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Fic: And One Shall Fall 1/? (Teaser)

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  • Emy & Tanya
    Hi everyone, Well, here is a new installment of my Gemini Series. If you haven t read it you probably should so that you aren t too confuse when reading this
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 28, 1996
      Hi everyone,

      Well, here is a new installment of my Gemini Series. If you haven't read it you probably should so that you aren't too confuse when reading this one. Now, I am sending you the first part of this fic as a teaser, to see if there is any interest in reading more. I have it almost completed (Just a matter of typing it up) so if there is interest in reading more I will try to post about a part or 2 a night.


      Title: And One Shall Fall
      Author: Tanya Miller
      Series: Gemini which can be found on my site X-Men Fan Fiction Keepers at http://go.to/tanie
      Rating: R for violence and very bad language
      Summary: Sarah is mistaken for Rogue.....
      Disclaimer: Not mine. Not that lucky. Fox and Marvel own everything famous.


      "How did I get so lucky? I must have said this sentence at least a thousand times in the past couple of months. I found Marie, I got a great boyfriend, , Bobby, and I even have friends that don't care that I am a mutant. Why should they? They are all mutants themselves. And on top of everything else, I can touch people. This has to be a dream. And if it is I never wnat to wake up!"

      Sarah looked up from the journal she was writing in to watch Bobby play football with some of the other boys. Shew was wondering where Rogue was when she heard a tiny sound, almost like a pop. Then ... pain. She could feel heat and pain in her side and looked down. Something red was spreading on her dress. She touched it with her hand. 'It's wet.' she thought as she pulled her hand back. It was covered with red. Blood. It was blood. She looked up in time to see Rogue running to her.

      'Too late.' she thought as she fell forward.



      Time seemed to slow down. Rogue screamed as she saw Sarah fall. And in that instant knew true fear.

      "Jean!! Logan!! Help!!!" she screamed as she ran across the school grounds to where she could see Sarah lying. "Oh God!! Please let her be ok!!" Falling to her knees beside her sister's body, Rogue reached out a hand to push back the hair that covered Sarah's face. Tears fell unheeded at the sight of so much blood. This was her fault. They had been after her. They didn't know about Sarah.

      Rogue didn't hear Logan run to her side. She never heard him when he said that they had to get inside. She never saw him lift Sarah into his arms to carry her to safety. She never heard him yell to her to follow him. She could only see Sarah fall in her head over and over. Standing, she stripped the gloves from her hands. They clenched into white knuckled fists. She would make them pay for this.


      A figure seems to appear out of the shadows. A gun gleams in the sniper's hands.

      "Well? Did you kill her?" a woman's voice asks him.

      "Yes. I shot the one they call Rogue. It was easy really. Never saw it coming." he says with a smirk.

      "You're sure?"

      "Of course I am sure. Brown hair with white streaks. Kind of hard to mistake. Bitch went down with one shot."

      "Excellent." The woman steps forward with an envlope that contains the man's price for doing the task. As his hand reaches out to take it, her hand strikes, wrapping around his throat. Yellow eyes flash as she snaps his neck like a twig. Shoving the money back into her coat, she wipes her hands together. A smile creeps across her face. "One down. One to go. I am going to enjoy killing you, Wolverine. Look out. Mystique is coming to play."


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