
      inspired by Muse�s song �Unintended, lyrics as follows. Oh, and thanks to
      domino for the flattering queen remark!!!

      You could be the one who listens
      To my deepest inquisitions
      You could be the one I�ll always love

      I�ll be there as soon as I can
      But I�m busy mending all the
      Pieces of the life I had before

      First there was the one who challenged
      All my dreams and all my balance
      She could never be as good as you

      You could be my unintended
      Choice to live my life extended
      You could be the one I�ll always love

      I�ll be there as soon as I can
      But I�m busy mending all the
      Pieces of the life I had before

      Before you.

      >Rogue crumpled to the floor, weeping. He had called her Rogue. He would
      >leave. And she�d return to being all alone. Surrounded by people and all

      >Isolated again, but this time it was self-inflicted�

      Rogue couldn�t believe what she�d just done. She had got what she wanted.
      Succeeded in hurting him, rejecting him the way he had her, when she first
      confessed her feelings for him. She thought revenge would be sweet, but she
      was wrong. She knew all the things he had told her were true, that he did in
      fact love her. Although he was wrong that she would chance anything and
      everything on love. She would only chance anything and everything on HIS

      Rogue swallowed her tears, gulping for breath as she tried to focus on what
      to do. She didn't want to get hurt again, but could she really walk away
      from what could make her supremely happy? She realised long ago that she
      couldn�t live without Logan, so on shaking legs she pulled herself up, off
      the floor.


      Logan strided into his room, grabbing his duffle bag and slinging clothes
      into it. He had never known Marie to be so cruel, so distant. He thought
      about the day she had told him of her love, revealed every hidden feeling
      and bared herself, only to be met by his dismissal. He had been scared by
      the truth then and had been hurt by the truth now. He couldn�t win no matter
      what road he took. So he was taking the road out of there, away from the
      spiteful memories and the woman he had loved and lost.

      He scrawled a quick note to Xavier and left it on his bed. Picking up his
      things and looking around the room he almost felt sad for leaving.


      He stalked down the barren corridor and out to the garage.


      Rogue ran down the stairs and into the hall. As she past the window, she
      slowed to a stop. She grabbed a pair of scissors from the hall's dresser
      draw and went out into the rose garden. She knew he would see them as an
      empty gesture, but to her at least, the roses were a token of admiration, a
      peace offering to go along with her never-ending apology. Storm would be
      furious of course, to wake up the next morning to find her velvet red roses
      with severed heads, but Rogue was beyond caring what other people thought at
      this point. This was about her and Logan and nothing else. Not about who
      hurt who or all the unanswered questions swirling in her brain, but about
      the fact that if two people truly love each other, then nothing should keep
      them apart.

      Holding the roses, Rogue made her way to Logan�s door. She took a deep
      breath as she knocked and turned the knob. Her soul uttered a silent prayer
      that she wasn�t too late. Her stomach did a back flip as she looked around.
      It appeared God was too busy to be listening. His cigars and lighter were
      missing from the bedside table and the closet and draws were left open and
      empty. He was gone. She picked up the letter that lay on the bed and began
      to read.

      Things are too complicated here. I have to leave. I think I�ll take a train
      out of town. I�ll call sometime and let you know I�m all right. Say goodbye
      to everyone for me.
      I don�t think I�m ever comin back.

      The familiar sting of tears burnt in Rogues eyes as she crumpled the letter
      in her hand, wringing it between her fingers, twisting it like her heart.
      She bit her lip as the adrenaline immediately surged through her veins
      again. Maybe it wasn't too late. Maybe she could still catch him, he
      couldn�t have got far. She flew out of the room, down the hall and out onto
      the street.


      Logan wandered to the garage, snarling at the huge lock Scott had placed on
      both of the doors. He was kidding himself. If he crippled the lock it would
      set off the alarms and even HE wasn�t prepared for that kind of noise, that
      late at night. He wouldn�t be able to return the bike anyway, even if he
      loved the idea of torturing Scott with its theft. He�d grab a cab to the
      train station. Logan looked back at the house and to the only light on in
      the vast house. Marie�s light. He exhaled unsteadily and turned to stroll
      down the driveway.


