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FF: First Night (2/14)

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  • Melissa Flores
    Title: First Night Author: Melissa Flores -mistyjox@hotmail.com Genre: Crossover - Angel: The Series, X-men: the Movie Pairing: Angel/Cordelia, Logan/Rogue,
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      Title: First Night
      Author: Melissa Flores -mistyjox@...
      Genre: Crossover - Angel: The Series, X-men: the Movie
      Pairing: Angel/Cordelia, Logan/Rogue, General ensemble

      Rating: R for violence, sexual situations, and language. (Which happens when you get
      Logan in your head) Now aren�t I just a decadent soul?

      Summary: When Cordelia and Rogue are whisked away by the Brotherhood, who are once
      again intent on 'saving' the mutant kind, Angel Investigations and the X-Men must
      team up to save them, and yes, the world. Again.
      Distribution: Stoic Simplicity, http://www.wolverineandrogue.com/mistiec, list
      archives. Everyone else, please ask. J
      Spoilers: X-Men: the movie, Angel: The Series, second season finale.

      Notes: Remember the whole "not too distant" future thing? Let's disregard that for
      now. We'll just say that the not too distant future is now, at least a year from
      now, in Angel's time.

      Other notes: This is a LONG sucker, registered at about � oh�. 190 pages from start
      to finish. So I�ll only be posting two chapters a day, so as not to overwhelm your
      inboxes. This is a crossover, but I wrote it as well as I could have so that even if
      you are not familiar with X-Men, or Angel, you can read the story and not feel lost.

      That at least, is my intention. I hope.

      Disclaimer : Um� these characters are not mine. I just played with them. So � yeah.
      Jenn, Christie, Shaz � thanks.


      ~ CHAPTER TWO ~

      Wolverine clipped the phone closed, giving it a hard look before tossing it to
      Angel's side of the black car, not saying anything as they continued to drive down
      the darkened highway.

      Angel felt the pulse under his jaw beat slightly, his throat once again tight and
      his chest quickly following as the never-ending pang in his heart and itchiness in
      his mouth drove him to distraction as he thought of the one person that always
      managed to nearly drive him insane.

      Why was it always CORDELIA getting kidnapped? Cordelia being sucked into another
      dimension? Cordelia receiving the mindnumbing visions that were getting so bad
      nowadays she had to be hospitalized last time? God what did she ever do wrong in the
      last five years but love him?

      He gulped down the curse that had arisen to his throat at the thought of the
      forbidden "L" word that they swore never to use.


      He put away the anger, his fists clenching harder around the steering wheel, hearing
      Claw Guy shift in the seat for the twentieth time and finally looked over to him for
      some distraction against the blind panic.

      "So you're a mutant, huh?"

      Wolverine didn't say anything, didn�t even bother to look at him as he let Angel

      "I just...never met a mutant before. Kinda cool." Angel shrugged, letting the
      sentence die.

      There was silence, and Angel sighed. Was this what Cordy meant about being all
      silent and broody? He wasn't that bad, was he?

      "So what are you, some sort of vampire?" The question was tossed indifferently, as
      if the man who phrased it wasn't the least interested in the answer.

      "Pretty much."

      Another beat.

      "I thought vampires were evil."

      "They are. I have a soul."

      Another long beat.


      "It's a long curse story."

      Wolverine didn't answer, and when it was safe to look, Angel glanced curiously to
      his fellow fighter, who at the moment was rubbing his knuckles.

      "So ... how long have you had... those?" he asked, motioning to the hands.

      Wolverine glanced at him, cast him a wary, uncaring look before looking away. "Long
      as I can remember."

      Oh-kay. And Cordelia said HE had social issues. Angel felt his heart squeeze tightly
      within him at the thought of his best friend, seer, and ... well...

      "So what exactly caused you and your girlfriend to attack me and Rogue?" Wolverine
      asked, his voice hard and angry.

