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Fic:Going Home/Series:Cutting Loose# 3 PG-15

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    Title: Going Home Author: Bani Email: banime78@aol.com Series: Cutting Loose # 3 Summary: Scott and Rogue arrive at her Parents but are they Welcome there.
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 5, 2001
      Title: Going Home
      Author: Bani
      Email: banime78@...
      Series: Cutting Loose # 3
      Summary: Scott and Rogue arrive at her Parents but
      are they Welcome there.
      Rating: PG-15? for violence
      Genre: S/R
      Author's Note: I know I titled this series Cutting
      Loose and it's supposed to be Scott and Rogue
      having fun but well it isn't turning out that way. Oh
      well, maybe next chapter huh.
      Archive: Just ask and I will say yes.
      Disclaimer: Marvel and Fox own all recognizable
      characters. But I own the idea for this story and they
      can't have it (maniacal laughter).
      Feedback: Is much appreciated by my Muse and

      Rogue was having the most wonderful
      dream. It featured her and Scott getting down and
      dirty in her old bedroom. She was just starting to
      get to a good part; Scott was unzipping his pants
      and she was gonna see him in all his naked glory,
      when she was rudely woken up.

      "Uh, wha.." She mumbled sleepily.

      "We're here Marie. It's 9:00 o'clock is that
      to late to pay your parents a visit?" Scott asked.

      "Um, no. They'd be mad if Ah waited until
      morning to see them." She replied still trying to
      wake all the way up.

      "Well you have to give me directions honey.
      Otherwise we're going to just have to sit here."
      Here turned out to be the side of the road in front of
      a big sign that read Welcome to Meridian,
      Mississippi/ Pop.456.

      She was kinda surprised to see they hadn't
      fixed the Population number. The Mayor was
      usually right on top of things like that. Being such a
      small town everybody knew everyone else. So when
      somebody left the Pop. Number was usually fixed
      the same day.

      Well, someone could have moved to town
      after she left. But that was doubtful since no one
      had ever moved there in all the years she had been
      here. You never knew though, stranger things had
      happened. Like her being taken in by a bunch of
      leather clad Super Heroes.

      Was a bunch even the correct way to group
      them, or were they a flock, or maybe a pack. She
      giggled at her silly thoughts. Scott cleared his throat
      and she remembered she had not answered him.

      "It's not that hard ta find. Ya just go up
      Main Street here and take a left at the second
      stoplight. Mah house is the third one on the right."
      She refrained from saying 'ya can't miss it' that was
      to cliché.

      Scott restarted the car and pulled back on to
      the road. He followed her directions exactly and as
      they drew closer to her house, she could feel her
      heart beat speed up. She was suddenly very
      nervous. What was she going to say to her parents?
      'Gee Mom and Dad so sorry Ah didn't let ya know
      Ah was o.k. and alive all this time. But hey here Ah
      am now.'

      Oh yeah that would go down real well with
      her parents. Especially her Father. She wasn't at all
      sure how he would react to seeing her again. After
      her mutation had manifested things had become
      strained between them.

      It didn't help that her Father had been an
      avid supporter of the Mutant Registration Act. She
      guessed having a mutant for a daughter had kinda
      thrown him for a loop. Not to mention he'd been
      more than a little freaked over what had happened
      with David. Not that she could blame him. If he had
      been the one to put someone in a coma for three
      weeks with a simple kiss, she would probably have
      been afraid of him also.

      But weren't parents supposed to love you no
      matter what? She was pulled away from her
      thoughts when Scott stopped the car and she saw
      they were finally there. The house looked the same
      as when she had left it. She didn't know why she
      thought it would have changed. It was kinda
      egotistical of her to assume things would change
      just because she was no longer around.

      Scott put his hand on her shoulder startling
      her. "Are you okay Marie?" He asked her, voice full
      of concern.

      "Yeah sugah, Ah'm okay just a little
      nervous about seeing mah parents after so long."
      She put her hand over his on her shoulder squeezing

      "It's perfectly natural to be nervous. But you
      look more than nervous Marie. You look almost
      scared. Is there any reason for you to be scared?"
      Scott asked in his fearless leader tone.

      Sighing she answered. "There are some
      things Ah didn't tell ya about why Ah ran away. Ya
      see the thing is this here town is full of FOH'rs and
      racists. Ah was the first mutant this town had ever
      seen. And the fact that Ah put the star quarterback
      in a coma on top of mah being a mutant, well lets
      just say it didn't win me any friends." Pausing she
      looked at him trying to gauge his reaction.

