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Fic: " Trapped In Darkness" PG-13 (14/?) [All X-men]

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    Hi all, This is for Heather. This is part 14 of Trapped In Darkness by Nadja Lee. Disclaimer in part 0. For earlier parts go here:
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      Hi all,

      This is for Heather.

      This is part 14 of "Trapped In Darkness" by Nadja Lee. Disclaimer in part 0.
      For earlier parts go here:
      Quick recap: Ororo was raped but Black Thunder got her away with him. He is now to go talk with the captain.

      You can also read this story here:

      Feedback: is loved and needed of cause!


      Part 14:

      “ Michael,” the captain acknowledged as he walked into his office, eight o’clock precisely.

      “ Captain,” Black Thunder said and stood before his deck.

      “ I trust you are…. whole?” the captain asked, a faint note of what could have been concern in his voice.

      “ I am unhurt,” Black Thunder simply replied and tried to ignore the pain in his back and broken ribs. He could feel that the wounds had reopened, the warm blood running down his back.

      “ Good. Now, first of all I want you to get the new slaves…. the X-men started right away,” the captain said and looked through some papers. Damn government. Wanted papers on everything. Like a man’s word wasn’t enough?

      “ Yes, captain. There is a matter concerning the X-men you need to be made aware of,” his voice was even and low as always.

      “ Oh? What?” the captain raised his head and looked at him.

      “ The white haired woman, Ororo, died during the night. One of the guards killed her as she resisted too much,” the lie rolled off his tongue so easily as if he was talking of a fact he’ll swear the truth of.

      “ How disappointing. Oh, well. Things like that happens. I assume you have taken the necessary actions? I can’t have all the guards killing slaves whenever they see fit.”

      “ The guard in question has been terminated.”

      “ Good,” his eyes returned to his papers. “ Two soldiers; number 234 and 543, were found drunk this morning. Deal with it after the affair with the slaves.”

      “ Yes, captain.”

      “ You may go,” the captain said with a dismissive gesture without even bothering to look at him. Black Thunder turned on his heels and left. He walked down the hallway towards the X-men’s cell. The captain had believed the white haired woman was dead. So far, so good. Now her friends needed to believe the same. He hadn’t planned to hide or even help the woman so his plan wasn’t so sophisticated. If all believed her dead she could be with him and maybe, one day, he’ll somehow manage to find a way out for them. A way to freedom! As he neared the cell he heard voices.

      “ Oh Scott, I can’t believe she did that. What if they hurt her?” a woman’s voice, soft and with a loving tone to the man she asked.

      “ It’ll be alright, love. Ororo is strong. She’ll pull through,” a man’s voice said, gentle and loving but with an inner strength speaking of years of leadership.

      “ Logan, it wasn’t your fault,” that voice was a young female with a southern accent, warmth in her very low voice.

      “ It was, darlin`. I should have stopped it. I should have,” a strong voice, barely holding back an intense anger and hate. All voices stopped as Black Thunder came within vision.

      “ What have you do to Ororo?” the leader, the one the red haired woman had called Scott, demanded to know. So, her name really was Ororo. Beauty, what a fitting name for she was indeed a woman who walked in beauty.

      “ If you have harmed one hair on her head, bub, I’ll kill you,” the man who had spoken earlier growled. With the murder in the man’s eyes, Black Thunder was glad he was on the other side of the force field.

      “ Your friend passed away during the night,” Black Thunder said and he saw the sorrow in their eyes.

      “ Oh, my God,” Kitty whispered and Peter unsuccessfully tried to comfort her as she bust into tears.

      “ You lie!” Scott said angrily as tears threatened to fall. She couldn’t be dead. He wouldn’t accept that.

      “ Oh, Ororo,” Jean whispered and tears fell from her eyes. Ororo had been her best friend, more than that. She had been a sister.

      “ You son of a bitch. I’ll kill you,” Logan yelled and exploded in a fit of rage, throwing himself against the force shield.

      “ Logan, no!” Rogue yelled but too late. Logan was thrown into the back wall and fell to the floor. Rogue ran to him. “ Sugah, you alright?” she asked concerned and reached for him.

      “ Yeah,” with difficulty he sat up. The earlier night’s events hadn’t helped on his nervous system and being thrown into walls wasn’t really a good idea just now.