      "I uh...Well my girl-... Cordy gets these visions... of people in trouble. You guys
      were in it, but ... we ... well you looked like you were attacking her and
      she...we... misinterpreted... she's not my girlfriend."

      Logan raised one eyebrow, slowly as he looked at him. "Uh-huh."

      "We're friends."


      Angel's knuckles turned white over the strain he was giving the poor steering wheel.
      "Hey, you weren't exactly being brotherly with that Rogue girl, either!"

      Logan just snorted, arms crossed, body leaned back against the seat in a way that
      seemed way too casual to be anything but intentional.

      Angel felt a short growl come from him in exasperation and finally just told himself
      to shut up and drive.

      The sooner he found Cordy, the sooner this would be over.

      And the sooner he could kill something, the better for his sanity.

      His hands tightened around the wheel and his foot pushed the pedal forward, the car
      lurching faster towards the exit.


      "Are you sure this is it?" Charles Gunn cast Wesley an annoyed glare, reaching
      behind him and pushing him back into the cramped backseat of the truck.

      "Angel did say the Bonaventure Hotel," Winifred responded, her glasses glinting as
      she peered forward, eyeing the street signs in the downtown district. "It's quiet
      out here."

      "Happens at three in the morning, Fred," Gunn said, eyes narrowing as he pulled into
      the parking structure for the magnificent hotel. "Nothin' but homeless dudes,
      creatures of the night, and us. Now why Cordy always gotta get herself kidnapped at

      Fred looked away.

      Gunn received a thump on the back of the head from Wesley. "This is hardly the time
      for that type of humor, Gunn."

      Gunn shrugged, swallowing down. "Ever heard of sarcasm as a defense mechanism, Wes?"

      "Yes but now is hardly the time for it."

      Gunn shook his head, pulling the tricked out truck in front of the one lone valet
      guy in the red waistcoat.


      Gunn rolled his eyes, tossing the keys in the guy's hands and patting the truck with
      his free hand.

      "This thing's my baby. Treat it right."

      The valet managed to stop staring at the spikes protruding from the top long enough
      to nod hesitantly.

      Fred let Wesley out, and then reached into the car quickly, pulling out the white
      ticket. "Validated," she remarked, waving it to Gunn. "The cost for parking here
      is... ridiculous."

      Gunn had to smile. She grew on you, crazy Fred.

      The smile quickly faltered as he remembered the reason they were there, when they
      walked into the lobby of the expensive hotel, to find Angel waiting, his face drawn,
      pensive and disturbed.

      Gunn felt the hitch in his chest as he slowed, watching as another guy who looked
      just as mean and dangerous as Angel stood, eyes bloodshot and angry.

      He found himself letting Wesley take the lead, come forward and clasp hands with

      "Wesley. Thanks for getting here so fast."

      "My," Gunn heard Fred whisper, clasping the books she had brought with her to her
      chest. "This is... extravagant."

      His eyes roved around the hotel. Yeah it was. One of the richest hotels in Los

      "Guys, this is Logan. The girl Cordy saw in the vision was also taken. Logan thinks
      he knows by who. Logan, these are my associates. Wesley, Gunn, and Fred."

      "Ah." The guy named Logan gave everyone a short, brusque nod, not taking the hand
      Wesley accepted in greeting.

      Gunn cocked an eyebrow as Wesley flushed pulling back, meeting Angel's eyes as he
      shrugged, not wanting to comment.

      "We're waitin' for Jean and Storm," Logan said, raising the cigar to his mouth and
      taking a puff.

      Fred straightened next to him, "You know... that will kill you eventually. Studies
      have shown it and while tobacco companies have vehemently denied it-"

      "It won't kill me," Logan practically snapped.

      Oh yeah. Not a nice guy. He could practically see Fred shrink before she retreated
      behind his back.

      "As much fun as this tense moment is, ya'll, can we figure out where the hell Cordy

      Angel closed his eyes once, slowly, opened them, and was about to answer when the
      glass elevator doors opened and Gunn's jaw immediately dropped as two of the most
      beautiful women he had ever seen stepped out of them.

