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FIC: On a Birthday Party, 1/1 (PG)

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  • Ally
    I wrote this light bit of fluffy goodness to get me away from the intense, sorta-dark fic that I ve been writing the last couple weeks. Here. Enjoy. Title:
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 3, 2001
      I wrote this light bit of fluffy goodness to get me
      away from the intense, sorta-dark fic that I've been
      writing the last couple weeks. Here. Enjoy.

      Title: On a Birthday Party
      Author: Ally
      Email: roguegirl01@...
      Rated: PG (at most)
      Summary: Someone has a birthday. Plans are discussed
      and the aftermath is gushed over.
      Category: Not really. (some slight W/Rishness)
      Series: No, not at this time.
      Disclaimer: The characters aren�t mine, the idea is.
      Archive: WRFA, XMMFFA. Anyone else, ask.
      A/N: I thought that this would be a cute idea. I
      know of some other email stories, but not quite like
      this one. And I know that Nancy has something up her
      sleeve, but I promise, sweetie, it�s not a copycat of
      that! You�ll see. Thanks, Amelia, for the terrific
      beta. I�m glad you helped me clear some things up!

      * * * * *

      To: �Roguey� <therogue@...>
      From: �Jubes� <jubilationlee@...>
      Date: Friday November 20th, 2025 1:16 pm
      Subject: The Party

      Are you sure that you�ve got everything that we�ll
      need decorations-wise, babe? We�re gonna have to
      start first thing tomorrow with getting everything
      ready, ya know!


      �You couldn't get a clue if you were in a field filled
      with horny clues in the middle of clue mating season
      and you smeared your body with clue-musk and did a
      clue mating dance.� ~ Unknown

      * * * * *

      To: �Jubes� <jubilationlee@...>
      From: �Rogue� <therogue@...>
      Date: Friday November 20th, 2025 1:23 pm
      Subject: Re: The Party

      For the fifteenth time, yes, I did get the
      decorations, Jubes! And you know that we teachers
      aren�t supposed to use these email accounts for
      gossiping during classes! What are your art students
      doing right now? Do you even know?

      *greatly sarcastic* Do you need a list of what I
      bought to make sure that I didn�t forget anything?

      Rogue, Not Too Happy Right Now Because She�s Grading
      History Exams

      �If there is anything the nonconformist hates worst
      than a conformist, its another non conformist who
      doesn't conform to the prevailing standards of
      nonconformity.� ~ A Conformist

      * * * * *

      To: �Roguey� <therogue@...>
      From: �Jubes� <jubilationlee@...>
      Date: Friday November 20th, 2025 1:28 pm
      Subject: I�m Offended!

      I know exactly what my students are doing! They�re
      messing around with clay and pretending to make things
      that will actually look like real-life objects. See?
      Plus, you at least have a free period right now. You
      know, the advantage to being an art teacher is that I
      don�t have to grade tests on my free periods. Nope, I
      can have fun.

      And, yes, a list would be very helpful. I can start
      to think of where to put everything. *eg*

      Jubes, Feeling Mean.

      �You've got to be very careful if you don't know where
      you're going, because you might not get there.� ~Yogi

      * * * * *

      To: �Jubes� <jubilationlee@...>
      From: �Rogue� <therogue@...>
      Date: Friday November 20th, 2025 1:33 pm
      Subject: So What?

      Smart aleck. Ah, well. You�re right, I am just
      grading papers on my free period, but don�t you think
      that�s a little more important than going over party
      plans, which we could do later today? Plus that ding
      whenever I get a new email is really annoying. I
      think I�ll talk to Hank about changing the program a
      little so that there�s some other way of informing us
      that someone is annoying us again.

      So, here�s what I have:

      5 rolls silver crepe paper, 5 rolls black crepe paper
      4 �Happy Birthday� signs, silver lettering on black bg
      4 black tablecloths, 4 silver tablecloths
      10 silver and black �waterfall� hanging decorations �
      lots of that tinselly stuff on each one *sigh*
      8 silver table centerpieces, 8 black table
      centerpieces (one each per table)

      That�s what I have. Is it enough, m�lady?

