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Fic: The Jailbait Is Not A Job Benefit 2

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  • kittenrescue
    Summary: Logan meets Mystique s daughter. Author s note: The Marie in this storyline is a very young seventeen year old - as in, naive and innocent.
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      Summary: Logan meets Mystique's daughter.
      Author's note: The Marie in this storyline is a very young seventeen year old - as in, naive and innocent.

      "Mystique, huh?" Logan repeated.

      "Yes, it means an aura of mystery or mystical power." Mystique replied.

      "So what other *powers* do you have, besides being able to make a man come 'till he screams?"

      Mystique morphed into a petite brunette with large chocolate brown eyes, as Logan's hazel eyes widened. She was absolutely breathtaking. Logan heard his own heartbeat pound in his ears as his jeans tightened.

      "Interesting mutation, darlin'." He responded, appreciating the sight of the tantalizing image before him.

      Sauntering up to him, still in the form of the stunning brunette, Mystique wrapped herself around him.

      "With me, you could be with someone different every night and never be bored." She said seductively, as she caressed his cheek.

      "You didn't seduce me just to offer yourself as my concubine, so what do ya really want, Mystique?" He asked.

      Unwrapping herself, she stepped back and smiled cunningly.

      "I have a proposition from my employer. He'd like to offer you a position with our organization."

      "So who's your employer and what does this *organization* do exactly?" Logan asked, just a little intrigued.

      "We protect the welfare of others like us." Mystique replied.

      "Kinda like those do-gooders the X-Men? Sorry, babe, not interested."

      "Oh, not like the X-Men - no, not at all. They're hopeless dreamers. Envisioning a utopia in which mutants and humans can co-exist peacefully. What a crock. Erik has a much more realistic approach to the situation."

      "What? Bite them first, before they bite you?"

      "Something like that." She answered and then continued, "Anyway, he could use a man of your considerable *talents* and he'll pay you ten times what you earn kicking the crap out of drunken rednecks."

      "You're being a little vague here, darlin'. You care to explain a bit more, so I know exactly what I'm getting into."

      "Erik can explain it better than I can. But I can tell you that aligning yourself with Erik has many advantages."

      "So what are you? A job benefit?"

      Morphing back into the form of the blonde, Mystique stepped closer to Logan.

      "I could be." She said, as she wrapped her arms around his neck and gazed up into his face.

      "Okay. I'll meet with your boss, but no promises. If the deal looks too wacky, I'm outta there." Logan informed her.

      "You're under no obligation." Mystique assured him.

      "Great, but before we leave, there's one more thing I wanna do." Logan said.

      "Oh. What would that be?" Mystique asked, puzzled.

      "This." Logan replied, as he picked her up, tossed her on the bed and climbed onto her.

      A few hours later Logan found himself face to face with the great Erik Lehnsherr also known as Magneto. The man looked harmless enough, Logan thought, until he flung Logan's metal-laced body across the room effortlessly in a demonstration of his gift. Not so harmless after all, Logan realized. Logan was also introduced to a short man with green-tinged skin aptly named Toad and a large behemoth of man named Sabretooth, who looked liked his parents had been a football player and a lioness. Toad didn't appear to be able to inflict much damage, but Sabretooth seemed able to disembowel an elephant without breaking a sweat.

      "This your army?" Logan chortled.

      "I'm always looking to recruit new *talent*, but for now the four of us constitute the Brotherhood. And of course, Mystique's daughter is in training." Erik announced.

      Mystique had a daughter? Logan wondered if she'd inherited her mother's shape shifting abilities and was intrigued by the possibilities.

      "Ahh, and here she is now. Wolverine, meet Rogue." Erik said, indicating behind Logan.

      Logan turned to greet the most stunningly beautiful vision he'd ever seen in the entire fifteen years his memory went back. It was the petite brunette that Mystique had temporarily morphed into back at the motel. As when Mystique had impersonated her, Logan felt his breath hitch, his heartbeat faster and his groin tighten.

      "Nice ta meet ya, Mr. Wolverine." She drawled, in the sexiest voice he'd ever heard.

      "Rogue, my dear, why don't you show Wolverine to one of the guest rooms." Erik suggested, noting Wolverine's reaction to the young girl.

      "Certainly, Uncle Erik. This way Mr. Wolverine." She beckoned, and then turned to walk out of the room.

      Logan followed, watching the gentle sway of her hips as she sashayed ahead him.

      "Uncle Erik?" He questioned as they walked toward the bedroom wing of the complex.

      "Well, he's not really mah uncle. Ah've just been around him practically mah whole life, so ah call him uncle." Rogue answered.

