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fic; l/r orchids, omens and moons

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  • becky lee
    just a soppy one cheers becky Title; Orchids, Omens and the Moon Author; Eternity aka Becky Rating; PG13 I guess Summary; L/R, Logan fesses up after Scott
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      just a soppy one

      Title; Orchids, Omens and the Moon
      Author; Eternity aka Becky
      Rating; PG13 I guess
      Summary; L/R, Logan fesses up after Scott upsets Rogue
      Disclaimer; I own them not
      Archive; just ask
      Notes; Feedback is nice. Just a stupid soppy one, so don't expect a miracle.
      Inspired by what my friend Rachel, the amateur philosopher, told me
      yesterday, "You are three people. The one you think you are. The one other
      people think you are. And the one you really are."


      Rogue hated summer. At least in winter she looked relatively normal, swathed
      in miles of fabric, but summer showed how different she truly was, even from
      the other mutants. She had already got up on the wrong side of bed that
      morning and was in no mood to put on a brave face, smiling whilst sweltering
      under her clothes while every other female at the school ran around in a
      string bikini. So she stayed in the mansion instead of joining her friends
      around the pool, content to be alone.

      Logan had other ideas. It was six in the evening and he was already having
      Marie withdrawal symptoms. He hadn't seen her since last night, having
      missed her at the chaos formally known as breakfast, and being roped into
      helping Scott fix one of the vans so it could be ready for the evening
      excursion to the movies. He was nearing the serving quarters of the mansion
      when he picked up the freshest scent. Following the smell of strawberry
      body cream, he made his way through the winding corridors and into the vast
      kitchen. The room really was the heart of the house. It boasted two enormous
      old cooking ranges, a large fireplace and bare brick walls, covered in open
      shelves crammed with food. A long, sturdy oak table dominated the entire
      room and the floor of red, clay tiles were cool under his bare feet. The two
      glass bay doors were open, allowing the breeze from the outside rose garden
      to flow in.

      Logan stayed where he was, watching from the doorframe. The room was empty.
      Except for Marie. She was perched of the opposite end of the table, her feet
      on a chair, her back to him, balancing on one arm. He tilted his head to see
      she was playing chess. She looked as though she had just had a shower. Her
      hair was a damp tangle of ruffled locks, the platinum strands that hung down
      slightly curled by the heat. Her jeans were turned up to just below her knee
      and she wore only a strappy crimson top, woven of the finest silk cotton.
      Logan couldn't help but notice that with one quick *snikt*, the fabric would
      fall like rain, exposing all that lay beneath. He also noticed that her
      black silk opera gloves were present and felt a pang of hatred towards the
      small pieces of material. Frowning slightly, he tugged the leather gloves
      from the back pocket of his jeans and pulled them on as he stalked quietly
      forward until he stood beside her.

      "Hey, Kid."

      She turned to look at him, her face instantly lighting up at his arrival.
      "Hey, Logan." She answered leaning further back on the table as she wiggled
      her bare feet in the warm air.

      "What ya doin'?"

      "Wrestlin' elephants�" she smiled, rolling her eyes and waving a bishop at
      him, "�playin' chess, stupid. Wanna join me?" She was off the table, pulling
      out a chair opposite him before he could argue, so he grabbed two beers from
      the refrigerator and slumped down at the table. He smirked at her wrinkled
      nose as he placed the beer in front of her. "Go on, no one'll know." He
      smiled slicing the cap off with a claw. She smiled back at him and he
      suddenly felt all the blood rush to his head. That had been happening a lot
      lately. Each little thing Marie did, since the day he got back, had a
      monumental effect on him. Mentally, emotionally and especially physically.
      The charming little brunette had no idea of the immense magnitude of power
      she yielded over the Wolverine, so much more power than any enemy. She could
      melt him with a word and alternatively, make him hard too.

      And she was currently getting Logan hot under the collar. As she
      contemplated her next chess move, she ran her long, talented toes up and
      down the inside of Logan's lower leg, the friction caused by the denim
      sending little sparks of electricity through his whole body as he tried
      desperately to remain expressionless.

      Rogue had decided she was going to play a game of her own and it had nothing
      to do with chess. Finally coming to the decision that maybe she could be
      happy with Logan and he might actually feel something more than friendship
      for her, she was determined to take the first step. She would have opted for
      the slow, subtle approach, but Jubilee had convinced her that this was war
      and the only way to win was to be blatantly obvious. Now, if a little
      apprehensively, she was trying out the 'full-fledged-throw-yourself-at-him'
      tactic and if she was going to the movies at seven, she really had to forge
      forward with the manoeuvre. Moving her pawn absent-mindedly, she looked at
      Logan who was staring back intensely with bright, alert eyes.

