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FIC: Summer's End, 15/18, PG13/R, W/R

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    DISCLAIMERS REPOSTED IN PART 0 * * * We KNOW how _mean_ and _cruel_ and _nasty_ and _despicable_ and _malicious_ and _EVIL_ she used to be when she was doing
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 4, 2001

      * * *

      "We KNOW how _mean_ and _cruel_ and _nasty_ and _despicable_ and
      _malicious_ and _EVIL_ she used to be when she was doing the hangs over
      at the HELLFIRE CLUB, but she's done all right by US, _hasn't_ she?"
      — Jubilee, on Emma Frost, GENERATION X #46, by Larry Hama

      * * *

      The hour was carefully chosen — late enough so that very few should be
      awake to potentially notice the figure sneaking through the darkened
      campus, yet still early enough to allow a fair distance to be covered
      before dawn. By the time Marie’s absence would be discovered the next
      morning — hopefully not until she failed to appear at her first class —
      she and Logan would be out of the state.

      After her call to Logan, Marie headed for her room and packed. Not all of
      her things, nor even very many of them — a back pack for a few spare
      shirts, lots of socks and underwear, and her shower things. No gloves, no
      scarves — that part of her life was over. The jeans and shoes and coat
      she’d be wearing when she walked out of there. Enough to get by on for a
      while, but not too much to carry on a motorcycle.

      Then she went to bed. If she was going to be up half the night riding,
      best to get some sleep now.

      The alarm under her pillow woke her at 1:15, and she pulled on her
      clothes. Taking a cue from Logan, she layered on several shirts and put a
      sweater on top — an easy way of carrying more clothing away with her, and
      warmer in this weather.

      She made it through the dorm without running into any late-night studiers
      or wandering night owls. A few people were still awake — she could hear
      music behind one or two of the doors she passed — but no one saw her

      She breathed a sigh of relief as she closed the door behind her and
      struck out across the campus. Hopefully Logan was early and she wouldn’t
      be stuck waiting for him in the dark and the cold. Hopefully Logan
      wouldn’t have been *too* early and spent a long time waiting in the cold
      dark himself...

      Marie was smiling as she passed the last building and reached the trees.
      The smile died as she heard:

      "Miss Gordon, we at the Massachusetts Academy take our rules seriously —
      especially the ones regarding transgressing curfew and leaving the school
      property without permission."

      Emma Frost was leaning casually against the wall of the science building
      Marie had just passed. Spread out to either side of her were Sharon,
      Marc, Haroun, and Angelica. (Jerod had been left to recuperate.)

      [How the hell did I miss seeing them?!]

      [Probably Frosty used a bit of mindcontrol on you, made you not notice
      them or something.] Inner Logan was not pleased.

      Neither would Outer Logan be, if he knew — and he might be here at the
      Academy by now. The question was whether he would have noticed what was
      going on...

      Trying to make her voice loud enough to carry to supersensitive ears at
      the rendezvous oak without *sounding* like she was pitching her voice for
      potential eavesdroppers, "Not a problem, Frosty. I won’t be a student
      here anymore." She was pleased by the annoyed look that crossed Emma’s
      face, though whether the reaction was to the statement or merely the
      nickname was hard to tell.

      "Marie, your parents entrusted you into my care because they want you to
      have the training I can provide..."

      "No, they ‘entrusted me into your care’ because you fucked with their
      heads to make them hand me over to you." Marie was interested to see the
      startled glances the other students were exchanging behind Emma’s back.
      [Did they not *know* what she’s *like*?]

      [She’s a telepath — if any of them get suspicious, she can fuck with
      their heads and make ‘em forget it. Besides, I’ll bet none of them have
      met Chuckie — they don’t know what an *ethical* mindreader is like,]
      Logan advised.

      In the time it took for Marie to process the students’ reactions, Frost
      had composed her reply. "Marie, by your own admission, you let your
      parents think that Professor Xavier was unable to help you control you
      power. Is it so hard to believe that they would prefer for you to try
      another instructor if the first was so clearly unable to help you?"

