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FIC: Face the Morning (3/6)

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  • H20Babie6@AOL.com
    SEE PART ONE FOR DISCLAIMER-ISH STUFF Part 3: He arrived in the late afternoon and his first thought was that the mansion was bigger than he remembered. It was
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 13, 2001

      Part 3:
      He arrived in the late afternoon and his first thought was that the
      mansion was
      bigger than he remembered. It was intimidating, foreboding. He suddenly
      with the nervous students who came up the drive for the first time, not
      knowing what to
      Scott took a long, deep breath of humid air and instantly missed New
      Mexico. He
      wondered momentarily if he could just turn the truck around. But he knew it
      was too
      late. The Professor was aware by now of Scott’s arrival, and Scott would not
      The Professor met Scott at the door.
      “It’s good to have you home,” the Professor welcomed Scott. Scott
      thought of his tiny apartment in New Mexico. ~No,~ Scott mentally chided
      ~1407 Greymalkin Lane is home.~
      “Thank you, sir.” Scott followed the Professor to his new room,
      wondering why
      Kitty hadn’t been waiting to greet him.
      “Scott, I know this situation is awkward,” the Professor told him, “but
      we really are
      glad to have you back. All of us.”
      “Thank you. I’m glad to know that.”
      “We’re having a small celebration tonight in your honor. Nothing
      formal, just a
      chance to ‘hang-out’ as they say,” the Professor informed him with a smile.
      “I’ll let you
      unpack and get settled now. Dinner is still at six, immediately followed by
      your party.
      As for the business end of things, all that can be discussed tomorrow.”
      “Thank you, Professor.”

      He was fiercely dreading dinner. The stares, the whispers, facing Jean,
      and Kitty.
      He hadn’t thought he would dread seeing Kitty. She was his ally. But things
      different now. He clasped his hands behind his back, a gesture he hadn’t
      used in a
      long time, and walked into the dining room.
      No one really noticed his entrance. A few students greeted him as he
      walked to the
      staff table. Kitty stood, hugged him. Bobby extended a hand, ready to
      forgive and
      forget. Jean turned her head away, unable to look at him.
      So dinner was an awkward experience. Everyone trying to talk around the
      discomfort. It was what had started the darkness. No one willing to say what
      actually thought.
      Scott was surprised by his eagerness to leave dinner for the party. His
      were beyond him at the moment.
      The music was blaring and the ballroom was casually decorated. The
      made it easier to face people, the pressure was off.
      Scott scanned the room for Kitty. They needed to talk. The ghosts and
      and cobwebs of the past year had to be cleared out, and a unified front
      should be
      He saw her slip out the door and run down to the lake. He wondered if he
      follow her.

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