      “ The following people are to go with these guards to the mines, “ Black Thunder pointed towards six guards waiting for orders. He noticed the look in Scott’s eyes. “ Don’t try anything or they’ll use the collars on you,” Scott looking angrily at him.

      ” Scott, Logan, Peter, Remy and Robert step towards the force shield,” Black Thunder demanded. He saw the refusal in their eyes but only Logan voiced it.

      “ Like hell,” he growled. Black Thunder looked at Scott, hoping he could understand the situation. They couldn’t win.

      “ Step forth now or I will use the collars on you,” Black Thunder said matter of factly.

      “ Logan, don’t. There will be another time,” Scott said and turned to Jean. “ I love you,” he whispered in her ear and gave her a quick kiss on the lips. It was becoming a habit for them to always say the words when they parted. In the life they lead now, there were no room for tomorrows and maybes.

      “ I love you too. Come back to me,” she whispered and stroked his cheek.

      “ I will,” he promised although he knew it was a promise that lay outside his control. Giving her one last kiss, he walked towards the force shield and was in a blink of an eye teleported to the other side. Black Thunder saw the anger and sorrow in the man’s eyes before he quickly covered his emotions.

      “ Marie, I…” Logan began and bent down to kiss her.

      “ No, don’t. Don’t say goodbye,” she whispered as a tear rolled down her cheek and Logan caught it, wiping it away. Logan bent down and claimed her lips with his own.

      “ I’ll be back,” he promised and walked to the force shield, standing between the guards a few seconds later.

      “ Kitten, I….” Peter said as he softly stroked her cheek.

      “ Don’t. Don’t go, Peter. I love you,” Kitty cried.

      “Douchka, I promise, I will be back. Ia vas liouble[1],” with that he bent down and kissed her before easing her out of his embrace.

      “ No,” Kitty yelled and made a grab for him.

      “ There, there, petite. All will be fine, you see,” Remy said softly and placed a restrained hand on her shoulder. Peter stepped through the force shield. Remy looked at Rogue. She stood by the far wall, tears in her eyes but also a strength he had not believed possible in such a fragile looking woman. She looked so beautiful yet so small. He longed to go to her and comfort her but he couldn’t. He let go of Kitty, pushing her into Jean’s motherly arms and stepped towards the force shield. He was the only one with no one to say farewell to. Now, even Stormy was gone. He had no one left.

      “ Well, I guess I’ll better go,” Bobby said as he stood next to Jubilee, she sitting on the floor with her broken leg, her face very white from the pain.

      “ Yeah,” she admitted, conflicting feelings running through her. Bobby’s face fell at her lack of response.

      “ Don’t start crying for me just yet, princess,” he said sarcastically and began to walk towards the force shield.

      “ Bobby, wait!” Jubilee called. He turned around and looked at her, his heart beating faster in his chest. She wore the same clothes as she had been caught in, she was bruised and dirty but to him no woman could be prettier. “ Come here,” she asked and he walked back to her. She grabbed hold of his jacket and pulled him towards her. She gave him a quick kiss on the mouth before letting him up. She grinned as she saw Bobby’s red cheeks. “ Don’t get any ideas,” she said with a smile as he walked towards the force shield again.

      “ Oh, I’ve got a lot of ideas, princess. Like you and me, moonlight and…” Bobby began with a smile, as he was teleported outside the force shield.

      “ Why you…” Jubilee began in mock anger and playfully reached for him even though she of cause couldn’t reach him. Through her tears Jean smiled at the pair. She knew both Jubilee and Bobby grieved for Ororo as they all did but they couldn’t handle it all right now. They needed that game of theirs to continue playing to keep just a small part of what had been their normal life, alive. They needed it to save their sanity. Jean looked after Scott, as he and the others were lead away.

      “ They will be back tonight. In fact you’ll meet them for dinner at six in the big dinning room,” Black Thunder said as he saw the women’s look of worry as the men disappeared from their vision.

      “ You will of cause allow us to doubt your words,” Xavier said mildly and spoke up for the first time. He was well aware that he was a burden to their captures and had thought it best to at least not anger them.

