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[FIC] When You Wish Upon A Star-(1/?)

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    TITLE: When You Wish Upon A Star SUMMERY: The school has to get a human teacher from the outside. See what happens PAIRING: Nothing is shown thusfar, but I m
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      TITLE: When You Wish Upon A Star
      SUMMERY: The school has to get a human teacher from the outside. See what
      PAIRING: Nothing is shown thusfar, but I'm going to have two pairings.
      Kathryn/Logan. You'll see the next couple emerge in the next chapter or so.
      **evil grin**
      AUTHOR: Crystal (CRSunrise@...)
      RATING: Not sure yet, so far G, but it might get higher
      ARCHIVING: Please ask!
      DISCLAIMER: No one belongs to me...drats...no wait!! So far Kathryn,
      Snowball and Dr. James belongs to me. Everyone else, belongs to our beloved
      people--Marvel Comics.
      Notes: Thanks all the people who betaed this for me, and are going to be
      hearing from me for quite an indefinite amount of time hehe
      FEEDBACK: PLEASE!! I'm the Feedback monster. Give me feedback lol


      When You Wish Upon A Star
      ***this happens about six months after Logan left for Canada***

      Chapter One

      Summer was coming to a close, but the days were still long and heat still
      filled the air. Young people were enjoying the final days of summer before
      the grind of homework and classes overtook their freedom. It didn't matter
      who the person was, young or old, no one really wanted to relinquish their
      independence to go back to the daily routine of papers, pop quizzes, and
      field trips.

      At Xavier's School for the Gifted in Westchester, this feeling was
      mutual. It was the weekend before school started and the students were
      already arriving in droves to settle in for the new year. It seemed like it
      was going to be normal as possible for a school for mutants, but that was
      going to change very quickly.

      ***Xavier's office***

      Professor Charles Xavier had just finished reading his recently arrived
      letter when there was a solid knock at the door. Placing the letter back
      onto his desk, he watched as his three teachers, who were also his first
      three students, Dr. Jean Grey, Scott Summers and Ororo Monroe enter the room.

      Dr. Jean Grey, her dark red tresses hanging loosely down her back, was
      dressed in black slacks, a school T-shirt in royal blue, and her white lab
      coat, obviously just coming from the underground lab. As she entered the
      room, she took off her glasses, folded them and placed them in the front
      pocket of her coat.

      "You wanted to see us, Professor?" Dr. Grey asked as they all sat down in
      the hardback chairs, which sat before his desk. They watched as he picked up
      the letter in front of him and handed it to her.

      Scott Summers was sitting next to Jean, his fiancée. Scott was a tall
      young man with brown hair, which gently brushed over his forehead. He was
      wearing blue jeans and a school tank top. Over his eyes, he was wearing his
      ruby quartz glasses he usually wore.

      "This letter just arrived special delivery from Hank McCoy at the
      Massachusetts School," Xavier confirmed as she skimmed over the letter, then
      handed it over to Scott, who in turn, after studying it himself, passed it to

      "So what is the situation?" Ororo wondered as she placed the letter back
      into Professor Xavier's hand and he folded it back up, placing it in the
      front pocket of his jacket. She was dressed in a soft rose-colored one-piece
      bathing suit, which was covered with a dark blue cover-up, tied at her waist,
      and a dark blue towel draped over her arm. Her waist length white hair was
      neatly tied in a single braid. When Xavier had called them to come to his
      office, she'd been on her way to the pool.

      "As you know, the Massachusetts School, which is our sister school, is
      where the students are sent to continue their education once we've gone as
      far as we can with them." They all nodded in agreement and he continued on.
      "One of the students, while helping clean the school for the start of the
      year, lost control of his ability and destroyed the entire west wing, which
      was the housing for all the students," he explained to them. "With all the
      damage, it will be unlivable for the students to stay there during
      reconstruction. So while the facilities are being rebuilt, the students are
      going to be staying here," he concluded, waiting for questions from his
      former students.

      "How many students should we be planning for?" Jean inquired once he was
      finished with his explanation.

      "There will be thirty students coming," Professor Xavier answered her.
      "which will consist of fifteen boys and fifteen girls."

