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Fic: Groping 101

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  • Julianna Hawk
    Title: Groping 101 Author: Lia (juliannahawk@Hotmail.com) Rating: PG-13 Pairings: Storm/Wolverine, Lia/Aubrey, Kitty/Jubilee, Bobby/John Summery: Why Logan
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 2, 2001
      Title: Groping 101
      Author: Lia (juliannahawk@...)
      Rating: PG-13
      Pairings: Storm/Wolverine, Lia/Aubrey, Kitty/Jubilee, Bobby/John Summery:
      Why Logan should never teach his daughter's class.
      Archive: My site, anyone who has previous permission, everyone else just
      Dedication: Rhi, b/c she said it was cute. Tare b/c she gave me the idea.
      Ariana b/c it made her laugh, and everyone who sends me feedback.
      Feedback: Feed the slut. Please.

      ��ey da.� Lia walked over and tapped him on the shoulder. �Fillin� in fer
      Cyke �uh?�
      �Lia! What are ya doin� here darlin�?� Logan asked looking at his daughter.
      �I �ave �ealth with Cyke, remember?� She turned to wave at her boyfriend,
      Aubrey LeBeau who had just walked in. �So �ow did ya get suckered inta
      teachin� this?�
      �Yer mother has her ways.� Logan mumbled, shaking his head in dismay.
      Lia smirked, than started to laugh. �So ya teachin� us �bout what mom
      stopped doin� so ya�d teach us.� She kissed his cheek as he looked at her
      bewilderedly, ��ighly amusing�.� She turned and sat down next to Aubrey.

      �Mon dieu, Lia, w�at are ya plannin�?� Rey asked worriedly.
      �Me? Why nothin�, nothin� at all.� Lia rested her head on his shoulder
      briefly. �I won�t let him �urt ya.�
      �Mon dieu,� Rey whimpered softly, looking scared.
      �You�re a dead man Aubrey.� Jubilee hissed.
      �Jubes! Logan might just hurt him, *alot*.� Bobby hissed back at her.

      �Okay, Cyke is sick, so I�m teachin� ya.� Logan started. Lia hid her smirk
      by bending her head down to open her health notebook. She waited for a
      second, until she heard his strangled cry, than started to laugh. �Wha-?�
      Logan gasped at the page he was looking at. In big, bold letters across the
      top it read: SEX EDUCATION. �Julianna!� Logan turned to his giggling
      �What?! I didn�t do anythin�!� She yelped. �Yet,� She mouthed silently
      enough he couldn�t hear her.
      �Jewel,� Rey whined, trying to sink low in his seat.

      �So Wolvie? Are ya gonna give us bananas and condoms like they do on TV?�
      Jubilee asked.
      �Hey! Do you guys remember when Josie hit her teacher in the head with a
      condom in Never Been Kissed?� Kitty asked suddenly.
      �That was so funny!� Jubilee and Lia answered in unison.
      �Girls!� Logan smacked his hand on the desk, causing the stack of condoms to
      slide onto the floor. �Yeah,� he motioned to the desk. �Come and get it.�
      �Ah think Storm would be jealous if we did sugah.� Rogue replied, and the
      four girls cracked up laughing.
      �Marie,� Logan warned.
      �Sorry sugah.�

      Lia floated two bananas and condoms to her desk, and handed one set to Rey.
      �These are ta big fer most of the guys �ere,� she commented, just loud
      enough for Logan�s enhanced hearing to pick it up. �Most of them did�na seem
      ta be bigger than a small.� Logan growled softly and the tips of his claws
      glittered between his knuckles. The four girls started to giggle softly to
      themselves. Lia got a wicked glint in her eye, and ripped the packet open
      with her teeth.
      �Damn, how do you do that so easily Lia? Mine won�t open.� Jubilee whined.
      �Practice.� Lia replied smugly, her back towards Logan. Rey gulped and slid
      down lower behind his desk and shot Lia a look. Logan snarled and stared at
      Rey with murder in his eye. "Damnit!" Lia hissed.
      "Somethin' wrong darlin'?" Logan asked, the classroom watched them.
      "Yeah, I only know �ow ta put these things on with me mouth. I never use me
      Logan turned and growled at her boyfriend Rey. "Putain!� Rey yelped and
      bolted behind his girlfriend.
      "That's later baby." She winked at him. Rey groaned and buried his head into
      her shoulder.

      �Whoohoo!� Jubilee yelped. �We get us a free peep show of how to feel your
      girlfriend up.� She pulled her chair closer to Rey and Lia. �Really
      dangerous life you�re living though Rey, her dad�s right there.�
      �Oh please Jubes! The only thing ya dunno �ow ta do ta a girl is make �er
      cum, cuz yer always �avin� ta get ta class, right Kit-Kat?� La asked smiling
      at Kitty.
      �Not always, but yeah pretty much.� She answered, looking up from her
      romance novel. �I wonder if guys can actually do that.� She mused out loud.
      �Ask Fire �n� Ice over there. They�ve dun it, loudly ta.� Lia looked at
      Bobby and John, the only two male students besides Rey in the class of

      Logan dropped into the desk chair as the bell rang. He watched as the kids
      bolted out of class, Kitty literally through the wall. Ro walked in and
      smiled at him. �How was class?� She asked with a grin.
      �Somehow, someway, I�m getting� back at ya woman fer that.� He growled,
      pulling her down to sit on his lap. �Ya put Lia up to it didn�t ya?�
      �Put Lia up to what?� Ro asked innocently, kissing him gently.
      �That whole damn thin� she had goin� on. Flirtin� with that damn Cajun of
      hers,� Logan growled.
      �Rey�s not so bad Logan,� Ro chastised him gently, sliding one of her hands
      up under his shirt. She dipped her head and bit at his neck.

      �Awww.� Lia sighed from the doorway. �Me parents gropin� in me sex ed.
      class. �ow cute.�
      �Lia,� Ro warned. �Shut and lock the door, and go play nicely with your
      other teachers.�
      �Yes mama.� Lia giggled as she flicked the door lock and shut it behind her.
      Looking at the door she got a wicked grin on her face. Placing her hand over
      the upper part, green smoke swirled. Than she took off down the hallway to
      math class. The paper fluttered slightly, it read: Sex Ed. Classroom:
      Groping 101 (in progress).

      Again, please feed the feedback slut.

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