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FF: First Night (3/14)

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  • Melissa Flores
    Title: First Night Author: Melissa Flores -mistyjox@hotmail.com Genre: Crossover - Angel: The Series, X-men: the Movie Pairing: Angel/Cordelia, Logan/Rogue,
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 11, 2001
      Title: First Night
      Author: Melissa Flores -mistyjox@...
      Genre: Crossover - Angel: The Series, X-men: the Movie
      Pairing: Angel/Cordelia, Logan/Rogue, General ensemble

      Rating: R for violence, sexual situations, and language.
      (Which happens when you get Logan in your head) Now aren�t
      I just a decadent soul?

      Summary: When Cordelia and Rogue are whisked away by the
      Brotherhood, who are once again intent on 'saving' the
      mutant kind, Angel Investigations and the X-Men must team
      up to save them, and yes, the world. Again.
      Distribution: Stoic Simplicity,
      http://www.wolverineandrogue.com/mistiec, list archives.
      Everyone else, please ask. J
      Spoilers: X-Men: the movie, Angel: The Series, second
      season finale.

      Notes: Remember the whole "not too distant" future thing?
      Let's disregard that for now. We'll just say that the not
      too distant future is now, at least a year from now, in
      Angel's time.

      Other notes: This is a LONG sucker, registered at about ...
      oh... 190 pages from start to finish. So I�ll only be
      posting two chapters a day, so as not to overwhelm your
      inboxes. This is a crossover, but I wrote it as well as I
      could have so that even if you are not familiar with X-Men,
      or Angel, you can read the story and not feel lost.

      That at least, is my intention. I hope.

      Disclaimer : Um, these characters are not mine. I just
      played with them. So ... yeah.
      Jenn, Christie, Shaz - thanks.


      ~ Chapter Three ~

      Jean Grey took a short breath as she zipped the suit up,
      taking a moment to study herself in the large mirror of the
      bedroom that had been her temporary home for only a day.

      One day ago Rogue, Logan, she and Storm had all been safely
      home in Winchester, sitting around one of the cafeteria
      tables with Charles and Scott, discussing the trip that
      would ensue.

      She had known that the conference would be important, but
      the growing hate factions against mutants had garnered more
      trouble than Charles and Scott thought it might have been
      worth. Jean had argued the point, stating they needed to
      be here, at least to make their presence known.

      Storm, in a true bout of friendship, had offered to
      accompany her, and Logan, surprisingly, had agreed to come
      as well. Rogue asked to come, and Jean didn�t mind the
      younger team member tagging along: in a fight, Rogue was
      well on her way to becoming lethal with more than just a

      Despite the precaution, she really hadn�t expected anymore
      than the usual hate threats and interviews. Rogue had
      dragged Logan site-seeing (a very funny sight on its own.
      Only Rogue could convince Bad Ass Logan to take a leisurely
      stroll down Hollywood Blvd) and she and Ororo had stayed in
      to prepare for the speech.

      Good Lord, how many things could go wrong in just a few

      Life never ceased to be so amused at its little twists and
      turns. In less than an hour, Jean�s eyes had been opened to
      a world she had never before known existed.

      Had she had time to process it, perhaps she would have been
      a little more skeptical, would have wanted to run tests and
      think and perceive and make theories before accepting the
      fact that a Vampire with a Soul and his band of do-gooders
      were at this moment camping out in her room in search for
      not only her lost ex-student and current fellow team
      member, but a seer.

      Now, it seemed there was no other choice but to come face
      to face with Angelus. The intimate details she still didn�t
      know, but the readings had made her well enough aware of
      why the vampire garnered such fear and paranoia before he
      had been cursed with a soul.

      Oh, Lord, Scott, if I could just see your face now.

      She took in another shuddering breath, and quickly wrapped
      her hair into a pony tail, heading toward the door.

      Jean Grey was well aware of the stares as she left her
      bedroom, pulling on the gloves, barely stopping as she
      walked toward the desk where Wesley was looking at her with
      mild shock and a bit of admiration.

      �That�s quite an ensemble,� he said, eyes roving down her
      body before Fred reached over and thumped him on the back
      of his head, hard, obviously not impressed with his
      regression into �guy�.