      "Your move," she whispered, her voice so husky she even surprised herself.
      She was about to speak again, when two figures entered the room through the
      bay doors. Logan didn't even look up from the chessboard as Storm and Jean,
      clad only in skin-tight, minuscule bikinis sauntered to the refrigerator.

      "It's too hot" complained Jean as Storm handed her two bottles of water.

      "Don't look at me like that, it's not me!" replied Storm, closing the
      refrigerator door.

      Logan moved a pawn and drew his gaze up to Marie, who was watching the two
      women, her face a blend of melancholy and jealousy at the sight of the
      practically naked pair, an expanse of skin she would never be able show.
      Logan felt the muscles of his heart tighten as Marie looked down at herself,
      almost fully dressed, misery just visible in her features. He shifted
      uncomfortably in his seat as the two women walked behind him, back to the
      open doors.

      "Your turn," he muttered, bringing Marie out of her pitiful daydream and
      back to the game at hand. She looked down at the board, her brows furrowing,
      and Logan couldn't help admitting, if only to himself, just how beautiful
      she looked when so sweetly slightly confused.

      Rogue was all but ready to give up. On the game of chess and her secret game
      with Logan. Jean and Storm strutting around in bikinis? She knew the
      competition was over before it had even begun.

      As if sensing her thoughts, Jean laid a hand on Logan's naked shoulders,
      drawing lazy circles with thin fingers and leaning down to his ear as she
      spoke, "Why don't you come cool off at the pool, Logan?" her voice a soft

      Rogue blinked back the tears beginning and concentrated her gaze on the
      pieces decorating the chessboard. Logan didn't move his eyes from Marie's

      "No thanks, Red. I'm where I wanna be�" He grinned as Marie's head snapped
      up, her eyes and disbelieving. "So if you don't mind," he said, lifting
      Jean's hand from his skin and discarding it casually.

      "Fine, later," Jean stuttered as she shuffled a smirking Storm out of the
      room and back to the pool.

      Logan. Turning down an afternoon with Jean. In a string bikini? Rogue was
      beyond being totally baffled. She made her move with a beaming smile and
      Logan was sure it warmed his whole body. It was the first genuine smile of
      real pleasure he'd seen from her since Remy broke things off a few weeks
      ago. He would have shredded the guy if deep down he weren't privately
      relieved that the affair had ended, leaving Marie open to his advances,
      which he now planned to initiate. He wanted to hold her close when he heard
      her crying at night, hell, he just wanted to hold her close, but she wanted
      to do it all alone.

      His Marie, the loner. It was the only thing about her he longed to change.
      He never stopped wanting to protect her, to keep her from harm, this primal
      and unexplainable need that raged inside him. The day he came back he'd made
      a solemn vow that she would be his, the way it was written in the stars. He
      knew she was all he would ever want. She was his destiny and come hell or
      high water they were going to be together.

      He was about to tell her all this, breaking out in a cold sweat, when Scott
      came bounding around the corner, sliding across the tiled floor into the
      centre of the room, wearing only a pair of shorts and carrying the cordless
      telephone. Logan couldn't help the look of annoyance that crept across his
      face. Scott always seemed to pop up at the most inopportune moment.

      "Good, there you are, I need to ask you a favour, " he gasped, out of breath
      as he knelt beside Rogue "This film tonight, there are only twenty seats
      left," his voice took on an apologetic tone, "and Bobby and Storm and John
      have bowed out, which means that we're still one person over." His face
      twisted in a cringe as Marie listened intently to his explanation. "And with
      it being the first showing and being really crowded and busy, well, an
      accident with your skin might be unavoidable, so would you mind staying
      behind tonight?"

      Logan was ready to explode. He watched the changes in Marie face intently.
      He knew she'd been waiting weeks to see that film, she talked to him about
      nothing else, complaining because he wouldn't go too --and now they were
      brushing her off because there weren't enough seats and because of her skin!
      Over his dead body!

      Marie swallowed, brushing a strand of loose hair behind her ear as she
      spoke. "Sure, Scott. It doesn't matter, I'll see it another time." She
      chanced a look at Logan, who was slowly starting to rise out of his chair,
      his jaw and fists clenched with irrepressible rage. He looked ready to fly
      across the table and make Scott into a pincushion. Rogue placed a gloved
      palm over Logan's gloved knuckles, rendering his claws unusable and spoke
      convincingly cheerfully, as he unhappily lowered himself back into his
      chair. "You guys go. Have a good time." Her face wore a disappointed smile
      as she looked at Logan, calming him with her eyes, the tense muscles in his
      bare chest relaxing as he stared back at her.

