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FIC: Face the Morning (2/6)

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  • H20Babie6@AOL.com
    Disclaimers and other goodies are in Pt 1 Part 2: Kitty was grading papers when Bobby came to stand in her doorway. “He’s coming back,” Bobby told her.
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      Disclaimers and other goodies are in Pt 1

      Part 2:
      Kitty was grading papers when Bobby came to stand in her doorway.
      “He’s coming back,” Bobby told her. Kitty looked up. Somehow, even after
      a year, she couldn’t quite meet Bobby’s eyes.
      “Scott, Kitty. Scott’s coming home.”
      She didn’t feel the joy she thought she should. She’d learned that after
      crying in the dark you have to face the morning with all of the repercussions
      the night before. Kitty had coped through out the last year, changed. She’d
      fought herself too hard to ever again be the Angel of the X-Men that everyone
      expected her to be. Kitty had raged silently for months, like a bird in a
      trapped. She had damned everything around her, and came out…old. Infinite.
      Everything was deeper, her sorrows, her joys. She wondered if anyone else
      saw her as different. She certainly felt different. Her faith had been wiped
      away. Some days she believed she could never love or be loved again. In
      many ways she resented Scott, he hadn’t had to cope the way she had, he
      hadn’t lost all that she did.
      “Bobby?” she asked, “do you think I’ve changed?” Bobby tilted his head,
      “Since when?”
      “Since Scott left.”
      “I don’t know Kit…everything’s changed since Scott left.” That was
      undeniably. Bobby had moved on, fallen in love just as Kitty had realized
      she loved Bobby.
      “Bobby! Scott’s gonna be back for your wedding?”
      “Yeah. I asked the Professor to invite him home. Scott doesn’t really
      about the wedding, yet,” Bobby admitted.
      “Hmm…” Kitty and Bobby had managed to, despite everything, become
      friends again. Kitty wondered, as she wondered about so many things lately, if
      Scott ever would have happened if Kitty and Bobby would have had a deeper
      friendship first, and then love.
      “Hmm… what Kitty?” Bobby asked.
      “Oh. I just wondered if maybe the reason you invited Scott home had very
      little to do with you and very much to do with the wedding?” Kitty smiled
      softly. Bobby had always tended to the overprotective.
      “It might have something to do with it,” Bobby half-smiled. “It also
      has to
      do with the fact that it’s been a year, and we’ve all moved on.”
      “Have we? Have we really? Because I feel like we’ve all run away from
      And now that Scott’s coming back we really are going to face it head on,”
      Kitty told Bobby.
      “I think you’re wrong. At least, partly. We’ve moved on. Or at least
      we’re in
      different places now than we were when Scott left.”
      Kitty looked straight up at him, chin in the air, innocent looking.
      “You feel
      differently about what happened than you did a year ago?”
      “No. Not really.”

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