      "What about the rest of his band of merry men? Are they all your uncles, too?"

      "Well, Victor, that's Sabretooth, thinks he's mah daddy. But ah think momma just told him that so he'd keep his grubby little paws off me."

      "He doesn't seem like the type that would let a little immoral thing like incest stop him." Logan noted.

      "Well, so far it's worked and ah'm not complaining. Beside mah mutation keeps him in check." Rogue chuckled.

      "And what exactly is your mutation?" Logan asked, apparently it wasn't shape-shifting like her mother's.

      "It's mah skin. If anyone comes into contact with me, it can be fatal. Uncle Erik's teaching me ta control it, but ah still have accidents."

      Logan's mind suddenly twisted around all the possible ways to overcome that particular obstacle. He'd always been known as a creative man, after all.

      Just then Rogue noticed the dog tags hanging around Logan's neck.

      "Were ya in the army?" She said indicating the tags, "Doesn't that mean ya were in the army?"

      Logan slips the tags under his flannel shirt.

      "So what kinda name is Rogue?" Logan asked, changing the subject.

      "Ah don't know. What kinda name is Wolverine?" She sassed back.

      "Logan. My name's Logan."


      They reached the bedroom wing and Marie showed Logan into a large, elegantly appointed suite.

      "So where's your room?" Logan asked.

      "Just down the hall - across from my momma's."

      Just then Mystique walked into the room, interrupting any further conversation. Marie excused herself and left her mother and the handsome stranger alone.

      "I suppose you're gonna tell me to stay away from your daughter?"

      "The jailbait is not a job benefit." Mystique responded tightly.

      "But you still are, right?" Logan said, as he closed the gap between them.

      Mystique began unbuttoning her blouse. "Of course." She said, wickedly.

      Staying for a few days wouldn't kill him Logan thought as he reached for Mystique.

      At dinner that evening as Mystique played footsy with Logan under the marble table, his attention was riveted on the little brunette seated across from him. He watched as she put each bite of food into her mouth, past pouty little lips that he wondered what would feel like wrapped around his cock. Noticing him gazing at her, Marie blushed pink, which delighted Logan even more. When the milk she was drinking left her with a milk moustache, Logan had to restrain himself from leaping across the table to lick it off. During dessert, when Mystique ran her hand over Logan's crotch, she probably assumed she'd caused his hard on.

      In his lust-crazed haze, it was difficult for Logan to concentrate on Erik's tale of his treatment at the hands of the Nazi's. Trying to appear sympathetic was next to impossible with his dick being caressed by the mother, while the daughter flashed him a cheeky little smile.

      After dinner, Mystique, Toad, Sabretooth were in a meeting with Erik, that didn't include Logan. So left to his own devices, he began to explore the complex. Logan found Marie in the living room, sitting on the couch, wrapped in a fleece blanket, wearing a pair of pink flannel pajamas with kittens on them and watching, of all things, the Disney channel.

      "What are watching?" Logan inquired, as he sunk down onto the couch next to her.

      "Some lame movie about these cousins trying ta save their ranch." Marie replied with a harrumph.

      << How the hell can she look like sin personified in those sweet little pj's? >>

      "Does this thing pick up anything that isn't "G" rated?" Logan asked hopefully.

      "Ah know what ya'll would like." Marie informed him, punching a couple of numbers into remote.

      The channel flipped from kids astride horses, to a naked bleached blonde with a bad boob job, astride a naked brunette guy, who looked remarkably bored. The blonde on the screen rocked back and forth, emitting fake sounding moaning noises, as the man fondled her breasts rather dispassionately.

      "MARIE!" Logan growled.

      "What? You asked. Ah didn't think you meant ya prefer ta watch a cooking show or the Home Shopping Network." She responded mischievously.

      The blonde on the screen continued rocking, and moments later acted out the worst orgasm Logan had ever witnessed.

      "She's faking." Marie announced.

      "MARIE!" Logan shouted for the second time in the space of a few minutes.

      "Well, come on. Even Meg Ryan faked a better one in "When Harry Met Sally" and that was pretty lame in mah opinion."

      "Do you even know what a real orgasm would look like?" Logan asked.

      "Well, ah've never had the opportunity to actually see one." She informed him. Then as she scooted closer to him, she added, "The gym does have a mirrored wall - care to show me?"

      Logan's jaw fell to the ground and Marie just giggled.

      "Ah'm just kidding, Logan. Don't look so panic stricken." And with that, she bounced out of the room, leaving Logan sitting there with a raging hard on and wanting to jump up, chase after her and offer to put the gym's mirror to good use.


      Now that Logan's met Marie, the real fun begins.

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