      Jean, despite the tightness in her chest that never quite
      went away when one of her teammates was missing, managed
      only a disinterested nod. �Have you found anything?�

      After casting a glare at Fred, who merely cocked an eyebrow
      and returned to her studying, Wesley slowly shook his head
      no. �Unfortunately, no. I�m not quite sure what I�m looking
      for. Demons, vampires, ancient prophecies, that�s one
      thing. But mutants? I must confess I�m not fully versed on
      the subject.�

      Jean ventured a smirk. �Yes, well up until one hour ago I
      had a hard time believing in vampires. So count us in the
      same boat.�

      Fred looked up from her books, as Logan also emerged from
      his room with the trademark black leather uniform, although
      he looked more than a little uncomfortable in it. �He is
      quite sure Magneto is behind this. Perhaps if we started in
      the news headlines.�

      �Hmm... Good idea.�

      �You�ll find nothing we do not already know,� Storm
      remarked, adjusting the cape as she, now properly dressed,
      walked up to them.

      �Man I gotta get me one of those,� Gunn remarked, riveted
      on her.

      Storm gave him a long stare until he blushed and turned
      away, before continuing her conversation with Wesley. �We
      have tracked him ever since his break from jail. There has
      been nothing. He has kept quiet.�

      Wesley pursed. �No, nothing more than the usual
      mutant/human tension in these headlines. The paranoia is

      �Right cause right now that�s what we care about,� Angel
      dripped sarcastically from his position against the wall.
      �Human/mutant politics.� His eyes were riveted on Logan,
      who merely ground on his cigar in silence, as he groaned
      slightly, closing his eyes and then opening them to come

      �Ororo,� Angel�s eyes were intense, dark and deep and
      almost hypnotizing, as Jean watched his worried expression.
      He was a vampire, that was what everyone was saying, but he
      acted human, looked human... there was nothing- Her eyebrow
      furrowed and she shook her head, blinking, forcing herself
      to concentrate on what he was saying to her friend. �This
      Magneto guy, would he hurt Cordelia? I mean, really hurt

      Storm shot her a quick glance and Jean felt her chest
      tighten in response. God. Once more, she looked to see how
      Logan was fairing, but true to his nature, the gruff mutant
      only kept silent, acting as if he wasn�t listening, when
      she knew he was taking in every word.

      Oh, God, Rogue. Please be okay, if not for us, for you, be
      okay for HIM.

      She had no idea what would happen to Logan if anything
      happened to her. Lately it seemed Rogue was the one fixture
      of stability he had. Friends, more than friends, of the
      nature of their relationship she wasn�t sure. But she did
      know that Logan considered it his most precious possession:
      his bond with Rogue. No friendship he had with the other
      X-Men could compare to the bond, not their lusty friendship
      that had dwindled into mutual affection, not his admiration
      of Xavier, and she knew Rogue cherished it just as much.
      Logan had always trusted her, never been afraid of her
      powers or her skin, and Jean knew that for the troubled,
      insecure soul that still harbored in Rogue�s much more
      confident exterior, it meant the very world.

      �Magneto believes that a war is brewing between mutants and
      humans,� she finally said simply, opting for the quick and
      bitter truth. �About four years ago he took Rogue and
      sucked himself into her. She would have died, if we had not
      saved her.�

      �So Cordelia�s in serious trouble.�

      Beside her, Storm nodded mutely with a carefully closed
      expression, and it didn�t take a telepath to see how deeply
      the nod affected him. She saw the vampire�s face
      immediately wince, a low growl escaping as he continued to
      pace, hands in fists, banging at his sides.

      Wesley also saw the reaction, and exchanged a wary look
      with Gunn before saying, loudly. �Angel, we�re not sure
      he�s who took her.�

      It was meant to be comforting she supposed, but it didn�t
      do much. �For all we know Wesley she could be back in
      Pylea. That doesn�t help.�

      The young woman who was called Fred gave a squeak, making
      Jean look at her curiously, but she was back to being
      buried in her books.

      A solid knock at the door brought an end to the stillness
      as she felt the invasion of her mind in the form of a very
      familiar presence.

      Jean felt a flood of welcome relief as she turned to Storm,
      �It�s Charles.�

      She strode to the door, moving past Gunn to open it.


      Logan took the cigar out of his mouth, his leg falling to
      rest on the carpeted floor as he stood upright, watching
      the procession fill the room.

      About. Fucking. Time.

      He stifled the urge to grab Charles outta that wheelchair
      and shake him and demand to find out where Rogue was,
      �cause hell, that guy had more power and demanded more
      respect than anyone he had ever met. Charles had more
      patience and understanding than Logan could ever hope to
      attain, if he in fact, ever wanted to attain that. Which he
      didn�t, but that didn�t mean he didn�t respect the hell
      outta Charles X for his own control over his mind, and his
      good intentions in a world where everyone hated and feared

      Still, the goodness and patience was not something Logan
      appreciated when he was in a desperate hurry. Charles and
      his �pleasantries� was a team thing everyone but he
      accepted. He had finally learned to keep his mouth shut and
      clamped on his cigar to keep from snapping at them to shut
      the hell up and hurry up with the plan.