      Rogue, Almost Finished With Grading

      P.S. Make sure to be nice to Mandy today in seventh
      period. She got a C on this, and you know what she�s
      like about anything below an A. *rolls eyes*

      "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn." ~Gone With
      the Wind

      * * * * *

      To: �Roguey� <therogue@...>
      From: �Jubes� <jubilationlee@...>
      Date: Friday November 20th, 2025 1:45 pm
      Subject: All Right, Then

      We�re set, I guess. What time are we meeting tomorrow
      to set up?

      And I�ll remember to not yell at Mandy when her clay
      falls apart in two perfect pieces for the fiftieth
      time. I don�t know what I�m going to do about her art
      grade. I want to pass her, but art is the one subject
      she�s just not good at. Maybe I can have the Prof
      talk to her?

      Jubes, Wishing that this period was over.

      "Do or do not; there is no try." ~Yoda, Star Wars

      * * * * *

      To: �Jubes� <jubilationlee@...>
      From: �Rogue� <therogue@...>
      Date: Friday November 20th, 2025 1:52 pm
      Subject: Re: All Right, Then

      I�m not sure. I�ll ask Kitty. She�s been organizing
      people for the set up. Or she was supposed to be
      doing that, anyway.

      The Prof might talk to her, but it�s your job to try
      and teach her something about art. Probably doesn�t
      matter what. *g*

      Rogue, ready for next period, too.

      �Who is more foolish? The fool, or the fool who
      follows him?� ~ Obi Wan Kenobi, Star Wars

      * * * * *

      To: �Kitty� <shadowkat@...>
      From: �Rogue� <therogue@...>
      Date: Friday November 20th, 2025 1:56 pm
      Subject: Hey, do you know�?

      Kitty, do you know what time we�re setting up
      tomorrow? Jubes is having a major crisis over it.
      Who would�ve thought that she�d be the one to have
      nerves over something like this?!

      And did the invitations get out on time? I know you
      said that Bobby put �em in the mail, but for some
      reason I just want to make sure.


      �Absorb what is useful, reject what is useless, and
      add what is specifically your own.� ~ Bruce Lee

      * * * * *

      To: �Rogue� <therogue@...>
      From: �Kitty� <shadowkat@...>
      Date: Friday November 20th, 2025 2:00 pm
      Subject: Re: Hey, do you know�?

      Um, I assumed setting up was supposed to begin at 11
      because the dinner�s at six. That would give us seven
      hours. And, yeah, we got the invitations out. Note
      the use of �we�. Bobby was completely helpless in
      it, poor boy. Sometimes I wonder what I�m doing,
      getting involved with him!

      The kids are pouring in. Oh, joy. Do you ever wonder
      if they wonder what we�re emailing? I swear, ever
      since we got the new program in on all of the
      teachers� computers they�ve been giving me weird looks
      during class!


      �I'm a great believer in luck; and I find the harder I
      work, the more I have of it.� ~ Thomas Jefferson

      * * * * *

      To: �Kitty� <shadowkat@...>
      From: �Rogue� <therogue@...>
      Date: Friday November 20th, 2025 2:11 pm
      Subject: Being Evil

      Thanks. I�ll let Jubes know the plans.

      I decided to email you while my students are reading
      the book I assigned them. You know, you�ve got my
      curiosity piqued. I wonder what they *are* assuming
      about us! It�d be kind of interesting to know, but I
      doubt any of them would ever tell us. Oh, well.


      "The average person thinks he isn�t." ~ Anonymous

      * * * * *

      To: �Jubes� <jubilationlee@...>
      From: �Rogue� <therogue@...>
      Date: Friday November 20th, 2025 2:15 pm
      Subject: Got it

      We meet in the ballroom at 11. The party is due to
      start at 6, you know! Kitty thinks that�ll give us
      plenty of time to get ready. And she said that she
      and Bobby made sure every invitation was sent.

      Now, do you have any other questions, O Worrier?