      Marie narrowed her eyes. Allowing the fury to enter her voice — after
      all, loud was good right now — she snarled, "What’s ’hard to believe’ is
      that the parents who wanted to pretend that I’m not a mutant refused to
      come get me when I told them I can pass for human now. They don’t give a
      *flying FUCK* about me using my power to the best of my ability — they
      just want to be able to pretend that the last two years never happened so
      they can have their normal little girl back!" By the end of the rant her
      voice had reached full bellow — if Logan were on the school grounds at
      all, he would know where Marie was and that she was having Ice Bitch

      Meanwhile, the other students were looking worried. Emma, though, still
      thought she had the situation in hand. "I’m afraid I may have had to
      dispel a few of your parents’ dearly-held *illusions*, Marie, but that’s
      hardly the same thing as... ‘screwing with their heads.’ Perhaps you’ve
      been overidentifying with these illusions because *you* wanted so much to
      erase the past two years and go back to the way things were before your
      abilities manifested?"

      The worst thing was that the bitch actually sounded like she was making
      sense. Angelica was nodding significantly to Sharon, clearly pleased to
      have Marie’s slander of the noble Ms. Frost so neatly discredited.

      Gone was the bellow of mere minutes ago, replaced by the strangled
      whisper of helpless rage. "Two years ago, I hadn’t met *Logan*..."

      "Ah. So this is about *him*. You’re running away to be with your *lover*.
      You’re throwing yourself upon the mercy of a man old enough to be your
      father and expecting him to take care of you indefinitely." Frosty paused
      to let that sink in. Behind her, Angelica and Sharon looked like they
      were trying to decide whether that was romantic or just dumb — Angelica
      was seemingly coming down on the side of "sweet" while Sharon looked to
      be veering towards "stupid". Marc looked heartsick. Haroun looked
      contemptuous — but then that seemed to be his standard expression, so it
      might not have related to Marie’s situation.

      "It’s not like that, " Marie said softly, all the while realizing that
      everything Emma had said was *literally* true. It was the *way* Frosty
      was phrasing it, the implications she was making, that were slanted to
      leave a false impression.

      "Oh? So you’ll be able to take care of yourself? Get a job? Pay your
      bills? At sixteen?"

      "I managed just fine on my own for eight months before I met Logan and
      wound up at Xavier’s." [Never mind that I started out with a few hundred
      dollars when I left home that I don’t have now — *she* doesn’t need to
      hear that...]

      "I don’t think that being a homeless runaway qualifies as ‘managing just
      fine’," Emma said acerbically.

      [Damn. Was that a lucky guess, did she learn about it from my parents or
      the Professor, or did she manage to read it from me without me even
      realizing it?]

      "In any case, you’ll be better off completing your education. Otherwise
      you’ll no doubt find yourself an abandoned high school dropout when your
      lover goes on to the next pretty young thing to catch his eye and leaves
      you to fend for yourself."

      "That’s not going to happen."

      The frustrated rage dissipated at the familiar voice. Marie felt herself
      smirking and didn’t bother to stop. Logan had indeed heard the argument
      and, after eavesdropping from the concealment of the wooded grounds for
      an unknown amount of time, had interposed himself into the conversation.

      "I told you that before. I’m serious about Marie and I’m not gonna just
      get bored with her and drop her like an old newspaper." As Logan
      approached the group in the lee of the science building, Marie sidled
      around to meet him, presenting a united front against Frost and her

      At least the minions looked nervous — still sore from the afternoon’s
      ass-kicking, no doubt. Emma seemed to be made of sterner stuff — or else
      severely underestimating Logan and Marie’s combined ability to plow
      through anything that was likely to be thrown at them. "*Mister* Logan.
      I’m afraid that after this afternoon, your presence on these school
      grounds is unwelcome."

      "Don’t worry — I’m just leaving."



      "I’m going with him."

      "I’m afraid not," Frosty said smoothly. "Catseye, Bevatron — if you could
      stop Miss Gordon from leaving..."

      "Marie, I’m really sorry about this," Marc murmured as he and Sharon came
      within reach.

      "Yeah, I’ll just bet." Making a feint towards Logan, Marie shifted
      directions at the last second to duck between the pair of them. Sharon,
      reflexes quicker than either her companion’s or Rogue’s, managed to get a
      hand on her arm as she tried to pass. Expecting the resistance, Marie
      drove an elbow back into the other girl’s midsection, aiming for her
      solar plexus but unfortunately hampered by her backpack. Marc got her
      other arm in the split second she wasted trying to decide whether it
      would be worth jettisoning her backpack to escape.

