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FIC:wonderwall Part 2/? (Rogue, Gambit, Logan) PG-13/R

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    Title: WonderWall Author: Natalia Melissa Vronsky Email: blackqueenphoenix@fangirlonline.net or sputiehead@aol.com Part: Two of ? Category: Rogue, Gambit,
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 6, 2001
      Title: WonderWall
      Author: Natalia Melissa Vronsky
      Email: blackqueenphoenix@... or sputiehead@...
      Part: Two of ?
      Category: Rogue, Gambit, Logan, new character, others.
      Rating: PG-13 or R
      Summary: Logan comes back for Rogue... only to find everything different. (In
      response to all those Rogue/Logan fic's where she chooses Logan over Gambit.)
      Warning: Logan/Rogue shippers might just want to delete this right now...
      mind you I don't hate Logan... he's one of my favorite X-Men... it's just...
      I'm not too keen on that pairing.
      Disclaimer: 20th Century Fox and Marvel Inc. Own these characters... not
      me... if I did... well... the Marvel Universe would be happy... and death
      free (we will miss you Elizabeth.. our beautiful ninja Psylocke) ... so don't
      sue me... 'sides I don't have any money.
      The title was taken from Oasis's song WonderWall... it just kind of reminded
      me of where I was going with the story...
      Cherish is my character who's name was ripped from Cecil B. Demented. (The
      character in that movie was a porn star for those who haven't seen it... but
      my Cherish isn't a porn star... 'kay?).
      Author's Notes: Forgive my Cajun accent and French words... my lovely
      translator has been vacationing for a few months now... sides... she's a
      Logan/Rogue shipper and would hate this story.
      ALSO... thanks to my beta's Cassie and Daisy-May who rushed going over this
      so I could post it sooner.
      Archive: Feel free to archive anywhere... I don't care so long as it's not at
      some "worst fan-fiction ever" page... also... just let me know, 'kay?
      Feedback: PLEASE! I don't care if'n you flame me... just respond... it's nice
      to know what others think of my work.
      Okay... here's part two

      Rogue sat on her bed, combing her hair out when Logan walked by.

      He'd been there for three weeks, and he'd hardly had a moment alone with

      His breath caught when he saw the short green dress she wore. He thought she
      looked like an angel.

      Just as he was about to go in Remy walked in from the bathroom, only a towel
      wrapped around his waist.

      It was a little after noon, Scott and Jean had taken Cherish out to a park.

      Logan walked off... then paused in front of Cherish's room, which was
      connected with Rogue and Remy's.

      He slipped into the room and quietly walked over to the door that was
      slightly ajar.

      He could see Remy walking over to the main door and locking it.

      Rogue watched his every move as she ran the comb through her hair.

      "Shit... they're gonna have sex..." Logan thought, moving away from the door.

      "Remy..." He heard her say.

      "Oui, ma Chere?"

      "Do you think Jean-Luc and Tante Matte will like me?"

      "Oui, Chere. Why wouldn' dey?"

      "Ah dunno... both had wanted you ta stay with Belle... they wouldn't even see
      you when we went..."

      Remy sighed. "Don' worry 'bout it, Rogue. Dey wouldn' of asked t'come if dey
      were gonna cause any problems."

      "God, Ah love you... you always know how ta make me feel better."

      "Oui, Chere... I'll make y'feel real good."

      Rogue giggled.

      Logan held in a hiss as he walked over to the door and left the room.

      He didn't want to listen to that... he couldn't... not without wanting to
      barge in there and maul Remy.

      He ran into Kitty and Jubilee as he headed downstairs.

      "Hey Logan." Kitty said. Jubilee smiled brightly.

      The two girls had mild crushed on Logan... even though Kitty was going out
      with some metal boy that Logan had only seen once.

      Logan grumbled hello and kept going.

      He could hear Jubilee say, "What the Hell is his problem?"

      "Who knows... right?" Kitty giggled. "I think he looks hot when he's pissed."

      Logan kept walking, mumbling hello to whomever he passed.

      He went and sat on the front steps, smoking a cigar.

      His beautiful Rogue.

      Possibly lost to him.

      He wasn't quite sure what to do... all he knew was that he should of told her
      how he'd felt about her... maybe she wouldn't of married the Cajun.