      Oh... shit.

      Fred's fingers clenched into the back of his shirt, but he could hear Wesley gasp
      audibly. The red head was tall, slender, classy but sexy as hell. And the other
      one... Man. Halle Berry with long white hair and leather pants. Could it get any

      The red head came forward, meeting Logan with a hand on her arm, squeezing slightly,
      eyes full of questions while the darker skinned one waited tensely with crossed

      He watched curiously as the red head stared at Logan, eyes closing and suddenly she
      jerked back, her face convulsing slightly before turning and regarding the other

      Wesley coughed and suddenly she blinked. "Oh, I'm sorry, forgive me. My name is Jean
      Grey, this is Ororo Munroe, Logan's associates."

      Hmmm. More associates.

      "I'm Angel," Angel said, shaking her hand. "And the two drooling guys over there are
      Wesley and Gunn, and Fred is hiding behind Gunn's back."

      Gunn snapped his mouth shut, seeing Wesley blush, and out of the corner of his eye,
      saw Fred wave her arm in an almost timid greeting.

      Logan turned toward Jean, his voice hoarse, whispering slightly. She nodded,
      squeezing his arm again before turning to them. "I understand you lost some one as

      "Yeah, we lost Cordy, our girl."

      "She was the office manager for our detective agency."

      "Yes well... " Jean paused, rubbing at her eyes slightly before looking around.
      "Would you mind if we continued this conversation upstairs?"


      Storm had told Logan to sit.

      He wouldn't. He already felt like a caged animal and sitting down just would not
      help things.

      Hell might freeze over before he admitted it, but he liked the group he had spent
      the last two years with. He had settled into a rather unsettling level of
      domesticity, flings and occasional road trips alleviated the caged animal instinct,
      and over the years, he had left less and less and come back more and more.

      Of course things were never easy, because being a damn mutant was never easy, and it
      was never harder for anyone than it was for Rogue.

      Damn, now there was a complicated kid. He had managed to come back through her
      "transformation" period, the time when all the baby fat shed away and Rogue became a
      woman, right about when everyone started seeing her as something more than a kid.

      It wasn't until she sucked some mutant psycho bitch into her head that had tried to
      gain control of her mind and body that Logan really had issues with the age thing.
      He had been inside of the room as Rogue battled for her mind, his head had been
      aching with worry, and he came close to killing her when the chick inside of Rogue
      tried to seduce him by telling him some very erotic things that should have never
      come out of Rogue's mouth.

      It had done things to him, changed things, and for the longest time he had avoided
      her, for fear that that bitch still inside her would come out, remind him of the way
      his body had reacted, a way it shouldn't have reacted with a nineteen year old girl.

      But it changed when Rogue had come to him, pleaded with him to be her friend,
      because that was what she needed more than anything. He had never been afraid of her
      before, and she couldn't stand it if he was afraid of her now.

      It had been the breaking point. He had held her and let her sob in his arms and
      promised her he would never be afraid of her, he would always be her friend, he
      would always take care of her.

      It had been more than a year ago, and Logan, who had never put much stock in
      anything, put everything into his friendship with Marie - only to have it thrown for
      a damn loop again when he had lost control and practically ravaged his best friend
      in the dark alley - before the damn vampire and his little girlfriend came in trying
      to kill him.

      He ground on his cigar, biting off the tip and smashing it into the ashtray before
      glaring at the broody dark fang boy.

      Shit. And now they were here, and Rogue was gone and they were playing 'pleased to
      meet you?'.

      Well, fuck that.

      "So I know, he's a mutant," Angel began, a hand massaging as his temples tiredly.
      "Does that mean that the two of you..."

      "Mutants?" Wesley breathed, startled, leaning forward.

      Jean flushed a bright red at the immediate interest, but Ororo merely gave a small

      "Mutant Mutants?" Gunn queried, eyes flicking between the two women. "Like...
      mutants with special powers mutants?"

