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FF: First Night (1/14)

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  • Melissa Flores
    Title: First Night Author: Melissa Flores -mistyjox@hotmail.com Genre: Crossover - Angel: The Series, X-men: the Movie Pairing: Angel/Cordelia, Logan/Rogue,
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 10, 2001
      Title: First Night
      Author: Melissa Flores -mistyjox@...
      Genre: Crossover - Angel: The Series, X-men: the Movie
      Pairing: Angel/Cordelia, Logan/Rogue, General ensemble

      Rating: R for violence, sexual situations, and language. (Which happens when you get
      Logan in your head) Now aren�t I just a decadent soul?

      Summary: When Cordelia and Rogue are whisked away by the Brotherhood, who are once
      again intent on 'saving' the mutant kind, Angel Investigations and the X-Men must
      team up to save them, and yes, the world. Again.
      Distribution: Stoic Simplicity, http://www.wolverineandrogue.com/mistiec, list
      archives. Everyone else, please ask. J
      Spoilers: X-Men: the movie, Angel: The Series, second season finale.

      Notes: Remember the whole "not too distant" future thing? Let's disregard that for
      now. We'll just say that the not too distant future is now, at least a year from
      now, in Angel's time.

      Other notes: This is a LONG sucker, registered at about � oh�. 190 pages from start
      to finish. So I�ll only be posting two chapters a day, so as not to overwhelm your
      inboxes. This is a crossover, but I wrote it as well as I could have so that even if
      you are not familiar with X-Men, or Angel, you can read the story and not feel lost.

      That at least, is my intention. I hope.

      Disclaimer : Um� these characters are not mine. I just played with them. So � yeah.
      Jenn, Christie, Shaz � thanks.


      ~ CHAPTER ONE ~

      It always happened at night.

      The darkness of the Third Street Promenade, littered with napkins and empty cups,
      remnants of the crowd that had loitered and lingered in the over priced shops on
      their way to the beach, came with a stillness all it's own.

      The place was halfway peaceful, and somewhat soothing to Jared Jenkins, the night
      security watchman, while maintaining that peculiar ability to be utterly terrifying.
      As a child, he had always been afraid of the dark, as most children likely were. As
      a night watchman, he had long since outgrown it, baton clipped to his waist
      alongside a gun that thankfully hadn't been put to use in his three months of
      service to do anything more than chase homeless pedestrians from the promenade's
      surrounding areas. Mostly he left them alone. They had no place to go, they were
      hurting no one, and here, at least they had a decent place to sleep.

      A safe place to sleep.

      He whistled lightly, flipping out the baton and twirling it in distraction, rolling
      it in his fingers thoughtfully. It looked like a quiet night, and he was more than
      fine with that.

      When the sounds of footsteps running toward him broke him out of his peaceful state,
      he was more annoyed than frightened.

      When he heard the shouts that came with it, terrified and loud, he was slightly more
      uneasy than scared.

      But when he turned the corner and found what he did, he became utterly terrified.

      His hand grappled feebly for his gun, the shaking of his fingers making it awkward
      and almost impossible.


      The figures moved quickly, the growls and groans that accompanied the fighting
      barely visible in the pale moonlight.

      Two men, both tall and dark, one in what appeared to be black leather, the other
      dressed in denim, fighting off other... things... while they simultaneously seemed
      to be having conversations with two women who were fighting other.... things and
      each other.

      "OW! That hurt, BITCH!"

      "Rogue! Are you going to take that from her?"

      "LOGAN, shut the hell up until you finish your guys, THEN talk to me."

      One of the woman, taller and more slender, was struck in the face by the... thing...
      and she fell back, causing one of the fighting men to pause.


      Jared swallowed, easing toward them slowly, gun finally out and in ready position.
      With fumbling fingers, he managed to cock it.

      It took him several hoarse tries before he managed to say anything anyone could

      "Ss...stt... STOP! POLICE! PUT YOUR HANDS UP!"

      He didn't know if he expected immediate compliance, but he certainly didn't expect
      the ...things... to come after him. Panicking he shot, bringing two down, before the
      others were on him.