      “ Of cause,” Black Thunder answered before turning towards the women. “Katherine, Marie and Jean will step forward and then these soldiers…“ as he spoke five soldiers appeared, “ will take you to the palace where you will work. As I said you will be returned here tonight.”

      “ Come on, girls,” Jean said, strength in her voice, and gestured to Rogue to follow her towards the force shield. With Kitty still crying in her arms, Jean took her with her through the force shield. Then Rogue walked through.

      “ Jean….” the professor began, not knowing what to say.

      “ It will be alright, Charles,” Jean said and forced a smile as they were lead away.

      “ Kick their asses,” Jubilee yelled after them from her position on the floor and got a small noise of amusement from her three friends. Kitty looked back towards her and waved to her with tears in her eyes but a small smile on her lips as she remembered happier times, before being forced to move on.

      “ Okay, that leaves only you three, Charles, Jubilation and John,” Black Thunder said and let his gaze sweep over them. Jubilee and Xavier sat on the floor by each their wall while John stood up, cradling his broken arm and looking thoughtful. The boy wouldn’t be a problem. He seemed quiet and reserved. The girl, however, had a quick tongue and the guards had hot tempers and quick fists. The old man could be a problem as well as the guards would love to kick around with him, especially when they discovered he was so helpless. Well, all in good time.

      “ Where are we to go?” Xavier asked as Black Thunder thought about options.

      “ The infirmary is still the best solution,” Black Thunder reasoned out loud. Cecilia could normally keep the guards out of the infirmary itself, they’ll stay in the hallway and just outside the room. Black Thunder spotted three guards.

      “ You, come here,” he called and the guards reluctantly obeyed. He knew that if they had had anything to say in the matter he’ll have been tortured to death long ago but as things were now they had no other choice than to obey. As the guards stood behind him, Black Thunder disbanded the force shield and walked into the cell. He noticed the boy tense, instinctually raising his unhurt arm to strike and the girl did the same. Ignoring them he walked towards Xavier. The older man looked questioningly at him but with no fear in his eyes and Black Thunder came to respect the man in that moment. To have such a will to live, to lead, to survive after all what he had been through…. remarkable. Without a word, he bent down and swept Xavier up in his arms, carrying him towards the hallway.

      “ Hey,” Jubilee protested and with John’s help got up.

      “ John, support the woman,” Black Thunder ordered and started to carry Xavier out.

      “ He’s wounded,” Jubilee said angrily. Black Thunder turned back towards her. Xavier wasn’t a lightweight in his arms and his back was killing him while the dried blood on his back and the beginning scars made him want to scratch. It did nothing to improve his patience.

      “ It’s either him or the guards. You choose,” Black Thunder said and though his impatience could be heard in his voice, it was still low and even. Jubilee saw the look of disgust but also lust in the guards’ eyes and shivered. John noticed and laid her arm around his neck by his unhurt hand and began to guide her after Black Thunder, down the corridor. After what felt like forever for them all they finally reached the infirmary and Black Thunder carried Xavier inside, Jubilee and John close behind. The guards stayed just outside the door.

      “ Black Thunder! What have you done now?” a woman asked and John saw a beautiful black woman with shoulder length hair coming towards them. She wore a white coat indicating that she was the Dr. Cecilia Black Thunder had mentioned. She was…. stunning.

      “ This man needs a wheelchair,” Black Thunder said as he placed Xavier in a chair.

      “ We have none. You of all people should know that if a slave can’t work anymore they get cancelled,” Cecilia said and moved towards John and Jubilee. “ Here, come to the bed,” she said gently and guided them to a bed each where they gratefully sat down. She examined Jubilee’s leg first. “ Hum, a clean break,” she commented.

      “ Shall I give you a hand with it?” Black Thunder asked and came to her.

      “ You have the time?”

      “ Yes.”

      “ Fine. Hold her down while I set it back in place,” Cecilia said and before Jubilee could protest Black Thunder had pushed her hard against the bed, having her pinched down.

      “ What are you doing?” John asked alarmed.

      “ You can’t do this. She needs drugs for the pain. I’m a doctor too. I know,” Xavier said from his chair from which he couldn’t move.

      “ We have no more drugs and we aren’t getting any new ones till next month. I can’t waste the new drugs I have left on a broken leg when I can get patients with serious injuries later,” Cecilia said harshly.