      "Firestar, Jetstream — stop him!" was Emma’s shouted warning as the
      Wolverine moved to intervene. It didn’t do a bloody bit of good —
      Angelica got off a single fireball before Wolvie reached the three
      struggling teenagers, at which point she dared throw no more. Haroun
      threw himself at the group, but was knocked aside by a flung Catseye as
      Wolverine efficiently dealt with two impediments simultaneously. Marc was
      the next to be treated to a brief unscheduled flight, and Marie was
      freed. Grabbing her arm, Logan turned to run...

      And was halted, as Emma stepped into the fight. Marie actually ran into
      him, he froze so suddenly.

      Walking towards the pair of them, "My goodness, you *are* a determined
      pair. I’m afraid I can’t allow you to take her away from here — but I
      just might reconsider that job opening after all. I think you could prove
      to be quite useful to me — *if* I can cure you of that tendency to

      It took Marie a few moments to understand what had just happened. Frosty
      was approaching, and Logan was just *standing* there — not running, not
      speaking, not turning to look at either Emma or herself. Nothing the
      woman had said rated that kind of a frozen response.

      It was the rising growl that both clued her in and warned her. The Ice
      Bitch had actually grabbed control of Logan telepathically — and the
      Wolverine didn’t like it one bit.

      Having both Logan and the Wolverine sharing room in her head, Marie had a
      fair idea of the kind of mess that could result from taking Logan out of
      the picture and leaving Wolvie running the show. Tugging her arm from his
      frozen grip, she pulled away to give him some room while turning herself
      to look at Emma. "I don’t think that’s a good idea, Frosty," she said
      mildly. Giving the bitch a warning was only fair — but Marie wasn’t
      exactly going to weep for her if she ignored the freely given advice.

      "Ridiculous child — here I am offering the both of you what you said you
      *wanted*, a position here for your lover."

      Rogue might have explained herself then — told Frosty that the
      inadvisable part lay in exerting telepathic influence on Logan — but the
      point became moot. Marie didn’t know whether the Wolverine broke free at
      that point or Logan deliberately slipped his leash — but either way, the
      beast was loose.

      Loose, and bearing a grudge.

      Emma’s first warning that things were not going as planned came when
      Wolvie turned. She frowned, plainly trying to strengthen her control over
      Logan, not realizing that Logan was no longer her problem.

      Next came the gasps and widened eyes all around, as Wolverine popped his
      claws for the first time since setting foot on the campus. The <snikt!>
      was almost drowned out by the hoarse growl, rapidly increasing in volume.

      Frost might have died then and there, had not Firestar risen to the
      occasion with a hasty incendiary barrage. She missed — or rather, Wolvie
      was too fast to hit — but the assault served to momentarily distract him
      from the Ice Bitch. Haroun hit him then, knocking Wolverine away from
      Angelica before he could reach her, but wisely dropping him some twenty
      or thirty feet away rather than leaving himself in close proximity to the
      claws for longer than a few seconds.

      Even as quickly as Jetstream dropped Wolvie, he almost got himself carved
      up before swooshing safely out of range. Things could very easily have
      gotten very, very bloody — had Marie not been diving for Frosty even as
      the students assaulted Wolverine. With the other kids struggling to deal
      with her psychotic lover, and with Emma still trying to control the beast
      mentally, it was beyond easy to clap a bare hand to the woman’s face.

      And the thing about her gift, about having *control*, was that she *did*
      have it. Not merely shutting it off (which was a blessed thing in and of
      itself), but taking *only* thoughts and memories (as she did so often
      with Logan), or taking *only* a mutant ability (as Logan insisted on
      doing whenever she got well-battered after a combat practice session).
      She hadn’t tried it, but she suspected that she might even have enough
      control by now to put someone in a coma *without* getting a head full of

      And she was willing to test that theory on Frosty right here and now —
      but not as the first resort. The first thing to do was to break her hold
      on Logan...