      He was disarmed, and the gun was leveled on him, a blast and suddenly his leg was on
      fire. His head slammed against the pavement, and he cried out in pain, an aching
      splinter in his head as his eyes opened groggily to watch as the two men were both
      shot at, bringing them down momentarily, just enough time for the both women to be
      grabbed. The one with the shorter hair, still unconscious, was slung over a
      shoulder, tossed into a truck, the one with the white streak putting up her share of
      a fight before she had the gun leveled in her face.

      She gave no more fight after that.

      The one in leather was up in almost a second, screaming after them, running as fast
      as he could after the car that they streaked away in. The other man was up a few
      seconds later.

      He wasn't sure, he could have imagined it, but it appeared the claws seemed to shoot
      out of his knuckles before he followed the taller man, running as fast as he could.

      Jared swallowed, feeling his heart pounding, reaching for his radio, managing to
      rasp into it that he needed back up, before letting it fall with a clatter next to
      him, and letting the darkness take him.


      Angel, the vampire with the soul, sprinted as far as he could, but as fast as he
      was, he couldn't keep up.

      With a frustrated growl, his steps faltered, and he could only watch helplessly as
      the van with Cordelia in it got farther and farther away.

      His throat was dry and he was gasping despite the fact he needed no air and he
      largely suspected it had something to do with the incredible lump in his throat.

      Cordy was gone. They took Cordelia. Cordelia was in trouble.

      WHY was Cordelia in trouble?

      He swallowed, pacing in the night as he looked into the distance, trying to put away
      the blind panic, clenching his fists to keep from looking for anything to kill as
      the demon in him grumbled, growled at him in anger for letting his best friend get

      It was his fault. He had left her to fend for herself, and although she could
      usually DO that, HE was the fighter, he was the champion, and now she was in trouble
      and he had to find her and if anything happened to her-

      Okay... okay... calm down... calm down.

      He closed his eyes, trying to concentrate on something soothing.

      Didn't quite work. Cordelia nursing his wounds was immediately what came to mind but
      of course she was the reason for his rage and-

      Okay, not working.

      He continued to pace.

      Think... think...

      Wesley. Call Wesley... call Gunn...

      He never realized how badly his fingers were shaking until he almost dropped the
      cellphone Cordelia had given him twice, trying desperately to punch in the numbers.

      He almost had the phone number dialed in when he was immediately plowed into from

      Angel grunted, taken completely by surprise, on his back to find the same guy he had
      been fighting in the alley straddling him, metal claws protruding from his knuckles
      and held directly at his throat.

      Angel was too stunned to do anything but blink for two seconds.

      "Where the hell is she?" the dark man growled.

      Immediately Angel bucked his hips upwards, sending the guy sprawling over him,
      getting to his feet, wincing at the wound in his chest.

      Angel rolled to his feet, balance spread evenly, tensely waiting as his mind reeled.

      This was virgin territory. Looked human... smelled human... but something was...
      off. Could have been the claws.

      "Weren't you just SHOT a few seconds ago?" he voiced.

      The dark man with the whiskers glowered at him, and the thought came to Angel that
      he probably was not one for pretension.

      The girl had called him Logan.

      "Where'd they take her?"

      "That is the universal question right now, buddy."

      "I'm not your buddy," Logan growled.

      Oh geez. Angel felt a surge of annoyance in his chest as his eyes glanced down the
      road where Cordelia disappeared.

      "You want a claw in your stomach? No? Then tell me where they took her."

      Angel snorted. "You think if I knew I'd be standing here talking to you? I've got a
      missing friend to find so if you don't MIND-" He attempted to push past him, but the
      guy held him, the claws now pricking menacingly at his chest.

      Angel felt a growl shudder through him, one that he knew sounded quite dangerous,
      but the man didn't seem to care.

      "I'm warning you," he snarled. "Back off."

      The guy sniffed at the air, both hands now at his chest, the claws poised to rip
      though him. "You're not human," he glowered with realization. "Not a mutant. What
      the hell?"

      "Hey! Who knew! Good job smart ass, now get the hell away from me."

      Logan growled, and a damn good growl it was too, and Angel's eyes widened when the
      hands lunged. Lunging to the side, it was barely enough, as one of the claws skimmed
      his side.

      Immediately, the anger ripped right through him, and Angel lost patience.

      �You know," he growled, popping his neck as he glared, the demon face sliding over
      his features. "I HATE when people stab me."

