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FIC: Summer's End, 9/?, PG13/R, W/R

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    DISCLAIMERS REPOSTED IN PART 0 * * * Logan’s own grasp of the rules of common courtesy was hazy at best. However, he was vaguely aware that he should say
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      * * *

      Logan’s own grasp of the rules of common courtesy was hazy at best.
      However, he was vaguely aware that he should say something to Xavier —
      and maybe to Scooter and Jeannie and Ro, as well — before just hopping
      onto his bike and leaving the X-Mansion for good.

      So after he’d taken the things he wanted and thrown them into a bag — not
      a whole hell of a lot, really, but then he’d learned to pack light after
      years on the road — he headed down to Xavier’s classroom. His timing was
      just right, catching the Professor as the students were filing out of the
      room at the end of class.

      Waiting until Chuck was the only person left in the room, he walked in,
      pack slung over one shoulder. "I’m heading out now. Don’t know when I’ll
      be back — *if* I’ll be back. Don’t let Scooter fuck up the combat classes
      too bad."

      Xavier looked taken aback. "Is there anything wrong?"

      Logan wasn’t sure why Wheels was so startled — had they really thought
      they had him tied down for good? Or was it just that he and Marie had
      done *that* good a job of hiding the true extent of their relationship?
      "Nah, just no reason to stay. So I’m going."

      "No reason to — Logan, you’re a valuable member of our team and a skilled
      instructor. We had hoped you had found a place here — as a friend.
      Family, even."

      All of which made Logan distinctly uncomfortable. There was a definite
      guilt factor involved, both in the thought of the do-gooders running off
      to battle without him to bail their asses out of trouble, and in the
      thought of the kids graduating to join the leather crew without him there
      to pound some sense into their heads before they got themselves killed.
      And yes, he *did* like a fair number of the people here — quite a bit, in
      some cases...

      ...But the person he liked the best had moved to another state. And he
      wasn’t going to let Chuckie talk him out of following her. "I don’t do
      real well with being tied down."

      The Professor gave him an intense gaze. "Are you entirely certain there
      isn’t some reason why you’ve chosen *now* for an attack of wanderlust?"

      Caution kept him from the truth — because he wasn’t entirely sure he and
      Marie wouldn’t be able to swing a return to Xavier’s one way or another,
      and because Marie wouldn’t reach the age of consent in this state for
      some time. "It seemed like the right time to go."

      "I won’t be able to talk you into staying, will I?"

      "I’m not planning on it."

      "Are you going to say good bye to them?"

      He hesitated, thinking of Kitty and Jubilee, Kurt and Jeannie — even
      Scooter. "I don’t do real well with goodbyes."

      But somehow his path out of the X-Mansion took him through the lunchroom,
      where most of the students and teachers alike were gathered. And on his
      way to the door, he took the time to pass by a few tables. Most of them,
      in fact.

      He didn’t say a lot, nor did he stop anywhere long enough to get into a
      genuine conversation. But by the time he’d exited the building, the point
      had gotten across. The Wolverine had left the building — and it was
      anyone’s guess as to when — or if — he’d be back.

      * * *

      Marie hadn’t spent much time bonding with her new classmates. There was a
      certain degree of curiosity about the pretty new girl — with her mutant
      classmates being especially interested in the girl who had attended an
      alternate school for the "gifted" that none of them had even heard of
      before. She was wary about giving too many details — for one thing, she
      didn’t want to blow the X-Men’s cover. For another, she was hoping that
      Logan would soon be added to the faculty at the Massachusetts Academy —
      and she was afraid of saying something that might jeopardize that.
      Letting alone the fact that he was her lover, he was a violent man
      unimpressed with little things like petty legalities or keeping
      impressionable youth away from liquor, sex or bad language. With his
      potential acceptance at Frost’s school at risk, she considered him to be
      a sort of conversational minefield. Unfortunately, for her most talk of
      Xavier’s led to Logan — so she spoke as little on her former school as
      she could.

      Which meant that her fellow students had no idea either that she had a
      boyfriend back at Xavier’s, or that they might soon be getting a new

      * * *

      She Whose Quotations Are Both Exotic and Appropriate
      Keeper of his Deadly Startle Reflexes, Guardian and Examiner of the
      Adamantium-Revealing X-Rays, and Official Listener for the Occasional
      Aussie Vowels

      "Okay, this is going to hurt quite a bit, but, I suppose, that's the
      entire POINT. I'm aiming for obscene agony, so if it's just merely
      unbearable, DO say something."
      -- Johnny C, JOHNNY THE HOMICIDAL MANIAC #6, by Jhonen Vasquez
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