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Fic: Enjoy the Silence PG-13 (TCP)

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  • Sorcieré
    Disclaimer: Eat my shorts! --- Bart Simpson Title: Enjoy the Silence Author: Sorcieré (hack_heaven@usa.net) Rating: PG-13 (a few cuss words. Nothing an
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 9, 2001
      Disclaimer: "Eat my shorts!" --- Bart Simpson
      Title: Enjoy the Silence
      Author: Sorcieré (hack_heaven@...)
      Rating: PG-13 (a few cuss words. Nothing an 8-year old doesn't know,
      but we better play it safe)
      Pairing: None --- it's a TCP story.
      Archive: Sure, go ahead.
      Summary: Not everyone's a superhero. And not every mutant power is as
      spectacular as those of the X-Men.

      A/N: This, my dear, is a The Common People story. That's right. No X-
      Men, no evil mutant baddies, no insane scientists and no Sentinels.
      What can I say? I was attacked by a plotbunny.
      Oh, yeah, and the title is the first line of lyric from the
      song 'Silence' by Taiko.

      * * *

      Enjoy the Silence

      * * *

      Have you ever noticed how people in our society seem almost afraid of

      I'm serious - look around you. Listen. How many times do you hear
      nothing but silence? There's always something - the sound of cars
      driving by, people talking, a radio playing, a TV turned on, noisy
      computer-games, a CD being played as loud as possible.

      Very few people take the time to sit down and just enjoy these rare
      moments of silence.

      Silence...damn, what I wouldn't give to experience it just once -
      ONCE - in my life. I've all but forgotten what it feels like. It's
      not because I live in a big, loud city - in fact, my current home is
      in a small town in Tennessee - but because someone upstairs must be
      *real* pissed at me.

      You see - I'm a mutant.

      And what is my mutant power? Stoic blasts? Claws and a healing
      factor? Or maybe telekinesis? Oh, no, mate. I'm not superhero

      My mutation is my enhanced hearing. Oh joy, oh happiness. I'm
      sarcastic, by the way, just in case you hadn't guessed it. Wouldn't
      want you to actually *use* your brain, now would we?

      Shit. Sorry about that. I'm always like that when I have a
      headache...which, unfortunately, is pretty damn often. You have no
      idea the kind of headache a simple trip to the mall can cause when
      you have sensitive ears.

      And it has always been like this. I was born with it. I've always
      known at some level that I wasn't normal, but I guess I managed to
      hide it pretty well. It wasn't until I was thirteen that they
      discovered it.

      It was some routine check-up, I think. You know, say 'ahh', look at
      the letters on the wall, blah, blah, blah. It was when they checked
      my ears that the shit hit the fan. First they did the usual "listen
      to the sound" stuff. Then the doctor frowned and put some small
      electronic things in my ears and I had to sit still for five minutes
      while a computer tested the limits of my hearing.

      When the reading was finally finished, the doctor took one look at
      it, then looked at me and hurried out of the room. Very comforting
      for a thirteen-year old kid, I might add. Insert sarcasm.

      A few minutes later he came back with another doctor who looked
      equally dumbfounded. I had to stay there for hours while they did all
      sorts of tests - the most memorable being "this won't hurt, okay? We
      just want you to say when you can't hear the tone anymore.".
      'Won't hurt'...yeah, right. When you have heightened sense, those
      high frequency tones feel like someone's clawing on the inside of
      your ear...which took the doctors about an hour to realize. The
      longest hour of my life, let me tell you that.

      Then they showed the results to my parents and told them something
      along the lines of "I'm sorry, but your child is a mutant."...just
      wrapped in a shitload of medical crap to make it sound nicer and more
      professional. The verdict's the same, though.

      Mutie. Freak. Genetic mistake.

      My parents took it pretty cool, though. The only change is that they
      always seem a bit worried whenever the papers write something about
      the Mutant Registration Act. 'Registration', my ass. 'Control' is
      more like it. The army and the government and whatever will have a
      long list of mutants and their powers, and can pick whatever mutants
      they think will be useful. There are already rumors on the Internet
      about secret government facilities and mutant experimentation, you

      You think I'm paranoid? Ha! Don't you know the saying "It's only
      paranoia if they *aren't* out to get you"?

      I think I'm fairly safe for the time being, though. I mean, what need
      would anyone have for a teenager whose only mutation is an abnormally
      good hearing? The first ones they'd go after would be the powerful
      ones, those who could be used as weapons or are "hazards to the
      safety of all Americans" as that senator guy always says. He's a
      complete moron. Unfortunately, he's a complete moron with power, the
      most dangerous kind of morons around.

      Yes, I'm very cynical for a sixteen-year-old. Blame the society. Or
      the politicians. Take your pick.

      Or even better - blame the people around me. The people who haven't
      learned to appreciate the things they take for granted.

      I look at the world and I have to wonder why people seem so
      determined to fill every single moment with noise. Are they afraid of
      the silence like some people fear the dark? Don't they know that some
      of us would give anything to even *have* the chance to know silence?

      When I look at them, I'm torn between pity and anger. Pity because
      they don't know how lucky they are. Anger for the very same reason.

      I can't even explain all these things to them because they probably
      wouldn't believe me.

      If one of them *does* listen, though, I have only one tip of advice:

      Enjoy the silence.

      * * *


      * * *

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