      "Great, thanks so much, Rogue, I appreciate it" chattered Scott, backing
      towards the door, watching Logan's every move.

      "You better, One-Eye!" he spat as Scott scurried hastily down the hallway.
      Logan looked at Marie, who was rubbing the ridges of his knuckles idly,
      eyeing the marks in the old table, her mind clearly somewhere else. Logan
      let out an inadvertent grunt at the touch, bringing Rogue out of her trance.

      Rising half-heartedly from her chair, with eyes brimming with tears, she
      whispered "I'm goin' for a walk." She reluctantly released his hand and
      walked through the bay doors into the surrounding rose garden. Rogue could
      hear the clatter of car doors and excited laughter coming from the other
      side of the eight-foot stone wall, the sound of the other students getting
      into the vans ready for the cinema. Even the brave face she'd tried to put
      on couldn't disguise the fact that Scott words had hurt her. She knew she
      wasn't like everyone else, she didn't need constantly reminding. It was
      getting dark as she walked across the soft lawn through the centre of the
      garden, to the wall that ran the edges. She flipped the small switch on the
      wall, illuminating the garden by igniting the Chinese paper lanterns that
      hung, lining the cobbled stone walls and orchid covered arches and alcoves,
      the faint orange light throwing a warm glow across the twilight. She ran
      her bare feet through the soft green grass, moving to stand in the middle of
      the garden, surrounded by a sea of burnished yellow roses. She smiled at the
      irony of the colour that blanketed the earth. Yellow roses, the symbol for
      hopeless love. 'How appropriate', she remarked inwardly.

      Logan could tell Marie was hurt, betrayal and sadness evident in her dark
      and haunting eyes. He hated seeing her aggrieved like that, always so
      self-sacrificially generous, putting other people's happiness before her
      own. And so, getting up from the table and following her into the garden, he
      decided, now was the time to make HER happy. By ceremoniously spilling the
      beans. All the things he'd kept from her and everyone else, every thought of
      lust he'd brushed aside and every confession of love he'd buried, was going
      to be unearthed. He'd make her know the joys of ecstasy if it took every
      last breath in his body.

      He stopped a few feet from where she stood, the light from the paper
      lanterns tossing in the breeze highlighting every feature of her flawless
      body and delicate face. Only now the usually soft and elegant contours were
      set in a pained grimace and Logan could tell by the way she turned away from
      him, wrapping her arms around her shaking body, she was desperately trying
      not to cry. He took a deep breath, raising his head to the sky. Looking at
      the emerging stars, dotted sparkles in the violet night, he all at once felt
      incredibly small. His deep breath must have alerted Marie to his presence,
      for when he brought his head down he was confronted with a second heaven.
      The eyes of the woman he loved. Logan stood absolutely still, deaf, dumb and
      blind with love, as well as being filled with dread at his impending

      "I hate this�" Rogue muttered as she crouched to lie down on the grass.

      "What?" asked Logan, as he trudged over and lowered his body to sit next to

      "This�" she whispered, using her hands to illustrate as she lay back, "This
      skin, this body, this cage�" she broke off as more tears threatened. Closing
      her eyes and sighing she murmured, "It's my grave."

      Logan had heard this before. Marie felt sorry for herself every once in a
      while, just like everyone else, but he had never heard her utter a sentence
      so drenched in surrender before. He stared down at her slender body, veiled
      in moonlight. Her top had hitched up a little, revealing her flat stomach
      bound with an old silver chain and, his tags.

      His tags.

      It was like a blow to the gut. When they disappeared from around her neck a
      couple of months ago, about the time she started dating Remy, he had assumed
      she'd stopped wearing them. Abandoning them and any romantic ideas of him.
      Just the sight of them, still close to her body, at least gave him a glimmer
      of hope. His eyes scrutinised the magnificent expanse of skin, it looked so
      soft, like feathers from angels wings and so pure, like the colour of fresh
      snow. How he longed to touch it. He could feel those nasty demons stir
      inside of him again, driving him to gather her in his arms and immerse
      himself in the fabric of her body. Images of him and Marie entwined were
      dispelled as she spoke again in a bewitching whisper, "It's not just this
      cursed skin, or just that Remy dumped me, Logan, but that everyone gives up
      on me eventually. My friends, my family, they all had good intentions
      towards me once, just like you, but they struggle, they get bored and pretty
      soon they just disappear. You'll do the same. It's just a matter of time
      before I drive you off as well."

