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FIC: Summer's End, 18/18, PG13/R, W/R

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    DISCLAIMERS REPOSTED IN PART 0 * * * They had made it all the way into Pennsylvania before stopping to rest. Passing through New York, they *could* have gone
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 4, 2001

      * * *

      They had made it all the way into Pennsylvania before stopping to rest.
      Passing through New York, they *could* have gone back to the X-Mansion —
      but paranoia seemed the order of the night. After all, they had no way of
      knowing how the X-Crew would react to having Logan and Marie show up
      unexpectedly on their doorstep after he had quit and she had been
      transferred to another school.

      More to the point, neither of them trusted Frosty to accept that she had
      been beaten and leave them alone to go their merry way. She had taken
      Marie right from under the X-Men’s noses and reached down to Mississippi
      to affect Marie’s parents — who knew what other dirty tricks she had up
      her sleeve? So they got themselves past New York state entirely — and New
      Jersey as well — before picking a motel and getting a room.

      It had taken some negotiating — or rather, a certain amount of cash and a
      lot of snarling on Logan’s part — but they managed to get the desk clerk
      to give them a room before the scheduled check-in hours. That
      accomplished, they collapsed into bed — a sheet carefully tucked around
      Marie, she not being willing to trust her control while sleeping yet —
      and slept until well into the afternoon.

      Waking together in a motel bed was familiar. During Marie’s first drowsy
      minutes of consciousness, this felt like nothing more than another pickup
      run. The quality of the light when she finally opened her eyes could have
      indicated either early morning or late afternoon.

      She had pulled the sheet aside to snuggle into Logan’s bare chest when
      memory abruptly resurfaced. Frost — her parents — the escape — [*Oh*.]
      Raising her head to see if Logan was awake yet, she was met with a
      thoughtful gaze.

      "Mornin’," he said. The lack of an endearment, smile, or "good" prefacing
      the "morning" were all indicative.

      [He’s worried.]

      "So. We’re here, we’re together — now what?"

      *That* earned her a quirk of one corner of his mouth, an ironic
      not-quite-smile. "Good question."

      "So. We can go to Mississippi. We can go back to the X-Men. Or we can
      strike out on our own."

      "Or we can go back to Frosty and see if she’s reconsidered." At Marie’s
      disbelieving stare, he added, "The option *does* exist — but it wouldn’t
      be my first choice."

      "*Or* mine." Marie glared at the absent Ice Bitch, almost wishing that
      she *had* taken the chance and tried putting the woman into a coma.

      "So we agree, then. Whatever we do, we want *not* to go back there."


      "Which means we may not want to go to Mississippi, since Frosty ‘fixed’
      your parents. They’d probably just try to send you back to her."

      "Right." More brooding. "Almost" wished, hell. She *did* wish she’d put
      Frosty into a coma. The bitch would have deserved it.

      "And Chuckie’s..." He hesitated. "I think they’d actually try helping you
      to stay, this time. *Especially* now that we know that Frosty fucked with
      your parents." He paused, an idea occurring to him. "Wheels might even be
      able to unfuck your parents for you. Keep Frost from making them send you
      to her."

      Marie heard the hesitation in his voice. "But?"

      "But Chuck — and Scooter, and maybe even Jeannie — might feel like they
      need to go ahead and send you on home to Mississippi if your parents
      want. Which they *will* want, if Chuck fixes them."

      "And even if they don’t, I can’t see them agreeing that you and me are a
      good thing together. *Any* of them — my parents or the X-Men. And I can’t
      really tell them all to stay out of it until I’m legal."

      "Right." The annoyance was obvious, in his tone and expression both.

      "So, I guess that leaves striking out on our own."

      He looked — not worried, exactly, but serious. Concerned. "It’s not a
      real cushy life. Sometimes the road gets pretty dangerous."

      "I know. I was on my own for eight months before we met, remember?"

      Logan sighed and nodded. "Least you’ll be better off with me than alone.
      What about school?"

      "What *about* it?"

      "It’s kind of important if you want to try doing the whole normal life
      thing at some point. Makes it easier to get a decent job." Pause, before
      admitting, "Plus, I feel less like I’m maybe wrecking your life running
      off with you like this if you at least get your schooling finished. Go to
      college. That kind of thing."

      Marie had grave doubts as to how "normal" a life an ex-X-Man and former
      future X-Man could have. Still, he was concerned about her future quality
      of life, which was touching. More to the point, he was warning her of a
      potential upcoming guilt issue for him, and those she *always* watched
      out for. (God forbid he should manage to convince himself someday that
      she’d be better off without him!)

      "So I’ll keep studying. Maybe take correspondence courses. Get my GED."
      He still looked uncomfortable. Inspiration struck. "Once I’m eighteen,
      Frost won’t be able to get at me legally through my parents. So if I
      haven’t managed to get my diploma or whatever by then, we could go on
      back to the X-Men. I’ll be old enough by then that they won’t be able to
      really do anything about us being together."

      "Except refuse to take us back — or take *me* back, anyway." He was
      grumbling, but his expression had lightened a bit.

      "It’s both of us or neither, and they’ll *want* us back.. There aren’t
      *that* many would-be superheroes around, and you’re *good*."

      Wryly, "Yeah, I’m ‘good’ — and I can’t keep my hands off the students."

      "No, you just can’t keep your hands off *me*. And by the time I turn
      eighteen, we’ll have been together for close to two years. That’ll make
      it *real* hard for them to argue that you’re gonna get bored and leave me
      or won’t treat me right or something. We’ll have had time to *prove* we
      can do this."

      The unhappy expression had faded. Logan met her eyes with something new —
      hope, strengthening into determination. "We *can*. We can do this."


      "And I’m going to take care of you. You know that."

      "Yes. And *I’m* going to take care of *you*." At his amused expression,
      she tapped him firmly on the chest. "It’s a two-way street, *bub*. A
      partnership. We watch each others’ backs, look out for each other."

      "A team." The amusement remained, with something else kindling in his


      "Love you. You know that."

      "I know. I love you, too."

      * * *

      And yes, folks, that really *is* the end! Nagging for a sequel might be
      inadvisable, since I have "Practice" and "Choices" to be working on, as
      well as that second Kurt-smutfic that's been distracting me in recent
      weeks... ;-D

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