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FIC: to have and to hold 3/3 pg-13 (movie-verse)

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    Title: To Have And To Hold Author: Natalia Melissa Vronsky Email: blackqueenphoenix@yahoo.com or sputiehead@aol.com Web-page:
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 3, 2001
      Title: To Have And To Hold
      Author: Natalia Melissa Vronsky
      Email: blackqueenphoenix@... or sputiehead@...
      Web-page: <A HREF="http://www.geocities.com/blackqueenphoenix">blackqueenphoenix</A>
      Part: three of three
      Category: Rogue/Gambit -other character POV
      Rating: PG/PG-13 for language  
      Summary: Finale to "Somebody Else's Angel", "Why I Lied To Gambit" and "You
      Are Now Entering The Twilight Zone 1&2" Takes place about two years after the
      last story.
      Disclaimer: I do not own these characters... Marvel does... 20th Century Fox
      does. I have NO money. I don't even have a job. I live offa my parents for
      Pete's sake! So don't sue me.
      Author's Notes: Okay... this is it. These last three were really, really,
      really short.
      And this is it. No more. I can only go so far without everything getting
      boring and/or redundant.
      Thanks: to Cassie and Daisy for being the worlds bestest beta's. :)
      A thousand thanks to everyone who's read/responded to my stories. I really
      appreciate it! "You like me... you really, really like me!" :) ain't I
      modest? :)
      Archive: Feel free to archive anywhere... I don't care so long as it's not at
      some "worst fan-fiction ever" page... also... just let me know, 'kay?
      Feedback: PLEASE! I don't care if'n you flame me... just respond... it's nice
      to know what others think of my work. PLEASE!

      Here it is!

      "This is truly a happy event.

      But, then, aren't all weddings?

      All of my children, enjoying themselves.

      No worries, for the moment, about all the evil that men and mutants do.

      I noticed two in particular.

      Rogue and Gambit.

      They've both come such a long way, with each other, with the team, since they
      first arrived.

      She has control of her powers...

      And he?

      He has love, when I know he thought he'd never have it.

      Rogue was always destined to have someone love her like she deserved, and who
      would of thought the giver of that love would come in the form of a
      self-professed ladies man?

      My first student, the lovely Jean Grey stands on the bandstand, talking into
      the microphone.

      Wishing all the ladies, bridesmaids and friends, good luck in catching her
      wedding bouquet.

      About twenty minutes earlier, Gambit had caught the garter Scott had tossed,
      which he now had in his pocket.

      Jean turned so she faced away from everyone and tossed the bouquet high over
      her head.

      The women all scrambled and for a moment, no one was sure who caught it.

      I did.

      Rogue help it up triumphantly and smiled at Gambit brightly.

      A few of my new, younger female students were hurt and upset that the already
      engaged Rogue had caught it... depriving them of their chance.

      The lights were dimmed and as tradition states, Gambit went, lifted up
      Rogue's skirt a bit and slid the garter up her leg.

      A slow song started and they danced, holding each other close.

      -Charles Xavier."

      Awe... gotta love sappy, happy endings.
      That's it... no more.
      And yes... I know... Rogue and Gambit aren't married. But wouldn't that have
      been too predictable... and of ended up being an even sappier, cheesy ending?

      Thanks to everyone again for reading/responding.
      I honestly means a lot to me.

      "Still every night I burn,
      Every night I scream your name..." The Cure "Burn"

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