      Storm and Jean exchanged looks before Jean hesitantly answered, "Yes."

      "So what can you do?"

      "I... I can read minds and control things with my mind."

      "Telekinesis," Wesley remarked. "We've met one before."

      Jean gave him a surprised look, and smiled in spite of herself. "And Storm here...
      can manipulate weather."

      Gunn blinked, and shifted feet. "Coool."

      "The genetics must be astounding," Fred offered from her side of the couch.

      That did it. Logan actually snorted. Loud, causing Fred to jump yet again as he
      launched from the wall.

      "Yes. We're mutants, okay? Jean there is telepathic, Storm can make the wind fly, I
      got claws. Rogue's skin sucks the life outta you." He turned to Jean. "HE's a
      vampire, a good one. These guys work with him to kill demons and crap. Are we done?
      Can we move on the part where we talk about saving Rogue?"

      There was silence that followed that statement, broken when Wesley stood, clearing
      his throat carefully.

      "Mr. Logan is quite correct. Perhaps we could discuss the nature of our work a bit
      later, and concentrate on the problem at hand?"

      "What he said," Angel said sharply.

      Jean nodded, but her voice still was slightly astounded as she couldn't help but
      ask, "A vampire with a soul?"

      Angel narrowed his eyes, but nodded.

      "We do need some information," Storm said, her voice mellow, soft, almost tranquil.
      "Such as... was there any reason that Cordelia could have been kidnapped alongside
      our Rogue?"

      "Pick a reason. Most of the times it's cause of her being a seer-"

      Fred pressed a hand to his shoulder, and Gunn found himself shutting up immediately
      when Wesley whirled.

      "A seer?"

      Angel gave an audible sigh. "She gets visions. We don't like to tell too many people
      because... "

      "A prophetess?" Ororo asked, clearly intrigued. "Has she always had this gift?"

      "No. It's a long story, but she does tend to... get sucked into a lot of things
      because of it."

      "You'll have to explain the particulars later," Jean said, arms crossed. "It might
      provide some insight. For now, we just have to hope that Charles has used Cerebro
      and has located Rogue, which will also lead us to your friend."

      "What about the others?" Logan asked, hand twitching.

      "Scott is on his way now, he's bringing Remy and Charles as soon as they find out
      where she is."

      "What's Cerebro?" Wesley asked.


      She was definitely seeing stars.

      Rogue silently groaned, leaning her head back against the stone wall as she watched
      her new cellmate moan slightly, gathering her knees to her chest and hugging them to

      She was in SERIOUS pain, and it wasn't the first time Rogue cursed herself for not
      paying better attention in first aid.

      Cordelia Chase had mumbled something about vision hangovers, but Rogue hadn't
      understood what she meant because the chick had moaned and then whimpered and never
      said another word.

      It scared the hell outta her.

      Rogue had almost bruised her trying to wake her up, and from the barely worded
      whisper, she gathered that Cordelia here was some sort of vision girl.

      And the pains were a part of the process.

      In a way she was glad for the distraction. Being a living sponge Rogue had managed
      to get a one-way ticket into Eric Lensshur's head and it was NOT a nice place to be.
      Death camps and conflictions and true fear, dreams that woke her up nights and had
      her babbling in German - Logan's hellish labfests were almost a welcome change.


      Rogue gave a small shudder, wrapping her arms closer to her body, hugging herself,
      closing her eyes and trying to keep the fear from overwhelming her. Being held
      captive by a guy like Magneto, who had had no qualms about killing an innocent
      child, no qualms about anything but his deluded and blinding schemes, was never a
      good thing, and being the child in question who had not only gotten a good dose of
      death camp in her head but had really, actually, literally DIED, only to come back
      and find she had not only almost killed the only man who ever really gave up
      anything of value to her, but had inherited most of his bad traits-

      It was enough to scar someone for life.

      But she was older, stronger, had fought and had more experience and she could handle
      Magneto. Oh, God, she hoped she could. At least until Charles could get into the big
      Circle and send Logan and Jean and Scott with the team to bring her and Vision Girl

      "You look incredibly freaked."

