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FIC: Summer's End, 8/?, PG13/R, W/R

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    DISCLAIMERS REPOSTED IN PART 0 * * * The cell phone was a pain in the ass, but if it kept Xavier from using Cerebro to snoop him out when he was wanted back in
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 9, 2001

      * * *

      The cell phone was a pain in the ass, but if it kept Xavier from using
      Cerebro to snoop him out when he was wanted back in Westchester then it
      was worth carrying around. He still hadn’t quite solved the problem of
      the ringing tone, though — he suspected Marie and her roommates of making
      a game out of resetting it every chance they got to "borrow" it from him,
      and he never could remember how to find his way through the menus to the
      one that set the ringing tone without Marie to show him. Which meant that
      he ran the risk of having an embarrassingly fruity song suddenly playing
      from his pocket in a dingy bar or strip joint.

      He hadn’t actually gone out tonight, but the phone was on anyway — so he
      was the only person present to be annoyed by the wispy scale trilling
      from the phone at an annoyingly piercing volume. The stupid ring wasn’t
      enough to upset him tonight, though — with him being right there in his
      room at Chuckie’s, the only person with reason to call him at *this*
      number was...


      "Yep, that’s me!" Giggly and happy and — well, not there in his room, but
      still he was hearing her voice for the first time in more than a week, so
      it was much better than having nothing of her there at all.

      "How’s it going?" Which was inane, absolutely inane, but he wasn’t so
      good with talk when he didn’t have anything that really needed saying,
      except that, "I’ve missed you."

      "I missed you too — but I’ve been doing something about that."


      "And the Massachusetts Academy is in *desperate* need of a *competent*
      self-defense instructor." A pause, and then a shift to a quieter tone.
      "One who’s used to teaching mutants — but can pass for normal for the
      ‘regular’ students."

      "‘Regular’ students? They’re mixing you with kids who aren’t mutants?"

      "That’s right."

      "And they’ve got the mutants passing for normal?"

      "That’s right."

      "Even you?"

      A little pause, then, "Yeah."

      "Without your gloves and all that? And they ain’t worried?"

      A slightly longer pause, then, "Ms. Frost checked me out on my second day
      there. She knows I have control."


      "Yeah... And she knows how I got it."


      "And I got her to agree that she needs a self-defense instructor, so
      she’s willing to talk to you and see what you can do..."


      "But, you’re probably gonna have to really wow her to get her to decide
      to hire you."

      "I think I can manage."

      "Yeah, if anyone can wow Frosty, it’s *you*..."

      A chuckle.

      * * *

      She Whose Quotations Are Both Exotic and Appropriate
      Keeper of his Deadly Startle Reflexes, Guardian and Examiner of the
      Adamantium-Revealing X-Rays, and Official Listener for the Occasional
      Aussie Vowels

      "Okay, this is going to hurt quite a bit, but, I suppose, that's the
      entire POINT. I'm aiming for obscene agony, so if it's just merely
      unbearable, DO say something."
      -- Johnny C, JOHNNY THE HOMICIDAL MANIAC #6, by Jhonen Vasquez
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