      It was no different now. Charles wheeled in, and on his
      face was this smile that hid the anxiety, one that Logan
      knew was on his face for a purpose, to put everyone at
      ease. If Charles had control, then it was gonna be cool.

      Fuck that.

      Cyclops followed right after, with the no nonsense face
      that Logan had come to appreciate: cause Scott Summers
      liked to get things done, followed by the irritating
      red-eyed Cajun Remy Lebeau.

      Storm had once kidded Logan that he didn�t like Gambit
      because he might have reminded him a little of himself,
      with how the guy didn�t like being told what to do, or what
      to say. That wasn�t true. Logan didn�t like Gambit because
      he fucking hit on every chick in the school: Marie

      Scott had been vastly amused by the whole thing, Jean too,
      in her own quiet way, and
      it didn�t help that Rogue had no problem flirting back,
      with that little �sugar� thing she had been using ever
      since Carol Danvers had been absorbed. It wasn�t until the
      pissing contests (that�s what she and Storm called it)
      between him and Gambit came to a head in the courtyard that
      it finally stopped. Rogue had dragged him away, and Storm,
      actually being the Cajun�s friend, had pulled him, her face
      dark and angry as she taken him into the shelter of the

      When Rogue was done chewing him out, Logan felt like a
      damned dog with his tail between his legs.

      Even then, Logan didn�t envy Gambit. No one pissed Storm
      off and managed to get through it unscathed.

      Needless to say, Gambit and he had found a way to work

      Logan took in another breath, venturing closer as Charles
      turned immediately to
      Tall, Dark and Broody.

      �You must be Angel,� he said warmly, voice pleasant despite
      the circumstances. �I am Charles Xavier.�

      Angel looked down at the man in the wheelchair, whose blue
      eyes seemed so wise, and whose frail body was barely
      noticeable under the power of his stare. �They said you�d
      help us find Cordy, is that true?�

      Cordy? Who the hell cared about �Cordy�? What the hell
      about Rogue?

      �She�s already found.� Charles turned to Jean, who had
      until this moment been lost in conversation with Scott. �It
      is as we feared. She is in the hands of Magneto.�

      Logan swore, jumping to his feet and striding toward the
      door. That was all he needed.

      When no one followed him, he turned back slightly. �Well?
      You coming or what?�

      Angel immediately followed, but the rest of them kept
      staring at him like he was a freak.

      Ororo cleared her throat, looking around the room before
      moving from Remy�s side. �Logan, we need a plan. Remember?�

      Crap. They had to go and come up with a PLAN again.

      �Screw the plan. Let�s get Cordy back.�

      The bookish English guy rolled his eyes. �Angel. Turn, sit.

      A low growl rumbed out of Angel�s throat, and Logan
      actually felt for the guy as he slunk back in the room,
      hearing Wesley murmur to Jean, �he�s always doing this when
      she�s in trouble.�

      �We�re used to it.�

      Logan glared at her, but turned, following the exact path
      Angel took, and plopping down next to him with more than a
      little anger.

      He hated waiting. He hated a lot of things. A lot of things
      pissed him off. But waiting was sure as hell in the top

      He sucked in his breath, and reached for his cigar again.
      When he heard the shuffle next to him, he paused, and then
      held it under Angel�s nose.

      Angel sniffed, and when he looked at him curiously, Logan

      �Grind your teeth on it. Makes the frustration a little
      easier to stand before you have to kill someone.�

      It seemed to make perfect sense. Angel immediately took it,
      clamping it in his mouth while Logan reached for another.

      When the little mousy brunette opened her mouth, they both
      snapped, �It won�t kill me.�

      But when everyone gave each other sympathetic glances,
      Logan seriously thought about killing them.

      Or scaring them.

      Just a little.

      He let out a low angered breath, and he immediately heard
      Angel mutter, �I know the feeling.�


      Cordelia Chase was severely pissed off.

