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FIC: Summer's End, 17/18, PG13/R, W/R

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    DISCLAIMERS REPOSTED IN PART 0 * * * Sorry I’m late, sir. Minor incident at breakfast. Scott was the last of the group to let himself into Xavier’s
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 4, 2001

      * * *

      "Sorry I’m late, sir. Minor incident at breakfast." Scott was the last of
      the group to let himself into Xavier’s office.

      "Nothing worrisome, I trust?"

      "Bobby decided to adjust the temperature of the juice dispenser. We
      managed to chip him loose eventually."

      The Professor sighed and refrained from inquiring as to the extent of the
      dining room damage. "I would like to thank you all for taking the time
      before your first classes for this meeting. I’ll try to make it brief.
      Bright and early this morning I received a telephone call from Ms. Emma
      Frost. She had a very interesting tale to tell..."

      "Is Rogue all right?"

      "That may be a matter of some debate, Ororo. It seems, according to my —
      " <cough> " — esteemed colleague, that Miss Gordon has been leaving the
      lot of us very much in the dark concerning her abilities to control her

      "Why would she — " Scott began, only to be cut off by Jean.

      "This is about her parents, isn’t it? They want her home — and she
      doesn’t want to go?"

      Hank frowned. "Pardon my disbelief, but why *wouldn’t* Rogue want to
      return home? She seems to genuinely miss her parents. And even if she
      prefers to remain here, I can see no reason for her to have concealed her
      abilities from *us*."

      "I was getting to that. Ms. Frost *claims* that Rogue was concealing her
      control to prevent suspicion, because she was having an affair with a
      faculty member." Charles paused significantly, watching all of the
      faculty members — all the *remaining* members — exchanging confused,
      suspicious, or speculative glances.

      Scott was the first to realize which "faculty member" Xavier most likely
      referred to. "That sneaking, two-faced *pervert*...!"

      Behind Scott, Ororo’s eyes widened. Hank remained skeptical. Jean looked
      disbelieving. "Professor, you *can’t* mean — wait. Did Ms. Frost get this
      from Rogue? Because she’s always had a crush on him — she could have been

      "According to Ms. Frost, Logan came to her school yesterday seeking a
      position as a self-defense instructor or the like. She refused him, upon
      learning of his relationship with a sixteen-year-old student, and last
      night in the wee hours he returned to her school and ‘abducted’ Miss
      Gordon." Charles allowed the four X-Men time to process this information.

      "He *‘abducted’* her? Carried her off? Sir, we have to find them!" That
      was Scott, always ready to believe the worst of Logan. Beside him, Jean
      was slowly shaking her head from side to side, stunned and still
      disbelieving. Ororo looked thoughtful, as did Hank.

      "I think the term ‘abducted’ was a matter of dramatic hyperbole on Ms.
      Frost’s part. Apparently Rogue was a willing co-conspirator in her own
      kidnapping. In fact, Ms. Frost was rather incensed by Rogue’s willingness
      to use her power against the headmistress to facilitate their escape."

      "That son of a bitch..." Scott’s flash of outrage had cooled to a low
      burn of helpless indignation.

      "Professor, just how trustworthy a source *is* Ms. Frost?" Jean was
      clinging to hope.

      "Not at all, which is why I called you in here. If any of you know
      anything that may serve to prove — or disprove — any part of her
      assertions, I should very much like to hear it."

      A moment of silence, which Ororo ended. "I believe it could be true."

      "Ro, how could you say — "

      "I did not say it *was* true, Jean, merely that it *could* be. *If* Logan
      is a much better actor than we’ve given him credit for, and *if* she
      loves him — or believes that she does — enough to hide her control to
      stay with him..."

      "That *bastard*. Making that little girl keep from touching anyone else
      and layer up in all those extra clothes when she didn’t even *need* to,
      just to keep her where he could get at her..."

      Tiring of Scott’s seething and Jean’s denial, Xavier turned his attention
      to the person who hadn’t weighed in with an opinion yet. "Hank? Your
      thoughts on the subject?"

      "Hmm? Oh, I was just wondering about how she could have possibly gained
      control. Considering what I read in their medical files, if Logan
      suffered so comparatively little from the ill effects of Rogue’s ability,
      it would make him an excellent guinea pig for practicing on."

      "Then you believe Ms. Frost’s allegations?"

      "I wouldn’t care to testify under oath on the subject — but we all knew
      that they were close to one another. And it has to mean *something* that
      he left mere days after she did..."

      "As much as I hate to admit it, Hank has a point." Jean looked tired now
      that reality had seeped in.

      "So what are we going to do about this, sir?" Scott looked alert, clearly
      hoping for the order — or at least the permission — to go track down the
      couple and retrieve their wayward student. (To hell with Logan, of
      course. Ideally very soon...)

      "Do? Given that our source of information is untrustworthy at best and
      actively duplicitous at worst, we’re not going to jump to any rash
      assumptions. What we *are* going to do is attempt to contact the pair of
      them — and if they return here, whether today or at some point in the
      future, we will *not* make accusations without first getting to the
      bottom of this."

      Scott was clearly disappointed, Jean just as clearly relieved.

      "How were you planning to contact them? Cerebro?" Hank was, as ever,
      moving on to the problem that *could* be worked on now.

      "If necessary, though I’ll also try Logan’s cell phone. I believe that
      the Gordons should be notified, if Ms. Frost hasn’t done so already —
      though it would be very interesting indeed if she had *not* done so, or
      if they had been given a different story..."

      "You can try e-mail, too. I believe Kitty and Jubilee have her address,"
      Storm volunteered.

      "An excellent suggestion. Yes. If you could handle that, Ororo — I am
      sure you would know what best to say." Xavier trusted Ro’s discretion —
      not to mention her ability to remain soothing and non-accusatory. Jean
      was more frequently called up on liaison duties, but given her apparent
      sense of betrayal at Logan’s "defection," her skills in diplomacy might
      not be up to this particular situation.

      "Let me get this straight. We’re going to see if Logan decides to start
      answering his phone again, and send Rogue an *e-mail*, and call her
      parents — and that’s *it*? We’re going to let an underage girl go running
      off with a psycho killer probably old enough to be her *grandfather* —
      and not try to stop her?!"

      "Scott, this is a sanctuary — not a prison. We can offer the both of them
      a home, a place in the school or on the team, but only if they wish to be
      here. If they want to go, we have to let them. We can only offer our help
      — not force it upon them..."

      * * *

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