      Tall, dark and rude hardly had time to blink before Angel lunged.

      The fight was pretty much even. The guy was pompous, but he knew how to fight,
      thought before he jumped in, and he smelled human...

      Could Angel kill a human?

      Aww hell, why not?

      He snapped a hand across his face and received a kick in his stomach in return,
      making him reel back, landing with a thud against the warehouse door.

      "I don't have time for this," he growled, shaking off the confusion.

      "Where the hell is she?" Rude Claw Guy said, shaking the clawed hands at him. "You
      working for the Brotherhood bub? Didn't your buddy Sabretooth tell you what happens
      when you mess with Wolverine?"

      "Sabretooth?" Angel repeated. "Wolverine? What the hell are you from, like a zoo?"
      Claw guy lunged and Angel grit his teeth, blocking the blow before landing one of
      his own. His fist smashed against the ribcage

      OW. Did that metal go around his insides too?

      He jumped forward, landing a swinging back kick that got the guy on the face before
      ending in an inevitable face-off.

      He really didn't have time for this.

      "All right," he managed through the fanged teeth. "How about you put those things
      away and I'll put the teeth away and we discuss this like the civilized beasts I
      know we are, huh?"

      "Where the hell is she?" the guy growled right back, words so full of anger and
      emotion he ended up spitting in his eyes. "HUH?! Where the hell is she?"

      "I just told you I DON'T know!" Angel's yellow eyes glowed as he snapped, indicating
      his loss of patience. "But obviously you're missing a girl here and I'm down a seer.
      Seems to me this is a situation here that would bear a bit further scrutiny before
      we - can you NOT try to swipe at me?" he snapped in exasperation, ducking away from
      the swinging claws. "What part of the whole truce thing did you not get?!"

      "I don't care about a fucking truce, I care about finding Rogue!"

      "And I care about finding Cordelia, okay? So give those things a rest before they
      rust because we could do this all night and that's not going to do us ANY good."

      Logan seethed, but apparently Angel's words seemed to make sense, because the hand
      with claws wavered slightly before finally coming down, the metal blades slipping
      back in with a sheathing sound.

      Angel sighed, the hands coming down. Thick-headed broody jerk.

      "Who the hell are you?" the guy whispered in barely controlled rage, the wild eyes
      telling of the panic of losing the girl they had found him with. .

      Angel went over to pick up the cell phone that was lying on the ground, flipping it
      open, letting the demon face slide off to take the form of his human one. "I'm


      The first realization was a simple one: she was freezing.

      Her body, previously seemingly disconnected from her mind and its hazy state,
      suddenly plummeted down with reality, and she felt the dead weight of it come to her
      with a groan.

      She was lying on solid cement, and Cordelia Chase, no matter how many times she said
      she was USED to poverty, really would never get used to that. The Princess and the
      Pea had nothing on her.

      "Hey," a low, husky drawl cut through the silence, but all Cordelia could
      concentrate on, hand rising to her temples to feel the small bump on the top of her
      forehead was the aching pain she should have been used to by now. "You okay?"

      Cordelia opened her eyes slightly, letting what dimness there was around her seep
      into her vision. There was a dull, resounding ache in her body, in her head, and she
      barely understood the words that were being said to her until a strong, hand -
      abnormally strong, she noted, Conan the Barbarian strong - took her by the shoulder
      and shook her once more.

      "Hey. Wake up there, sugar. Last thing we need is you getting a concussion."

      She grimaced, blinking once, twice, three times before she was finally able to rise
      on her elbows, finally able to look at her cellmate in the eyes.

      "Well concussions are one thing I'm used to. It's never a party unless you wanna die
      from head trauma," she remarked tiredly, voice dripping with sarcasm as she finally
      inspected her surroundings, propping herself up on one elbow. She blinked, shaking
      her head in an attempt to orientate herself, pulling the high lighted blonde bangs
      away from her face as she squinted through the darkness. "Where the hell are we?"
      Her head turned as she leaned toward her cellmate. �And who are you?"

      The young woman cocked a perfectly arched eyebrow, the dark smudge of dirt on her
      face accenting the movement, before she said in a voice tinged with a Southern
      accent that was faded from time, "Doncha remember?"