      He had his perfect listener face on so she
      continued. "Mah Father was a strong supporter of
      the MRA. So when Ah manifested and he realized
      what Ah had done ta David, he called the police,
      and Ah was thrown in jail." She had to stop then or
      else she was going to start crying. Scott pulled her
      into a hug and she buried her face in his shoulder.

      "That's awful Marie. How could he do that
      to his own daughter? Are you sure you even want to
      see him after he did that to you?" He sounded like
      he would've liked to pound her Father, which made
      her feel a little better.

      Pulling away from him a bit, she gave him a
      small weak smile. "It's okay Scott. Really, it's just
      the way he is. He was raised that way Ah don't hold
      it against him." She gave him a quick peck on the
      cheek, which made him smile.

      Then she continued with her explanation.
      "Ah was only in jail for one day before mah
      Momma talked my Father into getting me out. But
      when Ah got home that's when the real trouble
      started. Mah father's friends didn't take kindly ta
      him getting me outta jail like that. We started
      getting threatening phone calls and some teenagers
      spray painted 'Mutie Lovers' on the house. It was
      just to much for mah Father ta take he stopped
      talking ta me and he just ignored me like Ah wasn't
      even there." She sobbed then. Brushing away the
      angry tears that flooded her eyes. Scott tried to hug
      her again but she stopped him.

      "No, Ah'm alright." She told him so as to
      not hurt his feelings. "But that wasn't the worst of
      it. The worst came the day David woke up. He
      couldn't remember who he was Scott. He couldn't
      even remember how ta talk or eat. For God's sake
      Scott he didn't even know how ta go ta the
      bathroom by himself. Ah did that to him. Ah took
      away everything that was him and left an empty
      shell." She swiped angrily at her eyes as more tears
      streamed from them.

      "It wasn't your fault Marie. There is no way
      to tell when someone is going to manifest. What
      happened to David is unfortunate but you did not do
      it on purpose." Scott tried to console her.

      "It doesn't matter if it was mah fault or not
      Scott. Ah was still the one who hurt him. Ah'll
      never be able to forget that. Ah just wish that Ah
      could turn back time and make it so it never
      happened. But Ah can't and even if Ah could it
      wouldn't change the fact that Ah had to leave." She
      finished with a frustrated exhalation of breath.
      Trying to remember where she had left off.

      "You were saying it got worse when David
      woke up." Scott reminded her gently.

      Taking a deep breath, she continued. "Yeah
      that seemed ta be the spark that lit the fuse for
      everyone. When they found out that David had
      brain damage, they just went crazy. They trashed
      mah Fathers car and started throwing stuff at mah
      momma when she went ta the store. They did other
      stuff too but that was the worst until the night
      before Ah ran away. That's when everything
      seemed ta come to a head." She stopped then, as she
      was suddenly flooded with memories of that night.

      "A bunch of the town's folk started
      gathering on our lawn and chanting 'The Mutie has
      ta go'. There was only a couple at first and mah
      Father went out and told 'em ta leave. But they
      didn't and the police wouldn't make 'em. The
      crowd grew and as it did, they got bolder. They
      started throwing things at the house and then they
      started breaking windows. And suddenly all hell
      broke loose." She shivered in remembrance.

      "Someone went around back and lit the back
      porch on fire. Only we didn't know it until the
      smoke began ta pour in the back door. Papa was
      able to put the fire out thank God but that was the
      last straw for him Ah guess. Because he started
      yelling at me, he raised his hand, and Ah thought he
      was gonna hit me but he just stormed out of the
      house. Momma tried ta tell me he didn't mean the
      things he said but Ah knew Ah had to leave." She
      paused to take another breath before continuing.

      "Ah went up to mah room packed my bag,
      then waited for everyone ta leave and momma ta go
      ta sleep. Ah didn't even leave 'em a note Ah just
      left. Ya pretty much know the rest." She finished
      with another sigh.

      Scott was silent for a moment before he
      spoke. "After all that was done to you here why
      would you want to come back?" He sounded

      "Ah guess Ah just need some closure ya
      know. Like Ah said Ah didn't leave them a note
      saying Ah was leaving. And Ah haven't tried to
      make contact with them in all the time Ah've been
      gone. So Ah need ta see them and like Ah said
      before Ah would like ta tell them that Ah'm okay
      and happy." She gave him a watery smile.