      Maybe he should of come home sooner... it's not like he found out much about
      his past anyway.

      He looked up when he heard a car approaching... it was a black limo.

      The driver hopped out and opened the back door.

      Two people got out, an old tall man, and a small old woman.

      The woman eyed him, and smiled.

      "Who the hell are you?" He asked, standing up.

      "Jean-Luc LeBeau. An' you?"

      The Cajun's dad. Just great.


      "Is Remy here?" The woman asked.

      "How the Hell should I know?" With that he walked inside, followed by the two.

      Rogue was running down the main steps of the foyer.

      She smiled at the two. "Hi."



      "An' t'think I thought Remy was lyin' when he described you." Jean-Luc said,
      embracing her.

      The old woman smiled. "Come an' give me a hug."

      Rogue did so. "An' just where is Remy?"

      "He'll be down in a minute."

      "An' my grandchild?"

      "Her godparents took her out... they'll be back soon."

      Remy soon came down and after a few minutes, they headed to the rec-room.

      "I am sorry, Petite... for my reaction when y'an' Remy arrived in New

      "It's alright, Mr. LeBeau... Ah understand why you felt the way you did."

      "It gave us no right to judge you." Tante said. "We should have seen that you
      and Remy love each other and make each other happy."

      Logan walked out, unnoticed.

      "Hey, Logan." Scott called from down the hallway.

      "What do you want?"

      "Professor Xavier wanted to know if you were going to stay... that way I can
      add you to the team rooster or not."

      "Don't know yet, Slim... I need a few more weeks."

      "Can I ask you something?"


      "Why exactly did you come back? I mean... after all these years we all kind
      of figured that you weren't going to..."

      "Promised Marie I'd come back."

      "Oh..." Scott looked down.

      "There you are..." Rogue stepped out to the rec-room. "Where's Cherish?"

      "Jean's bringing her in a minute... she needed to change her diaper..."

      "Oh... okay..." Rogue headed upstairs to find Jean.

      "Wait up... I need to talk to you..." Logan called after her.

      "Uh... sure." She waited for him to reach her. "What'd you want ta talk
      about?" She seemed oblivious to the look on Scott's face.

      "Just kinda wonderin' why you married the Cajun..."

      "Ah love him..." She said simply... without hesitation.

      "No... I mean... I meant... why'd you decide to marry him..."

      "Oh... well... he asked me... and Ah said yes." She giggled. "He told me he
      loved me Logan... he knew about my powers and he loved me... he didn't care
      that we couldn't touch... he's sweet ta me..."

      Remy stuck to Rogue like glue... even after their fights.

      "Remy... Ah don't want ta be around you right now!" She shouted after he
      continued to follow her. "Please just leave me alone!"

      "Non... Chere... Remy's not gonna go away... not gonna give y'dat pleasure."

      "How 'bout this... you keep followin' me... I deck you?" She raised her
      clenched fist in front of his face to show him she was serious.

      Remy laughed. "Hit me, Chere... Remy don' care."

      To his surprise, she hit him square in the gut, causing him to double over.
      "Bon dieu... dat's some punch..."

      But she was already walking into her room.

      "Rogue..." He ran to her door, which she slammed in his face and locked.

      "Go away Remy!" She shouted, jumping on her bed, burying her head under her

      In a matter of seconds Remy had opened the door on walked in. "Damn thief."
      She muttered.

      "What's wrong, Chere?" He asked. "Why be so mean t'Remy?"

      "Nothin'... just... please... leave... me... alone..." Remy sat down on the
      bed and rubbed her back.

      "Rogue... I jus' got an idea..."

      "It'd be the first time..."

      "Cold, Chere... real cold... fine... if y'don' want Remy here... he'll
      leave..." He stood up.

      "What's your damn idea?" She asked, trying to sound disinterested.

      "Let's go t'Vegas an' get married."

      Rogue laughed. "Oh... yeah... sure... let's go right now. Just let me pack
      some things." She stood up and opened a few drawers, still laughing.
      "Seriously, Remy."

      He had a hurt look on his face. "I was bein' serious."

      Rogue stopped laughing. "What?"

