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Fic: And One Shall Fall 2/?

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    Title: And One Shall Fall 2/? Author: Tanya Miller Series: Gemini which can be found on my site X-Men Fan Fiction Keepers at http://go.to/tanie Rating: R for
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 29, 1996
      Title: And One Shall Fall 2/?
      Author: Tanya Miller
      Series: Gemini which can be found on my site X-Men Fan Fiction Keepers at http://go.to/tanie
      Rating: R for violence and very bad language
      Summary: Sarah is mistaken for Rogue.....
      Disclaimer: Not mine. Not that lucky. Fox and Marvel own everything famous.


      "Where's Rogue?" someone asked.

      Logan looked up from where he watched Jean work on Sarah. Not seeing Rogue, he stood and started to leave the lab, sure that she was either in the hall or in the room she shared with Sarah. But before he could make it to the door there was a blinding flash and Jean was sent flying into him.

      Catching her and righting them both, Logan quickly asked, "What happened Jeannie?"

      "Her mutation activated. The inside of my wrist touched her. My gloves had worked down a bit so they weren't covered. I never thought about it because it has been so long since one of them was untouchable." She said, her voice showing her shock and sudden knowledge of what this meant.

      "Where's Rogue?"


      Speeding down the highway, Rogue didn't stop to ask herself how she was going to find the person who had shot her sister. She just thought about who could tell her where they were.


      The prison walls came into view. Slowing down at the guard gate, she stated her name and was waved though. Going into Magneto's cell block she was searched for metal objects and made to pass through a metal detector to make sure that she wasn't hiding anything.

      Walking along the hallway to the tube tunnel to his plastic cell, the guard told her the rules. Ignoring him, she walked forward intent only on getting to him. Getting to him and making him talk.

      The tube attached to his cell and she walked in. The guard told her that she had 15 minutes. 'Plenty of time' the Logan-voice in her head said.

      "So nice to see you, my dear. Certainly never expected a visit from you." Magneto said with a smile.

      "Where is Mystique?" She asked in a deadly calm voice.

      A cold smile crossed his face. "How would I know, I am in prison. Remember?"

      Rogue smiled, the silent menace implied caused Magneto to lose his. "Where ... is ... she?"

      "Why are you looking for her? And why not just ask Charles to look into my mind for the answer?"

      "Because I am going to kill her and I doubt that he would help me to do that." Rogue quietly answered.

      "Such rage. What did she do? Did she hurt your wolfman?" he mocked.

      "She shot my sister."

      "Well, well. That is a surprise. I wasn't aware of any sister." Rogue could hear the self-doubt in his voice. He was thinking that if he had overlooked that fact he may not be the great villian that he thought he was.

      "Tell me where I can find her."

      "As I said, how...." Magneto started. A hand flashed out and latched onto his wrist. His eyes widened and he would have cried out but the drain was already starting.

      When she felt his arm go limp, Rogue let go. "Thanks. I got what I came for." Standing, she turned away. Just before the guard let her out, she turned once more. (German) "I will see you again. Count on it. Perhaps if Sarah is better she will come too. She is my twin, you know"

      Seeing the panic and terror in his eyes, she smiled coldly and left. She knew where the Blue Bitch was. 'Soon Sarah. Soon, I will make her pay." She silently promised.


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