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Fic: And One Shall Fall 3/?

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    Title: And One Shall Fall 3/? Author: Tanya Miller Series: Gemini which can be found on my site X-Men Fan Fiction Keepers at http://go.to/tanie Rating: R for
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 30, 1996
      Title: And One Shall Fall 3/?
      Author: Tanya Miller
      Series: Gemini which can be found on my site X-Men Fan Fiction Keepers at http://go.to/tanie
      Rating: R for violence and very bad language
      Summary: Sarah is mistaken for Rogue.....
      Disclaimer: Not mine. Not that lucky. Fox and Marvel own everything famous.


      "Logan! Wait!"

      Irritation evident in his face, Logan stopped and turned. "I have to find her, Scott."

      Barely taking time to notice that Logan had called him by his name, a sure indication of his worry, Scott grimly nodded. "I'm coming with you."

      Suprisingly, Logan didn't argue. "Thanks, Scott. I got a feeling that I am going to need help to get Rogue to come back."

      Trying to lighten things up, Scott joked. "Yeah, Sabertooth is easier to handle then Rogue when she is pissed off."

      Together they headed for the Blackbird.

      Professor Xavier was in Cerebro trying to find Rouge. He had already told them that she had gone to see Magneto but she had left there and he was searching for her now. "She's in a cave about 60 miles from here." he told Logan. To Scott he added. "She's absorbed Magneto again. Watch out for Logan. Make sure he doesn't anger her. She won't have the control to not use his power."

      Suddenly, he added, "Mystique is near her! Hurry!"


      Rogue quietly made her way through the cave, easily navigating the security that Magneto had put in place. Hearing a noise up ahead, she quickly hid herself in an outcropping of the wall. Silently, she watched Mystique head in the direction Rogue had just come from.

      Deciding to follow her, Rogue slipped from her hiding spot and followed as closely as she dared. She could hear Mystique talking but was unable to make out any words.

      Mystique stopped suddenly. She was sure that someone was following her. Deciding she was being foolish, after all Magneto had set up security really tight, she continued on.

      "As I was saying, my associate has found your missing project. We would be willing to share this information with you in exchange for disposal rights."

      "Ms.Darkholme, my agency is most anxious to reaquire Weapon X, however I can not see them agreeing to work with a mutant in order to do so. Especially when that mutant makes such demands. I believe that our discussion is over. Good day."

      Rogue could see that the man in the dark suit turned to walk away, only to stop when Mystique called out once more.

      "I will say when our discussion is over!" she started to shift, her body talking on the appearance of the man before her. Seeing this, the man started to back way. "I can see that you are not going to agree so I have no use for you anymore. Good day, Mr. Evans."

      Grabbing the man, Mystique took on Woverine's appearance, just his hands actually. Three long blades buried themselves in the man's belly.

      Rogue held back the sound of shock that threatened to reveal her. Even thought the man was one of those that had hurt Logan, she was sorry that she hadn't stopped his death.

      'That's what makes you better then them.' her inner Logan-voice said.

      Moving once more, Rogue moved to where Mystique had left the man before leaving. Reaching out a hand, she turned him over until he faced her. Touching the skin on his temple she got a risidual flash of a huge white building. The sign out front said 'Dynamic System Analysts'

      Opening her eyes, Rogue sighed. Logan's hell was a building only about 200 miles from the mansion. Evil so close at the door.


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