      Logan sighed as he watched her face from the corner of his eye, lacing his
      fingers with hers as he tried to find the right words. "I'm not goin'
      anywhere. I'll always be here for you, Marie."

      Rogue opened her eyes and tilted her head to look at his face, watching as
      his hazel orbs darkened in both frustration and resolve. "Here for me�" she
      repeated, her tone bitter and cynical. "But who could ever WANT me, Logan?
      Even Remy, the biggest ladies man in history, next to Casanova, gave up the
      chase! I'm that big of a challenge! Not even worth fightin' for! 'Beyond
      reach' will be the only thing engraved on my tombstone." She was about to
      sit up, when growling, Logan rolled on top of her, roughly pinning her to
      the ground. Savage need and untold ruin rocked his body and mind as he held
      her to the grass, fear and confusion vivid on her face at the harsh burn of
      Logan's fingertips through his leather gloves.

      "Logan, what the-" she stopped, freezing, as he placed a leg either side of
      her thighs, pressing down on top of her as he brought both her hands up over
      her head, holding her wrists still with one large hand.

      His forbidding snarl ceasing, he traced gloved fingers over her collarbone,
      up her neck to cup her jaw, forcing her to look at him as he growled through
      bared teeth, "When did YOU give up? When did YOU join the pity brigade? God,
      this isn't the Marie I know and love! You used to-"


      Logan gulped for breath, realising his accidental admission. He stared down
      at Marie, her eyes enriched with lush tenderness and marred with a thousand
      questions. Logan could only hear his heart beating in his ears, his mind a
      capacious whirl. Fuelled by glorious fear and the adrenaline pumping through
      his veins, he grabbed the chain around her waist, using it to lift her body
      to his, drawing her hips tight against him as he brushed her inviting lips
      in a holy kiss.

      Rogue wriggled beneath him, frantically trying to pull away but Logan was
      already lost. He was spellbound by the spirited movements of her tongue, the
      ripeness of her lips as he nurtured her mouth in a teasing kiss. Rogue freed
      her hands from Logan's and slid them up, over his shoulders, his neck, to
      his scalp, clammy palms of silk grabbing at fistfuls of his thick, unruly
      hair as her tongue dwelt in his hot, irresistible mouth, relishing the taste
      of cigars and beer. Feeling the familiar tingle rise from her bones and stir
      under her skin, Rogue placed her hands flat on Logan's bare chest and pushed
      him away, thanking all the saints that her powers had been sluggish and he
      was unharmed.

      He knelt above her, his broad chest rising and falling with heavy breaths.
      Logan marvelled at the woman before him, so provocative, her hair tousled by
      his disobedient fingers, lips red from his thrusting tongue and skin so
      smooth, like cold marble. She gazed back at him, the look in his eyes beyond
      gratified. Rogue realised she was shaking, the wind was picking up and she
      was starting to feel cold. She was more confused about Logan's feelings now
      than ever. He had been distant with her ever since he got back and now
      suddenly he was jumping on her. She needed time to think. Without him. She
      needed to understand what he was offering. Just sex, a shoulder to cry on, a
      caring elder brother or something more? She should have known better, Logan
      was anything but predictable. With gentle hands, she pushed him further back
      and rose on trembling legs. The look of passion in her eyes faded away,
      only to be replaced with the frailty of grief. She leant forward and dropped
      a light kiss to the top of his head, brushing his hair with mournful lips
      and emitting a sorrowful smile as she muttered "It won't work."

      Logan couldn't understand. If that kiss hadn't told her how he felt and what
      he wanted, he didn't know what would. If his love couldn't stop her from
      walking away, then what words could possibly make her stay?

      He scrambled to his feet to chase after her. She was almost to the gate set
      in the stone wall when he spoke, causing her to stumble and stop where she
      was. "WHY won't it work?" It was a low rumble and she treated it with
      caution, circling to face him as he took a step towards her. Logan's whole
      body was rigid with anger and Rogue picked her words carefully, her nerves
      showing in her thick Southern drawl.

      "Because ya think ya love me, Logan. How do ya know? Do ya even remember
      what love is? And then, what if ya realise you're wrong, about this and
      about me? I couldn't stand having ya and then losing ya. Better to have
      loved and lost? Not for me, Logan. Ya run hot and cold. I mean, ya said
      you'd be here for me, yet ya left me here, with a bunch of strangers, just
      four days after I met ya! So why would ya stay with me for the rest of ya
      life? What if ya run again? Ya can promise me the world but that don't mean
      y'all deliver."