      Marie was getting more and more frustrated. This was New York for Christ
      sake! Where were all the cabs? She stood on the curb outside the mansion for
      a few panic-stricken seconds, but couldn�t stand waiting anymore. She�d used
      what had God given her. Her legs. She�d run. The station wasn�t that far,
      just six blocks. She squeezed the roses tight in her hands, the thorns
      cutting into her flesh as she pelted down the street, her feet pounding on
      the concrete. She had to stop him, she couldn�t lose him, she didn�t want to
      be responsible for driving him from the only home he�d ever had and the only
      family he�d ever known. She turned the corner in the cold night, her glossy
      hair flying in the wind as she dashed through the streets to the station.


      Logan stepped out into the street. He walked a little, dragging his feet as
      he replayed the conversation with Marie over and over in his head. If only
      he had played things differently. If only he hadn�t said Marie. He could be
      lying in her arms right now. He turned onto a main street. At one in the
      morning it was only slightly busier, but he managed to hail a passing cab.
      He slid into the back seat, grimacing at the cheerfulness of the driver.

      �The train station.�

      Logan stared out of the window, watching the streets become more crowded as
      the cab crawled through the city. A few minutes from the station, the road
      seemed to clog with traffic. The cab came to a stop and a disgruntled Logan
      sneered at the sight of total gridlock. It was definitely not his night.

      �Looks like an accident. We could be here for hours, you may as well walk,
      it�s only a few streets away,� apologised the cab driver as Logan handed him
      the money and slipped out of the backseat, slamming the cab door behind him.
      He waded through the cars, dodging the tight traffic and their beeping
      horns. The street was well lit by neon signs and car headlights and the
      water from the earlier rain reflected the light, making the road shimmer.
      Logan edged and weaved in and out of cars to find the end of the street. The
      wind was picking up and as he rounded the corner, his feet were met by a
      cloud of red rose petals, playing in the breeze.

      Looking at the chaotic situation before him, Logan instinctively surveyed
      the scene. He stared at the car with the shattered windscreen, the shaking
      driver repeating the phrase, "She just stepped out in front of me, I
      couldn�t stop�" the crowd of people leaning over the victim, obscuring his

      And at the rose petals. What seemed like hundreds of them, scattered to the
      wind. Trails of red like the darkest shades of blood and wine. Logan took a
      step forward but stopped, feeling something hard under his boot. He looked
      down, lifting his foot, to reveal what lay on the road. A pool of blood
      cradling a chain and a set of dog tags.

      Logan felt as if someone had just cut his throat. Robbing his lungs of air.
      It couldn�t be. It couldn�t.

      But it was.

      He ran towards the crowd, pushing people aside. �No, God, no�� There on the
      floor lay Marie, battered and bloodied, sprawled at her lover�s feet. Logan
      took a step back at the horror that confronted him, his legs giving way and
      forcing him to involuntarily kneel beside her. Her hair was covering part of
      her face and her clothes and skin were smeared with blood. Her tiny body
      looked so fragile.


      �Nobody touch her!� Logan yelled at the surrounding crowd. Being unconscious
      and unable to obtain control, her powers would be in full force, evident
      from the last person who had tried to help her, a man resting comatose on
      the sidewalk. Logan took her face in his hands. Protected by her hair, he
      gazed at her sweet face. He brushed the chocolate strands from her closed
      eyes, the hair clutching at the thick lashes of her closed eyes. He would
      prove now, beyond a shadow of a doubt how much she meant to him. He tried to
      send a mental message to awaken Xavier, attempting to inform him of the
      events that had taken place. But as he stared down at Marie, he knew they'd
      never arrive in time and realised what he would have to do. While all the
      people surrounding him looked on in awe, he bent down and gently kissed her.
      The warmth of his mouth slowly heated her freezing lips, and he felt the
      start of that memorable pull. That familiar feeling of being drawn into her,
      drowning inside her body and mind. He swore he sensed a breath against his
      lips before his vision began to fail. He fell back to the harsh and
      unforgiving ground and everything around him went an ominous raven black�

      *To be continued�

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