      Guess what? I�m terrorizing my students, I think.
      They�re all giving me these weird looks �cause I�m
      grinning as I type. I don�t know what they think I�m
      doing, but it�s probably not good! Don�t you wish you
      could read their minds? (In other words, �Oh, to be
      Jean or the Prof!�)


      "The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield
      to it." ~ Oscar Wilde

      * * * * *

      To: �Roguey� <therogue@...>
      From: �Jubes� <jubilationlee@...>
      Date: Friday November 20th, 2025 2:18 pm
      Subject: Re: Got it

      Your poor students, Roguey! How could you do that to
      them? Of course, I�m doing the same thing at the
      moment. You know, you�re right. The little devils
      keep looking over at me. And I think the ones in the
      last period were doing that, too! I�ll have to look
      into this.

      Thanks for helping me get it all sorted out, chica.
      Talk to you at dinner!


      "When choosing between two evils, I always like to try
      the one I�ve never tried before." ~ Mae West

      * * * * *

      To: �Logan� <wolverine@...>
      From: �Rogue� <therogue@...>
      Date: Friday November 20th, 2025 2:34 pm
      Subject: Hey, lover�

      Just wanted to see how you were doing. Plus I�m
      freaking out the students. It�s fun. Did you know
      that they�re very interested in what we�re writing on
      these things during the day? In fact, I think they�ve
      been doing some heavy speculation about it.

      Are you ready for tomorrow? I know you don�t want to
      wear the suit, but I really appreciate that you�re
      going to anyway. Remember, it�ll only be for a few
      hours. Then you and I can go upstairs and find some
      creative ways to get rid of it for you.

      Love you,


      "In the beginning the Universe was created. This has
      made a lot of people very angry and is widely regarded
      as a bad move." ~ Douglas Adams "Opportunities
      multiply as they are seized." ~ Sun Tzu

      * * * * *

      To: �Marie� <therogue@...>
      From: �Logan� <wolverine@...>
      Date: Friday November 20th, 2025 2:46 pm
      Subject: Re: Hey, lover

      Darlin�, you�re being evil again. I love that about
      you, know that?

      Yes, I�m ready. And I�ll definitely take you up on
      that offer. I�m seeing that gorgeous green dress of
      yours crumpled on the floor right now. We�re gonna
      have fun, sweetheart.

      Love ya,


      "Opportunities multiply as they are seized." ~ Sun Tzu

      * * * * *

      To: �Roguey� <therogue@...>
      From: �Jubes� <jubilationlee@...>
      Date: Saturday November 21st, 2025 11:58 pm
      Subject: Wow

      Don�t you think that rushing out of the party after
      three hours was a little noticeable, chica? Oh, well.
      It�s your life, and Logan�s. Anyway, what did you
      think of it all? I was so touched by the amount of
      students who volunteered to help set up, and then all
      of his friends who came.

      Do you think that the Professor was surprised? I
      mean, he�s telepathic and all, but he doesn�t pry too
      often. I know that he enjoyed himself. I haven�t
      seen him smile so much in one since I came to the
      Mansion! I think we made his sixty-fifth birthday a
      really night.

      And the food! Amelia outdid herself this time. We
      really need to do something nice for her in the very
      near future.

      I know I won�t be hearing from you until tomorrow.
      You and Logan are probably so wrapped up in each other
      right now that you won�t bother to check your mail
      until tomorrow morning.

      Well, good night and good sex, chica. *eg*


      "If everything is under control, you are going too
      slow."~ Mario Andretti

      * * * * *

      To: �Kitty� <shadowkat@...>
      From: �Jubes� <jubilationslee@...>
      Date: Saturday November 21st, 2025 12:08 am
      Subject: Great Party, wasn�t it?!

      Hey, girlie! I know you�re in the next room, but I�m
      ready to pass out and will do so as soon as I finish
      this email. I don�t think I could stay awake during a
      long gab session.

      How did you think the party went, anyway? I loved the
      Professor�s reaction. Even if he wasn�t really
      surprised, he acted like he was. I appreciated that,
      didn�t you? I mean, the guy could read any mind he
      wants and was probably aware of what was going on the
      entire time, but he acts so genuinely shocked and
      happy with what we set up.

