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FIC: Just Between Friends, 2/2, R/NC17, Kurt/Kitty

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    DISCLAIMERS POSTED IN PART 0 * * * Disorientation came with waking, but only for a moment. The soft-over-hard of velvet-covered muscle pressed against her back
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 4, 2001

      * * *

      Disorientation came with waking, but only for a moment. The
      soft-over-hard of velvet-covered muscle pressed against her back — to say
      nothing of the warm tail coiled around her waist — made it impossible to
      mistake her bedmate for anyone but Kurt. The events of the previous
      evening rose instantly to memory, spurred by the tactile stimulus.

      With remembrance came rue. She had told Kurt, "This isn’t *about* Peter,"
      but of course he was involved, regardless of her careless statement. How
      could he *not* be, when his girlfriend slept with a friend of his?

      Kitty winced as the second thoughts she *should* have had the previous
      night belatedly made themselves known. Hadn’t the crying jag on Kurt’s
      shoulder that led to all *this* been because she didn’t want to lose
      Peter? Didn’t she love him?

      Wouldn’t this hurt him?

      She froze as a yawn near her ear was followed by movement behind her and
      then an arm joining the tail around her midsection. "Gutenmorgen,
      Liebchen," came the sleepy greeting. (Good morning, darling.)

      There was so much she could say at this point — so much that it was a
      struggle to winnow through the possibilities. A simple "Good morning"
      would imply that nothing was wrong, whereas "I have to leave now" would
      probably hurt his feelings and was fairly rude besides.

      So what she settled for was, "Do you know when Peter and the rest of them
      will be getting back?" She let her worry — and traces of guilt besides —
      enter her tone.

      There was startled silence behind her for a moment, before, "I have no
      idea." He sat up abruptly.

      Glancing over her shoulder, Kitty found Peter’s alarm clock. The glowing
      green numerals pointed out that it was past eleven AM.

      So. Lounging around in bed was probably inadvisable — they were courting
      discovery with every minute she lingered in the room. Kitty hesitated to
      rise, though. She didn’t want to make a big deal out of hiding herself
      under the sheet, but at the same time she was feeling just a bit shy at
      the idea of climbing out of bed naked in front of a male friend of hers.
      Admittedly, he’d already seen her — gotten intimately acquainted with the
      bits that she would be worrying the most about covering, in fact — but
      she still wasn’t quite cool with the idea of prancing around barefoot all
      the way up right there in front of him.

      He solved the dilemma without noticing, rolling out of bed and to the
      floor. Landing in a fluid crouch, he rapidly collected the scattered
      clothing and sorted it into "his" and "hers" piles. Passing Kitty her own
      clothing, he began quickly redressing himself.

      Reassured that he wasn’t watching her, Kitty let the sheet drop long
      enough to get her bra and shirt on. She was tempted to leave her bra off
      in the interests of greater speed, before realizing that explaining her
      evening’s absence to her roommates would not go any easier if she
      returned to her room missing undergarments.

      Speaking of missing undergarments... Kurt almost dropped the shirt he was
      about to put back on when he looked up and saw Kitty rummaging under the
      bedclothes. Modesty forgotten as she crawled to the foot of the bed
      searching for her missing panties, some very interesting areas had been
      left revealed to the open air. Kurt swallowed hard and wished he had a
      few more condoms handy.

      Of course, under the circumstances, taking the time for another round
      would have been a very risky idea. Still, it had definite charms...

      Struggling manfully to ignore the bare bottom charmingly peeking out from
      beneath the sheet, he asked, "Need some help?"

      Kitty froze in startlement, then backed out. Kurt refrained from sighing
      in disappointment as she pulled her shirt down as far as it would go. "I
      can’t find my panties..."

      Another minute of combined hunting, and Kurt had found them under the
      corner of the bed, kicked out at some point in the previous night’s
      activities. (Or possibly knocked to the floor during Kitty’s frantic

      A few minutes later, Kitty was decent again and putting her shoes and
      socks back on. "What — what are we..." She sounded almost tearful,
      pausing before continuing in a softer tone, "Are we gonna tell Peter?"

      Kurt sighed. Settling himself onto the bed next to her — although *not*
      within easy arms-reach — he asked, "Should we?"

      Kitty paused, holding one sneaker without putting it on yet. "I guess...
      It would be the honest thing to do..."

      "Honest, yes. But is it the *right* thing?"

      Kitty met his eyes, suspicion warring with hope in her expression.

      "We don’t want to tell and he wouldn’t be happy hearing it. So maybe we
      should be asking ourselves, ‘What happens if we tell?’ and ‘What happens
      if we don’t?’"

      The shoe hung in one hand, momentarily forgotten. "If we tell... He’ll be
      hurt. He’ll be mad. He and I may break up over this."

      Kurt refrained from adding the part about Peter maybe trying to pound a
      formerly good friend into blue paste on the floor. "If we don’t tell —
      we’ll feel guilty. We’ll have a secret. We’re going to be afraid someone
      will find out about this. But Peter won’t have anything to be upset over
      — and the two of you will stay together." [Probably. If he doesn’t find
      out anyway — if one of us doesn’t slip or grow tired of keeping the
      secret and tell him — if the guilt and the secret don’t wind up driving
      the two of you apart anyway — if the two of you don’t break up for some
      other reason...]

      Kitty looked as though given permission to hope. "It really wasn’t
      anything *worth* making a big deal about. It just — happened. An...
      aberration. A lapse of reason. We weren’t thinking."

      "No. We weren’t." Kurt agreed, keeping most of the sadness from his face
      and voice. As usual, he forgot about his tail, drooping to the floor
      beside him as a visible signal of unhappiness.

      Putting her shoe on, determination had entered her face and voice. "And
      it won’t happen ever again."

      Very quietly, "No. It won’t."

      "So we won’t say anything about it to anyone. It’ll be like it never


      Reaching to put a hand on his arm, "And no one has to get hurt over

      The concern dredged up a weak smile in response. "Don’t worry — I
      wouldn’t let him catch me anyway."

      She gave him a confused look, before comprehension dawned. Leaning over,
      she patted him on the arm.

      [Ah. She was talking about hurting *Peter*.]

      Rising and walking to the door, she paused before exiting. "No one else
      has to know. We’ll keep it just between friends."

      "Just between friends. Right." He managed not to sigh until she had
      ghosted through the door and out of the room.

      [Just friends. Right.]

      * * *

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