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Fic:Intermission~Back at the Mansion/Series:Cutting Loose PG-15

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    Title: Intermission ~ Back at the Mansion Author: Bani Email: banime78@aol.com Series: Cutting Loose ~ Intermission Rating: PG-15? Summary: POV from the gang
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 4, 2001
      Title: Intermission ~ Back at the Mansion
      Author: Bani
      Email: banime78@...
      Series: Cutting Loose ~ Intermission
      Rating: PG-15?
      Summary: POV from the gang at the Mansion
      Author's Note: Tish made me do it. She said I needed to let everyone know
      what was
      going down at the Mansion after Scott and Marie took off. This is by far not
      my best
      work. And it might be confusing. You have been warned.
      Archive: If you got my other stuff you might want this.
      Disclaimer: It's all about Marvel and Fox not me.


      We start off in Jubes and Kitties room.

      *Remy POV*

      When Remy had gotten here, he'd never thought this place would turn out to
      be like the
      Mutant equivalent of those soap operas Tante Matte was always watching.
      Taking a drag
      from his cigarette he blew the smoke out the open window he was standing next
      to. He
      looked at the other people lounging around Jubes and Kitties room. They were
      all talking
      about Rogue and Scott. About how their being together was so sudden and

      Ha! He'd known all along there was something between those two. It was one
      of his
      gifts. He had a hyper awareness of people's sexuality and always knew when
      was feeling an attraction towards someone else. So, when he had felt the
      attraction between Rogue and Scott he'd known that they would be together

      Just like he had known about Bobby and St. John and the Petite and
      himself. You just
      could not feel that much attraction toward another person and not feel the
      need to be
      together. He could've used his gift to get everyone together quicker but that
      would have
      been wrong.

      For that matter he could attract people to himself but then he would not
      know if they
      wanted him or if it was just his gift that was attracting them. So, he just
      watched in
      frustration while everyone fumbled his or her way to the inevitable
      conclusion. Things
      would be so much better if he had no conscience Remy thought to himself.

      He looked over at Jubilee again and found her looking at him. Smiling Remy
      blew her a
      kiss. She blushed and he chuckled. He knew he was the only one who could
      fluster her
      like that. He was so happy she had stopped fighting her attraction to him.
      Being in love
      wasn't so bad. Remy hoped that Rogue and Scott would be happy together 'cause
      as far
      as he was concerned they deserved it.

      *Jubilee POV*

      Jubilee could feel herself blushing but couldn't stop herself. Oh that
      Cajun! Only he
      could make her lose her cool like that. But it had been sweet him blowing her
      a kiss like
      that. If only he was always that sweet, but oh no, he had to be sexy and
      vexing and oh so
      luscious. Boy was it getting hot in here or what. She started fanning herself
      with her hand
      attempting to cool herself down.

      She looked back at Remy to find him still watching her. Oh man, what had
      she every
      done to deserve such a man. O.k. Jubes cool down there's time enough for that
      later she
      thought to herself. Right now, she had more important things to think about.
      Like how the
      hell she had missed the signs that her best friend was in love with their

      For Christ's sake, Scott was like way to old for her what was Roguie
      thinking. O.k. so
      Logan had to be like twice Scott's age and she hadn't had a problem with
      Roguie and
      him getting together. But then again Logan wasn't their teacher. How could
      Roguie be
      attracted to Scott?

      That was just icky. She made a face. Bobby laughed suddenly catching her
      He and St. John were arguing over who was more handsome Logan or Scott.
      herself thought that Logan was by far the cutest but then again she was
      partial to
      dangerous men. Ergo her current relationship with her Cajun hunk. God she was
      so in

      Jubilee just hoped that Roguie hadn't made a mistake falling in love with
      Scott. God
      please let that girl have some happiness she deserves it. Jubilee prayed.

      *Bobby POV*

      God Johnny was such a pain in the ass (no pun intended) Bobby thought.
      Some days he
      wondered why he put up with him. Sighing Bobby watched as Johnny drug Kitty
      into his
      little discussion on who was cuter Scott or Logan. It didn't matter who was
      better looking
      really. Rogue had made her choice.

      A choice that had set the whole school on its ear Bobby observed. He
      really didn't care
      that it was Scott that Rogue was in love with. As long as she was happy than
      he was
      happy for her. He just wished that things hadn't gone down like they had.
      Wincing at the
      thought, he remembered the shouting and fighting earlier that same day.

      He understood why Jean was mad; Scott had been her fiancé after all. What
      he didn't
      understand was why Logan had been so pissed. Did Logan have feelings for
      Bobby wasn't about to ask him to find out. Bobby valued his life even if he
      didn't act that

      If Logan did have feelings for Rogue then when she and Scott got home
      there would
      probably be even more fighting. Bobby just hoped that no one would get hurt
      any more
      than they already were. Such somber thoughts for the prankster of Mutant
      High. Shaking
      his head, Bobby tried to dispel the dreary thoughts.