      "I want t'marry you. I'm in love wit' you."

      Rogue's mouth opened, her eyes wide. "You're. In. Love. With. Me?"


      "You don't even know me!" She shouted.

      "Kinda hoped dat y'felt de same way..." Remy headed towards the door. "Better
      go 'fore I make a bigger ass of myself... neh?"

      Rogue felt her heart stop. "Wait..." Remy stopped, his back still to her.
      "You're serious?"


      "Then... let's go." She walked over to him and wrapped her arms around him,
      letting her head rest on his back.

      Remy put his hands over hers. "Dere are a few things I need t'tell y'fore we
      go though."


      "Like... I'd need t'get an annulment first..."

      Rogue moved away from him. "A what?"

      "I was married 'fore... it was an arranged marriage... didn' love her,
      Chere..." He used his gloved hands to make her look at him. "I left de
      weddin' day..."

      Rogue averted her eyes from his face. "Go, Remy. Ah need some time ta think
      about this... 'cause this... this changes everything."

      "When can I come back?"

      "Ah don't know, Remy... Ah don't know." She walked to her bed and hugged one
      of her stuffed animals close to her.

      "I do love you." He said. "Never loved anyone else." With that he left.

      Later that day they left for New Orleans.

      "So... this woman... Belladonna... do you think she'll agree ta the annulment
      without much fuss?" Rogue asked him as they walked towards a large house.

      "Don' know. Haven' seen her in years, Chere." Remy shrugged. "Mais... jus' in
      case... stay behind me, neh?"

      "Now Ah worry." She muttered, her hand tight on his arm.

      "Won't let nothin' harm you." He said as they walked to the gate.

      He pressed a small button. "Remy LeBeau t'see Belladonna Bordeaux."

      "One minute." A voice said.

      Soon the gates parted and they walked to the main house.

      A tall blonde woman walked out onto the main steps.

      She had her hands on her hips, violet eyes blazing with anger. "What brings
      y'here, Remy? An' wit' some little tramp?"

      "Come t'ask for y'r'consent for an annulment."

      "Why? So y'can marry her?"


      Belle laughed. "No. Be gone from my sight. Live in misery as I have for de
      past six years."

      "Belle, please..." Remy stepped forward.

      "What's so special 'bout dat mousy little girl dat y'wanna marry her?"

      "Everythin'. I love her. I'll beg if dat'll make y'happy. Jus' sign de

      She gazed at Rogue for a few minutes. "What's y'r'name?"


      "Rogue? Cute. What's y'r'real name?"

      "Marie Thompson."

      "Marie... do y'love Remy?"

      "Yes. Ah love Remy."

      "Dat's a pity. I loved him once... den he abandoned me. Ever stop t'think dat
      maybe he'll do de same t'you?"

      "Ah'm willin' ta risk it."

      "Brave girl. It's not a pleasant thing... havin' a heart broken. Give me one
      good reason why y'think dat I should allow y'two t'be together... an' den
      I'll sign de papers."

      "Ah'm a mutant." Rogue started, before Remy could say anything. "My powers
      keep me from touchin' other people. And Remy wants ta marry me anyway."

      "Remy fell in love wit' an untouchable femme? Who would of thought." Belle
      seemed amused by that. "I'll sigh de papers."

      Rogue smiled. "Thank you."

      "And then me and Remy went ta Las Vegas and got married." Rogue finished.

      Jean was walking down the hall with Cherish in her arms. "Oh, hey Rogue.
      Sorry... I didn't mean to take so long, it's just Cherish was dirty from the
      park and figured that you'd want her clean for when she meets Mr. LeBeau."

      "Oh, sure, Jean." Rogue said, taking Cherish.

      Jean eyed Logan suspiciously. "What were you to talking about?"

      "Oh... Ah was tellin' Logan about when me and Remy went ta New Orleans."

      "Oh." Jean said. "I have some papers to grade."

      "Come on, Sweetie, Time ta meet Grandpa and your Tante." Rogue said, lifting
      Cherish in her arms. "See you later, Logan."

      Logan watched her go, with a pang in his chest.

      She really loved the Cajun.

      He headed to his room and tried to figure out what he was going to do.

      Part three coming soon... promise.

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