      "Uh... not really no." Cordelia narrowed her eyes slightly, grimacing as she fought
      the throb that was beating like a hammer in her head, finally able to give the
      stranger as good a look as one could get in the less than suitable lighting. It was
      impossible to tell what age she was. Her features couldn't have possible made her
      more than twenty-one, but her eyes... They were dark, vivid with intensity and very,
      very expressive.

      Cordelia remembered once when Kate, in a fit of spell induced sensitivity, remarked
      that Angel had eyes of an Old Soul. That would have pegged this girl perfectly. She
      had an old soul, adding years to a face that couldn't have been any older than she
      was. Funnily enough, that wasn't the most striking part of her. Her hair was
      luminous and dark, with the exception of one white streak that ran from her bangs,
      framing her face with some sort of silver halo-ish effect. Interesting fashion

      All in all, not a face Cordelia Chase would be likely too to forget. Not for long
      anyway, and when the object of her scrutiny turned her head to inspect the walls,
      the profile triggered the memory.

      "Oh, God. The vision! You're the girl in the-"

      "I'm Rogue, yeah. Remember?"

      Oh boy did she. The vision came so fast she had lost her footing, her head almost
      slamming against the ground before the hands of the vampire slid around her and
      jerked her up, pulling her against his hard body, holding her close as she dimly
      heard him crying out for help. She stumbled, fell, her eyes unseeing as she saw this
      particular girl crying softly, felt the absolute pain, the horror, and the aching
      wound in her stomach, the blood seeping from her. She felt the horror at the man
      with the claws, his features convulsed in a frightening snarl as he came forward,
      launching himself at her, heard her crying out in a frightened voice no-

      "The chick you almost got killed?" Rogue continued in a dry, bitter drawl.

      Oh, yeah. That. Not their greatest shining moment, true enough. Once again Cordelia
      made a point to try and find a way to kick the PTB's asses for their incredibly
      stupid vagueness.

      "Well how the hell were we supposed to know he was a good guy! Do you have any idea
      how SCARY he is?"

      That, surprisingly, earned her a smile, one that spoke of mischievous wit and humor.
      Oh great. She got stuck with one of THOSE.

      "Like that guy of yours is any less freaky?" The drawl at the end of her voice
      softened the comment some, but Cordelia, ever the champion of her mostly undeserving
      and broody undead boss, was still quite ready to defend him, mouth opening to issue
      one of her trademark retorts when she suddenly winced, falling back to the floor,
      causing the Rogue chick's face to morph into one of worry, catching her with that
      amazing strength that seemed so unnatural and settling her head on her thighs.

      "�Kay you gotta watch yourself. They shook you up pretty bad."

      Cordelia took a ragged breath, biting down on her lips, eyes roving around the dark
      cell where they were confined, breathing hard until she was able to take control of

      "What happened?" she finally demanded, and Rogue sighed, sliding a hand through
      those white bangs of hers.

      Looking around the cell room one more time, helping Cordelia sit up, she shrugged.
      "Ah have no idea. But I know who's behind it, saw him as we were brought in."



      "Magneto? Who the hell is Magneto?"

      Rogue managed a smirk before venturing into a worried frown. "He tried to kill me
      once when he tried to make everyone on the earth a mutant."

      "Oh." She hadn�t heard anything about that.

      "Yeah. It was pretty bad."

      "I bet." Cordelia cocked her head, her voice almost small as she asked uncertainly.
      "Is that what you are? A mutant?"

      Rogue's eyes flipped to hers as her face became cautiously guarded. "Yes. Got a
      problem with that?"

      "Are you kidding? My boss is a vampire with a soul," she said, as if that explained
      everything. �And it also explains the hair.�

      Rogue cocked another eyebrow, and finally just shrugged, leaning back against the
      wall. "Well I guess we wait until Logan gets the team to come get us."

      Cordelia didn't even bother to ask who Logan or 'the team' was. Her mind was still
      splintered in pain, and she took a good gulp, attempting to clear her head.

      More than likely she was bait to bring Angel here.

      God she HATED being bait.

      Her breath was a bit unsteady and her head still throbbed as she whispered, "Angel,
      when this is over, you SO owe me."


      Dr. Jean Grey studied the lap top screen with growing unease, her mouth pursed and
      eyes narrowed in concentration.