      He butted his way into Kitty and Johnny's discussion and added his vote
      for Scott. This
      made Johnny groan and make gagging sounds. Bobby laughed not really feeling
      like it
      but knowing it was expected. From the look Johnny sent him, Bobby knew he
      fooled him. He wondered if he was really fooling anyone. He wished everything
      return to normal soon he was tired of all the tension.

      *St. John POV*

      Johnny was starting to get worried about Bobby. He wasn't acting like
      himself. That
      laugh had been completely fake and had sounded just a tad brittle. Why had
      Rogue and
      Scott picked now to pull this shit? Bobby had just started to relax into his
      and Johnny's
      new relationship.

      Then Scott has to go and break up with Jean. Causing everyone to question
      his or her
      own relationships. Because if a nine-year relationship between two
      responsible adults
      could fall apart then what chance did they as irresponsible teenagers have at
      a lasting

      Oh God! Now he was getting morbid. Snap out of it Johnny he told himself.
      You gotta
      be positive or else you and Bobby are toast. Johnny took a deep breath and as
      he let it
      out, he imagined all of his dark thoughts and tension blowing out with his

      Feeling marginally better, he started to tease Kitty and Bobby about
      liking Scott. Kitty
      seemed to be taking all of this pretty hard also. He wondered why. She and
      Rogue were
      friends but not really all that close. She really wasn't close to anybody he
      realized. She
      pretty much kept to herself even though she was a part of their group she
      didn't make
      much effort to stand out.

      Why had he never realized that before he wondered. She'd said she thought
      that Scott
      was cuter than Logan; did she have feelings for Scott? He'd have to try and
      find out.
      Johnny'd found out not to long ago that he had a knack for helping people.
      Scott had
      even said he showed potential as a leader. Him, Johnny a leader God help the
      team he

      *Kitty POV*

      Kitty was depressed. It seemed everyone had someone to love but her. Jubes
      had Remy,
      Bobby had St. John and now Rogue had Scott. Scott the one man she had thought
      unattainable. The man she had fantasized about thinking she was safe to
      fantasize about
      him because there was no way in hell she could ever have him.

      Yet he had broken two hearts today Jean's and hers. It wasn't fair that
      Rogue got Scott
      Kitty thought. Kitty herself had known and dreamed about him for far longer
      than Rogue.
      But who got him Rogue did. Kitty never got the guy.

      She had wanted Bobby but he had wanted St. John. No big deal right. Then
      Remy had
      come to the school and he had been the personification of sex on two perfect
      legs. But
      again she had been dreaming about something she couldn't have. Jubes
      eventually pulled
      her head out of her ass and grabbed Remy up.

      So, Kitty had decided to pine after someone she knew she could never have.
      Stupid yes
      but it helped her deal with her own pathetic little life in a strange way.
      Scott the ultimate
      Hero. The generous handsome benevolent leader. Great she was still pining for
      What was it with her was she just a glutton for punishment.

      She wished she could be a better person and wish Rogue and Scott well. But
      she didn't
      wish them well. She wanted their little paradise to come crashing down around
      their ears.
      She wanted things back the way they had been. At least then she hadn't been
      the only girl
      without a boyfriend.

      Okay so she wasn't exactly feeling like the nicest person right now and
      maybe she
      wasn't the only one without someone to love. But she sure felt like it.
      Wasn't there
      someone for her? And if there was where were they.

      Meanwhile on the other side of the Mansion, a former Goddess contemplates
      own feelings about the new couple.

      *Ororo POV*

      Ororo was confused. She had missed the fight earlier because nobody had
      bothered to
      let her know that they had found Rogue. So while the fight had been taking
      place she had
      been flying around searching frantically for Rogue. It would have been nice
      to have been
      informed that the search was over.

      She had tried to find someone to ask about the fight but everyone seemed
      to be either
      hiding or like the Professor unwilling to be disturbed. She had been lucky to
      Bobby and St. John talking about the fight while they headed towards the
      girls hall.
      However, she had not learned much from that brief eavesdropping.

      It was beyond belief that Scott and Jean were no longer a couple. For nine
      years, they
      had been the quintessential couple. It made one wonder if there were such a
      thing as an
      infallible relationship.

      She had searched for Jean wanting to offer her a shoulder to cry on but
      could not find
      her anywhere. Logan had been conspicuously absent also. Ororo would have
      liked to find
      him. She wanted to talk with him about a few things she had been thinking
      about during
      his absence.

      If only things were not so complicated maybe she could be happier for
      Scott. He was
      after all one of her best friends. However, of course her other best friend
      was Jean and
      how could she be happy for Scott when Jean was hurting. Blowing out a
      frustrated breath
      she headed toward the greenhouse. Hoping to lose herself in the beauty of
      nature. She
      longed for the lush tranquil plains of her homeland.

