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FIC: Wonderwall part 3/3 pg-13-R Logan, Mystique, Rogue, Gambit

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    Title: WonderWall Author: Natalia Melissa Vronsky Email: blackqueenphoenix@fangirlonline.net or sputiehead@aol.com Part: three of three yea! the end!
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 9, 2001
      Title: WonderWall
      Author: Natalia Melissa Vronsky
      Email: blackqueenphoenix@... or sputiehead@...
      Part: three of three yea! the end!
      Category: Rogue, Gambit, Logan, new character, others... oooh... Mystique's
      in this one.
      Rating: PG-13 or R depending on how you look at it I guess.
      Summary: Logan comes back for Rogue... only to find everything different. (In
      response to all those Rogue/Logan fic's where she chooses Logan over Gambit.)
      Warning: Logan/Rogue shippers might just want to delete this right now...
      mind you I don't hate Logan... he's one of my favorite X-Men... it's just...
      I'm not too keen on that pairing. I'm much nicer to Logan than those fic
      writers are to Remy. :)
      Disclaimer: 20th Century Fox and Marvel Inc. Own these characters... not
      me... if I did... well... the Marvel Universe would be happy... and death
      free (we will miss you Elizabeth.. our beautiful ninja Psylocke) ... so don't
      sue me... 'sides I don't have any money.
      The title was taken from Oasis's song WonderWall... it just kind of reminded
      me of where I was going with the story...
      Cherish is my character who's name was ripped from Cecil B. Demented. (The
      character in that movie was a porn star for those who haven't seen it... but
      my Cherish isn't a porn star... 'kay?) .
      Author's Notes: Forgive my Cajun accent and French words... my lovely
      translator has been vacationing for a few months now... sides... she's a
      Logan/Rogue shipper and would hate this story.
      ALSO... thanks to my beta's Cassie and Daisy-May and anyone who's writen to
      me about this story.
      Archive: Feel free to archive anywhere... I don't care so long as it's not at
      some "worst fan-fiction ever" page... also... just let me know, 'kay?
      Feedback: PLEASE! I don't care if'n you flame me... just respond... it's nice
      to know what others think of my work. PLEASE!
      okay... here's the last chapter...

      Logan tossed a few items in a duffel bag.

      He loved Rogue... and when she had told him about how and why she and Remy
      had gone to get hitched... he could see plain as day that she loved Remy...
      not him.

      She had a kid by him... Hell... she was gonna have another soon.

      He couldn't sit in the mansion with her... and him and their kids.

      No way in Hell.

      "Logan?" Remy was standing at the doorway. "Y'leavin'?"

      "Yeah." Logan didn't even look at Remy.

      The Cajun had Rogue's scent all over him.

      It took all his self-control not to attack him right then and there.

      "Why? Roguie wanted y't'be de baby's godfather."

      Logan laughed at that.

      She wanted him to be a part of her children's lives.

      He was Uncle Logan to Cherish when he should have been her father.

      No fucking way.

      "That's nice of her..." Logan managed. "But I have things I need to take care

      "Y'not comin' back?"

      "What do you care?" Logan finally turned around, fist clenched at his sides.

      "Hate t'see Rogue sad. Y'r'her best friend."

      "Bet you'll be real glad to see me go." Logan snorted.

      "Non. Like I said... hate t'see Rogue sad. Despite what y'think... I don'
      hate you. I hate de fact dat y'think dat because y'were a part of her past...
      y'should be a part of her future in a more den friendly way."

      Something in Logan snapped at that.

      Maybe it was Remy's calm tone, confident posture... he wasn't sure, but Logan
      made a lunge for Remy, claws out.

      Remy pulled a bo-staff out of his coat and knocked Logan to the floor before
      he even got near.

      "Damn it..." Logan muttered, standing up.

      "Best stop 'fore someone gets hurt..." Remy said, bo-staff in one hand, a few
      cards in the other.

      "Only one of us that'll get hurt is you." Logan hissed.

      "Stop." Rogue's voice made them look out in the hallway.

      She stood, frowning, hands on her hips. "Just what is goin' on?"

      Remy smiled. "Care t'take dis one, mon ami?"

      Logan growled and resumed packing. "Hello! Ah did just ask a question... and
      have yet ta get an answer." She yanked the cards and bo-staff out of Remy's
      hands. "Why were you gonna use these? And why were you gonna gut my husband?"

      Logan looked at her, pained look on his face.

      "It's de mood swings... she'll have dem 'til de baby's born." Remy said, grin
      still on his face.

      Rogue shot him a fierce glare.

      "I asked the Cajun to show me some of his moves." Logan said.

      Rogue looked at the two a bit sheepishly and handed Remy his stuff back.

      "Where are you goin'?" Rogue asked Logan, noticing his packed things.

      "I have a few more things that need to be taken care of in Canada."

      "Oh. But you will be back before the baby's born... right? Ah had kinda hoped
      you'd be the godfather." She placed her hand over her stomach.

      "I don't know yet when I'll be back." He said, pain lanced though him at the
      sad look on her beautiful face.

      "Oh." She pouted.

      "I'll try and get back before it's born." Logan said.

      She smiled at that. "Okay." She kissed Remy's cheek. "Ah'm gonna go with
      Tante ta take Cherish shoppin'."

      "'Kay, Chere. See y'later." With that Rogue walked away.

      "Thanks for dat, mon ami." Remy said after a few minutes.

      "No problem. No sense for you to be in the doghouse. You won. She loves you.
      You're a lucky man... but I swear if you hurt her... ever in any way... I'll
      kill you."