      "Are you sure you want to do this Marie?
      We could just leave now. You do not need to put
      yourself through hell like this just to get closure."
      Scott tried to persuade her.

      "Yes, Ah'm sure sugah. It's not all that bad.
      It was just remembering all that stuff made me a
      little emotional. It'll be okay really. It's real sweet
      of ya trying to protect me from getting hurt like that
      but Ah need ta do this."

      She looked over at her old house then and
      saw the porch light had come on. So they know
      someone's here she thought. Turning back towards
      Scott she started to tell him they had better go in
      before they drew any more attention to themselves,
      but was interrupted by his mouth as he kissed her. It
      was a quick hard kiss not even long enough for her
      skin to react but she was left breathless.

      Opening eyes she hadn't even realized she
      had closed she was treated to one of Scott's rare
      grins. "We'd better go in before we draw anymore
      attention to ourselves." He said echoing her
      thoughts exactly. Which made her grin back at him.

      Scott got out of the car and made his way to
      her side. He opened up her door for her bowing
      deeply like some later day Sir Galahad. It made her
      giggle. She knew he was just trying to lighten her
      mood and make this all easier for her and she loved
      him even more for that.

      He held out his hand to her and she took it
      gladly. After he shut the door, he wrapped his arm
      around her waist and walked her to the door. Her
      palms started sweating and she felt as if her heart
      would explode from her chest any moment. As they
      approached, the door was thrown open and in the
      light she could see her momma standing there her
      hands covering her mouth. Breaking away from
      Scott, she ran forward and was enveloped in her
      mother's arms.

      "Oh Marie honey ya shouldn't have come
      back here." Her Momma said her voice choked with

      Rogue pulled back from her momma and
      looked at the familiar plump face she had always
      loved. However, the face was not exactly as she
      remembered there were new wrinkles and there was
      a tiredness that set on her face like a mask. Had she
      done that to her momma Marie wondered.

      "Come in ta the house before someone sees
      ya and makes trouble." She motioned to Scott
      letting him know he was included in the invitation,
      before she went back inside. Rogue took Scott's
      hand before following her momma inside. Scott
      closed the door behind them.

      They found her momma in the living room
      twisting a corner of her robe around in her fingers.
      She looked up as they came in and she looked
      scared. It was then that Rogue realized her momma
      was shivering even though it was near 80 degrees

      "Why shouldn't Ah have come back
      momma? Aren't ya glad ta see me." Rogue asked,
      as she and Scott sat on the couch.

      "Marie honey it's not that Ah'm not glad
      yah here. But things were just starting to settle
      down. If anyone finds out yah here it's all gonna
      start over." She sounded so tired. It tore at Rogue's
      heart to hear her momma sound like that.

      "Ah just came back to let ya know that
      Ah'm okay and that Ah found somewhere were
      Ah'm welcome and happy." Tears burned at the
      backs of her eyes but she refused to shed them in
      front of her momma. "Ah wanted to come and tell
      ya in person so ya could see for yahself. And so's
      Ah could see ya again." She swallowed hard when
      she saw the tears in her momma's eyes.

      "Oh Marie. Ah knew ya was alright honey.
      A smart girl like ya knows how to stay out of
      trouble. 'Sides Ah'm yah momma and Ah knew in
      mah heart ya was okay. Ah'm real happy ya found
      somewhere ya fit and even happier to hear that yah
      happy there. Now are ya gonna introduce me ta this
      gentleman ya have with ya or are ya gonna continue
      being rude." Rogue couldn't contain the laugh that
      welled up at her momma's comment.

      "Momma Ah'd like ya ta meet Scott. Scott
      this here's my momma Anna Beth." Rogue made
      the introductions and watched as Scott got up and
      extended his hand to her momma.

      "It's a pleasure to meet you mame." Scott
      said as he kissed her momma's hand.

      Her momma blushed prettily. "Oh ya are
      quite the charmer aren't ya." Scott just grinned.

      "Where's Daddy? He asleep still?" Marie

      "No, honey. Yah Daddy is at the bar getting
      hisself drunk. He does that a lot lately." She sighed.

      "Daddy never used to drink. Is it 'cause of
      me?" Rogue questioned her momma.

      "It's not entirely 'cause of ya honey. It's got
      a lot ta do with those damn men he's been
      associating with. They're those Friends of
      Humanity idiots. They've got ya Daddy thinking
      that yah an abomination. Ah ain't gonna get inta it.
      And Ah don't think it would be wise for ya ta stay
      much longer honey. If'n they catch ya here Ah
      don't know what they'd do." She looked at the door
      as if expecting someone to barge in any minute.

