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FIC: Somebody else's Angel G/PG 1/1(movieverse)

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    Title: Somebody Else s Angel Author: Natalia Melissa Vronsky Email: blackqueenphoenix@yahoo.com or sputiehead@aol.com web-page:
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      Title: Somebody Else's Angel
      Author: Natalia Melissa Vronsky
      Email: blackqueenphoenix@... or sputiehead@...
      web-page: <A HREF="www.geocities.com/blackqueenphoenix">blackqueenphoenix</A>
      Part: one of one
      Category: Rogue -other character POV (it's a surprise)
      Rating: G/PG
      Summary: An X-Man thinks of Rogue
      Disclaimer: I do not own these characters... Marvel does... 20th Century Fox
      does. I have NO money. I don't even have a job. So don't sue me.
      Author's Notes: this is just to prove to me and everyone that I can write
      stories that don't have a Rogue/Gambit pairing. Okay... this literally pained
      me to write... that'll be the last time I have Rogue in love with someone
      else. :)
      Thanks: to Cassie and Daisy for being the worlds bestest beta's. :)
      Archive: Feel free to archive anywhere... I don't care so long as it's not at
      some "worst fan-fiction ever" page... also... just let me know, 'kay?
      Feedback: PLEASE! I don't care if'n you flame me... just respond... it's nice
      to know what others think of my work. PLEASE!

      "She is truly an angel.

      She lit my life... when I thought it'd forever be darkened by all my sins of
      the past.

      I loved her from the moment we met... though I was reluctant at first.

      I didn't want to let her know, fearing she'd use it against me, fearing she'd
      take my emotions as a weakness.

      Of course, she wouldn't... and didn't.

      But, then she told me about her past.

      Not like mine.

      She's utter innocence.

      Absolutely pure because of her inability to touch.

      Absolutely pure because she'd hardly seen the worst man could be.

      Only through vague memories that didn't belong to her did she have a since of
      the badness of the world.

      One of the persons whose memories haunted her was the one she told me she was
      in love with.

      Not me.

      Never me.

      She told me she wished she could love me.

      She didn't want to love him because he was long gone... and would probably
      never return.

      She explained to me how unfair of her it would be to let me think that there
      might ever be anything, besides friendship, between us.

      She told me to move on.

      How could I?

      I love her.

      When I've never loved anyone else in my life.

      I've messed with women's hearts.

      Toyed with their affection for me.

      Maybe this is my punishment.

      Loving the untouchable angel, and not having her love me in return.

      Maybe I deserve this.

      And maybe one day, Rogue will forget Logan... and love me.

      - Remy LeBeau"
      THE END

      The Devil made me do this. Sorry if anyone hates this or me for writing this.
      I do love Rogue and Gambit together... honest.

      Gambit to Rogue after she kills The Goth -
      "You wan' feel bad 'bout dat, your privilege.
      Jus' like it's mine t'hold you close an' give you comfort, for as long as you
      need, for as long as you want."
      "As it turned out, it was a very long time indeed." So says the little yellow
      dialogue box.

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