      “ Jubilee?” John said softly and she took hold of his hand. He tried not to let her see his worry for her but apparently it didn’t work as Jubilee gave him a small forced half smile and said;

      “ It will be alright.”

      John smiled a little at that.

      “ I should be comforting you,” John protested. Black Thunder looked at the young girl. Although she hid it well, he could see the fear in her eyes. Pain was always that much more unpleasant when you knew it was coming.

      “ Medicine Woman?” he said with a questioning tone of voice. After years she understood his silent question.

      “ Do it.”

      Before neither Xavier, John or Jubilee understood what was happening Black Thunder hit Jubilee hard in the face, sending her into unconsciousness.

      “ Hey. What are you doing?” John protested again. Both Black Thunder and Cecilia ignored him as they now both worked on the leg. With a crash, the bones fell into place and John made a face at the pain Jubilee would have felt had she been conscious. Cecilia made a better splint for her and then turned towards John.

      “ You can just hit me right away,” he mumbled as Cecilia took the piece of clothing away from his arm. It looked real bad and wasn’t a clean break. Bones stuck out from the skin. It had to hurt like all hell, yet still the boy hadn’t complained even once. Black Thunder began to realise that the X-men were done of tougher material than he had first thought.

      “ You’re right,” Black Thunder said and hit John in the face, his head flying to the side as he was knocked into unconsciousness.

      “ Take him to the table,” Cecilia said and Black Thunder carried him to a table that Cecilia used as an operation table. It didn’t much look the part but there was a big lamp over it. Back Thunder moved a chair to the table and then carried Xavier over to it and placed him in it. He looked at Cecilia.

      “ I can manage here now. You go do what you have to do,” Cecilia said and waved him away. She knew that it had probably something to do with termination but she didn’t ask and he didn’t tell. It was better that way. With a small nod of his head, Black Thunder exited the room and walked away to find two unfortunate guards.

      Xavier worked with Cecilia on John and they succeeded in putting his arm back together although they had had to work with crude material and instruments. John would probably get a scar after Cecilia’s stitches though. He now lay in a bed next to Jubilee, both having drifted into sleep after nights without any and without a real bed although the hospital beds wasn’t exactly the newest models they were better than the floor of the cell. After that slaves had come to sickbay and Cecilia had enjoyed having Xavier to help her. When things had calmed down she had found Xavier next to the bed of a young woman.

      “ What is wrong with her?” Xavier asked as he looked at the young woman. She had blond hair and green eyes. She looked to be around the late thirties but looks could be deceiving, especially in her case. She had almost as many cuts, bruises and scars as Black Thunder so Xavier figured they most both have been slaves for a long time. She had obviously been tortured long and several times. What disturbed him the most however was the emptiness of her stare. Her eyes were opened but she just stared up in the ceiling as if nothing around her interested her nor existed to her.

      “ Physically she is almost healed but mentally…” Cecilia took a deep breath. “… They tortured her, raped her. Finally she broke down. She has been here for three months now. Black Thunder brought her here but I have been unable to reach her no matter what I do,” Cecilia let her hand pass millimetres from the woman’s face yet still she didn’t even blink. “ See? There is nothing to be done. Her mind is gone, destroyed. Now she only waits for her body to follow her. I have seen it before,” she noticed Xavier’s sympathetic stare. “ Don’t waste your time with her. She is a living dead. You should rather help me with those we have a chance to save,” she said and went towards a new patient that had come in.

      “ You won’t mind if I disagree and tried anyway?” Xavier asked mildly and stroked some loose hair away from the woman’s face. There was something about the woman…something called to him. He didn’t know what or why but he knew it was there. He had to save this woman. He hadn’t been able to save Ororo or his X-men but he’ll save this woman.

      “ Be my guest just do it in your own free time, when we don’t have any customers,” Cecilia said and nodded to a guard who ungently took Xavier from the woman’s bedside and put him in a chair next to the operation table. Xavier looked one last time at the woman. He felt strangely alone without her at his side. It didn’t make sense as they had just met but still…. maybe some things were meant to be. After what he had seen over the years he wouldn’t rule anything out. When the operation was over Xavier returned to sit by the woman’s bedside, talking softly to her.


      [1] Russian for “I love you”
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