      Logan looked momentarily hurt, but he knew it was the truth. And then
      something dawned on him.

      "You're afraid" he stated, trying to tame the worry raving inside him.

      Rogue continued, her eyes welling with more tears, "I am afraid, Logan.
      Because there comes a time in ya life when ya have to choose. About where ya
      goin' and the path ya wanna take. And ya take that path, win or lose, but if
      ya lose, it's your mistake. I'm afraid I'll make the wrong choice, that
      you've made the wrong choice in me. I'm afraid more than anything, that I'll
      never be enough for ya. I love ya, Logan, I do, but I know how important
      touch can be. Could ya really handle never bein' able to touch me, skin to
      skin, because I couldn't stand not bein' able to touch you! Do you know all
      the things I'd love to do to you�" she whispered, stepping forward, her
      accent returning to normal, "�Do you know how many times I've dreamt about
      having you embedded in my body just as deeply as you are in my mind. Hearing
      you scream my name when�" she sighed, "�I'm so sorry Logan, I'm sorry for
      all the things I'll never give you�" she trailed off, her voice melting in
      the wind. Swallowing back the tears, she moved to turn away from him again,
      but was spun around violently to face a fuming Logan, knocking a few heads
      off of Storm's prize roses in the process. Pulling on the belly chain, he
      grasped her arms and dragged her up his body, leaving her on tiptoes as he
      growled, "Don't you think I want those things too! We'll find away around
      your skin. I want you to give me all those things, you can! Or let me give
      them to you!"

      "It's not that simple, Logan�" she confessed, trying to avert her streaming
      eyes from his but failing miserably, "�Nothin's that simple."

      "I love you, Marie. There. That was simple."

      Marie gazed back at him agog, taking in the infinite truth, devotion
      embellished in his eyes as he loosened his grip on her arms and let her down
      to the ground conscientiously. The slam of car doors and mindless chatter
      signalled the return of the students. Rogue could hear mutterings and
      complaints about cancellations and guessed that no one got to see the film.
      Not wanting to finish the conversation with a disgruntled audience, Logan
      swiftly threw Marie over his shoulder before she had time to argue and
      carried her into the sanctuary of one of the alcoves carved in the stone
      wall. He gently placed her on her feet, mindful of her skin.

      The entrance of the alcove was clouded with trails of orchids and created a
      canopy to protect the couple from prying eyes. The wind was starting to
      howl, the north wind carrying whispers from God's own lips, blowing
      sumptuous ribbons of hair around Rogue face. Logan smoothed them away from
      her eyes, locking his gaze on her dark lashes and willing her to answer his
      declaration. In a gesture, he stretched up to pick a milk white orchid from
      the arbour and deposited it thoughtfully in her dishevelled hair. An
      offering he hoped she would find endearing, urging her to see how much he
      genuinely loved her. He wasn't sure what he might do if she didn't feel the

      The orchid captured both sides of her personality perfectly. The beautiful
      and the unorthodox.

      Rogue wasn't sure how much more torment her heart could withstand. Her
      resolution was starting to falter under Logan's evocative gaze. Her body
      started to quake slightly and not just from the wind. She wanted so much to
      risk happiness with Logan, but it that seemed every time she took a chance
      on something, it blew up in her face. She remembered what her mother told
      her about taking unnecessary risks and broken hearts. 'Beware the love of
      man and many sparkling things. The strongest of birds can be shattered and
      left with broken wings.' But then again, she never listened to her mother.
      She sighed, lifting the flower from her hair and caressing the slender and
      velvety petals with her fingers. Maybe it was time she chose a different
      path, one she didn't have to walk all alone. Maybe she could chance that.

      Logan watched, waiting anxiously, as Marie twiddled the orchid in her
      fingers and looked out from their hiding place, up at the moon. Translucent
      and radiant. A full moon. The perfect time for new beginnings. Rogue was
      never one to believe in signs, but she got this one loud and clear. It was
      an omen, one she couldn't and wouldn't ignore.

      "I love you, Logan. And� I think it's time� I took a chance on some
      happiness. And on you."

      Logan could barely breathe from joy as he pulled Marie into his arms,
      enveloping her with his body as he dusted butterfly kisses over her smiling
      lips. And as he embraced her under the watchful gaze of the moon, Logan
      swore, there and then, he would buy his lover orchids, every day for the
      rest of her life.

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