      "Professor," Scott spoke up for the first time. "With all due respect,
      how are we going to handle thirty more students? It is sometimes a handful
      to keep track of the ones who are already here."

      "That's one thing I wanted to discuss with you," Professor Xavier
      confessed as he broached the other reason for the meeting. Opening one of
      his side drawers, he ruffled through some folders until he found the folder
      he was looking for. Pulling out a small packet of papers, he shut the drawer
      and put the papers on his desk. "We're going to need another teacher to help
      us with the arriving students."

      "How are we going to do that?" Ororo wondered as she situated her towel
      onto her lap. "Not too many students become teachers once they've left the

      "An associate of mine, Dr. Michelle James, has mentioned a student of
      hers is looking for a teaching job. She just graduated from the university
      with a degree in American Literature."

      "Who is she?" Jean wondered, clearly intrigued.

      "Her name is Kathryn Spidel," he clarified, handing the packet of papers
      to her. "She has no immediate family...both her parents and only sister died
      in a car crash about two years ago. Her only living family member is her
      aunt on her mother's side."

      "Are you sure Professor?" Ororo asked, not quite sure if she was
      questioning his judgment. "We've never had a human teacher before."

      "Would it be safe to have her here?" Jean asked, looking up from the
      papers she'd been reading from, and finally passed them over to Scott.
      "She's obviously very qualified to teach at any school, but would it be safe
      for us, and for her, to teach here?

      "How much does Ms. Spidel have to know about what goes on here?" Scott
      inquired as he accepted the paper from Jean and started to read them himself.

      "To answer all your questions," Professor Xavier spoke, as soon as they
      had thrown out their concerns. "First, I'm definitely sure. Ms. Spidel has
      an excellent reputation with the faculty and students at the university. She
      has no prejudices whatsoever. Secondly, it'll safe for everyone. She'll
      have to know about the students she'd be teaching, but that would be same
      anywhere. And third, she'll know about the school, and what goes on at the
      top levels, but the rest will be kept out of her knowledge."

      Pausing for a moment, he waited to see if his teachers had any more
      objections. When none did arise, he concluded with, "I feel she'll make an
      excellent addition to the teaching staff."

      ***Outside an apartment complex***

      A yellow taxicab stopped in front of a drab brown brick apartment
      building. The back door opened and a tall young woman in a long gray coat
      stepped out, carrying a briefcase and a carryall bag. Kathryn Spidel paid
      the driver, and then stepped onto the sidewalk. Pausing she looked up at her
      apartment complex and sighed at the sight. I can't wait to get out of here.
      This place is such a dump. Readjusting the strap on her shoulder and she
      walked up the front steps to the entrance of her building.

      Upon entering the building, she climbed up two flights of steep, dark
      stairs and then walked down the hallway to her apartment. Fumbling in her
      pocket, she located her key, inserted and turned it, giving her entrance to
      her apartment. Walking in, she shut the door and stripped herself of her

      Kathryn was twenty-three, had soft, shoulder length, brown hair and
      chocolate brown eyes. There was a slight smile on her face as she hung up
      her coat and slipped off her shoes. Dropping her briefcase and her bag onto
      a nearby table, she wandered into the kitchen, calling out, "Snowball! Here
      kitty, kitty!"

      As Kathryn searched through her cupboards for a can of cat food, a fluffy
      white Persian bounded into the room and hopped onto the countertops. Running
      over to her, the kitty purred excitedly for Kathryn to stand up with the can.
      As she opened the can, the cat nudged her hand for her to hurry. She was
      hungry. Once the can was open, Snowball practically pounced on it. Kathryn
      smiled, petted her lovingly and walked into the living room.

      The living room was a small, but intimate room, decorated to the best of
      the Kathryn's abilities. There were a few pictures on the walls and some
      miscellaneous flowers spattered here and there. Mismatched furniture
      crisscrossed the room. By looking at the room, you could tell comfort was
      more important than style to Kathryn. Besides, Kathryn couldn't afford style
      at this point.

      Flopping down onto the couch, she sighed, ruffling through her hair as
      she stretched fully. It had been a long day of going to teaching interviews
      and she was all tensed into knots. It was from the discouragement that she
      might get turned down for yet another position, and all because she lacked
      the experience.

