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fic:part2 more rogue thoughts

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  • becky lee
    hey people thanks to terri, karen b, victoria and domino 4 flattering feedback and the last part will be posted tomorrow cheers becky Title; Part2; More
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 30, 2001
      hey people
      thanks to terri, karen b, victoria and domino 4 flattering feedback and the
      last part will be posted tomorrow

      Title; Part2; More Thoughts of the Rogue
      Author; Becky
      Rating; PG13 for language/sex
      Summary; Marie writes more thoughts about Logan
      Disclaimer; I do not own them
      Archive; Just ask
      Notes; Follow up to Part2; More Thoughts of the Wolverine. Inspired by
      Sade's song 'By Your Side', lyrics included.

      You think I'd leave your side, baby
      You know me better than that
      You think I'd leave you down
      When you're down on your knees
      I wouldn't do that
      I'll tell you you're right
      When you want
      And if only you could see into me

      Oh, when you're cold
      I'll be there
      To hold you tight

      When you're on the outside, baby
      And you can't get in
      I will show you
      You're so much better than you know
      When you're lost and alone
      And you can't get back again
      I will find you, darling
      And bring you back home

      And if you want to cry
      I am here to dry your eyes
      And in no time
      You'll be fine

      Oh, when you're cold
      I'll be there
      Hold you tight, to me
      Oh, when you're low
      I'll be there
      By your side.


      I love Logan. I am so screwed.

      Literally! No, you don't understand! The gorgeous lug is lying next to me,
      right now, as I write this! Butt naked and sleepin' like a lamb. That hard,
      toned, tanned body, and it's all mine! Mine! I'm so happy, I could scream!
      Anyway, you're probably wonderin' how I ended up in this wonderful position,
      yes? Okay, here goes.

      I was dreamin' all the way through the Professor's class, away with the
      fairies, thinkin' and frettin' about, can anyone guess? Logan. See, I'd made
      up my mind to confront him. To tell him everything, face to face, exactly
      how I felt. No more tip-toeing around things, I was just gonna wait until he
      finished his steak and then blurt it all out. No more playin' around. Only
      thing is, we never got that far! As it got closer and closer to dinner, I
      got more and more nervous, twitchin' in my seat and watchin' the clock, so I
      excused myself to go to the little girl's room. I figured that way I'd get
      to the dining hall early and I could be ready when he showed up. So I
      wandered down the corridor to the hall's South entrance and took a deep
      breath, stared straight ahead and opened the door.

      I looked at the opposite end of the hall and there he was, standin' in the
      doorframe in the North wall. His eyes met mine and I swear to God, it was
      like everything around me disappeared and all that was left was him and me
      and I could hear this little voice in my head sayin' 'Go to him.' So that's
      what I did! It was like my body was on autopilot or somethin' and I kept
      lookin' right at him and my feet seemed to move all on their own. Then he
      started stridin' towards me, knockin' over chairs and dodgin' tables. He had
      this devilish look in his eyes, that intense hazel smouldering with animal
      heat and my body suddenly felt like it had been lit on fire. And before I
      knew it, we met, right there in the middle of the dining hall and he picked
      me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist and he threw my scarf over my
      lips and he kissed me! He kissed me! I've never known anything as delicious
      as the feel of Logan's mouth on mine. My lips are still burnin' from his
      touch! Then he carried me out of the room, his hands goin' EVERYWHERE and I
      guess everyone must've been watchin', but hell, like I cared!

      We didn't stop kissin' until we got up to his room and we only stopped then
      'cause we both needed to come up for air. I licked my lips, watchin', as he
      took of all his clothes and slipped on his leather gloves. I could scarcely
      remember to breathe when he started strippin' me, rippin' off my blouse and
      skirt, real gently though, smilin' his beautiful smile, as he told me all
      this stuff. These soft little whispers about how he had wanted me from the
      first moment we met, about how he's gone take care of me forever, about sexy
      I am and, and this, this was the best bit, that he loves me. He. Loves. Me.
      I was fairly euphoric after that anyway, but damn, I never knew Logan could
      be so creative 'cause it was so good, so hot, so divine, it might as well
      have been skin to skin, 'cause I'm pretty sure it can't get any better than
      this! The man is a GOD! Not that I have anything to compare that too, but
      multiple orgasm! And it was only our first try!

      I love Logan. I am so screwed. I am so happy.

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