      She HATED being kidnapped. She HATED being pawed by aging

      But the kicker, was being called a -

      �MUTANT?! I am NOT a mutant!� When Rogue cocked her
      eyebrow, she amended quickly, �Okay, not that there�s
      anything WRONG with being a mutant and all that, because
      you pull it off nicely. But I�m not one! I mean, freaky,
      okay I will admit, a little weird, maybe, but I draw the
      line at mutant!�

      Rogue looked a little taken aback by the outburst, quite
      possibly because it was the most animated she had seen her,
      but immediately she just shook her head, rolled her eyes,
      and moved toward the bars. �Accept it, don�t accept it, I�m
      not even saying it�s true. But it�s a damn good reason.�


      Rogue pulled at the bars, testing the weight as she
      answered, �Remember that time he almost killed me I told
      you about?�

      �I remember the nutshell version.�

      �Well the man is scarred for life. He�s a Holocaust
      survivor, and I have a play by play account in my head that
      tells me the guy, he�s not all there when it comes to this
      stuff.� Rogue looked through the bars. �It�s a clear drop
      from here. How did he get us over here?�

      Cordelia felt a familiar pang in her head and rose to her
      feet unsteadily, hoping to get the rest of the �Cordy may
      be a mutant� story out before she passed out. Again. �Okay,
      skitzo girl, back to the original tale.�

      �Huh? Oh.� Rogue blinked, and nodded, her face of
      concentration clouding for a bit as she paused, her voice
      softer. �He uh... wants to make everyone a mutant. The last
      time he built a machine and it didn�t work. The one person
      he tried it on died. They couldn�t handle the

      Oh, God. This was starting to sound way too familiar.

      �They died?�

      �Uh huh.�


      Immediately memories began to flood Cordelia Chase. Her
      long years as the most popular girl at Sunnydale High, not
      withstanding, Cordelia Chase was a fairly resilient girl,
      and when she had come across the gift of the visions by
      Doyle, after she got past being outraged, horrified, and
      the feeling of being betrayed from a last kiss, she had
      come to regard them with a sense of honor.

      Never, in her life, had Cordelia been given something as
      important and special to carry as these visions. Even in
      Sunnydale, she was treated as shallow, vain, conceited. She
      might have been, but now, these visions seemed a testament
      to who she truly was, to what she stood for.

      To who she had become.

      In Los Angeles, Cordelia was poor, but never alone. Not
      when she had Gunn and Wesley, and even nutty Fred, who had
      become a friend despite her annoying habit of stating
      EVERYTHING with that nervous half giggle she never quite
      shook. And she was never alone, because of Angel.

      The visions hurt, God they hurt so bad, but she never told
      Angel that she had had the chance to get rid of them a year
      and a half ago, and have some damn good sex with a hunky
      half demon while she was at it, because she had known
      exactly what he would have said.

      He would have been furious. Sure, he probably would have
      killed Groo on sight after the developments in their
      relationship, but eventually, after the growling and
      snarling and vampire mad rage, he would have told her to do
      it. Because he loved her. He would have told her she should
      have done it because deep down they all knew the truth: the
      visions were killing her.

      But she couldn�t do it. She couldn�t do it because it meant
      leaving them. It meant leaving him. And God she had
      promised to be by his side. She had promised to never leave
      him and he had promised he would never leave her.

      What the hell did she have if she didn�t have this? Didn�t
      have them? Or him?

      Nothing. There was nothing without the pains that were
      slowly going to drive her insane, that were getting so much
      worse they had almost come to dread each and every one.

      And now she seemed to finally get why. Because she was a
      human, who couldn�t take-

      A mutant?

      Rogue must have seen the look of pure horror on Cordelia�s
      face, because she grimaced, turning and looking at the
      wall, and then marching to the bars facing the cliff. �You
      know what? Fuck this. I'm fucking tired of waiting for the
      damn team. We�re gettin� outta here.�

      Wow. Chick had a potty mouth.

      "Uh-huh. And what do you expect us to do, She-Ra of the
      Skunky hair?" Cordelia asked, her words dripping with
      sarcasm. "Break down the door and plummet to our deaths?"

      Rogue shrugged. "Sounds like a plan."

      Before Cordelia could move, Rogue had gathered her strength
      and rammed into the bars, splintering them and flying

      "HOLY CRAP! ROGUE!" Cordelia Chase ran toward the wall,
      which now had a huge gaping hole in it, and gingerly looked
      over the ledge, down to the water crashing on the rocks
      some fifty feet below. "GREAT- That's just GREAT. GO
      Kamakazi on me." Her heart beat wildly, and Cordelia looked
      near tears as she screamed again, "ROGUE!"


      Cordelia looked up to find herself face to face with a
      floating Rogue.

      She immediately shrieked and scrambled back, falling flat
      on her back.