      "Dat'll never happen." Remy smiled and walked out of Logan's room.

      A few hours later Logan left.

      He went to Canada for a few months, then returned to the States, intent on
      being there for the birth of Rogue's baby.

      On the road back, he stopped at a bar.

      There was an angelic looking blonde sitting at a small table all by her

      There was something very familiar about her scent.

      He quickly ordered a beer and walked over to the table, sitting next to her.

      She looked up at him, her eyes widened. "Can I help you?" She asked.

      "Sure can. Tell me... Mystique... what brings you to these parts?" He grinned
      at her.

      "Heard you'd left the X-Men... because Rogue's married to that chauvinistic
      Cajun pig..."

      "How'd you hear about that?"

      "I'm a member of X-Force now... somewhat against my will." She said. "X-Force
      are associates of the X-Men. I even attended the wedding." She motioned to a
      bracelet on her arm. "I can't use my powers... this is a image inducer."

      "Have you left the X-Men for good?"

      "I'm goin' back."

      "Perfect timing for the birth of Rogue's second child." Mystique commented.

      Logan rolled his eyes. "She wants me to be godfather."

      Mystique laughed. "That's hilarious. Ironic really."

      It was five hours later, and about nine beers later.

      Mystique was a really fascinating woman, with hundreds of stories to tell
      about her various different personalities.

      Regardless of the fact that he'd once fought her, he found a hotel and
      screwed her.

      Mystique watched him as he paced the room, smoking a cigar.

      "If I'm ever allowed use of my powers again, I can show you the small wonders
      of my abilities."

      Logan smiled at what she was suggesting. Shape-shifting during sex.

      That showed definite promise.

      "How'd you end up with X-Force?"

      "That fink Toad ratted me out... it was an anti-mutant jail or X-Force."

      "Magneto still in jail?"

      Mystique laughed. "He got out five moths after being put in. He's living on

      "What about Creed?"

      "How'd you find out his real name?"

      "When I was in Canada... meet a lady named Silver Fox... showed me a picture
      of me and him... said his name was Victor Creed."

      "I have a son with him." Mystique said.

      Logan quirked an eyebrow. "Really?"

      "Yes, really. His name is Graydon. I sent where Victor will never be able to
      find him. He's about six years old now."

      "Never pictured you the mother type." Logan said, putting out his cigarette.

      Mystique simply shrugged.

      She traveled with him back to Xavier's mansion.

      When they arrived, they couldn't find anyone.

      "They are here." Logan said, sniffing around. "Probably downstairs."

      They went down there and as soon as they got out of the elevator, they could
      hear screaming.

      "Hell... that's Marie." Logan went running towards her cries.

      Raven followed, he missed the disappointment on her face.

      "Ah hate you... this is all your fault!" They heard her cry.

      "Damn it, Chere... leggo of my hand..."

      "Come on Rogue... just a few more pushes." Jean said.

      "She's having her baby." Mystique said as they walked in.

      Logan sighed with relief then laughed at the sight of Rogue twisting Remy's
      hand as she pushed.

      "Ah hate you... Ah hate you... Ah hate you!"

      "Y'don' mean dat..."

      "'Oh... I don' care, Chere. Always wanted a big family...' the man says...
      huh... you aren't the one who has ta do this!" She squeezed his hand harder.

      Scott looked over at Logan and Mystique a bit shocked to see them there.

      "Welcome back, Logan." Ororo said.

      Rogue let out a sob. "Remy... Ah can't do this anymore... Ah'm too tired..."

      "C'mon, Chere. Jus' a few more pushes... den we'll have our baby..."

      "Ah'll have the baby while you stand there and do nothin'!" She hissed.

      "Hehehe... dat girl has spunk." Jean-Luc said with a smile.

      "One more push, Rogue..." Jean said. "Just one more then it'll all be over."

      Rogue let out a small yelp as she pushed, and then the sound of crying
      assaulted their ears.

      Jean smiled brightly. "It's a boy." She held up the baby and let Scott hold
      him as she tended to Rogue.

      Remy smiled down at her. "A boy, Chere." He kissed her forehead.

      "Ah didn't mean it when Ah said Ah hated you... Ah love you so much." She was
      glowing with happiness.

      Scott handed the baby to Rogue.

      "Now, Cherish and Nathan will have someone else to play with." He said,

      "Who's Nathan?" Logan asked.

      "Mine and Jean's son."

      Logan looked over at Jean, who was missing her distended belly.

      He grinned.

      "He's so handsome." Rogue said.

      "Oui, jus' like his Pere, neh?"

      "Yeah." Rogue kissed the top of her new sons fuzz covered head.

      Tante brought Cherish over to look at her new brother. "My brudder." Cherish
      said, pointing to the baby.

      Mystique quietly slipped out after Rogue and Remy said their baby would be
      Remy Etienne LeBeau J.R.

      "What's wrong?" Logan asked, following her.

      "Nothing. I suppose I should go back to X-Force. I don't belong here."

      "Then would you mind if I went?" He asked, wrapping his arms around her.

      "Why would you want to go with me? I'm the enemy. I tried to kill you and
      your precious Marie."

      Logan shrugged. "People change. I'll always love her... but she and the Cajun
      obviously love each other. Time for me to move on."

      THE END.

      All's Well That End's Well, right?

      "Anytime's th'time t'die, long as it's by your side, Chere. What were those
      vows we took again--? In sickness an' in health, till death do us part..."
      Gambit -Gambit #10

      "What am I going to do with you Remy LeBeau?" Rogue
      "I have a list, but I left it in my other pants." Gambit- Astonishing X-Men #1

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