      "Well, how am I supposed to get experience if no one'll give me a chance
      to get any?" she asked tersely to open air before her. It just frustrated
      her to no end that no one would get her a chance to prove herself.

      Reaching across a small endtable, she punched the small black button on
      her answering machine to start playing that day's messages. Most of them
      were the same nonsensical messages: her aunt asking her if she'd come over
      for supper, a friend asking her to come over and help her with a paper she
      was writing, etc. The one that peaked her interest was from her professor,
      Dr. Michelle James.

      Hey, Kathryn...I received something from an associate that I thought you'd be
      interested in. It's about a possible job position if you're interested.
      Please call me as soon as you can at my office.

      Is that for real? Kathryn thought, not hearing the rest of the messages.
      Here I am, getting frustrated over not getting a chance, and here I might be
      getting one.

      Grabbing the phone off the cradle, she quickly entered her professor's
      number. While it was ringing, she noticed what time it was, and hoped that
      she was still there. She was about to give up when she heard a rushed
      'Hello' come across the line.

      "Dr. James?"


      "Yeah, it's me. I just got your message, and didn't realize the time until
      after I'd called," Kathryn explained, biting her lip slightly. "Did I
      interrupt something?"

      "No, I was just on my way out, but I'm glad you caught me," Dr. James
      reassured, sounding less breathless. "I have a possible position if you're

      "Oh, I'm interested. What is it?" Kathryn asserted, sounding a little

      She heard a slight ruffling over the phone, and a minute after heard the
      professor inquiring, "Can you come in tomorrow at two o'clock?"

      "Oh, yes. I can come in at that time," Kathryn affirmed.

      "Great," the woman sounding pleased. "Well, I'll see you tomorrow."

      "Yes. Tomorrow."

      They said their goodbyes, and each hung up their extensions. Once Kathryn
      had laid down her end, a sudden burst of energy came over her. Jumping off
      the couch, she started dancing around the room. This was the greatest
      opportunity for her.

      As she danced, Kathryn picked up Snowball, who had come into the room while
      Kathryn had been talking on the phone. Cuddling her up to her chest, Kathryn
      twirled around the room, humming silently. The cat was purring contently,
      enjoying the attention.

      Moments passed and Snowball decided this was getting old. Meowing to be let
      down, she jumped out of Kathryn's arms and tiptoed over to the windowsill.
      Lying down, while basking in the late afternoon sun, she fell asleep.

      During this, Kathryn was able to calm down enough to start fixing herself
      some supper. However, even thought she appeared so calm, she was excited
      about her possible oncoming adventure. This could be one of the best things
      to ever happen to her.

      Before she started making her supper, she walked over to a nearby window, she
      twisting a small sliver latch, and firmly pushing the frame up. Once the
      window was open, the soft evening breeze brushed over her face, and made her
      smile. Breathing in deeply, she smelled the last bits of the summertime

      Gazing up into the sky, she noticed that the stars were starting to peek out
      of the evening sky. Following her weekly ritual, she picked out the
      brightest star she could find, and made a wish:

      I wish that I am able to get this job. I would like to make a difference in
      the lives of everyone around me. Helping others is the greatest comfort I
      can give anyone, even if I wasn't able to help save the lives of others.

      ***The Next Day***

      Kathryn arrived early at Dr. James's office because she wanted to calm down
      before her appointment. Standing before the office, she gazed up at it
      wondering what fate she would find in there. Would it be failure? Or would
      fate prevail and give her the chance she'd been waiting for? All her
      questions would be answered once she walked through the front doors.
      Tightening the sash around her waist, she climbed the short flight of stairs
      that led into the building.

      Arriving at the office a few minutes later, she told the secretary whom she
      was there to see and took a seat in a nearby satin green chair. Sighing
      softly, she waited until she was called on.

      A moment later, Kathryn saw Dr. James stroll through a nearby door. Placing
      a lock of her soft, golden blonde hair, Dr. James smiled warmly as she held
      out her hand to greet Kathryn. "Thanks for coming in, and especially on such
      short notice."