      Rogue opened her eyes to find Cordelia Chase sitting up, rubbing at her head,
      grimacing slightly.

      "Feeling better?"

      "Not really, no. It won't get better until we save you," Cordelia said
      matter-of-factly, "From whatever the hell is going to happen to you that's going to
      end up with you on the floor in a bloody mess."

      How comforting.

      Cordelia paused, wincing slightly. "God. I'm sorry. I didn't mean... it's just when
      these pains-"

      "It's alright," she responded, looking away, managing to look almost indifferent.
      "I've been through worse."

      Cordelia looked lost in thought, gave a slight grimace and shook her head. "I'm not
      sure. It was... pretty bad." Rogue looked away, and felt almost no comfort when
      Cordelia added, "We'll help you. That's what we do."

      "Who's we?"

      "Angel... the gang and I. We help people. Save the world and stuff."

      Rogue managed a smile. "Same here."

      "Oh yeah?"


      Cordelia gave a weak grin, muttering a falsely cheery, "Cool", before wincing and
      putting her hand to her head, lying back down on the cement.

      Rogue groaned, crawling over to her, hand on her forehead. "Kay, this is more than a
      normal concussion."

      "No, no it's... " Cordelia closed her eyes, whimpering slightly. "It's ... the
      visions... I'm fully human... I'm not supposed to-" she winced, closing her eyes,
      hugging her own body, "Nevermind. It's complicated."

      Rogue swallowed, gloved hand on her shoulder. God, she felt so helpless. Her eyes
      flickered to the bars that held them and with a mental curse she wondered what the
      hell was taking the guys so long.

      She gave the suffering girl a comforting squeeze on the shoulder.

      "Anythin' I can do?"

      "Yeah," came the whisper. "Get yourself out of the damn visions so it can stop."

      Ouch. THAT wasn't comforting.

      Damn. And she thought SHE had it bad with all the psychos running around in her

      She licked her lips, trying to find any type of comforting words that would help
      when the sound of metal bending caused her head to jerk toward the door.

      Rogue scrambled to her feet, immediately placing herself between Cordelia and her
      older facet of the past.

      Her heart hammered, every vivid emotion brought back in Technicolor as she stared
      into his face.

      �Rogue. Life certainly has treated you well.�

      She didn�t say anything, afraid even to breathe.

      Magneto�s face was tired, aged, and he looked older, much older. The years in jail
      must have been tiring. Rogue felt her heart tremor slightly, and once again, she
      battled the fear inside of her that this man invoked so easily.

      �Move aside, Rogue,� he demanded, the command said in his soft, firm tone that
      scared her so much more than if he had just shouted it.

      �What the hell do you want with us?�

      And he smiled. The damn man actually smiled at her, like he was looking at his grand
      kid or something.

      �My intentions are clearly honorable, Rogue.�

      �Oh, lahk they were so damn honorable before?� she spit, hands clenched into fists.

      �I believe they were. My methods, were not. You confuse yourself, child.�

      �I�m not a child,� she whispered, voice edged in hardness, tremoring with emotion.
      �I�m not the scared little kid that�s gonna let you push me around, Eric.�

      Eric paused, and a flash of sorrow flickered over his face as he cocked his head
      studying her. �You most certainly are not, young Rogue. You�ve seen more through my
      eyes, through the eyes of others than any youngster should have to face. For that I
      apologize, you were to die then, only experience it a short while.�

      The memories. Her body shuddered and her eyes closed, the tears coming to her eyes
      so easily as she saw through the eyes of the young boy, felt the panic and the

      She swallowed, stranding straight and tall. �I won�t let you hurt her.�

      Eric finally just sighed, and before could quite react she was pinned to the wall
      with a chair, held only by Magneto�s awesome strength. She struggled, calling on her
      above average strength, but it wasn�t enough, because Sabretooth growled, held up a
      claw at her throat, and then she had no choice but to stay still, eyes focusing on
      his animal eyes as the claw traced down her neck, reaching into her cleavage and
      pulling out the metal tag she still wore, mostly out of habit, she told herself, all
      these years.

