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FIC: Jus Ad Bellum: Notes and etc.

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  • Jenn
    Title: Jus Ad Bellum (To Justly Go to War) Author: jenn (jenn@igg-tx.net or jenn@thegateway.net) Codes: Rogue, Logan, Carole Danvers, Scott, Jean, St. John,
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      Title: Jus Ad Bellum (To Justly Go to War)
      Author: jenn (jenn@... or jenn@...)
      Codes: Rogue, Logan, Carole Danvers, Scott, Jean, St. John, Bobby, Hank,
      Magneto, all (Logan/Rogue, Scott/Jean, so forth)
      Rating: MA

      Summary: One Rogue. Two timelines. Three personalities. Every
      possibility. Rogue discovers who she is, could have been, and everything
      she can become.

      Warnings: Adult subject matter all the way through. Violence, explict and
      semi-explicit, sexual situations, mature themes.

      So now you know what's kept me from posting much in the last few months.

      Author Notes: Long sucker, but useful:

      1.) I did not decide to write a novel--I decided to expand on a strange
      little short story I wrote for Darkstar's MRA challenge back last year and
      ended up with this. I think that story is trapped in Part III somewhere.
      It's taken most of my attention since May and it has a soundtrack. Or two.
      Go figure.

      2.) If you're a fan of the sci-fi/fantasy/horror genres, the trigger is
      going to be somewhat familiar to you, though I've done some heavy
      remodeling since what I read won't work with the storyline I have in mind.
      The writer was Jack Finney and the book was called "The Third Level". If
      you get a chance, read it. Spooky doesn't begin to describe. My first
      reference to it was while reading Stephen King's "Danse Macabre", which
      utterly intrigued me in how it's the simple things that really take your
      mind on a major trip. I just wish I could have thrown in some Lovecraftian
      geometry theory so triangles wouldn't equal 180 every time, but maybe
      another day.

      3.) Research: If I cited everything, this would be longer than the story.
      Let's keep with the stuff I had on my desk while writing.

      "Schindler's List" by Thomas Keneally; "The Prince" by Machiavelli; and
      "The Defeat of the Mind" by Alain Finkielkraut (VERY quotable book, btw).
      Specific quotes are cited in the text. More internet articles than I can
      remember, and all my notes from my WWII in Film and Lit. class. The
      parallels aren't perfect, but close enough for jazz. Information from
      Minisinoo, Fyrdrakken, Shana Nolan, Ann, and Beth, who also looked for
      pictures of barbed wire. I have those still.

      4.) Movieverse: I only borrowed from comics what I needed and adapted it
      as I saw fit; Betsy, Remy, Carol Danvers, and Hank. The history of Carol
      Danvers and St. John I'm borrowing from the L & L series, but you don't
      need to have read it to know what's going on with them, just a point of
      interest for those who have read it. Though I admit, Carol's slightly more
      mellow here; I'm assuming being trapped in Rogue's head has had a salutory
      effect on her personality.

      Dedication: Darkstar, for her post-MRA challenge that turned out to be
      this--I actually managed to do it! Minisinoo, Deejay, Shana, Andariel, and
      Ann, who do the betas, corrections, questions about ethics, and midnight
      emails that probably don't make much sense but they answer anyway. Min for
      the title as well as the beta, long email convos I used for reference on
      both theme and character, and excellent advice on worldbuilding--she's a
      goddess and should be treated as such. Fyrdrakken, for commentary and an
      unusual conversation on idealism, not to mention the advice she gave me to
      complete Part IV and get Part V whipped into shape. Beth, jengrrrl, and
      Misty, for being ultra-supportive and kind enough to not comment on the
      fact I was obsessing over really irrelevant details, not to mention the AIM
      panic attacks I indulged in on a weekly (daily?) basis. And Sare Liz, my
      friend and usual co-writer, who is semi-computerless and therefore, I am in
      withdrawal from fun Sare-specific Ian-ness, Edward-ness, and Logan-ness.

      Archiving: WRFA, XMMFC, all others ask

      Disclaimer: Marvel owns most of the characters, even the currently dead
      ones, and since I started writing this, another died. <sigh> This
      particular incantation is based on X-Men the Movie, owned by Twentieth
      Century Fox, in which those dead characters aren't there yet, don't exist,
      or are still somewhat alive. I think.

      Feedback: Like it, love it, drink too much coffee with it. I'm easy to

      Quick explantion:

      --convo-- inner Rogue conversations

      {xxx} flashbacks


      This is the current outline organization. The only variant could be a
      split in Part IV if it crosses twenty separate email parts. Currently, it's
      not that long, so I'm not worried.

      Part I:
      Interlude 1

      Part II:
      Interlude 2

      Part III:
      Interlude 3

      Part IV:
      Interlude 4

      Part V:
      Interlude 5

      Epilogue 1

      Epilogue 2

      Personal Webpage:

      XMMFF List Archivist: www.geocities.com/xmenmoviefanfic

      PETJ, EFB, WRB, FEF, WRM, ASCLM, AngstGrrl, General Diebin-fan, Beth-fan


      On Published Versus Fanfic (simplified)

      Q: Why do I do this? I'm a junkie.

      A: And fanfic writers are... what? Slightly scuzzy methadone addicts, as
      opposed to mainlining the pure uncut goooood stuff that is your drug of

      --Barbelith Underground Messageboard, page 7
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