      This was definitely new. With a confused shake of her head, she straightened,
      poising her palms on the keys and typing, tapping the mouse and letting the search
      engine continue her work.

      "Jean, it is two o'clock in the morning," A voice interrupted the stillness, and
      Jean jumped slightly, startled by the sudden intrusion as Storm flipped on the
      light, striding into the room to put down a pile of books, sorting through them
      flippantly. "Shouldn't you be resting? You have a long day tomorrow."

      Jean shrugged, resting her chin on her palm as she offered her dark-skinned friend a
      tired smile. "I could tell you the same thing."

      Ororo Munroe conceded with a slight grin. "I am not giving the presentation."

      "True." Jean sighed, massaging at the back of her neck as she stretched out her
      back, leaning against the chair. "It's just... this research is... amazing."

      "Oh?" Ororo seemed distracted, palms sliding over a leather bound volume that was
      shedding dust. "Hmmm."

      Jean looked over. "What?"

      "This book came in mixed up with the others. It is not something we ordered."

      "Let me see?" Ororo nodded, holding up the book. Jean focused her concentration, and
      the book floated easily into her hands, followed quickly by Ororo, who pulled up a
      chair and sat down next to her.

      Jean studied the etching on the cover. It was tattered and torn, obviously old.


      Ororo smiled, patting her on the shoulder before she stood. "I should have known it
      would interest you."

      Jean shrugged, conceding with a smile as she put the book to the side.

      "I am going to bed."

      "Kay, night. I'll go to bed soon. The flight back to the school tomorrow will take
      all night and I don't want to get back to the school jet lagged. Have Logan and
      Rogue come back yet?"

      "I have not looked," Ororo said, a frown emerging on her face. "Would you like me to

      "No, no, that's all right. I'll check in on them later. The last time some one
      startled Logan in his sleep she got impaled. I'd rather that not happen to you."

      Storm grinned. "That was over three years ago, Jean."

      "Yes well, what was that about you can't teach old Wolverine's new tricks?"

      Storm chuckled, striding to the door.

      Jean frowned, looking back to the screen. "Do you believe in demons, Storm?" she
      asked suddenly.

      The wind goddess paused in the doorway, hand poised to close the door behind her.
      Her features were curious as she responded, "Pardon?"

      "You know," Jean continued. "Demons. Vampires. Creatures of the night?"

      Storm's eyes darkened in mirth. "May I ask what brought on this question?"

      Jean flushed slightly, shrugging as waving a perfectly manicured hand to her
      computer. "It's just... I was doing some last minute research, statistics and facts
      for the conference tomorrow and I stumbled on this-" She turned the laptop screen so
      that Ororo could look closer.

      It was a demonology search engine. Jean had typed in vampires and hit a slew of

      "The meticulous research dedicated to this is amazing,'" she continued, as Ororo
      leaned forward, pushing the scroll button down to wade through the entries.
      "Scholarly and... the MYTHS, the urban legends! Like this one, here!" She clicked on
      one entry. "Talks about a vampire with a soul, who helps people."

      "Interesting," Ororo said, scrolling down. "A seer?" she said after a minute.

      "You caught that too?" Jean shook her head. "It's just... fascinating... and kind of
      scary that people would dedicated so much time on ... this."

      Ororo smiled, once again moving toward the door. "Like you've been doing all night?"

      That earned her another sheepish grin from Jean. "Good night, Jean."

      "Night, Storm."

      She crossed her arms, looking over the entries, reaching over to click on another
      link when the phone rang.

      Her eyes were still on the words as she reached over and picked up the hotel phone,
      holding it to her ear.

      "This is Jean Grey."

      Upon hearing the voice, her eyes immediately jerked away from the monitor. "Logan?!
      What's- No- ... Okay. Are you- Okay." She slammed down the receiver, darting toward
      the door. "STORM!"

      Immediately Ororo was back in the doorway, sliding on a robe over her nightgown.
      "What is it?"

      "We have to call the mansion," Jean said, already dialing. "Something's happened to


      Melissa Flores aka Misty

      You all know that I am a pacifist. So I am not interested in war in any way. But you know what? When the revolution comes, I will have to destroy you all. Not you Joey.
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