      I�m glad we invited all of his old friends, too. I
      can�t tell you how many times during the night I heard
      the phrase, �I haven�t seen Charles in forever! I�m
      so glad I could make it tonight!�

      It�s really touching, how much he�s affected lives all
      around the world. Did you meet the woman who flew in
      from China? She told me how he rescued her in China
      when her village was stoning her because she has a
      healing touch but she couldn�t save a man too sick to
      live any longer. It was very sad. The Professor
      risked his own life to save hers, and they�ve been in
      contact ever since. And Jean thinks she was his first
      student. Ha!

      Well, my eyelids are drooping pretty bad. I�d better
      get some sleep. �Night, chica!


      "You laugh at me because I am different, but I laugh
      at you because you are all the same." ~ Unknown

      * * * * *

      To: �Jubes� <jubilationlee@...>
      From: �Kitty� <shadowkat@...>
      Date: Sunday November 22nd, 2025 9:26 am
      Subject: Yeah, it was�

      I loved every minute of it. And I heard some pretty
      great stories from the Professor�s friends, too. It�s
      good to know that people like them are major parts of
      the network we X-Men depend on, isn�t it?

      I definitely agree that the Professor loved his party.
      He was smiling all night. Did you notice that? It
      was like he couldn�t stop himself. I�ve never seen
      him that happy.

      Could you believe it when Rogue and Logan left? Not
      that they were that noticeable, of course. I know
      they�d never have ruined the Professor�s night. But
      we all know that they didn�t leave at 9:30 because
      they wanted to get to sleep early! And you know, I
      think I can still hear them. Damn my room for being
      so close to theirs!

      Good night, Jubes. I�m starting to feel really tired


      "Only two things are infinite, the universe and human
      stupidity, and I�m not sure about the former."
      ~Albert Einstein

      * * * * *

      To: �Jubes� <jubilationlee@...>
      From: �Rogue� <therogue@...>
      Date: Sunday November 22nd, 2025 12:41 am
      Subject: Re: Wow!

      I loved the party so much, Jubes! Weren�t you just so
      proud of my decorations? And it was all set up so
      well, thanks to our too-organized-for-her-own-good
      Kitty. Now what�ll we do, since the planning for this
      is over?

      Yes, the Professor seemed really touched by the party,
      too. I think he was really surprised, not just faking
      it. Well, not all the way, anyway. He couldn�t have
      known about the extra guests, for example.

      And it was a good night, and good sex. See you at


      "A word to the wise ain�t necessary. It is the stupid
      ones who need all the advice." ~Bill Cosby

      * * * * *

      To: �Roguey� <therogue@...> , �Kitty�
      From: �Jubilee� <jubilationlee@...>
      Date: Sunday November 22nd, 2025 1:14 pm
      Subject: Making mischief

      Okay, girls, I�ve got an idea. Meet me in the
      conservatory around 7, okay? We�ll talk.


      �Laughter is the best medicine.� ~ Unknown

      * * * * *

      To: �Jubilee� <jubilationlee@...> , �Rogue�
      <therogue@...> , �Kitty�
      From: �Professor Xavier� <headguy@...>
      Date: Sunday November 22nd, 2025 1:20 pm
      Subject: Thank You

      My Dear Girls,

      It has been brought to my attention that you were the
      ones mainly responsible for yesterday�s party. I
      would like to thank you for the opportunity to speak
      face-to-face with old acquaintances and to celebrate
      my birthday with both old and new friends. It is a
      gift I will treasure forever. You three should be
      very proud of yourselves.

      Oh, and please keep the personal chitchat on the
      teacher email accounts to a minimum, my dears. You
      know that we gave you these internet accounts to use
      as tools.


      Professor Charles Xavier

      "For there is nothing either good or bad, thinking
      makes it so.� ~ William Shakespeare, Hamlet, II.ii


      My Homepage: http://www.geocities.com/allyunabridged/

      You know what they say. Big claws, big....
      ~Sarah says from the Wolverine X-Fiction Site

      It's the people who claim they're perfectly sane who really scare me.

      Shit, that's the one thing in life I do pretty well - Marie care and maintenance. ~Logan from Terri's "October Fools and April Showers"

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