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Fic: "Linger" L/R Rated PG

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  • Jesse
    This is my first post. Hopefully this goes thru alright. :) * Title: Linger Series: Companion Part: 1/? Author: Jesse Contact: chartreux@hotmail.com
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      This is my first post. Hopefully this goes thru alright. :)


      Title: Linger
      Series: Companion
      Part: 1/?
      Author: Jesse
      Contact: chartreux@...
      Homepage: http://www.angelfire.com/realm/tidal/index.html
      Rated: PG
      Author's Notes: Takes place in the movie-world of X-Men. I've never
      read the comics. And this is my first real X-Men story.
      Author's Notes #2: I'm hoping to turn this into a series, but I'm
      lazy, so it'll probably take a while. If ever. :op
      Codes: Logan POV, L/R-esque.
      Feedback: Yes, please! Lots of it!
      Disclaimer: *ahem* They are mine. NO, WAIT...they're not.


      Logan walked up the front steps without thinking. Hell, the entire
      trip he had tried not to think. Coming back was a difficult thing to
      do. It meant he had failed in finding what he was looking for. It
      meant that this place meant something to him.

      He sighed as he approached the door. He wasn't quite sure why he felt
      so uncomfortable being back. Perhaps it was because he wasn't happy
      with the way he left. It had been too quick. For someone who had been
      around as long as he probably had, it sure seemed like he didn't have
      enough time.

      He walked right through the doors, as was expected of him. Professer
      Xavier most certainly knew of his presence already, so Logan figured
      there was no real need to knock.

      The place was basically as he remembered it. Clean, shiny, and
      antique. He turned quickly when he felt he wasn't alone.

      "Welcome back, Logan," greeted Xavier. He was as Logan remembered
      him. Also clean, shiny, and antique.

      "Hey Wheels," he nodded non-chalantly, "How's the place been holding
      up without me?"

      Xavier smiled, "How was your trip?" Logan snorted. He knew the
      professer knew exactly how his trip had been.

      "Fine, fine," he answered anyways. "Found nothing, of course, but the
      weather was nice." Logan found himself craning his neck around the
      corners of the entryway. He was a little perturbed that the others
      weren't arriving to greet him.

      "Everyone else is in school right now, Logan," said Xavier, reading
      his mind. "They'll be down to see you when classes let out." The
      professer wheeled by him and entered an adjacent room. "Are you
      hungry?" he asked.

      "Sure, I guess." He resigned himself to being alone with the
      professer for the next little while.

      "Join me for afternoon tea, then."

      Logan halted briefly and winced, before continuing on behind Xavier.


      He fidgeted for what felt like hours in that seat. Most likely it was
      only about 20 minutes or so, but that was damn long enough for him.

      "Is there someone in particular you are here for, Logan?"

      Logan jerked his eyes up to meet Xavier's. The general conversation
      took a wayward turn once the professer sensed his companion's desire
      to get out of the room they occupied and out into the complex. The
      telepath knew Logan came back for a reason.

      Xavier titled his head, waiting for a response. Logan shifted
      nervously. "I'm here because I have nowhere else to go," he said, not
      a trace of regret or sadness in his voice. He was being blunt and

      The professer smiled. "Well, you'll always have a home here," he

      The gruff mutant nodded, distracted by the new noises coming from the
      other side of the wall.

      Xavier sighed. "Classes have let out. Everyone should be in soon."

      As if in reply, the doors to the room slammed open and a small number
      of people shuffled in. Logan stood and smiled as he saw Jean Grey.

      "Jeannie," he said, stepping towards her.

      Logan was now noticed by the entire group. "Logan, how are you?" Jean
      embraced a grinning Wolverine as the others stood slightly back.

      "Good, good," he answered before leaving the redhead's grasp and
      nodding at the room's other occupants. "Scooter, Storm..." he

      Scott Summers merely sniffed his reply, but Ororo Munroe gave Logan a
      peck on the cheek. He couldn't help but feel somewhat happy to be
      back in the mansion. He couldn't deny that he was enjoying this.

      "So," Logan continued after the pleasantries, "Where's Rogue?"

      "She's around," replied Jean, "Do you want me to find her?"

      "No, no," he answered quickly, "I'll find her later."

      Jean nodded and took her friend's hand. "Let me show you around,
      Logan. We've made some improvements since you've been gone."