      "SHIT! ROGUE YOU BITCH!" Cordelia heaved in a huge gasp,
      trying to get her whirling senses as she looked at Rogue,
      who continued to hover in the air. "YOU SCARED THE HELL
      OUTTA ME! Are you like on a string or something?!"

      Rogue looked down, rubbing at her shoulder slightly. "That
      kinda hurt."

      "KINDA! You put a HOLE in a BRICK WALL. And you're FLYING!"

      Rogue looked at her, and finally seemed to take pity,
      because she landed in the hole and came forward, leaning by
      her. "You okay?"

      Cordelia just groaned, falling back so that she was strewn
      back on the floor spread eagle in the cell. "I'm SO gonna
      need therapy for the next fifty years."

      The snapping of metal at the outskirts of the cell made
      Rogue suddenly stiffen, and quickly, she gathered the
      vision girl in her arms, hefting her weight as if she were
      holding a feather, immediately heading to the hole.

      "Okay, rule number one to flying with Rogue. Never touch
      her skin."

      Cordelia opened her eyes, looked down, and shrieked,
      wrapping her arms around Rogue's shoulders and holding on
      for dear life. "Why?"

      "Another mutation. Mah skin... I suck in anyone's life
      force who I touch and really don't want those visions of
      yours in my head."

      "Thanks so much for your concern."

      Rogue shrugged, when a low feline growl came from the
      opening, she felt her heart jump, biting back the retort
      and flying into the night, streaking away as fast as she
      could, Cordelia shrieking all the way.


      Victor Creed walked quickly, his nose wrinkling, his animal
      instinct taking over the human as he beat on the bars, not
      having the patience to wait until Magneto let them bend

      The cell was empty, and where the little barred window used
      to be was a pile of debris littering a suddenly much
      clearer view of the ocean.

      Sabretooth roared, his eyes narrowed on the two figures
      that were very quickly fading away in the moonlight.

      He swallowed, afraid to look back at Magneto's expression
      as his two very key components of the new plan disappeared
      into the sky.

      Shit. He lost them. He lost them and Magneto would be
      angry. He would be so very angry.

      He would be so angry he would send him away. He would keep
      him locked up and then he would send him away for losing

      'I'll get the helicopter," he said immediately, moving
      toward the door.

      "No, let them go," Eric said, holding back the seething man
      with an outstretched hand. Sabretooth gulped down that
      anger, turning to see his mentor smiling, his eyes
      twinkling. "They have played right into our hands. Let them
      go back to the mansion. Do what they will to the seer. When
      we take them again, that will make all the difference."

      Sabretooth stared hard at Magneto, but it still didn't make

      Magneto gave him another look and just shrugged. "Don't
      think, man. You weren't made for it. Allow me to do the
      thinking and just blindly follow."

      Sabretooth just nodded.

      The beast man had trusted Eric his whole life. He was what
      made them safe, and he would continue to trust Eric for the

      His eyes narrowed at the departing women, hands rising to
      his chest and palming the tags that rested there.

      The X-Men would pay their price soon enough. Magneto had
      told him they would.

      A soft purr slid through him, and he smiled.


      When Cordelia shrieked yet AGAIN, Rogue finally lost


      "Listen, Little Miss Streaked, you're not exactly American
      Airlines first class, okay? You almost dropped me!"

      "Ah won't drop you. Keep talkin' and I just might fumble
      ya, though."

      Cordelia swallowed and glared, but kept her mouth shut.
      Quite a feat, Rogue guessed, as she looked down at the
      ocean below them.

      "So umm. Where we going?"

      "To the mansion."

      "What mansion?"

      "Home. Most likely the team's still there trying to come up
      with a plan." Rogue rolled her eyes as a smirk floated on
      her face. "Logan's prolly chewed through all his cigars by

      The excitement seemed to wear at Cordelia, because she
      suddenly winced, her head falling on Rogue's shoulder. She
      gave a low moan, and when Rogue dipped in a sudden drop,
      Cordelia's face jerked in very discernable pain.

      Oh crap. The vision pains were back.

      Her body convulsed, and it took all Rogue had to keep her
      grasp on the jerking Seer, holding on tight and still
      managing to keep contact out of her face. "Cordelia!"

      Cordelia's eyes shakily opened, and the hazel orbs were
      moist, filled with tears. "Oh, God, Rogue," she whispered,
      voice wracked with pain. "We are in serious trouble."


      Melissa Flores aka Misty

      You all know that I am a pacifist. So I am not interested in war in any way. But you know what? When the revolution comes, I will have to destroy you all. Not you Joey.
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