      ...Which became beyond easy, by removing her telepathy. No telepathy, no

      Taking the power from Emma, Marie made sure to skim the most
      recently-formed memories along with it. What she learned that Emma had
      done — tried to grab Logan, not realizing that the Wolverine was a
      separate segment of personality not susceptible to mindcontrol —
      surprised her not at all.

      The surprise came in what Emma had been thinking as she did it.

      /The girl is probably beyond salvaging by now — rebellious, independent,
      needing no training, and loyal only to herself and her lover. Perhaps not
      a great loss — her power only works by touch contact, not very good in a
      combat situation, and if she can’t touch anyone useful she has nothing. I
      want the man, though — I can *use* him. He can fight, he can train my
      students to fight — and I can *make* him forget the girl.../

      Freed as abruptly as he’d been grabbed, Logan stopped in mid-charge,
      wondering what the hell had just happened. [Okay, the Frost Bitch tried
      to grab me — so why am I loose now?] Seeing Marie with her hands pressed
      to Frosty — and smelling the rage wafting from Marie — pretty neatly
      answered that. Retracting his claws, he cautiously advanced on the pair.

      "You all right, sugar?"

      "Not very happy about Frosty here trying to jerk me around like that."

      "I’m not very happy about that one, either. *Especially* with what she
      wanted you for." Shifting her attention, "You just can’t take ‘No’ for an
      answer, can you, Frosty?" Sensing an impending attack, Rogue increased
      the pull to the point of pain for just a fraction of a second. "*Don’t*
      try it. I can put you in a coma if I want to — *don’t* make me want to."

      "She’s not the only one." Logan popped the claws on his right hand
      warningly. "So you kids keep your distance if you like your principal
      here in one piece." The students froze, Sharon and Marc having been
      attempting to sneak up on the pair holding their headmistress hostage.

      "We’re going to leave now, do you understand? Logan and I are going to
      exit the school property and drive away from here, and you aren’t going
      to try to stop us anymore."

      "And in exchange, she and I are going to let you and your kids go on back
      to your beds without fucking you up. Because we *can* fuck you up —
      *severely* — and if you try to stop us again, we’re gonna stop being so
      nice and you’re gonna see just how badly the pair of us can do it."

      The buzz from hearing Logan making threats on behalf of the amount of
      damage the pair of them could do — not just for himself, but for *both*
      of them — created a warm glow that helped counteract Marie’s desire to
      drain Emma to a husk.

      [Besides, you don’t want to risk having *her* in your head any more than
      the taste you’ve already got,] Inner Logan murmured soothingly.

      "I’m going to let go of you now. *Don’t* try anything funny..." ::And
      I’ll *know* if you’re trying anything funny, for the rest of the night at
      least...:: Marie released Emma, moving backwards to keep the woman in
      sight as she rejoined Logan. Logan was doing his part by keeping an eye
      on the kids, leaving one set of claws out in a highly visible warning as
      the pair made their cautious getaway into the trees.

      Because this was definitely a case where appearance mattered, they didn’t
      start running until they were out of sight in the trees. Logan’s hearing
      was good enough to pick up the conversation that started up behind them
      as they disappeared into the night.

      "Geeze, should have figured there’d be something freaky about a guy
      nicknamed ‘The Wolverine’." That was one of the girls, though he didn’t
      know her name. (It was Angelica.)

      "What? Where did you hear that?" That was Frosty.

      "From Marie. It was, like, his callsign or something. He has it on a
      dogtag that he gave to her."

      "Good Lord."

      "What, you’ve heard of him?" One of the guys, the one who’d been sent to
      grab Marie. Marc, that was his name.

      "Yes, I have. And I had no idea that he was working at Xavier’s

      Logan might have sighed had he not been busy jogging for the school
      walls. He’d hoped he hadn’t managed to blow the X-Men’s cover with this
      little fiasco — but it was starting to appear likely...

      * * *

      She Whose Quotations Are Both Exotic and Appropriate
      Keeper of his Deadly Startle Reflexes, Guardian and Examiner of the
      Adamantium-Revealing X-Rays, and Official Listener for the Occasional
      Aussie Vowels

      "Okay, then, you have to promise if I say something you don't like you
      won't do that voice that sounds like people with wet and bubbly stuff in
      their lungs buried under the ground being crushed to death by giant worms
      -- Delirium, SANDMAN #41, by Neil Gaiman
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