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FIC: His 1/1

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    TITLE: His SUMMERY: Scott reflects on his leadership AUTHOR: Kelsey RATING: PG-13ish ARCHIVING: Please ask! DISCLAIMER: Scott is, gulp, not mine. I know, I
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 5, 2001
      TITLE: His
      SUMMERY: Scott reflects on his leadership
      AUTHOR: Kelsey
      RATING: PG-13ish
      ARCHIVING: Please ask!
      DISCLAIMER: Scott is, gulp, not mine. I know, I know, the tragdy of it all!
      Anyway, since Scott doesn't belong to me, I get my kicks pretending that he
      does :) Sue not.
      NOTES: There really aren't any. This was written, like a lot of what I wrote
      this summer, to EVE6's CD Horroscope, specifically the song "Nightmare". This
      fic is, as usual in defense of my poor abused Scott. Also, thank you to Alyx
      for BETAing. On with my short little story...

      It had been bad. Very, very bad. The X-Men had jumped head first
      into Magneto's trap, and now the odds were excellent that Bobby wouldn't live
      to see morning. All because of him.
      Scott sat in the Med-Lab watching Jean take care of Bobby. It was
      Scott's responsibility to watch over the team. His responsibility, his duty,
      to his team. All his, how had that happened?
      It had been an honor when the Professor chose him. He was capable,
      responsible, a good tactician. The team had agreed unanimously. Bobby had
      clapped him on the back and declared him a "Fearless Leader." It had escaped
      all of their notice, including his, that Scott was eighteen. A mere child by
      his own standards. So much power, so much possibility to fail. And if he did
      fail he lost a teammate, a friend, a sibling.
      Scott had learned over the years not toquestion his judgments. He
      didn't now. Now he questioned how, why, he had power over other people's
      lives. Why was his life worth more than the lives of his team? Was it because
      the Professor deemed it so? Because some higher power deemed him by far the
      coolest X-Man, too cool to die? Scott knew it was unfair. He didn't want to
      be a god, especially if people he loved had to die for his exhaulted status.
      "You hear that?" He demanded shaking his fist at the Med-Lab celing, "I
      don't want it! Take itback!"
      Take it back. Take back theresponisibility and the power. Then he would
      stand helpless as the X-Men fell. He would follow or fend for himself. Would
      the X-Men, could the X-Men, exist without Scott Summers?
      It was a possibility he was unwilling to risk, a world without the
      X-Men. They were his to protect, and his to wield.Scott knew he could handle
      the post, win or lose. Pressure, responsibility, they too were his. And while
      some days he loathed putting on the leather uniform of the X-Men, he would do
      it gladly to protect his team, his family.It's okay everyone, Cyclops is on
      the job.
      And, he reflected, the whole team had their unique burdens to bear.
      Jean, who was constantly torn between being doctor and friend. Logan, who was
      expected to be a one-man army, no matter what the cost. Storm, who was both
      mother and avenger of the X-Men. The others, fighting for a dream that
      sometimes seemed impossible.
      So,Scott supossed he wasn't the only person who was feeling guilty and
      scared. It was his job right now to make the team understand that they
      weren't alone, andthat they were his.

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