      �Wolverine,� she heard him breathe, and she sucked in her breath, wincing slightly
      as he broke the chain off from her neck.

      �Leave that the HELL alone!� she nearly screamed, earning her a glance from Magneto,
      who was now crouching over Cordelia.

      �Sabretooth don�t upset her, she has become quite dangerous, you know.�

      But the beast only smiled. �I like danger.�

      Rogue only rolled her eyes, struggling against the chair and glaring into his eyes,
      before turning and keeping her eyes on Magneto and Cordelia.


      Her body was weak, and her mind was tired from fighting the pain. Cordelia had
      issues with even opening her eyes, but when the soft, aged hands cradled her face,
      curiosity, mixed with fear at the gentle touch, forced her to do so.

      She was staring into the eyes of an old man. Not too old, but old enough to be
      considered his age, with white hair and wrinkles. The hands were strong, and the
      eyes were filled with a depth and maturity she had long come to associate with
      hardened pasts. His mouth was pursed into a slight frown as he studied her, looking
      almost disappointed.

      �It�s taking its toll,� he remarked, to no one in particular. �Not exactly what I
      was hoping for but it�s a start.�

      Cordelia could only breathe, try to will away the pain one more time as she pulled
      herself away, rubbing at her head and looking at him. �What the hell are you doing?
      Haven�t you ever heard of personal space?!�

      He sighed, clucking his tongue. �Another one with spirit. Why can�t they ever be
      docile?� His hand stroked his chin. �Cordelia Chase, one of the few human seers. You
      have not always had this gift, have you?�

      Cordelia looked at him uncertainly, then turned to Rogue, and found her held in her
      place by a chair and a REAL furry guy who was playing with some metal chain. Her
      eyes met her new cellmate�s, and when Rogue shook her head slightly, Cordelia took a
      deep breath, summoning her strength, and turning back to the old guy.

      �Magneto, right?�

      He smiled, nodded, waited patiently.

      �My friends are SO gonna kick your ass for taking me.�

      That earned her a smirk, and he leaned forward, chucked her chin lightly. �Those
      visions will eventually drive you crazy, Miss Chase. Perhaps we can find a way to
      figure out how to make you live-�

      �For how long?� Rogue bit out from her position from across the cell.

      �As long as I need, of course,� Magneto tossed flippantly over his shoulder. �Don�t
      feel left out, young Rogue. You, as always, are needed.� He turned back to Cordelia
      and gave her a small smile. �Welcome to the fold, sister.�

      Rogue sucked in her breath, but Cordelia only raised an eyebrow, watching as he
      stood, walked toward the door. Her eyes widened and she jumped with a start when she
      saw him flippantly bend the bars away, walking through them. Sabretooth waited on a
      second longer, dangling the metal tags in front of Rogue, who all but spit at him,
      before following.

      The bars realigned and the chair fell, but Rogue just stood there, staring after him
      with a haunted look in her eyes.

      Cordelia gave her a curious look, pushing back the fear at the uncertainty and
      concentrating fully on her.

      �What the hell was that?�

      Rogue�s palms hit the wall of the cell. �Cordelia� these visions of yours� have you
      always had them?�

      Cordelia blinked, but answered the question, �No. I inherited them from a friend.�

      �And before that?�

      �I was normal. Lucky me. Normal me. Why?�

      �SHIT.� Rogue closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and then pushed it out. �I know
      why he wants you now.�


      �Because you were a human who became a mutant.� Her eyes opened. �And you�re not
      dead yet.�

      Melissa Flores aka Misty

      You all know that I am a pacifist. So I am not interested in war in any way. But you know what? When the revolution comes, I will have to destroy you all. Not you Joey.
      ~Phoebe, The One with the Ride Along

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