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fic;final thoughts of wolv

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  • becky lee
    hey people this is the last in the thoughts series, maybe. dedicated to domino cheers becky Title; Part3; Final Thoughts of the Wolverine Author; Becky Lee
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 31, 2001
      hey people
      this is the last in the thoughts series, maybe.
      dedicated to domino

      Title; Part3; Final Thoughts of the Wolverine
      Author; Becky Lee
      Rating; R for language/sexual descriptive
      Summary; Logan writes his last journal entry about Marie
      Disclaimer; I do not own them
      Archive; Just ask
      Notes; Follow up to Part2; More Thoughts of the Rogue. Last in the mini
      series! So enjoy. This bit is inspired by Robbie Williams's adorable love
      song 'Angels', lyrics follow.

      I sit and wait
      Does an angel contemplate my fate?
      And do they know
      The places where we go when we're grey and old?
      'Cos I've been told
      That salvation lets their wings unfold
      So when I'm lying in my bed
      Thoughts running through my head
      And I feel that love is dead
      I'm loving angels instead

      When I'm feeling weak
      And my pain walks down a one way street
      I look above
      And I know I'll always be blessed with love
      And as the feeling grows
      She breathes flesh to my bones
      And when love is dead
      I'm loving angels instead

      And through it all she offers me protection
      A lot of love and affection
      Whether I'm right or wrong
      And down the waterfall
      Wherever it may take me
      I know that life won't break me
      When I come to call
      She won't forsake me
      I'm loving an angel instead.


      I love Marie. I am so screwed. I am so happy.

      Happy. Something I thought the Wolverine would never be. And she did that,
      she did that to me. It's three am and Marie is asleep in my bed. She's lying
      beside me and clutching, what I guess, is her journal. She's looking so
      beautiful, I'm just gonna have to wake her up and ravish her all over again.
      And again. And again. And again. Poor me!

      I'm still not sure how we ended up like this, but hell, I ain't complaining!
      I remember walking into the dining room and seein' her standing there in the
      doorway, looking like a fucking goddess. That familiar feelin' crept over me
      and before I knew what I was doin' I was stalkin' towards her, this raw
      animal need blazin' inside me. Screw it, I just did what I've been dreamin'
      of doin' for weeks now, I grabbed her and kissed her. I couldn't get enough,
      so I picked her up, pressin' that hot body into mine and carried her in
      here, still exploring her mouth with my tongue. It just felt right. She
      looked so fucking sexy as I started tearin' of her clothes, licking her full
      lips, making 'em moist, ready for me. And I babbled on like a prize idiot as
      I unhooked her bra and tore off her thong and the little minx just smiled
      and kept quiet, her big, chocolate eyes devourin' me. She never said she
      loved me back, but her body was practically howlin' it. She may've been a
      virgin but that woman is damn talented, believe me! Her graceful fingers
      runnin' down my body and feelin' her breasts, so firm and her legs, so
      supple, I worship her. Even through her gloves, she could make me come a
      thousand times over. And I'm sure she's gonna too, 'cause we are defiantly
      doin' this over, and over, until the day I die, which, let's face it, could
      be never!

      Shit, I just can't believe that Marie is mine. Mine. Now and 'til the end of
      time. I'm gonna guard her, body and soul, until my last fucking breath. I
      wanna keep my promise and I wanna save her, again and again, in return for
      the way she's saved me. I've never felt like this before and I know I won't
      again. I know she means more to me than anything. I knew it when I looked in
      her eyes as she thrashed beneath me, when she screamed my name and her whole
      body shuddered. I knew then that we were right for each other. And I don't
      know how or why, but we fit. And I ain't ever givin' that up, not without a

      She's stirrin'. The hairs on the back of my neck are standin' up, feelin'
      those silk covered fingers curl 'round the inside of my thigh. Fuck. She's
      arcing her back and wrigglin' free of the sheets. Oh yeah, baby, wake up.
      I'm in paradise, and, if you'll excuse me, it's time she joined me there.

      I love Marie. She loves me. We will be happy. Together.

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