      Logan took her hand and sneered at Scott as they walked by. Jean
      looked back at her fiance and winked before she was out the door.

      Scott huffed and turned to the Professer. "Why's he back?" he asked,
      clearly insulted.

      Xavier mulled the query for several seconds before replying a general
      and inconsequential, "I don't know."


      Jean took him through the building and about an hour later they ended
      up in the garden outside. It was a beautiful day and most of the
      children were outside playing on the courts or in the grass. She and
      Logan sat down on a bench on the far side of the field.

      They sat in silence for a few minutes before Jean commented on
      Logan's darting eyes. "You're anxious to see her, aren't you?" she

      "Who?" he answered without missing a beat.

      "Rogue," she replied. Her answer inclined him to turn his face to
      hers. "She'll be very happy to see you."

      He snorted. "Maybe."

      "You're wondering if she'll be angry with you for the way you left,"
      whispered Jean.

      Logan shot her a glare. "I'll thank you not to read my mind," he said
      with a small growl.

      Jean smiled and blinked. "I didn't read your mind, Logan. Your
      demeanor is pretty obvious."

      He sighed and blinked slowly. Before he could respond, though, a
      figure came running up to them.


      The accent was unmistakable. He smiled despite himself and stood to
      greet Rogue.

      "Hey kid," he said just as she gave him an exuberant hug.

      She released him and hit him playfully on the arm. "Don't 'kid' me,
      Logan. I'm a grown-up now," she winked. "How are you? When did you
      get back?"

      Logan grinned, "Just now. I've been looking for you."

      "Well, ya found me, sugar!"

      "Whadd'you say we go for a ride, Marie? We could get caught up," he
      trailed off, not entirely sure what her answer would be.

      She smiled, "I would love to."

      He offered Marie his arm and turned back to the bench to say
      something to Jean, but she had already left. He furrowed his brow
      slightly, wondering why he didn't notice her disappearance.

      Logan turned back when he noticed Marie had begun to talk. He
      couldn't help but notice her beauty. She had certainly changed in the
      years he'd been gone.


      The drive in the car was quiet, except for the occasional comment
      from Rogue. He knew she could sense his hesitation. He didn't want it
      that way; he wanted to talk with her. But he just couldn't seem to
      find a way through his thoughts.

      They were passing a lake when Logan decided to stop the vehicle. He
      pulled into a small parking lot and turned off the engine, and stared
      at the steering wheel in front of him.

      Rogue waited a few moments before speaking. "Are you alright, Logan?"
      she asked, concerned. She realized that there was definitely
      something on his mind.

      Logan laughed quietly and turned to look at her. Her dark brown eyes
      were pools of worry, and he wondered what he had really done to
      deserve that kind of caring.

      "I'm sorry, Marie," he began, without really knowing where he was

      Her brow furrowed. "Sorry for what?" She waited patiently as her
      companion blinked nervously. Understanding that he wasn't sure how to
      respond, Rogue smiled and placed her gloved hand on his arm. "Logan,
      what on Earth could you possibly have to be sorry about?" she asked

      Looking only at her hand, Logan replied in a hushed whisper, "For
      leaving you. Badly." He looked into her confused stare. "I left too
      quickly. I didn't stay for you, and I'm sorry."

      Rogue's smile, momentarily faded, came back to her face. "Logan, what
      you did for me was something no one else would have done. I'm very
      thankful for that. But sugar," she said, smirking, "we barely knew
      each other. We share a bond, but hon, we still barely know each
      other. You have no reason to be sorry." She squeezed his arm lightly
      in an attempt to make him more comfortable.

      Logan sighed and gave his friend a lop-sided grin. "I'm sorry,
      darlin'," he said, "I guess I'm overthinking things."

      Rogue smiled brightly. "That's okay. I'm just happy to have you
      back." She looked at him with wide, sparkling eyes, and Logan
      wondered just how he lasted so long without seeing that face.

      And then those thoughts came to him again. Guilt. Resentment. He had
      no right thinking of Marie as anything other than a friend. He smiled
      to himself and realized that that was okay with him. As long as she
      was there, in any way, shape, or form, he would be happy. Those
      months alone made him realize that.

      "Whaddya say we head back?" he asked after a moment's thought.

      Rogue smiled, "Sure, hon."

      With one last look at his companion, Logan started the car and headed


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