      "Momma are ya trying to tell me
      something?" Rogue had barely asked the question
      when they heard the squealing of tires outside. Scott
      jumped to his feet and looked out the window by
      the door.

      "Momma what's going on?" Rogue was not
      sure she wanted to know but asked anyway. Scott
      turned back from the window and he had his 'The
      Bad Guys are here and I'm going to protect you'
      face on.

      Rogue got up from the couch and rounded
      the coffee table. "Momma what have ya done?"
      When her momma just started crying Rogue knew.

      "Ya called them didn't ya. Why'd ya do it
      momma? Were ya just talking ta us ta keep us
      here?" Rogue felt as if she might be sick.

      "Marie we have to go now." Scott said.

      Rogue looked down at her Mother and
      realized that the woman was no longer her momma.
      Because her momma would never have done this to

      "Ah hope ya 'kin live with yahself knowing
      that yah hurting yah own flesh and blood." Rogue
      turned to lead Scott to the back door when her
      mother answered her.

      "Ah had to Marie. Ya don't know what they
      would have done ta me if Ah hadn't let them know
      ya was here. If'n they found out later that ya was
      here Ah would have been punished." She sounded
      so alone that Rogue felt sorry for her.

      "Ya could come with us." Rogue said.

      "Mah place is here with yah Father. It
      always has been. Ah can't leave." She'd barely
      finished talking when the people outside started
      pounding on the door demanding that they open up.

      "Good-bye Momma." Her momma reached
      out for her but Rogue just grabbed Scott's hand and
      ran for the back door.

      They had just gotten out the door when two
      men rounded the corner of the house. "Hey you
      Mutie stop right there. Ain't now way yer gettin'
      away from us this time." One of them shouted.

      Scott shoved her behind him and reached for
      his glasses. "Scott no!" She shouted but was to late.
      He lifted his glasses and let out an uncontrolled
      burst of energy. He had aimed for a place just to the
      left of the two men. That was what she had been
      afraid of.

      "Down now!" She shouted. Just as the
      energy burst hit the now visible propane tank. Scott
      only had time to turn around and grab her before the
      explosion sent them both flying. He rolled in midair
      so that when they hit the ground he was underneath
      her. The impact was enough to drive the breath
      from her lungs.

      "Scott!" She screamed her ears ringing from
      the blast. "Oh please answer me sugah. Are ya
      alright?" She ran her hands over him frantically
      trying to see if he was injured.

      "I don't think this is the time or place for
      you to be groping me babe." Scott said coughing.
      "And as much as I like our current position, I think
      it might be better if we were to get up and run away
      while they're still recovering." Rogue punched his
      shoulder causing him to wince.

      "Ya idiot. Ah thought ya were hurt. But if ya
      can crack jokes ya must be alright." She got up off
      him and helped him get up. "Are ya really alright?"
      She asked anxiously.

      "Yes. Now let's go before they catch us."
      He grabbed her hand and dragged her behind him as
      he ran around the other side of the house. They
      could hear the sound of the fire truck sirens in the
      distance. And as they came back around to the front
      of the house, they heard the shouting of the men as
      they tried to put out the fire.

      They snuck to the car and were getting in
      when the men saw them. "Hey, there they are stop
      them!" Rogue barely had time to shut her door
      before Scott peeled out.

      The others followed them but as soon as
      they got on the highway Scott left them in his dust.
      After several minutes of tense silence in which they
      both watched their side view mirrors, Scott spoke.
      "I'm sorry that things turned out the way they did. I
      don't know what to say. I'm just sorry."

      "Ya don't need ta be sorry sugah. It was
      stupid ta go back. Ah should've known that it would
      just cause trouble. It was stupid of me ta think that
      things had blown over." She stared out her window
      watching as the tree's sped by.

      "You said yourself that you needed closure.
      It wasn't stupid to want to see your parents again.
      And there was no way for you to know that things
      would go down like they did." He reached over and
      squeezed her knee.

      "What did Ah do right ta deserve such a
      great guy like ya?" Rogue asked.

      "You're just lucky I guess." Scott said

      They both laughed as they speed off into the
      night. All their dark thoughts chased away by their
      happiness in just being alive and together.


      The next part I'm hoping to get in some fun
      stuff. After all they still have six days of vacation
      left. I know this part was probably confusing in the
      extreme so if you have questions just ask. I don't bite..

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