      "It was no trouble," Kathryn reassured her as she took the outstretched hand
      and shook it firmly. Upon releasing her hand, Kathryn stated, "Thanks for
      giving me the consideration. I appreciate it."

      "Let's see how you appreciate it when you hear the proposal," the woman
      smiled gently. Motioning towards the door she'd just exited, she suggested,
      "Why don't we talk about this in my office? We can talk better back there."
      Kathryn nodded and they walked down the hallway.

      Dr. James led Kathryn through a small maze of hallways until they finally
      reached her office. Signaling for Kathryn to take a seat in the chair
      opposite her desk, Dr. James circled around the desk and sat in her own

      Scooting up close to the desk, she settled her elbows on the desktop.
      Resting her chin onto her hands, she looked at Kathryn and asked, "Kathryn,
      what kind of experience do you have working with special students?"

      "Special students?" Kathryn repeated. Thinking about it a second, she
      answered, "Really none, I guess."

      "Then you have no preconceived notions," Dr. James suggested as she opened
      her briefcase and pulled out a manila envelope and opened the seal.

      "I guess you can say that," Kathryn agreed, cupping her hands tightly so the
      trembling wouldn't be noticeable. She was worried that her lack of
      experience would be her downfall again. "I tried to give everyone the chance
      they deserved, regardless of their color, race, sex, whatever."

      Nodding at Kathryn's answer, Dr. James pulled out some paper from the
      envelope and set them before her on the desk.

      "Kathryn, I'm offering you this position because I know you're qualified
      enough for it, and I know you'll do an excellent job," Dr. James explained
      carefully. "Now, you'll still need to get the full approval from my
      associate, Professor Xavier, but I don't see how there will be any problem."

      "I'll do my best," Kathryn offered, hoping this would be enough and that she
      could do even that.

      "I must tell you though," Dr. James conceded as she picked up the papers
      she'd just pulled out of the manila envelope. "This job is only temporary."


      "Yes," the woman answered, then handed the papers towards Kathryn. "This
      letter should explain what you need to know."

      Nodding, Kathryn gripped the letter and started reading it. It read:

      Dear Ms. Spidel

      My name is Professor Charles Xavier. I'm the founder, as well as the
      administrator, of the Xavier's School for the Gifted, which is located in
      Westchester, New York, as well as the sister school in Massachusetts.

      Due to circumstances beyond our control, we have had to temporarily close
      down the sister school. This resulted in all of the student body, and a few
      of the faculty to be transferred to the Westchester location.

      With the increase of students, we are required to add another teacher to our
      staff. I'm asking if you would consider coming here and looking over the
      facilities. If everything meets with your approval, I would like to offer
      you a position here at the school. Attached to this letter are the
      particulars about what you would need to know.

      I await your answer, whether the answer is positive or negative.

      Respectively yours
      Professor Charles Xavier
      Xavier's School for the Gifted
      Westchester, New York

      Flipping the page, Kathryn read over the attached page.

      "What about my apartment and my possessions?" She questioned a few minutes
      later. "This says that I'm going to be living at the school for an uncertain
      amount of time."

      "That's only because they aren't for certain how long they will be needing
      you," Dr. James explained, hoping this would make some sense. "It just
      depends on how long it takes to reopen the sister school."

      Nodding, Kathryn went back to skimming over the letter. It mentioned things
      like salary, benefits and such-pretty much everything that would be in a
      standard letter of proposal. The only unusual thing was the request to tour
      the school before agreeing to the job.

      "How soon would I have to leave?" Kathryn wondered as she set the letter on
      the desktop in front of her.

      "As soon as possible," the doctor answered. "Professor Xavier will need you
      there before school is in session."

      "All right," Kathryn stated, a small smile growing on her face. "I would
      like to give this a try. I'll leave whenever you tell me."

      "Wonderful. I believe you can leave as soon as tonight."


      "Yes, tonight. Is that to soon?" Dr. James inquired, a questioning look on
      her face. "You're able to leave tomorrow afternoon."

      "That's fine," Kathryn decided, after thinking about it for a minute or so.
      Licking her suddenly dry lips. "I can leave tonight. That will be no

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