      And in the Study, we find the Professor brooding over the whimsies of

      *Xavier POV*

      Fate was a strange mistress Xavier brooded. Just when one thought they had
      figured out
      what path they should take fate would step in and throw out an infinite
      number of new
      choices. There was no way to fight it though he supposed.

      Take the events of today for example. He had no way of knowing that things
      turn out so badly. He had thought that perhaps they would all sit down and
      talk things
      over like reasonable adults. However, fate had other ideas and he had been
      helpless to
      stop what had happened.

      So he had went along with Scott and Rogue's decision to take a trip. In
      turn pissing
      Jean and Logan off. However, there had been no helping it. If he had insisted
      they stay
      the fighting would continue. He could only hope that a week would be long
      enough for
      everyone concerned to calm down.

      He was not looking forward to what would happen when the two returned. God
      knew what would happen then. Nothing was going as he had wished it would and
      he was
      at a loss as to how to handle things. He just hoped Scott and Rogue had made
      the right

      If this turned out to be a short relationship then all the pain it caused
      would have been
      for nothing. Xavier rubbed his aching head wishing he had some aspirin in his
      desk. He
      did not want to go to the med lab and run into Jean. Facing her now might
      prove to be too
      much for him to handle in his current mental state.

      Down in the afore mentioned med lab there is no Jean but there is a very

      *Hank POV*

      Things had taken a turn for the strange while he had been off finishing
      his medical
      degree thought Hank. Jean seemed to have transformed into a person he did not
      Because the Jean he knew would never have said and done the things he had
      seen her do

      Moreover, Scott was acting in a manner totally unlike his usual stern
      self. Hank would
      have never have guessed that Scott was unhappy in his relationship with Jean.
      Scott had
      seemed to be content with her. Yet, he had just run off with the girl known
      as Rogue.

      The fact that the Professor had allowed it was enough to blow one's mind.
      Xavier had been looking forward to Scott and Jean getting married. It was
      that he would condone Scott going off alone with a seventeen-year-old girl.

      Not that he thought that his friend would do anything unseemly. It was
      just so
      confusing. No one was as they had been. He had been gone to long to just step
      back in
      and feel welcome and comfortable again. So he spent his time down here in the
      med lab
      and tried to fit himself back in gradually.

      He wondered if he would ever feel the same comfort and security here as he
      had in the
      past. He doubted it. He began another complicated experiment trying to take
      his mind off
      his worries. He really did wish Scott the best even if he had not told him so.

      Finally, we are transported to Jean's room where we find not only her but

      *Logan POV*

      Logan stood naked in front of Jean's window wishing he could erase the
      last couple of
      hours. Why the hell had he slept with her? It had to be one of the top five
      stupidest things
      he had ever done. She had to have been the worst lay he had ever had.

      He'd followed her to her room where he had watched as she set her own
      nose. Then
      she'd went berserk and started destroying everything she could get her hands
      on. It had
      actually been kinda exciting. Which is why when she said, "Fuck me Logan"
      jumped her.

      But although she had ripped into the room with a passion she had just lain
      there like a
      statue and he'd done all the fucking. Not that she hadn't enjoyed it. She
      just hadn't done
      anything for him. Taking everything and not giving anything in return.

      He actually had to give Summer's credit for staying with her for so long.
      If she was
      always that bad in bed then he didn't know how the man had been able to take
      it as long
      as he did. Thinking of Summers made him remember that he was off some where
      Marie doing God knew what.

      If Scott hurt her he was gonna pay big time. That was a promise. If he
      didn't make
      Marie the happiest goddamn woman on the planet he was gonna regret it. That
      too was a

      Grabbing up his pants he put them on. Looking down at Jean's naked back,
      he curled
      his lip in disgust. If he had known how much of a selfish Bitch she was, he
      would never
      have been attracted to her in the first place.

      *Jean POV*

      Jean winced as Logan slammed the door on his way out. What had she done?
      She'd just
      screwed up the one good thing about this whole situation. Scott had told her
      she could be
      with Logan now. So what did she do she fucks Logan and screws up any chance
      might have had at a relationship with him.

      What was wrong with her? She had just lain there like a board as he
      pounded into her.
      And all she could think of was Scott and how much she wished it were him and
      Logan fucking her. Why couldn't she just forget Scott? He had obviously
      forgotten about

      He was off somewhere with that little bitch Rogue. They were probably
      laughing their
      asses off. They had sure fooled everyone. Nobody least of all her had thought
      there was
      anything going on between those two. That is until yesterday.

      Jean wondered just how long they had been planning to run off with each
      other. How
      long had they been seeing each other behind her back? She refused to believe
      that they
      were innocent of any of her imagined crimes. She needed to hold on to her
      bitterness or
      else she would be torn apart.


      That's it for the Intermission. Hope that wasn't to confusing. I know
      why'd I have
      to let Jean get screwed by Logan. Well I figured at least this way he could
      see her for
      what she is and not be even mildly attracted to her anymore. Part Three will
      be posted
      soon. Toodles.

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